Sights of the city of Santa Barbara

Sandwiched between the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Ynez Mountains south of Los Angeles, the Santa Barbara resort area is often referred to as the California Riviera due to its excellent weather conditions, colorful Mediterranean architecture, and its magnificent seaside location.

Sights of the city of Santa Barbara

Sights of Santa Barbara

In addition to many, many kilometers of excellent beaches (West Beach, East Beach, Butterfly Beach and Ledetter Beach) and green mountain slopes are considered the best, the Santa Barbara County Courthouse (1929) with a clock tower 24 meters, the majestic Franciscan friary and the church of the Spanish mission Santa Barbara (1786), the National Historical Park of the Spanish Fort El Presidio de Santa Barbara (1782) with its famous chapel, the Art Museum, the Maritime Museum, and also a botanical garden and a zoo.

Right above the city begins "wine country" Santa Barbara Vine Country with three dozen family wineries producing first class Californian wines.

Beach holidays in Santa Barbara

The urban beaches of Santa Barbara are popular with tourists and locals. On the coast is always quite crowded, but up to ten in the morning you can enjoy a holiday in relative solitude.

Despite the cool ocean breeze, in the summer season, from April-May to October, being in the sun, you should not forget about sunscreens and hats. The water temperature during the year ranges from 16 to 19 ° C, but in the summer months it can rise to 21 ° C in shallow waters.

Along the urban beaches of Santa Barbara are restaurants, bars and small tents where you can buy water, snacks, hot dogs and ice cream.

On the coast of Santa Barbara, in the sand and at the bottom, there is a small amount of tar due to natural factors and pollution of the environment and the ocean with oil products. That is why the shoes are generally better not to take off, even going to swim. Particles of sticky resin are well washed off with olive oil, but it is better to avoid contact with hair and clothes. The amount of tar on the beach depends on wind and currents. The greatest concentration is observed between the beaches of Goleta and El Capitan, north of Santa Barbara.

The wide sandy beach of East Beach is located in the central part of Santa Barbara. On the coast there is a restaurant, play areas for children, a volleyball court and water sports equipment rental, as well as rollers and bicycles. Concerts are held on Saturdays and Sundays on West Beach. There is a small parking area near the coast, but as a rule, it is quite difficult to find an empty place in the afternoon. Resting with children, it is important to remember about their safety: the lively Cabrillo Blvd trail passes near the beach.

West Beach is located near the city’s yacht club. This is not the most beautiful beach in Santa Barbara, but suitable for water sports. And to meet here the tourists who prefer to lie on the beach, taking sunbathing, is unlikely; West Beach is a favorite place for athletes and surfers. The beach has excellent conditions for beach volleyball and football, kayaking, windsurfing and sailing. From the coast you can admire yachts and boats entering the port.

Carpinteria Beach is located 12 miles south of Santa Barbara, on the territory of the coastal park of the same name, at the end of Palm Avenue. The beach, which stretches for a mile, has excellent opportunities for fishing and surfing; there are showers and volleyball courts. Camping is located on the Carpinteria; there are paid and free parking. From December to May on the coast you can see seals and sea lions; during the appearance of offspring in the eared seals, the park employees block access to the beach.

Butterfly Beach is located in a prestigious area; Celebrities like to relax here. On the whole, Butterfly, due to lack of infrastructure, is more popular among the locals. The beach is located across the street from the Four Seasons Biltmore Inn; most of the tourists who have a rest here are guests of this hotel. Beach equipment, water and food should be taken with you. Butterfly has a unique position on the coastline of Santa Barbara: the beach is one of the few places in the city where you can watch the sunset.

Located in the city center, Leadbetter Beach is a popular destination for windsurfing and other active sports. In the summer months there are weekly parties and sporting events; This is the most popular beach in Santa Barbara. Surrounded by cottages, Leadbetter Beach is equipped with bars, cafes, showers and picnic areas. Most parking spaces are paid, however there are free zones.

Hendry’s Beach (officially named Arroyo Burro) is located north of the center of Santa Barbara, isolated from the city by high cliffs and a curved coastline. Hendry’s has a restaurant, bar, showers and picnic areas. There are no volleyball courts on the coast. Despite the good infrastructure, the beach is considered one of the most untouched on the coast. Hendry’s only downside is the lack of parking.

Located on the territory of a city park, El Capitan Beach is known as one of the best places on the coast for dolphin watching. This stretch of coast is quite secluded; there are no crowds of tourists here. On El Capitan there are no volleyball courts or play areas, but the waves allow you to surf. On the shore there are picnic areas, showers and toilets; the shop is open on weekends. Since the beach is in the park, entry is paid – $ 5 per car.

Refugio is located behind El Capitan beach. This is an ideal option for a secluded vacation away from the hustle and bustle of the city; Refugio has camping and picnic sites. There are excellent conditions for diving and snorkeling. The beach is 1.5 miles long.

Hotels in Santa Barbara

In Santa Barbara, there are about a hundred hotels of various categories, guest houses, motels and hostels. The largest hotels are located near the West Beach, and also opposite the port. The hotel has built international hotel chains – Best Western, Holiday Inn, Marriott and Hyatt. Most of the resort hotels in Santa Barbara are 3 *.

How to get to Santa Barbara

The most convenient way to get to Santa Barbara from Moscow is Aeroflot flights with a change in Los Angeles. Travel time – from 18 hours.

Lufthansa, British Airways and other flights make two transfers – in Frankfurt, London or other European cities, as well as in New York or Los Angeles. Travel time – from 21 hours.

Reviews and travel history

Santa Barbara is a very small town, I would say, a town. It has only one main street, called State Street, which can be translated as State Street. Street rests on the ocean Read more →

karelifornia | august 2012

Paradoxically, the most prestigious district of Los Angeles, and to be still flowery, the most "bespontovy" for living the confederation member is Hollywood. The most inconspicuous, the most expensive, the most unpresentable. And the Avenue of Stars, which is a narrow pavement and a small platform in front "Kodak", on which the twins of Marilyn Monroe are ready to give their smile to the lens for one dollar, this unrepresentativeness cannot be rehabilitated. Read more →

Azer Garibov | September 2009

By noon, we drove into Santa Barbara. Here many of us were already the second time. Putting the car in a paid guarded parking lot, we went for a walk around the city. White buildings with terracotta roofs are buried in the greenery of the many gardens of Santa Barbara. The measured life of the city of millionaires simply touches. For lunch we went to one of the fish restaurants located on the old pier – Stearns Wharf. Read more →

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