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To congratulate the daughter on his birthday from the Pope

I wore you in my arms, I always loved you, that was the strength! Now you have grown up, my dear, And on my birthday, I wish you only happiness and goodness, It’s time for love to come, So that I only dream of good things, And dad never forget!

Daughter’s birthday greetings from dad

Take my father’s covenant On your birthday! You are no more beautiful in the world, Without any doubt! You are in life, my dear, go Only smooth dear, Do not be afraid of obstacles on the way, Let them be few!

Touching Happy Birthday Daughter from Dad

When you were a baby, You loved to play with your dad, Give me a minute today, To tell you about love! Daughter, be always happy, And cherish every hour, I wish you happy birthday! I wish the ocean of love!

Daughter’s birthday greetings from dad in verse

How good that God gave me Such a daughter – a beautiful woman, What others like her For her mind and temper. Let my girl always Luck smiles, Let in happiness, in joy, in love All my life she bathes!

Verse happy birthday daughter from dad

My fatherly advice, listen, My dear daughter, Do not open your soul to many – All you save for yourself.

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Your treasures are priceless, Worthy – will be able to appreciate, How are you, such a jewel, And will sincerely love!

Verse-congratulations on the birthday of his daughter from dad

Bright my dear man, You appeared as a delicate flower. Congratulations, dear! From the father congratulations accept. I am proud with the growing power of a young, sweet, sweet daughter.

Beautiful daughter’s birthday greeting from dad

Happy birthday, my dear, Accept congratulations from me. I brought you up beautiful, courageous, Responsive, reliable and skillful.

You carry these qualities through life, and bring goodness and joy to people. Always open, gentle stay, And whatever happens – get up!

Heartily congratulations on the birthday of his daughter from dad

More recently, you, as a child, were you, you did not know treachery, you did not know quarrels and evil,

Let childhood be irrevocable, Left behind, Do not be afraid, baby, difficulties, And boldly look into the distance,

We will support you dear, And we will defer the thunderstorm, Let us comfort, cheer you up, whisk your tears!

Happy birthday to daughter from dad to tears

Happy birthday, daughter, dear! You read the congratulations from your father, Only I wish you happiness, And in life only smooth roads! Everything to find what to look for you wanted, So that all your desires come true! And you managed to achieve everything, Friendship of true and pure love!

Sincere congratulations on the birthday of his daughter from dad

You’ll always be a little for dad, My daughter, my little scarlet flower! Happy birthday congratulations to you, And good luck, of course, I wish! Let the wishes always come true, And dreams, of course, come true, Well, I know, I will always be there, And you will never forget!

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Warm congratulations on the birthday of his daughter from dad

Such as my beloved daughter, In this world more happens! And on your birthday you are the most beautiful, And I wish you all the best! Let your dreams come true easily, And life will always be diverse! I know you have everything, You be fun, interesting, different!

Gentle congratulations on the birthday of his daughter from dad

Happy birthday, daughter, The light of my eyes, I wish I wish Warm, clear days.

Let the sadness of your eyes Will never touch, And good health Let it be forever!

I wish, my dear, That it was all like a fairy tale! It was for you to succeed, And to “you” with luck.

Wish happy birthday to your daughter in verse from dad

My baby! My life is happiness! Your birthday is the brightest holiday! Let all misfortunes pass by, And let the world be bright, colorful!

Let the sadness not touch the peephole, Only the laughter of them radiates a warm light, You are an adult, but you can find from children’s fairy tales, opening them, the right answers!

Congratulations on mobile new.

A beautiful wish for a happy birthday daughter from dad

My daughter is my reward! Happy Birthday to You! Know – you’re my daddy’s joy And she was always like this!

Though already matured, For me you are all a child. My sweet baby, I congratulate you!

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