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Crossovers are extremely popular in our country due to the combination of two characteristics: on the one hand, they have the features of an SUV (increased ground clearance, high seating position of the driver, the possibility of all-wheel drive); with a monocoque body. Crossovers are often chosen for their sporty character, underlined by aggressive design, considerable capacity and increased maneuverability, which is important for driving on bad roads, especially in difficult weather conditions.

The popularity of this category of car in the market is determined by a wide choice of crossovers for every taste and budget: you can find quite high-quality cars with a decent price-quality ratio, even up to 1,000,000 rubles. Of course, the best specimens with really large internal volume, full 4×4 drive and modern electronics are in the price category higher, but different customers have different priorities: design and comfort are important to someone, and fuel economy and simplicity in maintenance are important to someone.

We offer you an overview of the top 18 best SUVs on the Russian market in four categories:

  • best compact crossovers;
  • popular mid-size SUV;
  • comfort class SUV;
  • best luxury crossovers.

The rating is based on the reviews of the owners and sales statistics of this class of car in Russia.

Top compact crossovers

Five SUVs worth up to 1,000,000 rubles fell into this category. All of them are compact enough, have engines from

5 Chery Tiggo 2

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On the Russian market, Chery Tiggo 2 is offered with only one engine option – 1.5 liters with a capacity of 106

Trim does not look spartan at all – bright orange seat inserts, the middle part of the dash “under the carbon”, the original design of the dashboard. The owners of this car also unanimously praise the patency: the ground clearance of 186 mm, well-designed oblique overhangs make it possible not to think about high curbs. Of the minuses, consumers note a lack of power, missing engine protection and the inability to obtain a dynamic stabilization system even in a more advanced version.


The ground clearance is 195 mm, good handling and “predatory” design distinguish the domestic SUV from competitors. Two versions of the power unit – 1.6 liters and 1.8 liters, in a more powerful version an automatic transmission is available. Body length 4 165 mm, while the trunk excellent capacity – 361 liters. By folding the rear and front passenger seats, you can get an impressive cargo volume for such a compact machine: 1514 liters.

The car has the reputation of the safest among domestic cars: two airbags in the basic configuration, reinforced body elements and an advanced belt anchorage. The chassis and the engine are most suitable for domestic operating conditions. Although users point out rather modest equipment and poor interior trim, for the majority of advantages the disadvantages outweigh: the car has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 according to reviews of real owners.

3 Nissan Qashqai

Of course, the updated compact crossover from Nissan has the highest price in the rating even in the initial configuration, but it is also the most spacious in the class, the safest and the best equipped. It has a spacious interior, trunk – 430 liters, clearance from 185 to 200 mm.

According to EuroNCAP, cars have 5 stars for active and passive safety, which is not surprising: the base model already includes front and side airbags, an emergency braking assistance system and an EPS vehicle stabilization system.

Comfort at the level – adjustable driver’s seat in six directions, heated seats, heated mirrors, electric lifts all doors and a five-inch multi-function display on the dashboard. The main disadvantage is the price. Basic equipment on the border of 1 000 000 rubles, and the top models of the line are clearly moving it.

2 Renault SANDERO Stepway

Despite the modest power characteristics (the maximum power of the motor in the line – 113

An important advantage is the ability to choose a robotic box or AKKP. The impressive advantage of this car in its class is four stars in the safety rating of EuroNCAP. Owners also note the softness and energy intensity of the suspension, high ground clearance, allowing you to feel confident in the countryside and scratch-resistant wheel arches and bumpers.

1 KIA Soul

This supercompact SUV with short overhangs has a surprisingly roomy interior and a memorable appearance. Good equipment of power units with power from 124 to 204

To technical excellence, you can add four stars in the EuroNCAP safety rating and a fairly rich initial configuration: air conditioning, electric power steering, a six-speaker audio system and Bluetooth. Consumers mention a stiffer suspension, thin metal and insufficiently resistant paintwork, as well as a small clearance of only 153 mm as drawbacks.

The best medium-sized crossovers

If the budget for the purchase of a crossover is more than a million rubles, cars become much more spacious and comfortable. As a rule, all cars in this class have five stars for safety, a wide enough choice of power units, gearbox options and additional options. Together with the dimensions of the engine power is growing, and hence the fuel consumption.

5 Honda CR-V

Branded softness, providing excellent comfort for drivers and passengers, is characterized by an updated CR-V crossover by Japanese company Honda. This is facilitated by a fully independent suspension. The basic equipment has a 2-liter gasoline engine with manual transmission or a CVT to choose from. Four-wheel drive is only possible in the older models of the line.

Users note the spacious interior, a large amount of luggage (589 l) and excellent sound insulation SUV. The disadvantages include the clearance of only 180 mm and some lack of dynamics in the limiting modes. But you can praise the climate control already in the initial configuration, eight airbags and wide comfortable seats of both the first and second row.

4 KIA Sportage

The updated KIA crossover has better handling, noise insulation and reduced vibration compared to its predecessor due to the modernization of the chassis and suspension. In the base of the car is equipped with a petrol 2-liter 150-horsepower engine with manual transmission, optionally available more powerful gasoline or diesel unit, as well as automatic transmission.

Comfortable and functional interior, good cornering stability, active safety system are noted by the owners of this SUV as the main advantages of the model. Fuel consumption is one of the lowest in the class – 7.9 liters in the combined cycle for a gasoline engine and 6.3 liters for a diesel engine. Disadvantages – lowish ground clearance (183 mm) and the lack of all-wheel drive in the basic configuration.

3 Toyota RAV 4

Updated in 2015, Toyota’s SUV confidently holds the bestseller’s bar: in different years, it used to be a little inferior to its closest competitors, but then it returned to first place in sales. The latest model of the crossover has a remarkable sound insulation quality, a new dashboard, a progressive design of the body and rims, as well as a wide selection of various options.

At the base of the car – full power, LED daytime running lights and taillights, heated mirrors, air conditioning and audio system with 4 speakers. The initial power unit two-liter, power 146

2 Renault KOLEOS

The courageous, impetuous design of this crossover is favorably emphasized by LED optics and 18-inch alloy wheels, already available in the base. The car is equipped with a choice of three engine options: petrol capacity 144

Owners of a car note and lacks: big noisiness, rigidity of a wheel and pedals. By equipment Koleos is a record among the cars in this price category: the base already has heated and ventilated front seats, dual-zone climate control and remote start, as well as a 7-inch multimedia screen, front and rear parking sensors and a rear-view camera.

1 Volkswagen Tiguan

The business card of the Volkswagen concern is the detailed design, strict classical lines and well-thought-out ergonomics of the cabin. The base of the car is equipped with a 125 petrol engine

The initial equipment is front-wheel drive, 200 mm clearance, but in more advanced versions you can get the all-wheel drive 4Motion Active Control system, which allows you to switch traffic modes depending on the type of road. The disadvantage of the basic version is the small screen of the media system (5 inches) and the absence of the navigator and rear view camera. But this small defect is more than compensated for by advanced active and passive safety systems and five stars in EuroNCAP crash tests.

The best comfort class crossovers

In cars, the cost of which exceeds 2,000,000 rubles, it is difficult to surprise the consumer with safety, capacity and good driving characteristics. Manufacturers of such machines are competing in the degree of comfort, ergonomics and ingenious technical solutions.

4 Hyundai Grand Santa Fe

The full-size seven-seater SUV in the basic version has a 2.2 liter diesel engine with a six-speed automatic and all-wheel drive – a rarity in this class. Therefore, quite dynamic characteristics are combined in this car with low fuel consumption – only 10.1 liters in city mode.

Users praise the spacious lounge (enough space for adults even in the third row), ergonomic seating, high-quality finish. The dashboard is informative and intuitive, a sufficiently large number of active safety systems are already present in the base model. The disadvantage is a small clearance – only 180 mm.

3 Mazda CX-9

The updated flagship Mazda – seven-seater crossover CX-9 is presented on the Russian market in just two trim levels, not too different from each other. The basic version of the all-wheel drive, with a 2.5 liter turbo engine and a branded six-speed automatic Skyactive-drive. A rather heavy car accelerates to 100 km / h in 8 seconds.

The increased ground clearance of 220 mm, atypical for Japanese crossovers, allows the car to feel confident outside the city, which is also facilitated by the adaptive torque distribution system. The owners of the SUV approvingly speak of excellent cornering stability and a high level of comfort when driving over bumps.

2 Ford Explorer

Traditionally for Ford cars, this premium crossover is the most spacious in its class. He is seven-seater and his trunk is 595 liters, which turn into 2,285 liters with the second and third row seats folded down. Four-wheel drive, a 3.5-liter engine and an automatic transmission in the basic version complete the picture.

The concern’s engineers have also taken care of comfort when driving over rough terrain – an independent suspension and a drive adaptation system for road conditions are available in all versions of the car. 211 mm ground clearance and active safety system complete the list of benefits.

1 Nissan MURANO

This SUV is the flagship of the Nissan model range. His current, elongated, rapid profile has received the deserved admiration of buyers. The interior does not lag behind – both the first and second row are completed with Zero Gravity seats, developed in collaboration with NASA.

The basic 3.5 liter unit is offered complete with a variator and front-wheel drive.

An interesting detail – in more advanced configurations available hybrid engine. To better adapt to the Russian conditions, the undercarriage was improved, the ground clearance was increased and the gauge was extended. The owners also note the immaculate soundproofing of the body and the excellent ergonomics of the cabin.

Top Luxury Crossovers

In the luxury category, buyers are interested, first of all, in the prestige of the brand, excellent dynamics and level of comfort. All models presented in the rating have excellent safety, high electronics saturation to help the driver, thoughtful interiors and powerful engines. At the same time, each crossover has its own distinctive features both in design and driving, which distinguishes them from the group of classmates.


The flagship of the Infinity lineup is really larger than its competitors: it can be seven-seater or even eight-seater and weighs 2.8 tons. Therefore, it has a super spacious interior, it is convenient for passengers to be even in the third

5.6 liter gasoline engine with a capacity of 405

3 Toyota Highlander

Toyota’s luxury crossover is impressive in size and power – it already has seven seats and a 3.5-liter powertrain. Eight-speed automatic transmission is designed to ensure smooth acceleration.

The saturation of the car with various electronics designed to provide comfort to the driver and passengers is impressive: in the initial configuration, the Highlander has a three-zone climate control, a rear-view camera with dynamic marking lines, a monitoring system for blind zones, assistance during ascent and descent, and an integrated active system management.

BMW X3 in the new body has increased in size, but has become easier thanks to the use of light alloys based on aluminum. A strict, discreet design, luxury trim, well thought out to the smallest details ergonomics inspire peace of mind and confidence.

Acoustic comfort in the new model is even better than in the previous one. A large set of options is already available in the base model: especially the owners of the braking energy recovery system, LED lights, a six-speaker audio system and climate control are particularly pleased.

A large selection of petrol and diesel power units and the company’s 8-speed Steptronic “automatic” is another advantage of the model. 3-liter diesel version accelerates to "weave" Only for

1 Volkswagen Touareg

This verified, balanced crossover has long been considered as the best option in its class – it is dynamic, comfortable, stable on the course and in turns. The ergonomics of the cabin and the controls in it are almost perfect, the owners emphasize that there is no need to adjust to anything: I sat down and drove off.

In Russia, the model is available with petrol engines V6 and V8 FSI with power from 249 to 360

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