Seattle City Tour

* Cost of the tour per person

Seattle City Tour

Cruise included without ash


  • Seattle – City Tour
  • Vancouver – City Tour
  • Victoria – Excursion and Butchart Gardens *
  • Anchorage – familiarity with the city
  • 7-day cruise to Alaska on a luxury liner
  • Excursions to all cities during the cruise (Sitka, Ketchikan, Juneau or other ports of Alaska)

TOUR PROGRAM (Vancouver, Seattle, Victoria – Cruise – Anchorage) 12 days

Additional information.

1. On the cruise and during the tour you are accompanied by a guide.

2. During the cruise 3 excursions with a Russian guide are planned (in three ports, along the route of the cruise, pedestrian).

3. The price of the tour includes: – transfers and transfers according to the program, – escort and excursions in Russian (before and after the cruise), – a cruise to Alaska for 7 days, full (unlimited!) Meals during the cruise, – overnight stays in tourist hotels class and breakfast during the tour, – You can order a full tour without a flight or with a flight from other cities, while the price is specified.

4. Not included: – tips on the cruise and during the tour, – excursions and entertainment on the cruise (not included in the tour program), – drinks on the cruise, – insurance, – entrance tickets to Butchart gardens and all the activities listed in the program "optional", – entrance tickets to museums, porter services at hotels, – transfers that do not coincide with the main group, – and everything else that is not included in the description of the tour.

5. Price is determined depending on the level of the cabin chosen by tourists and its category INSIDE / OCEANVIEW / BALCONY (without a window, with a window, with a balcony), type of accommodation (1-2-3-4 beds), as well as when ordering a flight. So how the prices of flights and cruises are fixed only at the time of purchase (

6. The program may vary slightly, depending on the specific date of the tour. The tour can move north or south. Additional days are possible in Seattle or Vancouver before or after the tour.

7. The name of the cruise liner and cruise company is announced on each specific date of the tour. We select the best companies and ships for the date of each tour.

Seattle City Tour

8. Transfers to the airport at the point of arrival for the tour and return from the tour are provided to tourists who travel with the group or coincides with the flights of the main group. In case of a time deviation from group flights, the tourist pays for the transfers on his own, while, if necessary, assistance is provided in organizing private transfers or transportation by city shuttles.

9. Tourists have the right to choose the type of accommodation during the tour: single, double, 3-4 places. In accordance, the price of the tour is calculated.

10. If 1 person – a tour participant orders 2-person accommodation, then, if possible, a couple (a woman with a woman, a man with a man) are selected. At the same time, such indicators as age, state of health, religion, education, interests, nationality, etc. are not taken into account. A couple is not guaranteed when they sign up for the tour; a couple can only be confirmed after paying the tour (deposit). We do not accept claims on the personal qualities of a companion during or after the end of the tour. Each participant of the tour has the right to book and pay for a single (single) accommodation in the tour. After payment of a double room, if there is a couple, a change to single-room accommodation is not guaranteed. After paying for a single-bed residence, a change to double-bed stay with a return of a single-surcharge is possible only if there is a paid pair. 11. Since the tour is a group, the fulfillment of individual requests not related to the approved program of the tour is not guaranteed (flights, meals, special conditions, number of storeys, etc.) 12. These tours are not associated with extreme conditions and significant physical activities and require special training. However, each participant of the tour, according to the above program, independently evaluates his strength and physical abilities to participate in the tour. As a group tour, the program is carried out for the entire group, regardless of the individual capabilities and needs of each tourist. By purchasing a ticket, the client confirms his readiness to participate in the tour. The company is not responsible for the physical condition of clients during the tour. The insurance policy will cover material costs in case of unforeseen circumstances.

We strongly recommend to purchase an insurance policy in case of refusal to travel or in case of urgent medical situations during the tour. For tourists coming to the United States from other countries, an insurance policy is issued at home; insurance is required.


Dear friends! In the description, only the main sights along the route are indicated, in the real tour there are infinitely more sights and stops.

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