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Now the trip to the AFP Snow Edition has become even more comfortable. You can choose accommodation in one of the hotels of the “Rosa Khutor” resort and buy tickets for the festival with almost one click. The price of packages varies depending on the accommodation options. Together with the accommodation you get tickets to the festival category VIP-Gold or VIP-Silver.

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1. Where and when is the festival held? The festival takes place at the Rosa Khutor resort in the city of Sochi from March 22-24, 2019

2. Is the festival held instead of the summer AFP? What are their differences? No, the summer festival will also be held in Nizhny Novgorod. The winter festival is addressed to winter sports enthusiasts who, while skiing or snowboarding, can listen to electronic music right on the slopes, relax after a hard descent and drink warm drinks in a friendly atmosphere, and in the evening go to a concert of headliners of the event. The music program is also very different, because winter sports involve lighter music and safety preclude the presence on the slopes at night. For all owners of ski passes at the Rosa Khutor resort, all daytime activities on the slopes are free, but if you are going to the resort for the first time, it’s more profitable to choose package offers.

3. What is après-ski party? The term apres-ski is derived from the French word après-ski, which literally translates as “after skis”. That is, it is a set of recreational activities that accompany skiing on the ski slope.

4. What events will take place during the festival? On the slopes with a height of 1100 m, 1600m and 2300 m will be installed scenic platforms, where in the daytime on Saturday (

5. Opening hours: Friday, March 22, 20:00 – 22:00 – opening of the festival (1100m stage) 22:00 – 02:00 – DJ skating rink (LDS "Rosa Khutor")

Saturday, March 23, 11:00 -17: 00 – stage at 1100m 11:30 – 16:30 – stage at 1600m and 2300m 19:00 – 22:00 – DJ parade 22:00 – 05:00 – event at the IWC "Rosa Khutor"

Sunday, March 24, 11:30 – 16:30 – stage at 1100m, 1600m, 2300m 16:30 – 18:00 – closing of the festival, stage 1100m

6. What does the day program include? Daytime activities will be held on the slopes of the resort (altitudes of 1100m, 1600m and 2300m), the lineup of which consists of representatives of the loudest Russian DJ community. The artists will perform their sets, under which you can not only dance, but also ski or snowboard. More information about the composition and schedule can be found on the website:

7. How can I get to the DJ-rink, and what will be there? The event, organized in Rosa Khutor LSD, will allow you to spend time on the dancefloors, as well as skate. Broyanitsa and Lykhny bars will be placed in different areas of the site, where you can take a break from skiing and warm up. Entrance to the event is possible by special invitations or for the owners of the VIP GOLD and VIP SILVER packages. Separate tickets to the rink are not sold.

8. The format of the event at Rose Hall On the night of March 23-24, the Rose Hall Hall will turn into a grand nightclub. The dance hall will be divided into 2 dance floors: regular and VIP (with a limited number of guests and a separate bar). Headliners of the festival will perform on stage: Chase&Status and Apashe. You can get to the event by purchasing a ticket of the appropriate category to Rose Hall or by purchasing the VIP SILVER or VIP GOLD package offer.

10. Format of the DJ parade On March 23, a DJ parade will take place on the resort’s embankment. On the decorated mobile platform DJs of Grusha Misic record will perform. The parade starts on the Town Hall Square, then moves alternately on both sides of the Mzymta River and finishes at Rosa Hall. Everyone can watch the parade and take part in it.

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11. What is the difference between VIP SILVER and VIP GOLD? Both packages include the Rosa Khutor resort’s three-day ski pass, a bracelet to visit the DJ-rink and a ticket to Rosa Hall. However, the VIP SILVER package includes tickets to the Rose Hall of the dance floor category, and VIP GOLD tickets of the VIP category.

12. What is a ski pass? Ski pass gives access to the lifts on the territory of Rosa Khutor. Without them you will not be able to climb the slopes. The number of slopes on the slopes is not limited. More information about the schedule of work of the lifts can be found on the website of “Rose Farm”.

13. What categories of tickets are there in Rosa Hall? Three categories are available: “Dance floor”, “VIP-dance floor”, “Lodge”.

14. What is the dance floor category? The category of tickets that allows the owner to be at an event in the usual dance floor zone without a fixed seating.

15. What is the VIP dance floor category? The ticket category that allows the owner to be at an event in the VIP dance floor area, where there is a separate bar.

16. What is the difference between the VIP dance floor and the dance floor areas? The VIP-dance floor area implies a limited number of visitors and service in a separate bar. The bracelet holder of the VIP dance floor can visit the dance floor area, on the contrary – no.

What is the category “Lodge”? Separate lodge with separately organized service (waiters), with its own private hall and a balcony overlooking the stage. Depending on the cost of the lodge can accommodate from 12 to 22 guests. The cost of the lodge includes only the rental of the lodge, without a deposit. Service in the box is carried out on a separate account, according to the presented price list.

18. How much does each of the categories cost? VIP Package – Silver – 10 000 rubles VIP Package – GOLD – 12 500 rubles

Tickets for Rose Hall: Dance Floor category – 2500 rubles VIP – Dance Floor category – 5000 rub Lodge – from 350,000 rub

20. Can I get to the festival if I already have a resort ski pass available? Yes it is possible. Ski-pass gives the right to attend all daytime activities of the festival. At night events, the ski pass of the resort does not provide an opportunity to visit.

Seafront resort

21. How to get to the resort “Rosa Khutor”? Reach from the airport

The entire musical program of the festival is divided into day and night.

The daily program is located on three slopes – 1100, 1600 and 2300 meters. On Saturday and Sunday scenes work with

The evening program takes place on the night from Friday to Saturday in the Ice Palace and on the night from Saturday to Sunday – in Rose Hall. The festival headliners will perform at these venues.

You can get from the Town Hall to the scene of 1100 meters on the Olympia lift.

You can climb the 1600 meters to the stage in two ways: without stopping at the Strela ski lift, or from the slope of 1100 meters at the Zapovedniy Forest.

It is possible to ascend to the scene of 2300 meters from the slope of 1600 meters, transferring to the Caucasian express lift

The entire program on the slopes is available to ski pass owners.

The festival opens on the stage of 1100 meters on Friday at

Then the music program will move to the Ice Skating Rink, where they will perform: Vanotek, Shanguy, Kush Kush, Boris Way. Tickets for the skating rink are included in the VIP-Gold and VIP-Silver packages, but they can also be purchased separately at a price of 1,800 rubles.

All day with

Scene 1100: Steep Rise with Brigade U from Europa Plus, Vion Konger and Kitone, Sibir, Enzy, Basky

Scene 1600: Novak, Biicla, Phlegmatic Dogs, Proxy, Novak B2B Phlegmatic Dogs B2B Proxy

Scene 2300: Indigo Minds, Sexton, Toki Fuko



All day with

Scene 1100: Samir Kuliev, Kate, Fonarev, Alexander Popov, Feel

Scene 1600: MAIB, Blaze TV B2B Mobuzik, Aria Fredda B2B Bassking, Nasled&Lars B2B ENZY, Zeskulls, MC47TH

Scene 2300: BYKI, Gambino Sound Machine, Nazin, GMG

The festival will close the group Mejikul performance on the stage of 1100 meters in

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