Say Hawaiian Words

Your guests have already appreciated the beauty of the beach or the decor, demonstrated their islander outfits and made unforgettable photos, tasted snacks, Hawaiian meat and fruit, washed down with all this with various cocktails. The sun is leaning towards the zenith, but not the time to hang leis on the back of a chair! The time has come for fun and incendiary entertainment in the style of resilient islands.

Welcome to the dance floor, the pool area, the coast or just in the middle of the room – we start!

Hawaiian Intellectualium

We hope that you have already looked at the material on the preparation for the Hawaiian party and, with the help of our advice, have decorated the room, made outfits, prepared a treat worthy of the Hawaiian king.

When enjoying a meal, guests may not immediately want to leave the table in order to rush into the hot dancing atmosphere. A convenient transition to active entertainment can be contests that do not require physical exertion, but set up guests in a fun way.

Quiz “All about Hawaii”

This contest is not intended to identify the most erudite guest, rather, it’s just questions with fun, but at the same time truthful answers. For the correct answers, guests can give prizes – tangerines, candies or tokens in the form of an orchid flower or a Hawaiian ukulele, which they can then exchange for souvenirs. And the questions can be very tricky! We highlighted the correct answers in bold.

Who owns the Hawaiian Islands?

  1. It is an independent state;
  2. Australia;
  3. this is a us state;
  4. Indonesia.

The capital of Hawaii is called …

The Hawaiian archipelago on old maps was called differently. Its first name is:

  1. Sandwich Islands;
  2. Cape Verde;
  3. Cocos Islands;
  4. Hula-Hula archipelago.

The fiery-haired, black-haired Hawaiian goddess of volcanoes is called …

What do people do in the so-called “Hawaiian time”?

  1. work tirelessly;
  2. sleep in hot hours;
  3. bathe;
  4. not in a hurry.

What makes Hawaii flourish:

How many native Hawaiians are the population of Hawaii?

The highest volcano in Hawaii Mauna Kea – “White Mountain” – so called because …

  1. its top is always in the fog;
  2. it is covered in snow all year round;
  3. white flowers grow on the slopes;
  4. at its foot, white goats are traditionally grazed.

Say Hawaiian Words

Translated from the Hawaiian word “Makhina” means:

Guess how happy birthday is in Hawaiian:

  1. “E como May” (this is actually “welcome”);
  2. “E ola” (“get well”);
  3. “Pomaykay” (“good luck”);
  4. “Mahalo” (“thank you”);
  5. “Howoli la Hanau” (and this is “Happy Birthday”).

Say Hawaiian Words

And to help you remember this congratulation better – watch the video and listen to the song, which is called “Hau’oli La Hanau”. She will help you learn how to pronounce (or sing) a birthday greeting with a true Hawaiian accent.

Hawaiian associations

This game is designed to evoke the guests as much as possible memories associated with Hawaii. The facilitator asks the guests to circle, for example, coconut, while naming any word that comes to mind related to Hawaii. Who hesitated longer than 5 seconds, is eliminated. The remaining winner takes the coconut itself.

And you can call Hawaiian associations for quite a long time: islands, heat, sea, flowers, sunburn, beach, volcano, ley, hula, Stitch, James Cook …

No chance of evil spirits

There is a belief in Hawaii: so that the evil spirit cannot understand you, you need to confuse it in every possible way, not to talk about your business directly, for example, to say the phrase the other way around. Now let us try to guess what the Hawaiians meant by “confusing” their messages.

And then there are possible options for the competition.

  1. In a simpler way, it is worth proposing to guess the word written backwards, for example, “Vortso” – an island, “drooping” – a volcano, “Jalap” – “the beach”.
  2. Or ask to introduce yourself “in Hawaiian” – say the opposite of your own name or surname, sometimes it is very funny.
  3. For a complicated version, prepare task cards, where each word in the winged expression is replaced by an antonym.

Here are some examples of tasks. Decipher the meaning of the changeling proverb:

  • “Below the heels really land” (“You can’t jump over your head”);
  • “Bald head – male disgrace” (“Spit – girlish beauty”);
  • “Boar duck girlfriend” (“Goose pig is not a friend”);
  • “Great laziness is worse than a tiny business” (“Small business is better than big idleness”);
  • “I was engaged in nonsense – sit cowardly!” (“I did business – walk boldly”).
  • “When a man gets into the car – she rides with difficulty” (“A woman with a cart – a mare is easier”).

Weight per eye or Hawaiian market

Invite guests to hold in their hand and name the most accurate, in their opinion, weight of watermelon, melon or a bunch of bananas (of course, you must weigh the fruit in advance or prepare scales to make a control measurement in front of everyone).

Fruit-the subject of the dispute will get the most accurate.

Hawaiian poets

The task is to compose a quatrain, in which one of the words will occur, which each poet will draw out for himself on a card. And the words will be typical Hawaiian: “aloha”, “hula”, “surfing”, “leu”, “meleleme”, “anuenue”.

Hawaiian Holiday Outdoor Games

Time to move on to more active fun. If the guests are not yet ready to dance, then let them compete with the help of interesting tasks, of course, adapted to the theme of the party.

For winning contests, you can also give prizes – Hawaiian souvenirs (a flower magnet, a bright scarf, a T-shirt, fruit, a glass, etc.) or tokens with which you can choose yourself a gift.

Most games can be arranged for an adult party, and for the children’s version of the holiday.

Get to Hawaii

You need to prepare a map on which there is a Hawaiian island (you can use the real one or draw it).

The participants are in turn blindfolded and given a toy airplane in their hands (an interesting option is also to paint the index finger with the paint).

Well, now you need to “go to Hawaii” – to poke into the map with eyes closed and see where your fate cast you. Or run the airplane in the direction where the map of the islands. The prize for the lucky one who landed exactly in Hawaii.

If there are a lot of paper airplanes, then each player has their own airline and more chances to win.

Exchange lei

To the music you need to take Leia off his neighbor’s neck and put on yours, and he will do the same with you. Do not use hands! Of course, it is more interesting when a boy and girl are paired.

Catching turtles

In a large capacity, toy turtles float to which metal clips or rings are attached to the shells. Let the guests catch turtles! Fishing rods can be magnetic or simply hooked. This competition is suitable for a children’s holiday.

And for an adult contingent, to refresh yourself after cocktails, you can offer to get turtles with your teeth.

Bananas, Coconuts

A couple is awarded a banana and a coconut. Coconut should be clamped between each other (option – bellies, knees, foreheads), and eat a banana in this position without using your hands. Of course, the audience will be more fun, and participants will have to try!

Watermelon hunt

The men are awarded the darts, which will need to be thrown into a watermelon. Draw on it a target or a terrible physiognomy of the Hawaiian evil spirit. Of course, for this game you need to take care of security and sufficient space.

Children should not offer this entertainment.

Coconut bowling

The pyramid of empty cups must be knocked down by rolling this exotic nut.

Win the evil spirit

A punching bag or just a bag full of grass decorated with an “evil spirit” is hung on the rope – scary eyes are drawn, a grin and

Hawaiian draw

Guests stand in a circle, and the presenter, standing in the center, invites everyone to pull out a card, which says 2 types of creatures living in Hawaii. Then you need to put your hands on each other’s shoulders.

The leader offers to check the “true Hawaiian friendship”: when he announces someone’s animal, bird or fish, a person must put his legs together, hanging on the shoulders of his comrades, and the neighbors – to keep him. On cards you can write a variety of Hawaiian creatures (gecko, turtle, crab, monk seal, mongoose, goose, eel, moray eel, etc.). The rally is that at the end of the game the leader says “Shark”, and she is number two recorded at all.

Dancing, dancing, dancing …

It’s time to pull the guests from the table! We begin, of course, with the traditional “hula-hula.”

We dance “dance of the waves and wind”

All guests, dressed in traditional skirts, should certainly learn to dance this fascinating Hawaiian dance, depicting the elements of nature.

The presenter should show some simple movements and comment romanticly: “Here the wind whirls over the tops of volcanoes”, “This is how coastal algae meanders in the water”, “And this gently kisses the coast of the midnight surf” … or torches.

“Hawaiians have nice legs!”

Participants dance in a circle. The moderator announces: “Hawaiians have good legs!” (Arms, elbows, ears, and so on). Dancers must immediately answer “Yes!” And dance the circle, taking hold of the corresponding part of the neighbor’s body. You can play and kiddies.

“Aloha – I love you!”

“Aloha” is a Hawaiian word that means not only greeting and farewell, but also a declaration of love. Boys and girls are in two concentric circles, girls 1 less than the representatives of the stronger sex. Under the music circles move in opposite directions.

As soon as the music goes silent, the couple, facing each other, should exclaim “Aloha” and embrace each other. The one who did not get the girl, is eliminated. The last boyfriend left without a girl should dance a solo dance or get a consolation prize.

This simple entertainment-dance is well-known to everyone; meanwhile, it remains unfailingly popular: you need to go to the music under the stick or rope to the music, with each pass lower and lower.

To make Limbo more “Hawaiian”, use a bamboo stick, decorate the rope with raffia or colored fringe, and invite guests to go with a banana in their teeth or oranges under their arms.

“Hummingbirds on a palm tree”

This is a variation of the previous game, where girls play the main role.

Men – palm trees, girls – hummingbirds. The dance begins: the “palm trees” stand motionless, only their “leaves” and “trunks” (arms and bodies) sway, and the “hummingbirds” flutter freely in the palm grove. As soon as the music dies down, each hummingbird should sit on a palm tree – jump on the arms of the boy (or hug him). That hummingbird, which did not get palm trees, leaves the grove, taking one “palm tree” with itself.

“Merry Coconut”

All priplyasyvayut, simultaneously passing each other coconut. The presenter says: “You fly, coconut is cheerful, hand and hand, with whom the coconut is left, he will dance to us!” The one who had the nut in his hands after the end of the music, pleases the audience with a cheerful single dance.

Great fun for kids too!

Hawaiian Surprise

The presenter must prepare in advance a bag of surprises (for example, giant sunglasses, a scarf of the brightest colors, a long cigar, an original leu, a loincloth and

Players dance, passing each other a bag of surprises. As soon as there is a pause, the one who had the bag, runs his hand in there and takes out the object. He should immediately put it on himself and continue the dance. We dance until we make out all the surprises!

Sit dance

This competition is suitable for rooms with limited space, such as saunas. Music sounds, and the leader commands what part of the body takes part in the dance: “We start with the hand dance. Now only feet are dancing! And now only the priest moves! It’s time to work … that is, dance your head! And now – face, facial expressions. Well, now we dance together! ”

It’s time to freshen up. Hawaiian contests in the water or on the beach

If a party is organized near the water – the sea, the river, the lake or the pool – then you can’t do without swimming. You can, of course, give guests the opportunity to simply splash in their pleasure. But if the situation has, you should captivate them with interesting games right in the water or on the beach, without fear of being soaked.

Most contests are good for both children and adults.

“Fast surfer”

At a distance of 1-2 meters from the participants on both sides, balls are floating or other players are standing. Two competitors sit on the surfboard with their backs to each other. The task is to reach the ball (man). Be sure to ask someone to shoot it on video – then there will be laughter!

“Beach Cocktail”

Guests are divided into two teams. Each participant is tied to the leg near the knee plastic cup. In a glass of captains poured water. It is necessary to pour it from one participant to another. That team will win, the last participant of which will have more water in the cup.

“Sun in the sky”

The “sun” is a bright rubber ball. Players frolic in the water, throwing the ball, passing it to each other and saying “The sun in the sky”! If the “sun” touches the water, it means that “the sunset has come”, and everyone needs to go down for a few seconds under the water. Then the game continues – the sun has risen again!

The aquatic version of the tzutsik game: players in a circle throw a ball to each other, and a shark in the center seeks to intercept it. Missed the ball takes the place of “shark”. The water is even more interesting, because if the ball is dropped, it will not roll, and you will have to swim behind it.

“Fish home!”

Players are divided into “red”, “yellow” and “green” fish (you can tie patches of the corresponding color on your wrist). Each team is given a hoop of their colors – a “house” that floats on the surface of the water (waist-high or playing on the hips).

At the beginning of the game, each team keeps its hands on its hoop. Leading the command: “Fish, swim!” Everyone leaves the houses and begin to move. As soon as the presenter commands “Fish, home!”, You need to return to your hoop as soon as possible and take hold of it with your hands.

“Swim in a skirt”

Brave islander is not afraid to float to the aid of a friend! A long skirt is worn on a participant, and he must swim to a friend standing or swimming in the water at a distance from the coast. Of course, the “islander in a skirt” could be a man.

“King of Surfing”

To play the same way as in the “king of the hill”, only the participants must knock each other off the surfboard, kneeling on them. You can wield with wet towels or inflatable balls of elongated shape.

“Sand Sculpture”

When the guests are tired and floated, you can offer them to mold the most beautiful sculpture out of the sand. Let everyone show their imagination! You can act alone or together in pairs, teams.

How wonderful it will be then to take a picture near his work! And children can be offered to build a sand castle or “bake” a sandy cake.

Drawing in the sand

It is always fascinating, and the result is worth a photo shoot. The main thing is to choose the right theme for drawing. If the party is devoted to someone’s birthday, the “birthday boy” will serve as a “model”.

Guests can draw something typical Hawaiian, for example, a tortoise, a hut, a shark, a whale, a crab, etc. Or you can compete, who quickly puts out the largest word “ALOHA” from the shells.

Where there is water in the water, you should not be afraid to paint your body and face. If the holiday is indoors, then the use of a painting is an excellent option for adults and children.

You can turn into a real shark, a predatory jaguar, a cheerful dolphin and just put intricate patterns on your face. Better to invite for this specialist.

Other options for such entertainment:

Say Hawaiian Words

  • fruity body art: you need to paint your opponent with natural dyes – fruit juices (you can, of course, also paint, you still need to swim in front!). Do not forget before you climb into the water, capture the result on the photo;
  • “Hawaiian image” – we paint our face or the face of a neighbor, depicting a particular animal or bird (you can set an image with a lot, or you can rely on imagination, letting those present then guess who you portrayed);
  • “Spirits of fire” – after a fire has been burned, you can get plenty of coal on each other, and then dance around another fire or with torches in your hands.

Quest for the Hawaiian Islands

If the party organizer is not afraid of a long preliminary preparation, he can arrange an unforgettable adventure for his guests (both children and adults) by organizing a quest, for example, a treasure hunt.

You will need a map (its elements can serve as prizes in other competitions). If you make two different cards, then you can compete, which team will find the treasure faster.

Mark key points on the map where guests will be waited for tasks or further prompts. At the end of the winners will expect a chest with “treasures” – fruits, sweets, souvenirs. For adults, a bottle of Hawaiian rum can serve.

Hawaiian karaoke

For those who love to sing, such entertainment will never lose relevance. Of course, you need to attend to the thematic selection of songs, for example:

  • Zhanna Friske “And the sea is white sand”;
  • Factory “The sea calls, the wave sings”;
  • Yura Shatunov “Summer is the color of the sky”;
  • Svetlana Loboda “Your eyes”;
  • TNMK “And I want to go to the sea”;
  • Word game “If we fly, we fly on a banana …”;
  • All inclusive “Tanned summer”;
  • Lavika “Summer”;
  • Chili “Summer”;
  • Cruel swindlers “Summer is …” and many, many others!

And if you want an exclusive version that you can record and then hand in as a gift to the guests, then you can invite them to learn and sing a song for a famous tune created especially for the party! Well, for example …

Hawaiian song on the tune of the song “Chung-Chang”

Summer is calling us in Hawaii, Summer is year round in Hawaii. In Hawaii, the sea invigorates us, And “Aloha” everyone says.

Wonder Island, Wonder Island, To get to heaven is easy and simple, Many sharp sensations In Hawaii!

There is always fun, Chew coconuts, eat banai And drink cocktails drunk In Hawaii.

For fun, there’s no better place. In Hawaii, we don’t know the trouble. If you go once you will call us Hawaii!

Hawaiian song on the tune of the song “Dolphin and Mermaid”

Hawaii beckons to us Surf the sun and the beach. We put on a festive outfit And on the sand we will warmly lay down.

Let’s dance to hula around the fire, No one would say it was bad. Let the Hawaiian sister at the meeting tell us “Aloha!”

Let’s sing songs, Let’s have fun, And what will happen tomorrow – I do not know!

After all, life is so wonderful, When it happens again Party “Hawaii”!

We will not forget this summer: Hawaii has attracted us to itself, Coconuts to eat, cocktails to drink. We were ready for the morning.

Hurry let’s go dancing, While fresh on the neck of Leu! Today we will be able to light together in Hawaiian!

Hawaiian karaoke song at the children’s festival to the melody of the song from the cartoon “Mother for the Mammoth”

Of course, adult guests can sing.

The blue sea has a rainbow beach. There are palm trees, and mountains, and a marvelous landscape,

By right today, he is ours! (2 times).

We will swim, we will play, Sing songs, banana-coconuts chew, Then – around the fire to dance!

We put on hula and ley, We will dance, not sparing strength! (2 times).

Today, Hawaii is our name, and we, undoubtedly, are already there, And the holiday is “we believe good!” (2 times).

Let summer, heat and fun surf Stay in the fall, even with you, And the holiday today – it’s yours!

We want everything and we wish: Return again to Hawaii! (2 times).

“Swim, desire”

This is a beautiful way to complete the holiday near the water. Prepare a sufficient number of cut reeds, twigs and ropes and ribbons, as well as flowers and candles for decorating. Offer each guest to make a boat or a raft, to decorate it to your liking, and to insert a leaflet with a written cherished desire inside.

If you feel that the guests will not master the “master class” in making boats, make a big burglar in advance, then it will be possible to limit yourself to writing desires and lighting candles.

In mysterious darkness, a flaming raft with desires sets sail …

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