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Hello! Today I will tell you about the city Savannah (Savannah) is a beautiful, wonderful and fantastically picturesque city in the south of the USA, which is located in the state of Georgia. It was founded in the XVIII century and was the first capital of this state, and most importantly, to this day it has preserved the spirit and charm of the American south in the way we remember it from books and movies. A visit to Savannah and sightseeing is one of the essential points of the self-guided itinerary program from New York to Miami by car. We did not regret that we stopped in Savannah and spent the day there. And now I will tell you how to get there more conveniently, what to see among the sights of Savannah in the first place, if not a lot of time, and what to look for if you come here more than 1 day, and also advise good hotels in Savannah. Go ahead to one of the most beautiful cities in the American South, beautiful Savanna!

Savannah USA

Savannah (Savannah) is an American city, founded in 1733 by the British and located in Chatham County, Georgia, USA, practically on the Atlantic coast and on the banks of the Savannah river of the same name (to the north of which, by the way, South Carolina begins port.

Savannah Restaurants

Good to know: The official Savannah website with detailed travel information:

City Savannah

City Savannah – This is one of the most famous small towns on the east coast of the United States among tourists. About 15 million people come here every year, which is 3 times more visitors in Yosemite National Park. The territory of the city of Savannah consists of several areas, the most interesting for tourists is the historical center (Downtown Historic District).

The main areas of the city of Savannah in the United States

Interesting Facts:

  • The name of the city Savannah comes from the river on which it stands. And the river was named after the Shawnee Indian tribe who lived here before the Europeans settled the area. It is also believed that it is possible that the locality reminded the British of the African savannah, and therefore the city received such a beautiful name.
  • The population of the city of Savannah is about 140 thousand people.
  • In the historic part of the city of Savanna there are many interesting architectural sights, as well as parks and squares.

Weather in Savannah

The climate in Savannah is really subtropical ocean, and here it is warm at any time of the year, and in winter it rarely falls to zero. So what is the conclusion from this? You can go to Savanna whenever you like, and it is always beautiful there: in the summer it is about 30 degrees Celsius, and in the spring-autumn and winter the air temperature is cooler, only + 10-16 ° С. And although there is quite a lot of precipitation in Savannah throughout the year, in general, the weather in this city is very comfortable for tourism and travel.

How to get to Savannah

Getting to Savannah is very easy, primarily because of the convenient location at the crossroads of major roads on the East Coast of the United States. We decided to drive to Savannah by car during our trip from Miami to New York (our route around the USA was circular this time: from New York we drove along mountain roads and national parks of the East Coast – Shenandoah and Great Smoky Mountains, but back along the coast of the ocean). And we decided which of the historical cities in the south of America is better to visit – Charleston or Savannah?

Both of these cities were, of course, familiar to us from the famous novel “Gone with the Wind” by Margaret Mitchell as the places where the parents of the main characters, Rhett Butler and Scarlett O’Hara lived. But having studied the information, we understood that it is necessary to go to Savannah for the atmosphere of the old Georgia.

Helpful advice: In Savannah you should definitely go, if you, resting in Miami, want to visit the most popular national park of the USA – the Great Smoky Mountains. The city of Savannah is just halfway from Miami to the Smoky Mountains and it will be convenient to stay there for one day for a rest.

Savannah Restaurants

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We arrived in Savannah by car rented in New York

So, we left Miami early in the morning, and in the evening we were in Savannah (the distance is 780 km, it can be reached in 7-8 hours). Here we stopped to spend the night in a cheap but very good hotel with breakfast – Quality Inn Midtown, which was pre-booked via the Internet. And in the morning we began our walk through this beautiful and green city.

Sprawling trees on the streets of Savannah give good shade

City streets are beautifully decorated with flowers

Savannah Restaurants

Hotels in Savannah where better to stay

Savannah is a pedestrian city, so you won’t need a car there. The city is organized by the regular movement of free buses (shuttles) for tourists, as well as various excursions and tours are conducted in the historic center. Therefore, I would advise you to stay in Savannah in a good hotel in the city center, especially if you are not traveling for one day, or close to it (in the Oakdale area), as we did.

First of all, pay attention to these hotels in the center of the old Savannah with good reviews:

  • Andaz Savannah 5 * – the coolest hotel in the city of Savannah;
  • Hyatt Regency 4 * – a comfortable hotel located right on the river bank;
  • Fairfield inn & Suites by Marriott 3 * – The best budget hotel near attractions.

But if you drive a car across the USA like us, then it is much more convenient to stay at chain hotels in the suburbs, where there is free parking for a car. We did so: in the evening we had a rest in a very decent hotel Quality inn with the pool, you slept well at night. And in the morning, after a good hearty breakfast, they were already in the historical center of Savannah, where they parked the car in the parking lot next to the visitor center and went to see the city.

  • All hotels in Savannah, with description and photo, see here
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