Santa Fe Racetracks

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All about tires.

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I have Pirelli Scorpio A / T 16" 235/70 Just above the standard, enters perfectly

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I also bought it with the car, too, almost a new one season departure and was happy until I read your link. : -? so according to the tests it turns out that you can ride it only in the summer.

Santa Fe Racetracks

Thanks for the link.

Jumping Um .. m. Chegoj something I can not even imagine this. What kind of suspension should the car have to catch such nuances :-). My spike was on: classics, nine, Escort, Niva and Galante. And the only thing that was felt after the tire change was the rather high level of noise. Everything. None "jumps" . Yes, and can not ride a normal winter tires. She is by definition softer than summer. And the spikes into it are easily recessed. Can the conclusions be drawn from the operating experience of a certain domestic miracle? Slippage. Yes, there is a place to be. But! This can only affect: a) stopping distance on asphalt b) reliability of control (stability) on it. Again, we return to the tests and see that (as I already mentioned) the stopping distance on the same wet asphalt in the considered Pirelli is only 10% (but losing on ice is more than 30%), and in the test for "subjective reliability of management" it was altogether pushed a couple of lines below the studded Continental. So what is the expression "slippage discomfort" ?

Wow Forester! The dream of a lifetime. But when I was really going to take it, it happened to roll up with a friend to go fishing on his Santa. Provocateur pancake. A couple of months went again. and shorter fuse for the Korean miracle. Forester left for the future – as a second car – for his wife. And the tires were already in store on Forester – Continntal Winter Viking 1 (from Nyvka specifically left) :-) But it was like life.

And the same friend skated all the previous winter on a regular Hankuk. And nothing. You just need to choose the driving mode to match the shoe. In principle, you can ride on everything. When I was 20 years old, I went to the Shah, whose left front wheel was quite suitable as a shaving mirror (if rubber could reflect light). For even the tread marks were erased from the tire even before I bought it in a village tire service near St. Petersburg due to the complete failure of one of the wheels of my horse. I took it in the fall. Yes, and travel all winter. The speed is lower, the distance is greater. And the business :) But in general – in FIG such experiments ;-)

Well, if a friend said, then the rest of the crap for some reason written by a bunch of profane really does not count: pint: Logic: on a Korean car – Korean rubber is also very beautiful. On Chinese – Chinese. At the WHA – Russian. Damn, then unwillingly think about the Mersey. :))) But what is there? The W401 is better than the Korean all season. But to pick up on it in the winter to the speed indicated by the index Q is still not worth it. I want to read about operating experience.

Santa Fe Racetracks

Thank you Vadim for the offer, and I will certainly use it if: a) I don’t go to Chukhlyashka as I plan b) the new year’s meeting will be very boring and it will make me sad c) our plans will coincide with my second half d) January 3, I sobe sober up

: pint: ;-)

Yes, I just remembered myself in my youth: sports, work, money, or nothing is missing, the car "shah" and the coming winter. Before leaving, his first season was on the new Gislaved Nord Frost II. From "big mind" and again the constraints in the funds for the summer did not pereobulsya. As a result, he killed a set of horseradish. Well, the next winter went like this: behind a pair of some half-erased wheels with spikes fallen out (in my opinion Michelin), a Soviet summer front left and something import left, unmarked and polished to shine. The tread marks were erased even before I bought it on the spare tire in a god-forgotten tire fitting located on the Priozersk highway a hundred km from St. Petersburg.

So I know perfectly well what is riding on summer tires, bald tires and

Yesterday, after a long deliberation, I bought these tires http: //

Santa Fe Racetracks

I argue my choice (for those who have not yet acquired tires)

1. A brief history: the tire was developed based on Nord Frost 3, after Continental acquired Gislaved.

Now it is important! If you buy this tire with NON-factory studding, or NORTH FROST 3, be sure to look at the type of spikes! AD,

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