Santa Fe Market

Hyundai Grand Santa Fe first appeared before the public at the annual international Chicago Auto Show in 2016. In fact, the model is a third generation restyling. To distinguish the new product from its predecessor is not difficult. She has stylish elongated headlamps with linzirovannaya optics and elegant eyeliner LED daytime running lights. The grille is made in the corporate style. It consists of a set of horizontally oriented edges and has a hexagonal shape. Off-road nature of the novelty is emphasized by small roof rails and special door sills, wheel arches and bumpers. They are made of black unpainted plastic and are designed to protect the paintwork from mechanical damage.

Dimensions Hyundai Grand Santa Fe

The Hyundai Grand Santa Fe is 100 millimeters longer, and also has an additional third row of seats. The overall dimensions of the Hyundai Grand Santa Fe are: length 4905 mm, width 1885 mm, height 1685 mm, wheelbase 2800 mm, and the amount of ground clearance is 180 millimeters. Such clearance is peculiar to the cars intended for adverse conditions of operation. They are easier to move the trip on the dirt road, they can storm the medium curbs and maintain an acceptable smoothness on a rough paved road.

The trunk Hyundai Grand Santa Fe can please a good capacity. In the standard state it is small, only 176 liters. But, if the owner does not plan to take on board 7 passengers, he can fold the back row and release 634 liters, which is already a good indicator. For transportation of bulky goods, you can fold the rest of the back, in this case, there are 1,842 liters.

Engine and transmission Hyundai Grand Santa Fe

Hyundai Grand Santa Fe is equipped with two engines, a six-speed automatic gearbox and extremely all-wheel drive. Although the choice is small, all units are quite versatile and are able to respond to most of the requests of a potential buyer.

Santa Fe Market

  • The base engine of the Hyundai Grand Santa Fe is a four-row turbo diesel of 2199 cubic centimeters. Thanks to the turbocharger, engineers were able to squeeze 200 horsepower at 3,800 rpm and 440 Nm of torque at 2,750 rpm of the crankshaft. In this configuration, the crossover dials a hundred in 9.9 seconds, and the high-speed ceiling, in turn, will be 201 km / h. Diesel engines have always been distinguished by a good baseman and relative economy. The fuel consumption of the Hyundai Grand Santa Fe will be 10.1 liters per hundred kilometers in city traffic with frequent accelerations and braking, 6.4 liters during a measured trip on the highway and 7.8 liters in the combined cycle.
  • For fans of the hotter, Hyundai Grand Santa Fe can offer atmospheric petrol V6 of 2999 cubic centimeters. The large displacement and direct fuel injection system allowed the engine to develop 249 horsepower at 6400 rpm and 306 Nm of torque at 5300 rpm of the crankshaft per minute. With such a herd, the crossover takes off from the spot to the first hundred in 9.2 seconds, and the maximum speed will be 207 kilometers per hour. With such volume you should not hope for profitability. The fuel consumption of the Hyundai Grand Santa Fe will be 14.1 liters of gasoline per hundred in the city, 8.4 liters on the highway and 10.5 liters in the combined cycle.

Santa Fe Market

Hyundai Grand Santa Fe goes with the times. He has a stylish and charismatic design that emphasizes the individuality and character of its owner. This car will look great both on busy city streets and on dirt roads away from civilization. Salon is a realm of high-quality materials of finishing, verified ergonomics, practicality and comfort. Even a long trip can not bring unnecessary inconvenience. The manufacturer is well aware that the heart of every car is its engine. That is why, under the hood of the crossover is a powerful and modern power unit, which is a fusion of innovative technologies and years of experience in the field of engine construction. Hyundai Grand Santa Fe will serve many kilometers and will give unforgettable emotions from the trip.

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