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What to do in Bali, if you are not a fan of lying on the beach, or maybe you just want diversity?

For lovers of bliss and comfort, we recommend to visit SPA-center. The most correct thing is to do it right after arrival. Firstly, relax after a long journey, and secondly, prepare your skin for a good tan. Massage, exfoliation with the help of some exotic fragrant scrub, a pleasant bath with flower petals, final moisturizing with the help of a lotion or natural oil – all this is a great pleasure and wonderful skin color after a holiday. The complex of procedures on average costs from 50 to 200 dollars, depending on the prestige of the salon. In addition, we recommend to try massage with heated stones (it helps to relax muscles well), as well as an Ayurvedic procedure – shirodara (which will help your mind to relax). Most hotels offer massage treatments right in the gazebos on the beach! Another of the fun features ?? fish therapy! Hundreds of small fish will eat the dead skin particles from their feet, and it doesn’t hurt at all!

If you want a combination of recreation by the water and activity, and even more so if you are traveling with children – go to Waterbom water park! It is located in Kuta, more precisely on its outskirts, in the Tuban area. From Nusa Dua and Tanjung Benoa about 15-20 minutes by taxi, the fare is around 6-7 dollars. From Jimbaran and even less. Opening hours – from 9 am to 6 pm. A full-day ticket for an adult costs $ 23, for children up to 12 years old – $ 13. But in many local tourist kiosks and shops you can get coupons for a 15% discount. It will also be cheaper to buy subscriptions for 2 or 3 days at once, if you want it. When buying tickets also issue special blue bracelets with a bar code. Money for them can be put immediately at the entrance, inside there is a kiosk, where the balance is also replenished. On the left after the entrance is a staircase down to the locker rooms and lockers. There is a stand where you can rent a gazebo (cost depends on the size and location), as well as rent towels and lockers. In addition to rent, you will be charged another amount of security, which will be returned to the bracelet after you return the key and towels. Unspent money can be received back after leaving the water park. In the park itself, you can be lazy – find a place on the loungers, go for a massage in the SPA center, drink something tasty in the bar, which is located right in the pool, take a couple of laps around the “lazy river” ?? it is full of surprises – waterfalls and fountains pleasantly refresh and entertain along the way. Want an extreme? Yes, as many as you want! The most fun slides are located alone – this is Boomerang and Super Bowl. With Boomeranga, you can move out only together. Well, it’s for the better, not so scary. When at first you accelerate a little in the pipe, then go down from a height so that the boat soars for a couple of moments, then fly up almost to the very edge of the slide, and then again sharply down – it’s terrible! Horror how great! The second group of slides consists of 6 rides. Especially recommended – Macaroni and Raft River – not too extreme, but very funny slides, together on a boat ?? faster and more interesting, verified! On extreme slides, there is a growth limit, it is usually 100 or 122 cm. For those children who have not yet grown to adult slides, there is a special town with various slopes and entertainment. There will be no problems with food in the park. All calculations are carried out only with a bracelet!

Want even more thrills? May be, rafting? There are many routes – two main rivers – Telaga and Aung. Carefully choose the duration and extreme route, especially if you are with children. In any case, it is interesting to sail along the river among tropical trees and rice terraces. And what is this fruit? Ah, cocoa … And this is papaya? So that’s what they look like! But if the route is more active – then just manage to stay. Need to be alert! Rough river with rapids and passes. And the most fun – the descent in the raft from the waterfall! Also, most likely you can swim in the waterfall. The mountain streams are a bit cooler than the sea, but the water as a whole is even pleasantly refreshing. It will not be possible to freeze and cold! At stops you can take photos ?? equipment must be packaged in waterproof bags and give guides. At the end of the rafting – lunch in a restaurant with a scenic view. Towels are usually issued by the organizers of rafting, but with them you must have clothes for rafting – a T-shirt, shorts (or a swimsuit), plus waterproof shoes, which are fixed on the foot (slaps can wash off). It is also possible to purchase such sandals before rafting, it will cost about 4 dollars. After the finish you will have to change clothes – everything will be wet, so you need to foresee what it is.

You can supplement the rafting trip with a safari park or riding an elephant, because the rafting itself is designed only for half a day, and from the resorts in the south of the island you can reach the central part in an hour or two.

You can come up with even more active occupation. For example, diving. If you already have a certificate – you can find a lot of options – half-day, full-day trips or safari for several days. You can make your first dive on the introdive, under the strict guidance and vigilant control of the dive master, and if you like it, you can take a course and pass exams to safely dive on your own.

Diving on the island of Bali (Indian, Pacific Oceans) is very different from many of the usual on the Red Sea. The abundance of underwater flora and fauna affects from the first minute of immersion. Red corals reach the size of a person’s height, table coral untouched by rot will conquer you not only by its size, but also by its whiteness. All sorts of types and colors of soft coral, Gorgonian web gives wonderful photos to fans of underwater photography.

On each pebble and protrusion there are sea lilies, whose colors cannot but stir the imagination: either a Christmas tree with iridescent multi-colored lights of bulbs, or a fiery red flame, or a black and white photograph of an alien plant.

Many types of corals that change their color and structure when touched. Huge Anemones ?? purple, bright green, red, blue, black, in which clown fish of different species live, amaze not only with their color, but also with their form.

Sandals resorts us virgin islands

Drift begins, and we glide at will along the coral reef, saving power and air, contemplate the wonders of untouched nature. Here is the final point of our dive, a huge coral boulder, the top of which sometimes appears on the surface of the ocean. We stop, wait. And here they are, the angels of the seas and oceans ?? Royal Manti! Slowly and gracefully they fly over us, turn around and again they are near! And the longer we observe them, the more the impression is that these sentient beings came to look at us, and not we at them.

When choosing places and routes for diving, consider also the factor of the path to the “diving” place. There are, for example, Amed, where to go from the southern resorts for 2-3 hours, but with pleasant stops in picturesque places. But diving there almost from the shore – a couple of minutes on the junke – and into the water! And there is the island of Nusa Penida, where for example, the famous Manta Point. There get high-speed boats from the port of Tanjung Benoa, literally ten minutes from popular hotels. But to sail for about half an hour, and the small boats tosses and swings hard enough. So you decide what is best suited.

You can also dive on the Gili Islands

It is impossible to truly learn Bali without leaving the southern resort areas of the island. Go to central and northern part of the island – you will not get such impressions in other places. The majestic mountains and volcanoes, hiding bright blue lakes in their vents, as well as the world’s only volcanic golf course. There, at an altitude of almost 3 thousand meters, it is cooler than on the coast, so you can take a break from the heat, breathe the mountain air. Take a windbreaker or stole with you to keep warm.

And you can warm up in hot springs. The bath, surrounded by tropical vegetation, with very warm water and massage jets, gives not only pleasant sensations, but also excellent skin condition after bathing.

Luxury Emerald rice terraces there are in different areas in the center of the island, but the most picturesque – near the city of Ubud. Cascades of green fields, in various shades, from pale green to richly malachite. In addition to the incredible views of nature, in Ubud you can still see and buy the best handicrafts and paintings by local artists.

Near the city is the best Monkey Forest. This is where you can communicate with our distant relatives really close, but without fear of aggression on their part.

Buy a bunch of bananas in advance or at the park entrance. Dexterous funny monkeys willingly climb, clinging with small fingers, on your shoulder, to reach the proposed banana.

Sandals resorts us virgin islands

In this place, especially monkey-stealing, things tourists do not happen, but they can smell and get a banana tucked away in their pockets, and if they don’t get it, they can nibble them.

There are other options for familiarizing with the exotic nature. For example, Butterfly Park, Birds and Reptiles Park. Amazing creatures of incredible appearance and color will be very close, often even without an aviary. You can come, see, even touch!

Sandals resorts us virgin islands

Butterflies will fearlessly sit on your shoulders, arms and head, like exotic jewelry! And where else can you drive birds that look like fabulous fantasies, like ordinary chickens?

Bird Park Card:

And in the north, in the resort of Lovina, every morning with a guarantee you can see dolphins! Early in the morning, at dawn, at about 5-6 o’clock in the morning, on the junk with the local captain, on a barely tarnished water surface, you go out to sea. And dolphins swim there. Dozens! Maybe even a hundred! In flocks, they are very close, they can even dive under the boat. Jump out of the water one by one and in pairs. You can watch this for at least an hour! And along the way, if you’re lucky enough, you can even see the southern toothed grind whales.

You can also touch nature Git-Git waterfalls. In the forest on the way you can see how your favorite spices grow, for example, cloves. Coffee trees and cocoa are also growing there. Ripe cocoa fruit is very tasty! Large bones covered with sweet and sour pulp, which perfectly refreshes and quenches thirst! And the waterfalls themselves are cool and majestic! If you go not to the biggest and most popular among tourists, but a little to the side, to the “Virgin” waterfall ?? You can perfectly swim without any prying eyes.

And in the Botanical Garden, in addition to a beautiful park, you can test yourself for agility by following a special route in the crowns of tall trees. It will be necessary to climb, pull up, roll and slide along the ropes. There are five levels of difficulty trails. Anyone can feel Tarzan, even though a child, even a strong sports man!

For exploring the cultural and historical heritage of the Balinese, it is worth visiting at least some of the most interesting and famous temples. Uluwatu temple on a cliff above the sea is closest to the southern resorts of the island. It is worth going there in the late afternoon to enjoy the sunset and the Kechak dance.

Tanah lot located on the west coast, on an island right in the sea. You can get there only at low tide. But the best photos come from the shore. In the evening there are also very spectacular sunsets, but in the morning there are much fewer people and it is more pleasant to walk.

In the temple Goa Lavah In the cave lives a huge number of bats. Legend has it that the passage in the cave leads to the most sacred mountain Agung, and the way is guarded by a terrible monster. But no one dares to check.

The largest and most magnificent temple – Besakikh, “The mother of all the temples in Bali.”

And on the picturesque volcanic lake Bro there is a surprisingly beautiful temple Oolong danu. When visiting many temples, you must have a sarong skirt and a special belt-sash. But you can always rent them for a small donation.

All this – only part of a rich and interesting excursion program in Bali. Everyone is interested in something different, but it is a unique culture and amazing tropical nature that make this island special in a series of other resorts.

After all the adventures, you probably want romance and bliss. Jimbaran Beach Luxury sunsets and amazing seafood. There must go somewhere around half past five in the evening. Choose a table in the first row by the sea. Sensibly and feeling to admire fish and sea creatures, choose according to your taste – live lobsters, shrimps, crabs, mollusks, a snapper or grouper, and maybe even a barracuda (by the way, you can bargain!). While they are grilling, order a bottle of wine. And the show begins! The waves of the Indian Ocean with a slight rustle rolls on the shore. The sun first slowly goes down slowly, and then rapidly falls into the water, painting the ocean in copper and fiery shades. In the meantime, bring your dinner on a large tray. It will be served with a basket of rice and lots of small bowls with sauces and marinades. And you can dig into the flesh of the open lobster, gentle, with a slight taste of grill smoke. Soft warm sand is under your feet. In the distance, you can see the airport runway, leaving the sea. Do not worry, the noise does not hurt to enjoy the romance of the southern night. When it is completely dark – musicians will start walking between the tables. They will surely sing something in their native language for each of the guests of the restaurant. This season of Russian songs is especially popular “How Enchanting Evenings in Russia”, but sometimes there is something original. It is really unexpected to hear the song “Hope, my compass on earth” in this place. The Balinese are a musical people, so their singing is pleasant. For the performance of a couple of songs personally for you, they will expect a small reward – about 10-20 thousand rupees (this is about 1-2 dollars). Back to the hotel you will be taken by car to the restaurant for free.

For many, the best entertainment – purchases! What should I bring to the memory of a holiday in Bali? Local craftsmen ?? stunning wood and stone carvers. Figures of people, animals, plants are bizarre and very reliable. Of course, hardly anyone will decide to take home a big heavy statue, but you can choose small sculptures for every taste. Bright and inexpensive summer outfits with a national touch attract attention. Unusual fabrics, colorful batik paint, flying styles. Pleasant as cosmetic products for the face and body of natural ingredients. Very nice silver jewelry made by craftsmen in the village of Cheluk. Products of local crafts can be bought on numerous markets, both in resort areas and in the center of the island. In this case, you can bargain, knocking the price several times. If you want a more “civilized” shopping, there are shopping centers. In the resort area of ​​Nusa Dua – Bali Collection entertainment complex, with many souvenir shops, as well as clothing boutiques. In Kuta there are, for example, Discovery shopping centers (directly opposite the water park) and Matahari (in the center, an older store). There are also duty-free shops, but the goods purchased in them can only be obtained at the airport, after passing passport control (only if you fly directly from abroad to Bali, without transfers in Jakarta). Summer and sportswear and shoes of popular Australian brands can be bought in many stores in Kuta, as well as in other areas of the island.

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