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Brooklyn, which has 2.5 million inhabitants – almost twice as many as Manhattan – is the first populated area of ​​New York City, which is located on Long Island. Numerous guests of Brooklyn do not go further than the elite Brooklyn Heights, however, if you do not go to Brighton Beach or Coney Island, and after all many other attractions of the district are worth seeing.

Once the inhabitants of Manhattan believed – if, sometimes, at least thought about it – Brooklyn is just one of the sleeping suburbs on the other side of the East River. But this is in the past. Brooklyn is valued now for what it is. Now, and by the way, as always, he is an actively developing urban community with its own unique face, numerous pretty and very popular residential zones, which boil with the mixture of hundreds of nations and nationalities with their cultures.

The year 1898 was marked by the connection of the banks of the East River by the Brooklyn Bridge. Then Brooklyn became part of the “Big Apple”. Before joining it was an independent town with a territory of about 200 square kilometers, it included 6 districts and many small villages. If he had not been affiliated, he would have been in the top three of the largest cities in the USA.

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District districts also retained their identity. Brooklyn Heights has remained a historical zone with rather pretty streets, retaining a bright identity – perhaps even arrogance – and move only a couple of blocks away from it, as you will see a completely different urban environment. So, Cobble Hill – the area of ​​people from Lebanon, Syria and Yemen, who occupied significant parts of Atlantic Avenue – is now a Middle Eastern market with many restaurants where you can try kebab, couscous, hummus and other oriental dishes, and shops full of spices, coffee and fresh bread. The multi-ethnic spectrum continues on the other side of Atlantic Avenue and three or four blocks south of the Town Hall – Court Street – small Italy and Spain, with shops where the shelves bend from olives, olive oil, fresh pasta, cheese and salted cod.

In the historic district of Brooklyn Heights

It is located near Downtown Brooklyn, limited to Court Avenue, Cadman Plaza (from the east), Atlantic Avenue from the south, and from the north to Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges that lead to Manhattan. West microdistrict goes to the shore of the East River, where there is a beautiful promenade.

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Brooklyn Heights – an array where the blocks are picturesque stone houses in the Victorian style and a couple of estates. The neighborhood boasts several styles of architecture, including houses of the federal type of early. XIX century in the north of the district, houses of pseudo-Greek and pseudo-gothic styles, as well as houses in the Italian style (of brown stones). Several buildings on Pierpoint Street, and Pierpoint Lane are real estates. Brooklyn Heights was among the first districts of Brooklyn, whose buildings in 1965 brought under the protection of the law “On the Preservation of Architectural Monuments of New York.”

The emergence of the boardwalk, which limits the area from the west, in 1953 is associated with the construction of the 2-tier Brooklyn-Queens highway. The promenade looks like a “visor” that is located on two tiers of the road. Until 1953 there was just a slope. From the boardwalk, you can watch great views of Manhattan. Every year on the fourth of July, when fireworks are launched on Independence Day of America, the promenade receives thousands of tourists. In the eastern part of the boardwalk there is a lovely green strip with lots of benches. Here you can relax.

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Brooklyn has more neighborhoods similar to Brooklyn Heights, for example, Fort Green, Clinton Hill, Park Slope, and others.

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