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Continue the walk through the Hunter Valley Gardens. Visit the restaurant and winery.

– Sunken Garden

Weekend trips

Hunter Valley Gardens

Garden, lunch and winery

Next, the path led us to the sunken garden (Sunken Garden), which is a gazebo for relaxing with tables and chairs. I want to note that the observation deck of the Regular Park (Border Garden) and this species platform are designed with a view to the north, where in Australia there is sunshine,

– Sunken Garden

[6] – Sunken Garden (Sunken Garden) – The garden is beautiful at any time of the year,

[7] – Chinese Garden (Chinese Garden) – A small garden with all the inherent elements. In this garden, even a large number of people do not interfere. They “disappear” in the thickets of bamboo, behind the turns of the gravel path, there … behind the moon gate.

– Moon Gate (Moon Gate) – Hotei – the god of compassion and good nature. One of the gods of happiness.

In this garden it turns out there are trees of mulberry and persimmon. Did not notice them in her first visit.

[8] – Indian Mosaic Garden – The garden itself has already burned down or trampled it, but the entrance with 180 years old antique Indian Bronze Elephants at the gate looks good. The booklet says that the flowers in the garden should give a spicy smell, but … But they rested in the shade of a wooden gazebo by the lake, which is here called the Indian Tea House (Indian Tea House)

– Entrance to the Indian Garden, 2005

– Indian Tea House (Indian Tea House) at the lake – Entrance to the Indian Garden, 2012

[9] – English Park (Formal Garden) – The garden is beautiful and pretentious, and at the head of the garden is the Fountain of Desires, which is recommended to throw a coin and make a wish. All proceeds from this fountain are donated by Ronald Mc Donald House to help seriously ill children. In this park, different trees, “tired” from the midday heat, roses and my beloved Little Gem Magnolia (Magnólia grandiflóra / Magnolia grandiflora) with the latest colors of this year.

– English park (Formal Garden), in the distance “Fountain of desires”

– Little Gem Magnolia (Magnólia grandiflóra / Magnolia grandiflora)

[10] – Rose Garden – A garden with the sculptural composition “Grandmothers Garden”, with four gazebos in a circle that are woven around with roses, and flower beds with different types of roses (more than 8,000 rose bushes). The garden is flooded with sun and therefore in summer it is unbearably hot, even the shadow of the arbors does not save.

“Grandmother’s Garden” is a sculptural composition of 13 bronze statues of Imelda Roche and her twelve grandchildren. (in 2005 there were only 3)

San Diego winery trip

That’s all. The walk through the garden is over. The time is long past lunchtime, and there is no desire to look for something, so we went to Tempus Two Wines, where we dined at Oishii Japanese Restaurant, where not only Japanese, but also Thai dishes are served in a very adaptive version and there is about $ 40 to eat. per person.

– Design of the Japanese Reator “Oishii”

Well, since the place is popular and pofasnoy, then we decided to taste the wine. Nothing attracted. It seems that there is an emphasis on red wines, and they are here to say the least useless, and the young Semillon was … well, no. We went right there in the cheese shop. I tried different varieties of olives and olive oil. Cheeses! Can I stay here for a little longer ?! &# 128578;

– Pointer to wineries (wineries)

– McWilliam’s Mount Pleasant Winery

Well, I don’t want to leave without wine, so we went to our favorite McWilliam’s winery Mount Pleasant, which was founded here in 1921. Not so old winery. We fell in love with her wine in the first years of life in Australia. Tried, tried and … The most good years for wine Elizabeth (Semillon) – 2001, 2002, 2004 (but this is for our taste).

– Shop at McWilliam’s Winery Mount Pleasant

– A set of wines that can be ordered

If you’re driving

1 standard drink (normal) = 100 ml = 5 standard portions of 20 ml.

Men – 2 drinks in the first hour and on the 1st every next hour. Women – only 1 drink in the first hour, however, then you can also continue on the 1st every next hour.

This time Maria was chosen (Late Harvest Semillon 2008 vintage) with honey color and taste, and the smell is like a bouquet of flowers. As they say – “with apricot and orange notes.” It is dessert. About two years ago, I did not see the taggoi, although some wines can be seen and bought only at the winery. Bin 98 seems to me to look like Maria, but to the taste and color …. We also took Elizabeth (Semillon 2005 vintage) and Hanwood Estate (Amontillado)

– Elizabeth and Maria we tried – Grapes

Amontillado (Amontillado) is a semi-sweet amber-colored sherry with a nutty aroma.

That’s all. Let’s go home.

– Map of the Hunter Valley Gardens

San Diego winery trip

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