Safe travel bags

Our motorcycle shop Moto-Bazar occupies one of the leading places in the implementation of motorcycles, scooters, mopeds, motorcycle equipment, original spare parts.

Safe travel bags

We offer products of world famous foreign manufacturers. It is distinguished by high quality, the use of the latest technology, long service life.

Motorcycle parts, motozapchastey and motokapirovki shop in Rostov-on-Don

We have excellent samples of motorcycles with improved parameters. The range includes the latest, high-demand, development of leading companies.

Safe travel bags

We are actively developing the following activities:

  • Direct deliveries motorcycles from Japan.
  • Implementation of samples of modern motorcycle equipment for professionals and amateurs.
  • Sale of reliable spare parts for motorcycles from original manufacturers.
  • High-quality repair and ongoing maintenance of all models of motorcycles in Rostov-on-Don.
  • Tire fitting, balancing, repair of wheels of all models of motorcycles.

Motorcycle catalog varied. We are constantly expanding and expanding the range of motorcycles. They provide reliable and safe driving conditions. Have a unique design and different colors.

Our motorcycle shop actively participates in exhibitions of the latest achievements of motorcycles at the domestic and foreign levels. We work closely with representatives of such famous brands as Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki. We supply products for wholesale and retail customers without the unwanted participation of intermediaries.

Online store motorcycles

We offer our products through Internet – motorcycle shop. Thanks to the convenient navigation, each customer will be able to easily choose for themselves the desired position. Large selection and excellent quality push our products to the rank of one of the best bikes on the market.

Presented in motor store The equipment has all the qualities of modern, multi-functional products.

Buy helmet from the famous Italian, Japanese, Korean, American, German companies – this means getting a standard of good quality and safety. Samples of jackets, overalls and pants under the brand name Dainese, AGV Sport, Clover, Difi, Icon, Halvarsons are made of durable, abrasion resistant materials.

Safe travel bags

Comfortable shoes and durable gloves are presented by manufacturers such as Falco, Alpinestars, Diadora, Dainese, Forma, Fox, IXS. They have comfortable qualities for comfortable everyday driving. Available in a sufficient number of visors, motorcycle raincoats, vests and much more ensure the execution of the most volume orders.

Reliable motorcycle parts

Everything spare parts for motorcycles in the online store meet international quality standards. Road rubber options from well-deserved foreign suppliers, solid rims, excellent tires, flippers and digital cameras have high strength, elasticity and stability.

Buyers will be able to buy a motorcycle gear, purchase high-performance batteries, good-quality shock absorbers, good braking systems, calipers and more. The latest security systems and GPS beacons will provide round-the-clock effective protection for your motorcycles.

Sturdy motorcycles and stars, functional audio systems and ignition locks, sensor dashboards, convenient control panels are a model of durability. Compact mirrors for different models of motorcycles will provide ample opportunities for a good overview of the track.

Purchase our products at reasonable prices!

Sale of motorcycles in our shop is carried out on favorable terms for buyers. Low, economical cost of equipment, spare parts, equipment available to customers with different financial capabilities.

For regular customers there is a flexible system of discounts and bonuses. It allows you to acquire the desired position with insignificant investments.

Residents of any region of Russia can buy a motorcycle on the terms of inexpensive delivery. We provide all the possibilities of fast and uninterrupted delivery of goods to the specified address. Let’s execute the most complex inquiries in the shortest possible time.

Buy scooter in our store – it means to realize your dream at a low cost. Absolutely all samples represent the perfect combination of quality and non-standard appearance.

Consumers will be able to buy a moped at low prices. Our models fully meet the needs of any category of customers. They are mobile, reliable, inexpensive to maintain, and also have a long service life.

Take advantage of our services and you will get the best modern motorcycles!

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