Roof new york

Making repairs, especially in a small apartment, we try to make the space as wide as possible. We use more functional furniture, expanding it visually. Try to expand the walls. This can help wallpaper, and if they are 3D – the effect will be stunning.

The line between the present and the drawn will be erased. Properly chosen design will decorate any room, give you maximum comfort, increase the space and delight guests.

There is a huge amount of photo wallpapers for every taste. Landscapes – the most popular option. The picture gives the feeling of being in the desired place. Forest, waterfall, the roof of the house, the sea, the ocean – many options ….

Wallpapers with urban views will add modernity and inspiration, photos of nature will add romanticism and freedom. A room with a beach and palm trees will give a piece of summer in the middle of winter or save on vacation.

Do not think that wallpapers are only natural landscapes. Often used modern art – just pick a picture with the right perspective to increase the room. Gather all the knowledge about the three-dimensional image – then pick up the photo is not difficult. There are many programs that will help see how it will look in real life.


You can achieve a stunning effect by using photo wallpaper in the corner of the room. Through the use of neighboring walls creates a panorama effect. This will further emphasize the realism of the situation. Designers love to use this reception in the living rooms.

There are a large number of options. The choice can only depend on your taste and interior. We made a selection of the main directions, the popularity of which is time-tested. Sure you can choose the right for you.

Vegetation has been popular for many years with wall murals. It turns out that you are in the center of the universe. A fascinating, impressive forest will seem huge. There are many options – from bamboo forest to native oak woods. Vegetable variations are great for black and white interiors.

Want to make accents on bright colors start with the wall and everything will turn out.

Architectural motifs

And again a lot of options: stairs, columns, halls. Properly selected furniture for the photo is the perfect option for your room. Photowall-paper will become the main accessory and an integral part of the interior.

Of course – the most popular option. All year long we want summer, sun, vacation. Coming from work, you will find yourself on a sandy beach or on the lake and the winter blues will retreat.

Ocean in the house

Roof new york

Feel Poseidon! The water calms, the marine life delights

City in the window

We are always attracted to big cities. Venice New York, Paris, London have a special magnetism. The city can be captured during the day and at night, depending on your preference and the interior. Beautiful buildings, the sky – it is always impressive.

Roof new york

Mountains, meadows and fields

Landscapes with fields and mountains also should not be overlooked. The mountains are great for creating freedom and majesty. Using different colors you can achieve the necessary accents. Black and white photos instead of color can add mystery.

Childhood dreams

Do not forget about children’s topics. Here the choice is also not limited. You can pick up the landscape under the passions of the child. Spaceships, castles of princesses, world maps and interplanetary galaxy. Glowing in the dark 3D drawings will impress not only children, but also adults.

Roof new york

The choice is impressive, fantasize endlessly!

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