Romantic texts for her

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O love! A wonderful feeling, from which the world is painted with colorful paints and the birds begin to chirp inside the gardens of flowering souls. Here it happened to you – Cupid did not miss, and got right in your heart. But how you will confess your love depends on your Zodiac Sign.

Romantic texts for her

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Capricorn is usually not a romantic, and if it is a romantic in the depths of his soul, then this tends not to show into the world around. Therefore, he will not sing serenades under the windows and write poetry, most likely he will simply invite the lady of the heart to a chic restaurant and give her a ring with a diamond.

Romantic texts for her

Aquarius is actually quite difficult to confess his love, he is used to be friends with representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, and that, out of habit, he will be friends with his beloved. She can guess herself by how suddenly the expression of a friend’s face changes at the sight of her or how meaningfully his face hardens on her.

Sensual Pisces will let her lover understand what is being experienced by hints. If she does not guess, they will write a letter, because it is much easier for them to write about their feelings than to say.

Aries will not think long; as soon as he feels that he has cracked up, he will go to the nearest flower shop for a huge bouquet without unnecessary reflections, and then ride a big white horse to the beloved one and hand her an armful of plants, standing on one knee, like a medieval knight to his lady’s heart. He is passionate and will win his beloved and will not calm down until she surrenders under the pressure of Avensky charm.

Taurus will invite her beloved in a cafe or restaurant and, with a glass of good red, heartfelt looking into her eyes and squeezing her little pen, will frankly tell about her feelings. Hiding them for Taurus is harder than saying, so he will seek to tell her about his love as soon as possible.

Gemini would like to express their deep sympathy by inviting the beloved to some event that they like: be it a concert, or football, or simply kebabs in nature. The twins will not focus on their feelings, they will simply show with all their behavior how they like the beloved society. But if you need to say in words, they will do it, and they will do it easily and naturally. True, their feelings are often quite changeable, so if he said yesterday "I love you", it may not mean the same thing at all tomorrow.

Cancer is one of the most sensual signs of the zodiac. If he falls in love, he may suffer in silence, not say anything to the lady of the heart, so as not to laugh at his feelings. He will write poems dedicated to her (often – on the table), compose ballads. But if fate is favorable and Cancer will please the lady of the heart, he will become much more determined. Together with her she will go somewhere on nature and give the sky with stars, a meadow with flowers and her heart.

The lion is a medieval knight. He will not be silent, he will win. Moreover, it is desirable that the audience was more. When Leo is in love, he will make his beloved expensive gifts, shower him with compliments and seduce him in every possible way, showing that he is the best man on Earth. Waivers are not accepted.

Virgo is a down-to-earth sign of the zodiac, is unlikely to write poems or will fool itself with some romantic surprise. For her, things are more important than words. So Virgo, either as Capricorn, will make a gift to her lover (only more modest) and communicate her feelings between cases, or immediately offer to marry.

Scales, though amorous and romantic, but full of doubts. However, if they are confident in their feelings, they will fill the lady of the heart with flowers, sweets, write poems and sing serenades under the windows.

If Scorpio truly falls in love, he will use a whole arsenal of special tools from various areas to achieve the object of his passion. There may be poems, and gifts, and romantic surprises, coffee in bed and joint trips to distant countries: it depends on what the beloved victim most likely hooks. If his love is superficial, he may well confine himself to a simple verbal declaration of love, but because of the innate magnetism of this sign, he is likely to succeed even with a minimum of effort.

For Sagittarius, the declaration of love is easy, romantic and pleasant, if love is a non-binding joint adventure. If the lady of the heart will expect love from him to the grave and enslaving (from the point of view of the freedom-loving Sagittarius) marriage, then Sagittarius can quickly change his mind and take his words back. &# 128578;

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