Roll of clothes for packing

What do we offer

The main activity of Polybit Trading House LLC is the production and sale of polyethylene film wholesale and retail in Moscow and the Central region of the country. For more than 10 years of work in the market of covering materials, we have received many positive feedbacks on products from those who are used to the price-quality ratio.

Quality plastic film

Today, our plastic film is in demand both in construction and in agriculture. It has a number of positive properties, including:

  • – high tensile strength
  • – Paro – and water tightness,
  • – UV resistance,
  • – durability,
  • – elasticity, etc.

Production and production of polyethylene film PVD is carried out on modern equipment. In addition, we always use only high-quality raw materials – it has been tested for safety and compliance with SanPiN standards.

Types of film produced

In our arsenal not only reinforced polyethylene film LDPE, we also carry out the production and sale of other consumables and consumer goods. Among them: non-woven and under-roofing materials, bulk geogrids, masking tape, foil, adhesive tape, polyethylene foam, polypropylene nets, polyethylene foam, twine, etc.

Roll of clothes for packing

In addition, we are engaged in the manufacture of packaging material for trade and industry. These are bags for packaging and garbage, stretch films for manual and machine packaging, adhesive tapes for various purposes, etc.

How we are working

We have developed and successfully apply a flexible system of discounts, as well as special offers. Thanks to this approach, we were able to reach a wide range of clients. Many of them regularly contact us to buy plastic wrap at retail or wholesale at a price that suits them.

Product Catalog

A complete list of products can be found in the “Catalog” section. You can place an order for a tape or other material directly on the website or by calling our sales managers. Our staff will help make and deliver the order as soon as possible.

Roll of clothes for packing

It will be easier and more profitable to buy polyethylene film or any other material if you are a client of TD Polibit!

Our production

Packed polyethylene film

Packed plastic film (10×3 m, from 60 to 200 microns) is a special canvas for arranging greenhouses and greenhouses and creating an optimal microclimate for plant growth in any weather. Polyethylene film is stretched on a frame of metal or PVC and can significantly save on the creation of greenhouses.

  • passes a sufficient amount of sunlight, but delays harmful UV radiation;
  • protects seedlings from strong wind, hail, snow and pests;
  • creates an ideal temperature balance during the day and at night;
  • strong and durable.
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