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brother of the prophet Moses, the first biblical priest, high priest (mythical)

name of american actor eckhart

during the absence of Moses, it was he who, at the request of the people, made the golden calf

in the Bible – the first high priest of the Jewish people, the brother of the prophet and the legislator Moses

brother of the prophet Moses

brother and helper prophet moses

elder brother of Moses

1st Old Testament High Priest

first high priest brother moses

the first Old Testament high priest

spoke to people at the behest of god Yahweh

brother of Moses (bibl.)

high priest brother moses

Charles Greeley (1872–1973), American astronomer

owls librarian working in Ivano-Voznesensk province

in the Bible – the 11th Judge of Israel for 8 years, the son of Gilled the Pirafofyanin, who was famous for his numerous family

(Avson) in ancient Rome, the first king of Italy, was considered the son of Odysseus and the nymph Calypso (or Kirk) Telelegon’s brother

the first king of Italy

isp. 6.35mm automatic pistol

(Greek aulos) ancient greek musical instrument, 2-stem oboe type

ancient Greek musical instrument, double-bar flute

ancient brass musical instrument resembling a pipe with a split cane

reed flute from the Greeks (ethnographic)

the flute of the ancient Greeks

ancient greek brass musical instrument, pipe

Hellenic Oboe

ancient greek musical instrument

ancient greek analogue of oboe

ancient greek panpipe tool

ancient wind instrument

the flute of the ancient Hellenes

antique oboe ancestor

distant oboe predecessor

the flute of the ancient Greeks

dr.-greek pipe type tool

dr.-greek musical instrument

tool marcia from myths

in Greek mythology the son of Odyssey and Calypso

the saying “you will not anoint, you will not go” fully fits this oil

lubricant, oil for carburetor engines

oil for internal combustion engines

engine oil

lubricant for car engine

soviet motor oil

oil for carburetor engine

“Colleague” nigrol for Soviet cars

carburetor engine oil

obsolete motor oil

“Colleague” and “colleague” nigrol for cars

old motor oil name

crankcase oil

motor oil

engine oil for Soviet cars

oil is not for porridge

Soviet lube

grease for carburetor

engine lubricant

soviet lubricating oil

engine carburetor oil

“Colleague” nigrol for Soviet cars

engine lubricant

engine oil for Soviet cars

engine oil for owls. cars

lubricant engine oil

anagram to the word “dump”

“Colleague” nigrol for owls. cars

engine oil (outdated)

a jumble of letters of the word “blade”

oil for the carburetor. engine

change the letters in the word “blade”

Academician, most directly related to the “Count Sokolov”


composer in relation to his opera, operetta, song

the creator of a work, an invention

creator of a work of art, a project

the person who puts the hero in all danger, trial and hardship in order to eventually marry or kill

creator of art, scientific work

Who sells the rights to the work?

whose name is on the cover of the book?

if you know how in Latin “increasing”, then you will call the “literary” title, which was awarded to the Roman military leaders, who by their conquests increased the borders of the state

as it is known, God is also the Creator, he created everything that exists, and how would the Romans call such a God, the Creator?

creator who is entitled to a fee

creator of a literary work

he is entitled to a fee

Shakespeare for Hamlet

Pushkin for Onegin

Cuprin for “Olesya”

the one who came up

the creator but not the Almighty

person living on a fee

Pushkin in relation to Onegin

plagiarism maker

potential plagiarism victim

Dostoevsky in relation to the “Idiot”

unknown at anonymous

he gets a fee for his goods

living from fee to fee

one who sth created

living on a fee

master fees

plagiarized most

his name is on every book

what word can be obtained if you mix the letters in the word “decoction”?

a jumble of letters of the word “product”

a jumble of letters of the word “brand”

manufacturer own works

the creator who suffered from plagiarism

Dostoevsky in relation to “Idiot”

change the letters in the word “product”

anagram to the word “product”

in the Greek church tradition – designation of the most important face of holiness

Shmuel Yosef (1888–1970) isr. writer, novels “Issue Marriage”, “Recently”, the Nobel Prize 1966

Nobel Prize laureate Israeli writer (1966)

the mythical character turned into a plover

municipality in Spain

chumise (millet) type beer in Uganda, Burundi

on which river is the Belarusian city of Baran standing?

baryon, meson – common name

strong particle elementary particle

particle in collider

baryons and mesons (general)

collider particle

one of the elementary particles

anagram to the word “radon”

elementary particle class

a jumble of letters of the word “radon”

particle for a large collider

a jumble of letters of the word “people”

one-horse cart on the North Don

(Indian cumin) (ayovan) – family of umbrella herbaceous plant

umbrella family plant, indian cumin

(Ayovan, Coptic cumin, shabpiy, Indian cumin, zira, Roman cumin) is a rare spice. In India, added to vegetable dishes, in Africa – to meat

Ayovan plant

Ayovan grass

one of the rapids on the “way from the Varyags to the Greeks”

the traditional female headdress of the Udmurts is a high cone-shaped cap on a hard leather or birch bark base, decorated with coins and various pendants, a sort of kiki, magpie

English rock musician Billy.

type of golf club

the same as: Assyrian

smartphone developed by Apple

a young girl from the opera of Uzbek composer S. A. Yudakov “The Tricks of Maysary”

women’s headdress for Udmurts: high cap on solid leather or bark, sheathed with coins and other pendants. (ethnographic)

Ethnic, turned into a “swan-like bird”

type of bulletproof fabric, also used in astronautics

a city in Ohio (USA), on the Cuyahoga River, “The Rubber Capital of the World”

city ​​in northeastern United States, Ohio

city ​​in the northeastern United States

a city in ohio

arthropod lobe

nerve cell conductor

what does the synapse “get”

conductor in the nervous system

single electron tentacle

nerve cell process

this process plays the role of a conductor in the nervous system

the nerve cell has many dendritic processes, and this process is one

single tentacle of the neuron

what is neurite?

part of the nerve cell

“Branch” of the nerve cell

part of the nerve

neuritis, nerve cell process

neuritis, part of the nerve cell

paired with dendrites

John (1834–1902), English historian (BCA)

(Latin actor – performer, reciter) in Rome – actor, orator, beckoning

Elean, spouse Molioni, father of Aktorids (Evrita and Kteat)

spouse of Aegina, father of argonauta Menetius, grandfather of Patroclus

slave or freedman whom the slave owner trusted management of the economy

the son of Myrmidon and Paisidi, the father of Eution and Philomela, who cleared Peleus from the filth of murder

algorithmic programming language

one of the first computer programming languages

for astronomers, it is a Persian word meaning “devil”, the so-called one of the most famous variable stars

name of a number of programming languages

programming language of the last century

language, the ancestor of “Pascal”

outdated programming language

outdated programming language

language number 68

programming language last century

the name of a number of programming languages.

star in the constellation Ursa Major

Big Dipper Star

star of heaven “ladle”

hereditary land ownership of the Germanic tribes

freely alienable individual-family land ownership by Germanic tribes

freely alienable individual-family land ownership of Germanic tribes and early feudal states of Western Europe

land of the Germanic tribes

land lot in Germany

put land in feudal Europe

the main city and port of the Moluccas in Indonesia, on the island of Ambon, the administrative center of the Maluku province

main city of the Moluccas

city ​​in indonesia

solea protrusion in front of the middle part

in Orthodox churches – elevation in front of the altar, iconostasis for delivering sermons

in the Christian temple-elevation, on which part of the service is performed, and sermons are pronounced

exaltation for the preacher

elevation in front of the altar in the Orthodox Church

elevated platform in the church in front of the iconostasis, from which sermons are delivered

elevation in the temple before the royal gates

elevated platform in front of the iconostasis

say in Greek “elevation”

temple elevation

tribune for preaching

church elevation

elevation in front of the altar

the lecturer has a tribune, and what about the father?

exalted in the church

elevation at the altar

church “tribune” for sermons

in the tribune, and what’s in the church?

tribune for reading flock

pulpit in front of the altar

temple ground

elevation for reading scripture

scaffolding in church

“Tribune” for reading the Holy Scriptures

“Tribune” for read. Hallowed Scriptures

exalted for read. Hallowed Scriptures

(Egyptian. Hidden, Concealed) In Egyptian mythology, the same as Amon, the sun god and the supreme god

in the Bible – the 15th King of Judea, the son of Manasseh, the grandson of Hezekiah, who reigned for 2 years

The firstborn son of David from his wife Ahinoam, born. when David was in Hebron (c. 1056 BC.) and killed by his brother Absalom

in the Bible – Absalom’s half brother, who dishonored his younger sister Tamar

Unlike glaze, this is a coating of ceramics “mat”

type of ceramic coating

decorative coating in the form of a thin layer of white or colored clay, applied to the surface of a ceramic product prior to firing, in order to fill the irregularities and impart an appropriate appearance and color

White or colored clay coating applied to a ceramic product (before firing) to eliminate surface defects and impart any color to it

thin layer of clay

coating on ceramics

administrative unit in Nepal

European dart meter length.

Frankish spear V in., in appearance similar to the Roman pilum

municipality in Spain

Franks throwing weapon, a spear on a very heavy and long pole

franc throwing spear

dark meat jelly

pass through the Gissar Range in Tajikistan

negatively charged ion

synonym cation, ion

tends to the anode

“Going up” (Greek)

“Going up” among the ions

extremely negative ion

ion “disagreeing” with cation

the exact opposite of cation

moves from cathode to anode (particle)

ion with a minus sign

particle with the sign “-“

rushes to the anode

complete opposite cation

a jumble of letters of the word “John”

deny ion family type

anagram to the word “John”

change the letters in the word “John”

Russian film company engaged in the production of full-length, multi-part and documentary films, as well as music videos

“Again” in French

this word occurs twice in the title of the work of Peter Efimovich, and in the title of the work of Pavel Andreevich

the name of this command in French means “again”

if you are familiar with the works of artist Pavel Fedotov and director Peter Todorovsky, then you can easily tell how the word “again” sounds in French

the film of Peter Todorovsky. ” still . “

Fedotov’s picture. ” still . “

link text on the Internet

George (1697-1762) Eng. naval leader, admiral, baron

for the great services in the development of the English fleet of this naval figure of the XVIII century, admiral, first Lord of the Admiralty was unofficially called the “father of the fleet”

in which male name is the enemy hidden

a male name that gives reason to think that his bearer should always vote against

male name inherited from the Greeks

male name: (Greek) joining the battle or Russian form by Anthony

character A.N. Ostrovsky, “Profitable place”

that was the name of the composer Rubinstein and the writer Chekhov

the name of the Russian actor Shagin

name of white general denikin

the name of the robbed Shpak

the character of A.N. Ostrovsky’s play “Profitable Place”

singer name Zatsepin

name of teacher Makarenko

name of actor and singer of Makarska

name of the Russian composer Arensky

TV host Khrekova

son of Oleg Tabakov

the name of the composer Rubinstein

name of TV host Kamolov

figure skater Sikharulidze

singer and actor. Makarska

in childhood I didn’t want to dig potatoes

writer … Pavlovich Chekhov

“Timur and his team” (the name of the actor)

name of the writer Chekhov

Tobakov, Chekhov and Makarenko (first name)

“. Ivanovich is angry “(k / f)

Makarenko and Chekhov (name)

“War and Peace” – Lev, and who is “The Seagull”?

name of general denikin

name Shpak (cinema.)

good name for russian young man

in childhood his name was Antoshka

male name rhyming with a loaf

Russian male name

“. Ivanovich is angry “(film)

famous male name

a name suitable for a Russian guy

What word can be made from the word “ton” by rearranging the letters?

jumble of letters of the word “ton”

Anthony who emigrated to Russia

pure Russian Anthony

change the letters in the word “ton”

male name to rhyme with Plato

full version of the name Antoshka

at “them” – Anthony, and at us?

why not name for Russian?

the name of the Hungarian physicist Jedlick

unripe, immature from Greek

from which word did the word “cucumber” come from?

genus of beetles of the weevil family

temporary respiratory arrest

temporary stop of respiratory movements due to depletion of blood in carbon dioxide (following a series of intensified breaths)

pause in breathing

respiratory arrest

“Caught his breath” in a scientific way

film directed by D. Vorobyov (1961)

lack of breath for the Greeks

lack of breathing for a scientist

respiratory arrest in the mouth of a medic

calm in ancient greek manners

How can a doctor call respiratory arrest?

part of the female traditional Japanese costume, an apron that is worn during homework

zigzag trench for shooters

the space between letters and between words when typing (typographical)

space between letters or words in a typographical set (in printing)

moat on the battlefield

space between characters

space between letters, words in a typographic set

say in french “approach”

letter spacing

space between letters

typographic pass

Place (city) in the USA, Wyoming

in the myths of the Tajik ancestral spirit

Ar, chemical element, noble gas

gas that gives a bluish glow in electric lamps and lighting tubes

inert gas used in aluminum welding

What chemical element can be obtained by adding one letter to the name of an ancient Greek ship?

What gas closes the third period of the periodic table?

this inert gas does not enter into virtually any chemical reaction, for which he received its name

“Inactive” among the gases

chemical element, Ar

noble gas

Mendeleev appointed him the twentieth

after chlorine in the table

the forerunner of potassium in the table

after chlorine in the table

between chlorine and potassium in the table

twentieth graph of Mendeleev

Mendeleev defined him the twentieth

inert noble gas

Twentieth in the periodic table

“Ar” on the periodic table

№18 according to Mendeleev

one of the inert gases

follower of chlorine in the table

between chlorine and potassium

Mendeleev appointed him the twentieth in the table

before potassium in the table

gas in light blue lamps

in the table it is between chlorine and potassium

20th inert gas

his nobility gas

after chlorine in the table

in the table he is in front of potassium

neutral gas

gas for welding non-ferrous metals

chemical element with the call sign Ar

lamp fill gas

potassium precursor in the table

last chlorine in the table

following chlorine in the table

eighteenth in the table of chemical elements

18th in the chemical table

a hodgepodge of the word “onager”

18th graph of chemical table

18th in Mendeleev’s ranks

successor chlorine in the table

18th in the table is chemical. items

chemical item number 18

18th in the chemical system

chemical element by “last name” Ar

in Greek mythology, the son of Gaia, the many-eyed giant, who, by order of Zeus, put to sleep and killed Hermes

Ancient Greek city on the Peloponnese (Greece)

the capital and the ancient name of Argolis

the eyed shepherd Io

ancient greek town on the Peloponnese

many-eyed giant (myth.)

the creator of the ship Jason

mythical giant (gk.)

creator of the ship Jason

Russian Soviet writer

city ​​(since 1964) in Russia, North Ossetia, on the river Ardon

river in the North Caucasus, the left tributary of the Terek

tributary of the Terek

city ​​in North Ossetia

city ​​and river in North Ossetia

left tributary of the Terek

river in North Ossetia

a jumble of letters of the word “Hadron”

change the letters in the word “radon”

change the letters in the word “Hadron”

philosopher-Pythagorean, a contemporary of Plato

ancient Greek poet, whose name is connected with the legend of his miraculous rescue (a dolphin, enchanted with poems, carried him to the shore)

poet singer from Pushkin’s poem

river in france

A. Pushkin’s poem

in Greek mythology, a horse gifted with speech and a prophetic gift, sent by Neptune Adrastus

ancient Greek poet, musician, creator of the genre of poetry – dithyramb

ancient Greek poet, whose name is associated legend of the miraculous salvation of his dolphin

he was saved by a dolphin

dolphin rescued poet

Russian poetry magazine

ancient greek divine horse

ancient greek lyric poet

rescued by a dolphin at Pushkin

Pushkin sang him

introduced the poetry genre in poetry

Hellene, sung by Pushkin

the name that Pushkin sang

divine horse in ancient Greek mythology

ancient greek poet or verse of Pushkin

deities. horse in ancient Greek mythology

dr.-greek divine horse

dr.-greek poet or poem of Pushkin

author of the first dithyrambs

pink or red detritus

rock, sandstone consisting of feldspar, quartz and mica, connected by clay or siliceous cement

stock trading company established in London in 1920, according to the English laws of the Soviet cooperative delegation

Place (city) in Belgium, the administrative center of the province of Luxembourg

city ​​in belgium

northern kingdom in Middle-earth in the trilogy of John R. R. Tolkien “The Lord of the Rings”

American scientist, Nobel Prize winner in economics

(Greek arthos – bread) prosphora, leavened bread

leavened bread as opposed to Jewish unleavened bread; consecrated on Easter with a special prayer

leavened bread, blessed on Easter day

yeast bread

in ancient Greek mythology, the centaur bird-guessing

a city in Britain where the royal races take place

the city of Britain where the ladies show off their hats

Francis William (1877–1945) English physicist; created a mass spectrograph; Nobel Prize 1922

car brand english

English physicist who constructed the curve of the packing coefficients characterizing the binding energies of atomic nuclei

English physicist who discovered uranium-238

English physicist, proposed the gas diffusion method and the electromagnetic method for the separation of isotopes

English physicist who showed that most of the stable elements are a mixture of isotopes

English physicist who created a mass spectrograph, with which he proved the presence of isotopes in chlorine and mercury

English physicist, Nobel laureate (1922)

football club “. Villa”

Auto Bond. ” Martin”

“Chelsea”, “MJ”, “. Villa”

English sports car. ” Martin”

“. Martin “(English car)

English passenger car. ” Martin”

Rod scholar travel

“. Martin “made in England

native to an Englishman. ” Martin”

born in England. ” Martin”

grew up agro-industrial corporation

Russian agro-industrial corporation

“. Martin “(brand of English car)

English sports car. ” Martin”

According to Ostap Bender, English origin

“. Martin “(English cars.)

made in England cars. “. Martin”

born in England cars. ” Martin”

English sports car. ” Martin”

English a car “. Martin”

Viscountess, who became the first woman elected to the British Parliament

first american multimillionaire

Nancy (1879-1964), Viscountess first woman – Member of the English Parliament (BAA)

the character of the Golden Cockerel Opera

Pushkin’s character “The Tale of the Golden Cockerel”

character of N.Rimsky-Korsakov’s opera The Golden Cockerel

the leader of the Ammonites from the opera “Judith” by the Russian composer A.N. Serov

in the Bible – the commander of the Ammonites

20th century Jewish composer, graduate of the Petersburg Conservatory

city ​​in israel

an organism that can exist only with free molecular oxygen

microbe he needs oxygen

an organism that can exist only with free oxygen

lives by O2

microbe, oxygen lover

microbe, slave of oxygen

Remedy for air sickness (offered to passengers of aircraft)

light alloy of aluminum with copper and silicon, used in aircraft and other areas of technology

drug used as an antiemetic

aluminum alloy with copper, silicon

aluminum alloy with copper

son of Ares and Aopa (daughter of Kefei)

him arts satellite

German satellite

deity in egyptian mythology

Ocelot name Salvador Dali

Russian theater and film actor

What was the name of the eunuch who killed Artaxerxes III?

deep red with a purple tinge

pole with metal hook and spike

the main weapon of a fireman in the past

near shovel, bucket, sand

pole with metal hook and spike

“Monkey” on the plane

he is caught by logs

communication tool with logs on the river

they pick up logs in the water

sharp fire pole with hook

fire shield

fire pole with hook

tool with long handle, hook and spike at the end

long pole with hook

pole with metal. hook and point

pole with a hook at the end

fire pole with a tip

Pavel (1879–1950) Russian writer, collection “Malachite Box”

writer who praises the Ural gems

Ural master of tales

famous Russian writer

wrote “Malachite Box”

“Parent” of the Mistress of Copper Mountain

author of “The Mistress of Copper Mountain”

“Stone flower” (writer)

Ural author of stories

“Malachite box” (writer)

sang Ural gems

Russian author of stories

who invented Danilo — the masters?

Alexey (1871–1935) Russian military historian

(short for minerals baddeleyite and corundum) refractory material with a high content of zirconium dioxide (33–45%) and alumina (50%), used for laying glass-melting furnaces

refractory material with a high content of zirconium dioxide (33-45%) and alumina (50%). Used for masonry glass furnaces

young hutsul from the operetta of Yu. S. Milyutin “Trembita”

temporary shelter in the North – a house on a sleigh

in the north: temporary shelter house installed on runners

Narty chum, sledges with covered wagons, dwelling of the peoples of the lower Yenisei. (ethnographic)

mobile house on runners for temporary accommodation of people (in Siberia, in the Far East, in the Arctic)

skid house

temporary shelter on the runners in the North

temporary shelter on runners

house on the construction site

runners house

hybrid house with a sleigh in the North

temporary house in the North

skid shelter

in the North: a house on the runners

northern sleigh house

mobile housing workers in the North

in Irish mythology the ruler of the Fomorians

in Celtic mythology, one of the leaders of formors, who could strike a whole army with the deadly gaze of his one eye

french goat cheese

(usually baroque) arts. the style of the end of the Renaissance, distinguished by an abundance of decorative details

roll block

. – Goal – a river in Siberia, flows into the Arhat

in Russia before 1917 – a noble title below the count, the person who had this title

in Russia the title of the highest nobility of German origin

noble title of Pierre de Coubertin, who became the ancestor of the modern Olympic Games

noble title, in the Middle Ages – vassal of the king

title of title

what title was worn in real life the prototype of the fabulous duke Bluebeard

lowest noble title in Russia

Gorky’s character, “At the bottom”

Pushkin’s character “The Miserly Knight”

title of the hero of the novel “Snowman” Frenchwoman George Sand

Gypsy title “tillage”

noble title of porthos

Leonid Utesov’s song. ” von der Pschik “

the hero of Leonid Filatov in the movie “The Chosen”

noble title of Pierre Coubertin

Austrian composer Johann Strauss operetta “Gypsy. “

the title of Orange from the tale of Cipollino

Pierre de Coubertin title

character in Pushkin’s novel The Miserly Knight

title of the most famous liar

godfather of the gypsy

Pierre Coubertin title

title of the famous liar

title of J. Dantes

main gypsy title

Wrangel and Munchhausen title

the most important among the gypsies

anagram to the word “set”

gypsy supreme title

“Nobleman” from the camp

Vasily (1812–79), a Russian surgeon, first applied a fistula to a dog’s stomach.

Vladimir (1923–87) Russian film director and actor, director of the films “First Joys”, “Battle on the Way”, “Silence”, “Shield and Sword”

NG (born in 1922) Soviet physicist, one of the founders. quantum electronics maker maser, Nobel Prize 1964, together with Prokhorov and Charles Townes

Nikolai (born in 1922) Russian physicist, one of the founders of quantum electronics, academician

performer of the role of Duremar in the movie “The Adventures of Buratino”

character of Gorky, “Summer Residents”

Duremar Soviet Cinema

Russian actor who played the role of Duremar

Russian actor, director, director of the films “School of Courage”, “Battle on the Way”, “Silence”

Russian actor, director, director of the films “Shield and Sword”, “Days of the Turbins”, “Dangerous Turn”

Russian actor who performed the role of the owner of “The Cockroach Runs” in the film “Running”

Russian actor who performed the role of Myshlayevsky in the film “Days of the Turbins”

Russian actor who performed the role of Luzhin in the film “Crime and Punishment”

Russian actor who performed the role of crawler in the film “I walk across Moscow”

Russian actor who played the role of a broker in the film “For family reasons”

Russian physicist who discovered the principle of generation and amplification of radiation by quantum systems

Russian physicist who developed the physical foundations of frequency standards

Who invented the laser method of plasma heating for thermonuclear fusion?

Russian physicist who created the first quantum generator on a beam of ammonia molecules – a maser

Russian physicist, Nobel Prize winner (1964), founder of quantum electronics, who created the first quantum generator-maser (together with A. M. Prokhorov)

Natalia Fateeva’s husband

Who played Duremar in the movie?

policeman in the movie “Operation Y” (actor)

policeman in “Operation Y” (actor)

film partner Vladimir Etush catching Pinocchio

played a wolf in a movie fairy tale

actor and director

fabulous leech catcher (actor)

“Turbins Days” (actor and director)

actor who played Duremar

put the film “Silence”

one of the creators of maser

put the film “Shield and Sword”

actor in the role of Duremar

cinema chef Uri (actor)

Who played Duremar?

to / partner V.Etusha catching Pinocchio

string on plucked musical instruments, giving the lowest tones

low string

low voice of a youngster

cords, braid, fringe, brushes and other products used to decorate clothes woven on special machines

woven on special machines of yarn of any kind of clothing decoration items

wickerwork (cord, braid, fringe, braid), serving as decoration of clothes, furniture

textiles made from yarn of all types of fibers for decoration: tassels, braid, fringe

narrow woven cotton or wool strip for decorating clothes

in the Russian army, the sign of the differences of the lower ranks in seniority and rank

cord for decoration

tassels, braid, fringe, laces for decoration

military leader, army general (1955), twice Hero of the Soviet Union (1943, 1945)

hero of the Second World War, commander

commander, hero of the Soviet Union, participant in the Battle of Stalingrad

Russian master of musical instruments of the late XVIII – early XIX centuries.

participated in the First World and Civil War in Russia, the Spanish Civil War (1936-39), corps commander, assistant commander of the Bryansk Front

bathozok, podshok – a long stick, which instead of a cane propped up when walking older people

in Russia until 1917 – a stick or thick rod with cut ends, used as an instrument of corporal punishment

the place where the battle took place in 1652, Ukrainians-Poles

gun, rod, subject to corporal punishment in the old days

a stick used for corporal punishment in Russia until the 18th century.

stick on the short position

this stick was used for corporal punishment in Russia until the 18th

stick in the hands of a punisher

stick to beat on the heels

whipping stick

stick on the heels

Rod scholar travel

stick for corporal punishment in Russia

stick, thick rod for punishment

stick for punishment in Russia

thick rod for punishment

stick for punishment

walking stick

baton for beating

thick rod for punishment

oblong white bread

tasty, soft and white, all people are cute

long oblong white bread

“Prozhorov Sazon sparrows fed. Threw them. – ten pieces killed “

rod sticks for makeup

sliced ​​white bread

long white bread

oblong white bread

piece of bread on the counter

thick sausage count

the role of V. Gaft in the movie “Vertical Racing”

bread and sausage counting unit

stick of thick sausage

unexpected stylistic transition from sublime to vulgar style

18th century Russian explorer who descended down the Lena River and the sea (with winter quarters), reaching the Chaun Bay (1760-62, together with N. Shalaurov)

folk dance ensemble Uzb.

Folk Dance Ensemble them. M. Turgunbaeva (Uzbekistan)

folk group dance (uz.)

large vessel for liquids

on the ship a copper tinned vessel for food, as well as an artel of sailors for not more than 10 people, feeding on it

device for the development of film

toilet bowl drain

toilet flush

box under the water in the toilet

another name is mini-sideburns

film developing container

overflow tank

“Accumulator” of water in the toilet

vessel in a photo lab

container above the toilet

Rod scholar travel

jumble of the word “barrel”

toilet drain

drinking capacity in pioneer. camp

anagram to the word “barrel”

What can flow over the toilet?

toilet reservoir

view of the Malay merchant ship

special smoked pork

salted or smoked pork special preparation

meat product from half-dried pork special fattening

Half-carcasses of salted pork and products from it – boiled and smoked loin, bacon, ham, ham

pork product

dog treats from the comedy film “It Can’t Be Better”, starring Jack Nicholson

pork cooked in a special way

salted or smoked pork

meat product from the lower half of the abdominal part with the skin, boneless

English addition to fried eggs

English “smoked pork”

ham to fried eggs

smoked meat for scrambled eggs

for breakfast with an Englishman

addition to scrambled eggs sir

pork to fried eggs

salted smoked pork

minced pork meat product

smoked meat product

pork dish

pork product

pig carcass product

pork meat product

minced pork meat dish

smoked pork special cook

dragon rhyme ham

half-meat meat dish. pork

served with scrambled eggs for sir

Alexander (1906–91) Russian metallurgist, academician

Alexander (1954-1978) Russian athlete (basketball), champion of the Olympic Games

Vasily (born 1932) is a Russian writer, the novels “Eve”, “The Year of the Great Breakthrough”, the story “A Habitual Affair”

Georg von (1858–1927) German historian

Grigory (1895–1965) Russian actor, films: “Michurin” and “Rimsky-Korsakov”

Eugene (1825–95) Russian historian

Ivan (1893–1938) commander of the 1st rank, in 1919 commander-in-chief of the troops of the Turkestan Republic

Nikolay (1891–1982) Russian crystallographer and geochemist, academician

Sergey (born in 1936) Russian literary critic

Sergey (born 1944) is a Russian athlete (basketball), champion of the Olympic Games, since 1993 he has been the head coach of the Russian men’s team

Russian writer, author of the novels “Eve”, “Year of the Great Breakthrough”

Russian actor who played the role of Grisha Koltsov in the film “Carnival Night”

the hero of Sergei Bezruky in the series “Brigade”

International Basketball Federation – FIBA ​​named this Russian the best basketball player of all time in Europe

Russian basketball player, President of the Russian Basketball Federation

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