Road trousers for men

A lot of practical advice and detailed instructions for the most comfortable journey.

What to consider when packing a suitcase

  1. To forget nothing, make a list of necessary things. Then reread it and think about which items can be replaced with more compact ones, and which ones can not be taken with you at all. For convenience, use the ready Lifehacker lists for different trips.
  2. Make sets of clothes for each day of travel. Try to combine things so that you don’t have to take too much.
  3. When choosing clothes, shoes and accessories, consider the weather conditions and how you will spend your time. Do not take things in reserve, otherwise they may fall in a suitcase the whole trip.
  4. Do not take with you what can be cheaply bought at your destination. This, for example, toothpaste, soap or beach hat.
  5. At the bottom of the suitcase is better to put heavy bulk things and what will be needed soon. Accordingly, at the very top put something that can immediately come in handy. For example, sleepwear or toiletries.

Here are some more helpful tips:

How to compactly fold shoes and socks

Folding shoes just like that without putting anything inside is not the most sensible idea. Indeed, in one pair of closed shoes fit about 6-8 pairs of socks.

How to fold socks most compactly, we described in detail here:

The shoes themselves can be placed in ordinary plastic bags and spread out at the edges of the suitcase. There it will take less space than at the bottom.

If you want it to look more neat, use special shoe covers. Free space in them can be filled with any trifles. For example, the same socks.

Here are a few convenient and beautiful covers:

Volumetric covers with large shoes better to lay tightly on the bottom of the suitcase. Small covers with flat shoes will not take up much space. So they can be put on the folded things at the very end.

How to fold clothes compactly

In order for clothes not to wrinkle, it is best to roll them in rolls or fold them in a special way. About him Layfhaker already told. And even took a video instruction:

So we will not dwell on this method. But how to roll things in rolls, it is worth to tell more.

How to roll pants

Suit pants need to be folded across in half and, starting from the fold, twist the usual roll.

Jeans better to fold a little differently. Turn the top out and put one leg over the other. Starting at the bottom, roll the jeans in a roll. Then wrap the bent portion around it.

How to roll up sweaters, shirts and other things with long sleeves

Put the sleeves at an angle on the front of the jacket and fold them in the middle. Turn the bottom of the jacket out a few centimeters. Turn the right side of the jacket to the middle and cover it with the left side. Starting from the neckline, roll the thing in a roll and wrap it in a curved part.

Road trousers for men

Shirts fold in the same way:

You can use a simpler way: fold the shirt in half, put the sleeves along and roll.

How to roll T-shirts

T-shirts are almost the same as sweaters:

And to save time, you can roll them together:

How to roll dresses and skirts

It is enough to fold the skirt along in half and twist the roll. In the same way you can do with dresses with short sleeves. If they are long, fold the dress similar to sweaters.

How to fold warm clothes

If you need to bring only a couple of sweaters, sweatshirts or other voluminous things with you, you can simply fold them in such a way:

And to save space, it is better to stack them in a suitcase not at each other, but vertically.

A warm jacket can be rolled up in a tight roll and, for reliability, be tied with rubber bands as shown in this video:

Or folded in a bag or bag:

But if there is no shortage of space in the suitcase, vacuum bags will come to the rescue. It is better to choose packages without a valve – they are also called compression.

Put things in there, fasten the bag and twist it tightly into a roll. So there will be excess air.

How to pack a suitcase

Rolled clothes can be simply put on each other or lay out on organizers. This will create order in the suitcase. And if you distribute the clothes in them by type (in one organizer – jeans, in the other – T-shirts, and so on), then it will also greatly facilitate the search for the right things.

Here are some good organizers:

Rolled up and folded organizers things take up very little space. Thus, you can fit almost a whole wardrobe not only in a suitcase, but even in hand luggage!

Well, if you still want to put things in the old fashioned way, in a pile, use tissue paper and tape. So the clothes just do not remember.

How to fold underwear compactly

You can not just crumple clothes: it can be deformed and take a lot of space. Packaging also needs to be handled wisely.

Both women’s and men’s underpants can simply be folded neatly. And you can twist rolls in this way:

Bras can be put on each other, and put the panties in the cups of the latter.

There is a more compact way: fold each bra in half, putting one cup into the other, and put the laundry on each other.

Spread the folded clothes in the usual packages or special organizers. You can choose a concise organizer box or an unusual organizer in the form of a bra.

How to fold cosmetics and toiletries

It is better not to take full-size versions of care products with you. They will take a lot of space and make the suitcase heavier. Shampoos, gels, balsams, tonics and other liquid cosmetics can be poured into small bottles. And creams, lotions or masks are better to shift in small jars.

You can purchase travel kits that have everything you need, and even more:

And so that nothing spills and does not stain things, use food wrap. Unscrew the nozzle of the bottle, wrap the neck wrap film and twist.

As for decorative cosmetics, it is important not to break anything when transporting it. For protection, put cotton pads in blush, powder and shade.

If possible, purchase mini versions of some products. For example, samplers of cream, mascara or perfume. During the journey, they will surely end, and they will not have to be taken back.

Road trousers for men

Cosmetics and toiletries are best folded in a cosmetic bag or special organizers.

Here are some very convenient options:

How to fold different things

Wires, cables, chargers and headphones can get lost among other things, and in the usual package – confused. Therefore, it is better to resort to using special storage devices:

If you wish, you can make a simple organizer with your own hands:

A hair curler or other devices can be put in a towel and rolled up in a roll.

Small belts can be put in shoes, and big belts can be wrapped around rolled-up jeans.

Ornaments can be folded into small boxes, cases from under glasses or even into an unnecessary soap box.

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