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March 16, 2019

For the Crimean compensation, or Why I agree with Volodin

Recalling the recent past. We have not forgotten the Duma prankster, who declared that “Parliament is not a place for discussion.” Many continued this thought – and our hospital is not a place for treatment, “elections” are not elections at all, Kaluga highway does not lead to Kaluga and

The country laughed amicably, many mistakenly decided that this will never happen again. And, here, again … a masterpiece?

From the news feed. Chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Vyacheslav Volodin said that the Ukrainian authorities should compensate the Crimea for losses that the Peninsula suffered from “destructive policy” for 25 years.

The Crimean parliament estimated the economic losses from being part of Ukraine at least hundreds of billions of rubles.

If appeal to logic, so far, is not considered extremism … 25 years Crimea, indeed, de jure and de facto, was part of an independent Ukraine. Neighbors did things differently – something better, something worse. But the policy of President V. Yanukovych was not at all “in mogot”, completely “destructive”. The time has come for hopeless corruption, lawlessness, economic degradation … The Revolution of Dignity was the answer to the challenge of a demoralized politician. Hundreds of thousands of voices on Euromaidan sang, repeating the favorite melody of the Italian partisans, – “Vitya, chao, Vitya, chao, Vitya, chao, chao, chao …”. Yanukovych miraculously escaped, fleeing the country. The revolution won, began difficult, sometimes delayed reforms. A court in Kiev sentenced the fugitive politician to a long prison term (in absentia).

And Ukraine, which rejected the former president, unexpectedly received the support of an influential like-minded person in Moscow. The State Duma declared the absolute inefficiency of the pre-revolutionary system of government in the Crimea! …

Perhaps, Volodin’s dacha is adjacent to Yanukovych’s dacha on the Moscow Region Rublevka. Apparently, there they will negotiate – who, to whom and how much should …

“Golden Key” Volodin. Meanwhile, with the proposal of the head of the Duma – to demand compensation for the ineffective management of the state – I fully agree. Such a requirement may be key in the upcoming trial of the USSR. How the successes of Finland, which rejected Bolshevism, correlate with the “achievements” of the Soviet Union, how many times and why the standard of living in the Russian Federation lags behind the standard of living of the Baltic republics – these questions we must ask the authorities until we get clear answers.

From the words of the current successor of the former noble Duma member it follows that the Russians are obliged to submit a bill to the Soviet-Post-Soviet system for defeat in the PRC (“defeat Russia in the First World War is an act of national treason” V. Putin), for the civil war unleashed by the Bolsheviks, for the deportation 6 million people, for three artificial, organized by the Soviet state of the famine, the third “victorious” – in 1946 – 47 years (a total death from starvation of 14, 5 million people), for unavailability and monstrous losses in the Great Patriotic War, for “Red” and Bol What are the terrors and gulags (the total number of victims is not called to this day)? …

Regardless of the opinion of Volodin himself, the answers to the questions raised can only be affirmative. In the twentieth century, Russia entered with a claim to world leadership. And she ended the century with the collapse of the USSR (instead of the promised withering away). Without a historical and legal assessment of the Russian Holocaust, we cannot save ourselves as a people and as a state.

Russia as a vertical plus corruption throughout the country: is there a way out?

Introducing the topic. Reading scholarly books, and not even from their field of study, is not everyone’s favorite activity. But sometimes the reading of economic works turns out to be really useful and not to economists. In addition, in this case, one of the authors of the new, collective work “The Russian economy: what is happening and what to do” – strongly recommended my research to me … And I know this author as the best specialist in the tax system and its reform. I’ll clarify right away that the book is not so much about taxes, but about the economic policy and the economic situation in our country as a whole.

And one more preliminary reasoning. Can pure scientific research be turned into an exciting journalistic investigation? If we are talking about the structure of elementary particles or, say, about the theory of relativity, this will be very difficult to do. But if independent humanities researchers got important and unexpected results about processes that take place not in the micro- or mega-world, but in our own country – here and now? If their work involves really sharp socio-political issues? Such a text itself asks to be translated and supplemented from a purely scientific to the genre of journalism. And if you choose the most critical points of the “Russian Economy …” and move away from the “impartial objectivity” adopted in science, if you go to the visible, really tangible each person’s consequences of “strict, accurate calculations and indicators”? Let’s try to “launch the process”, which can lead to a broad discussion of the problem not only among scientists, but also to participate in the discussion of all whose interests the problem really affects.

In our country, “social sensitivity” has been purposefully reduced and distorted for a hundred years. But, after all, many never learned to call black black, and white white!

Stunning quotes. Turning “closer to business”, I will begin with quoting and retelling several judgments from “Economy of Russia …”, which set up and bring to the corresponding conclusions.

“… illegal exports are undermining the budget. … the discrepancy between the data of the Federal Customs Service on import and export and the data of the border states, the WTO and the UN reaches 30 – 70%. The customs losses of the Russian budget from “gray” import and export in 2013 amounted to at least 2.5 trillion rubles. ”

Let me remind you that the entire revenue part of the country’s budget last year amounted to about 19 trillion rubles.

Yes, yes, you correctly understood (or have not yet understood) – the authors of the book prove that a huge proportion, about half of everything sold by our state abroad, disappears without a trace, is not officially fixed and not taken into account and, of course, is not subject to any customs duties. !

And if you go from a share and interest to absolute numbers? In the book we find:

“According to the Federal Customs Service, in 2011 Russia’s total exports amounted to 516 billion dollars. According to partner countries, their imports from Russia over the same period amounted to $ 1.034 trillion,

Listen, we have planted for likes, they are afraid that they will collapse the regime. Recently I talked to a guy who actually served as a husky for 2 years. And then half a trillion “greens” disappear annually at the state customs – and nothing !? You know how much – this is a loss of 20 thousand rubles a month by every Russian — from a newborn to the oldest retiree! That is, each of us gets 240,000 rubles a year, and an average family has almost a million! Perhaps, such a system can really collapse and even a husky should be wary!

I will continue to quote. If from export-import at all, go to the data on the export of oil and gas …

According to the UN, presented by the FCS, in 2015, Russia supplied petroleum products to the United States for $ 3.1 billion, while, according to data provided by the United States, deliveries totaled $ 9 billion over the same period. The ratio of data on petroleum products to Germany is 10, 9 billion and 27.1 billion dollars. That is, these two countries actually received 2.6 times or by 22.2 billion dollars (1.36 trillion rubles at the average annual exchange rate of the Central Bank in 2015), more what we put them on the documents.

Let’s take a breath, stop … a specific question – who exactly “put it in my pocket” 1.36 trillion rubles? Where is the money now? Or this “unaccounted for” is used for another purpose – to put Ukraine “up to Europe” with Europe and the whole of America! How to return money to the budget? By the way, are the Americans and Germans in the know or is it not interesting to them? Who are their partners – personally, with whom exactly they trade? Maybe start the search immediately from two sides?

… The budget in 2013 lost 2.5 trillion. rubles in the form of due (but not received) customs duties and VAT. … This money would be enough to double the cost of education, science, culture, cinematography and health care, for which, in 2015, a total of 1.22 trillion was spent. rub.

About pensions in the book is not written and not recounted. Apparently, when they wrote it, about the abolition or, officially – about the “increase in the retirement age” – not yet reported. However, now counting “what’s what” is not difficult, if there were no criminal exports, the pension could not be canceled, but increased by many times to all veterans …

And very briefly – about the “efficiency” of our oil and gas companies.

Rosneft in 2016 showed revenues of $ 74.4 billion (5 trillion rubles), against $ 226.1 billion from ExxonMobil. However, Rosneft employs 295.8 thousand people, while ExxonMobil employs 71.1 thousand employees, the revenue gap per employee is 12.6 times. Oil production in tons per employee of Rosneft in 2015 is 3 times less than in 2005.

Gazprom is even less efficient, with revenue per employee more than 25 times lower than ExxonMobil’s.

We add that “past the box office” according to the auditors of the Accounts Chamber, almost half of the fish exports of our Far East go.

Continue or enough? Good, I will continue. This week, the head of the Federal Antimonopoly Service, I. Artemyev, reporting on the department’s achievements “with a deep sense of satisfaction”, said: consumers of housing and communal services in Russia (and this, not counting the homeless, the entire population of our country) double the price in most positions. Such an open, monstrous robbery “didn’t surprise at all” the member of the SovFeda A. Pushkov, which he stated publicly. But the Prosecutor’s Office and the Investigation Committee, as usual, did not pay any attention to what was happening …

Draw conclusions and not (or) lose the country. In conclusion – a few more conclusions and comments. Any normal person understands his budget, the budget of his family. But when it comes to revenues and expenditures of a huge state, it is difficult to discern not that pennies, it is impossible to understand, without additional, special, professional studies where hundreds of billions and even trillions go. Therefore, we absolutely need scientists – civil society activists who can and are ready to clearly explain to society and to each specific citizen – how is the state budget spent, how do millions or billions come or not? Professional civilian control is urgently needed in this area!

The situation revealed and revealed in the “Economy of Russia …” we are considering is completely abnormal, abnormal and requiring emergency measures. For financial losses in the identified astronomical proportions, not only the heads of the largest companies, but also the government of the country and its president are personally responsible.

The work of the group A. Navalny to identify individual high-ranking officials involved in corruption must be supplemented with the work of independent scientists who will prepare a “road map” of replacing the country’s unified, ruinous, criminal-corruption system with an effective economic mechanism!

Instead of a unidirectional vertical of power, instead of a state with reduced social responsibility, we need a state administration with broad and non-switchable feedback. We need a free, civil discussion about the future of the country, we need a discussion and choice of an effective political and economic project for Russia.

… Maybe in the only completely honest book about the Great Patriotic War – “Memories of a War” – its author, a war veteran Nikolai Nikulin, would write with bitterness if all the commanders of armies, fronts, divisions were Wehrmacht agents, and they wouldn’t cause us the kind of harm that the red commanders did. Had Nikulin been alive today, he would have probably written – if all the bigwigs of big business, customs, ministers and governors, were agents of the enemy intelligence services, and they would not have caused the country such damage as the current bureaucracy causes …

About the Message, in short

I already thought that the president would not come, but somewhere 5–6 minutes late, Putin approached the podium …

What surprised. Most of the time and attention was paid not to security officials and not to new missiles, but to our real, most important and acute problems – saving the people, supermortality, mass poverty, destroyed ecology, lack of basic health care … In fact, the message directly recognizes the fact that the country is in state of the deepest crisis.

The president proposed very specific, “first-priority”, I would say emergency measures aimed at stopping the slide into the abyss. (Surkov’s mythology that “in 100 years we will feel” was gently rejected … Urgent measures are proposed for implementation in the next year or two).

What is characteristic. The president addressed the huge “Putin’s state machine”, which showed its inconsistency in full screen. The hall was full, but Putin never once said something like, “here, SpirvlivoRosy or EdRosy … further down the list – they made a proposal.” It was absolutely clear that all this quasi-democratic, costly, “multi-party system” under the conditions of the “vertical of power” is an absolute imitation-stillborn props. It could not really work and was not created for that. Hundreds of millions are wasted! We live in a huge and very complex state where there is no feedback. Likewise, “public zombie TV” works to constantly distort the real opinions of citizens, to avoid our real problems …

The expression of those sitting in the hall is characteristic – there were no yawns and sleeping, apparently, participants were clearly and clearly explained how to behave. But the instructors went a little too far – the audience sat with a clever look, but no one wrote anything down (sitting in front of the TV screen I sketched several pages with notes …) The faces were tense, sometimes some participants had an artificial, obsequious smile for a while. Key ministers unwittingly demonstrated that they themselves do not know what it will be about and how they will be assessed. The question arose – who makes the decisions, where is the real power? I remember the crooked and nervous, full-screen, grin of Minister Vasilyeva (she could not restrain herself), when one phrase said about success in education …

I must say that the president also looked quite tense. At some point, he directly used the word “fear!”.

How did the message end. At the end of his address, Putin recalled the defense, about the INF Treaty, but the tone was not the same as before. About “we are in paradise” or about “why do we need such a world where there is no Russia?” It wasn’t, but the West didn’t do without claims and threats …

The meeting completed the execution of the melody of the Soviet Anthem, which, like in the years of Brezhnev (then the text with Stalin was removed, and the new one was not decided to write) was performed without words.

And if with words or how to sum up? The catastrophic state of the country is, in fact, recognized, but no systemic changes have been proposed, which means that the crisis will deepen. In such a management machine, promises and calls are constantly heard, but they are never fulfilled. Actually, the president acknowledged this, recalling that he had to personally resolve the issue of landfills, but the problem was and still is.

Russia’s problems cannot be solved in the context of continuing the policy leading to the expansion and deepening of anti-Kremlin sanctions,

We need a system transformation!

Road trips of scientists

Once again about the “Long State of Putin”, or Waiting for February 20

Pro genre and character text Surkov. It is impossible to retell the article or to state it point by point; it looks like a wet soap slipping out of her hands. The text is full of contradictions, its very specific “genre” is a quasi-scientific mysticism. However, mysticism is not devoid of a certain meaning, which, in general, is quite banal.

“After many decades, society will realize and feel the charm and advantages of the state of“ Putinism. ” But in the next hundred years nobody will know about this, including Putin himself and excluding Surkov (hence, not the first, but the second controls Russia?) Will not be guessed. Hence the task of the people – to believe the author and be patient …

Such a dream message, absolutely incompatible with the current tragic extinction of Russia, leads far away from reality. The author cannot be brought to him by any valid factology. Therefore, the facts in the text replaces the “controlled chaos and emptiness”,

Why did Surkov write his nettle or How did the USSR die and who needs state ideology. During the democratic revolution of the Perestroika period, thanks to the enormous activity of society and informal associations, free discussion arose in the country and even in the ruling party. The nomenclature could not evade the questions raised by the civil movement. … I remember one of these polemical meetings. The newcomer, a district committee member, cornered, openly, publicly, and unexpectedly declared – yes, we did not build communism, yes, we have a shortage of products and a queue, yes, we had GULAG and repressions … So what, we, still the owners of the country and you can’t do anything about it !!

The very next day it became clear that the apparatchik was fired, but only after years of Russian studies, I understood why the dismissal was inevitable.

… Any power wants to be legal, not gangster. Legitimacy is achieved in two main ways. Either “descent from God” – through God’s anointedness, such was the power of the hereditary Russian emperors and most other European state leaders until the beginning of the twentieth century. Either through popular choice – we usually call it democracy –

In the totalitarian USSR, there was neither God nor democracy; the ersatz-legitimizer of the regime was state ideology. Since, as the party assured, we built “the most advanced society in history,” criticism of the system and its leaders automatically turned into a grave crime. Only “enemies of the people” could doubt the legality of the Soviet state.

Another conclusion follows from what has been said – the recognition by the nomenclature by the mythologically deceptive nature of comideology was deadly for her, for it meant that

… However, with the failure of the Emergency Committee, comideology has finally died. Its collapse was the most important result of the continuous popular resistance of red tyranny. After 1991, power could be formed only through democratic elections, to which Russia gradually passed. But, having cleared of red mythology, the people did not manage to take a second, most important step – to free themselves from those whom the ideology legitimized. Lustration in Russia did not take place and the old, self-reproducing class of the nomenclature remained a manager with new slogans. After almost 30 years of political trampling on the spot and “standing in the middle of a raskoryak”, it became obvious – in Russia there are neither free elections nor state ideology. The crisis of the legitimacy of the regime can not be hidden.

And Surkov had to perform “part-commissioning” – to present the contours of a new ideology, a new tale about a bright future …, no, not communism, but “long gosputinizma.”

And about the design features of Surkov. Along with the already marked mystification of the language, along with a departure from reality, the author uses another method of justifying what has been done and not done by the authorities. This method can be called “surrender.” As it is known, the criminal who admitted his guilt is supposed to be leniency.

Let’s return to the article. The author, in unison with the opposition, declares that we have no democracy and free elections, but, the soloist is the presidential adviser, we don’t need them at all. What the Kremlin is accusing America and Europe of, and that the government officially and rigidly denies – interference in someone else’s electoral process is really happening. We do not just get into elections and referendums, we get into the brain itself, the author writes! It seems that in the continuation of the article, Surkov admits that we shot down the plane, we are at war with Ukraine, we poisoned Salisbury, our power is corrupt from the very bottom to the very top … The author admits that the main function of the state is military police. (Surkov does not see all the monstrous anti-Russianness of such a statement; in our country there is no family not affected by the Leninist-Stalinist KGB policing and there is no family not affected during the Patriotic War!) Surkov continues, there is no such thing and cannot be. In other words, the author openly restores state ideology,

But the most important thing is the result of such a “surrender”. Contrary to the expectations of the author and contrary to tradition, the unexpected happened. No ghosts! Practically, all commentators began to criticize and ridicule the “long state”. Contrary to the formula of Jerzy Lets – dropping to the bottom, I heard a knock from below – the article of the adviser lowered us to the very bottom, below – nowhere. The crisis of the system is at its apogee.

What’s next? It is important, what comment written we will hear on February 20. If the article is deemed extremist and unconstitutional, the decline of our statehood will stop. If “gosputinism” is supported, then Russia turns into an “organized criminal group of the Russian Federation” …

Under the conditions of the Crisis, it is absurd and insulting for Russia to listen to the next official bureaucratic shamanism. We need serious scientific programs, I repeat, scientifically based projects for overcoming the Russian Holocaust, we need a free civil discussion. The Russia Discussion Club has been presenting and developing its proposals in this area for many years. In the most concise form, the exit program boils down to several theses.

A. Russia overturned the Bolshevik coup in October 1917 during the crisis. The USSR is not Russia.

B. We need a trial of the USSR

B. The way out of the crisis is in Succession with historical Russia, in reforming and updating the Russian system of values, in restoring Russian identity.

D. A way out of the crisis is impossible without taking into account the experience of Western democracies.

A few words about Karlovy Vary (travel notes) …

Everyone heard – “relax on the waters.” The first time I tried on myself. I was quite pleased, you drink water from the sources – they are all in the center of the city – and you gain strength and energy …

The central part of Karlovy Vary (because of the abundance of holidaymakers from Russia it is jokingly called “Ivanov Vary”) is dozens and hundreds of beautiful buildings (no two are alike), wonderful architecture of the XVIII – XIX centuries … Everything is in excellent condition. On each house you can hang a plaque with the inscription, which, in fact, I saw on the wall of the University in Bayreuth (in Germany) – “Renovating and restoring the old building is much more pleasant than demolishing it and building a new one.” (The history and architecture of Moscow is almost completely destroyed. The scoop is incompatible neither with Europe, nor with the past, nor with the future, nor with itself; I will not talk about “renovation” …)

The list of celebrities who rested in K.V. is huge – our Peter the Great, Goethe, Freud, Marx and

The cost of the trip can be substantially reduced if you relax in the “lower season” – in January – February. And if you buy a ticket “for the action” – you will save another third … But it does not do without “surprises” – the airline “Victory”, when flying home, unexpectedly demanded 50 euros from us (25 euros per person) – “for registration” !?

Another advantage of K. Var is the accessibility and cheapness of “EES-related” trips. On their own or with a guided tour – by train, by bus you can drive in any direction – to Prague, to Nuremberg, …, to Austria, Hungary and

… A few words about the opinions and attitudes of people or “about the success of our zombie television.” I ask a woman of about forty, she is from Russia, for three years in the Czech Republic, her husband is Czech – “why don’t they like Russians here?” – They don’t like strangers at all. Yes, and the 68th year, they called us themselves, we helped, and now they are unhappy ?! (There was nothing more to talk about).

I will clarify about the “dislike” – you will never feel it, it is deep, inside …

At the airport, I remember the conversation and the words of a pensioner from the Volga region … – you see what a Trump is a scoundrel, he climbs everywhere – in North Korea, Syria, and Venezuela … Our president is well done, he stands behind us and does not bend!

Washing the vessels is in the Czech Republic, brainwashing is at our place!

It will be our way, the time of change is coming!

Our propaganda loves to talk about how the government cares about the people, about how, despite any economic difficulties, the state, without fail, fulfills its social obligations … We are told that the country’s success would have been more tangible if it were not for extremists of all stripes yes, foreign agents running from everywhere …

At the same time, elementary life experience taught citizens long ago – official propaganda and a picture of reality correlate with reality itself as black with white, and white with black. As George Vladimov wrote, “… do not believe them, never believe.” Meanwhile, the laws of nomenklatura demagogy are not written, and for the nomenklatura itself, and sometimes the “sounds of truth” break through the hard censorship …

When officials tell the truth. About two fronts of struggle. In the overwhelming chaos of misinformation in recent weeks, it is not difficult to notice two important trends.

On the one hand, officials sometimes get bored with the “nobility game” and the Aesop language. And they drop their masks … “You, why, can’t live a month for 3 thousand rubles? What, do not like pasta noodles? So love and do not fool us … “, sounds from one region. The signal is picked up by another “servant of the people” – “the state never obligated and did not ask you to give birth, it is your own stupidity; and do not bother us with your kindergarten-problems. ” Another senior head enters the boss flash mob – the poor need to turn off the electricity at night. And everything will be in the country, okay.

Strikes on the most insecure and robbed, on those who are particularly hard, complements the opening of the “second front” of the Cold War with the people. From the new flank, blows are delivered to opinion leaders, to civil activists, to those who are not broken and ready to defend the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution. Lev Ponomarev, the leader of the civil rights movement, had to spend several weeks in New Year’s Eve in a prison cell.

… Three days ago, early in the morning, I, running away on business, at the door found a call from the TV channel “Russia – 1”. “Igor Borisovich, help out … You are very necessary …” -What is the topic? “A letter from Ivanovo, suggest to abandon the streets of Lenin, the Great October Revolution … to return the historical names.” – Well, I reply, I agree, this is important … I will re-plan the day and you will definitely have it.

… I enter the TV building, the meeting girl explains, sorry – the topic has changed. And when I entered the studio itself and the live broadcast began, it turned out that the topic was completely different – I was offered to comment on the statement of Dima Bykov, which, as it turned out after the TV show, was completely falsified and distorted by television editing … The blow to one of the leaders of the human rights movement added a blow to one of the leaders of intellectual life in our country …

It seems that the “fighters with extremism” set up an extremist trap, into which they dream to drive all the disgruntled – from the social bottom to the civilian top! Do not forget that even without that, we all have a place in paradise …

What will happen next? In my opinion, here you can make a reasonable assumption. The intentions of authoritarian bureaucrats, as a rule, are realized with an accuracy of “vice versa”. The fight against extremists in Syria led the ISIS banned from us * to Magnitogorsk … The state battle for the leadership of Russian sports led our athletes out of the world Olympic movement … The Russian struggle against Bandera created such powerful Ukrainian patriotism that no OUN * dreamed of … Let’s save and defend our Constitution from extremists, protect, guaranteed by the Basic Law, freedom of creativity and civil rights !! Change is just around the corner!

* organization is prohibited in Russia

Once again about the Kuril Islands …

About the discussion. The controversy going on in the media about the ownership of islands continues, but the dynamics of moods are positive and well marked. Opponents of those who exclude territorial bargaining are moving away from the “must give” approach in the direction of recognition – “a moot point, we must think” …

There is another, important, but negative feature of the discussion. Part of society, including the intelligentsia, if it can be called that, simply does not notice the depth of the crisis of national consciousness that we are experiencing. … The government, which recently promised to stop the senseless sale of irreplaceable natural resources – unprocessed hydrocarbons, now offers to supplement it with bargaining territories along with the population. And in the very formulation of the question, many do not see anything beyond … The topic – and why we need them, these Kurils – remains open for some of the participants. In the course of the controversy, supporters of the sale or, officially, “transfer of the islands,” did not express a single convincing argument. But in order for the situation to become clear to everyone, an open, broad discussion on TV channels is necessary, which Russian TV, of course, cannot allow.

Changes occurred at the top of the power vertical. On the one hand, they pretend that there have never been “plans for the transfer of the islands”, but, in fact, the top decision was not taken. Their fluctuations are the result of the position of the still-silent majority (almost 90% of Russians are against the refusal of the Kuriles) and unexpected, firm statements by some of the managers who spoke out strongly against the “flag descent” …

As the question continues to “hang in the air,” I will try to add to the controversy a few clarifying considerations and arguments …

“It is a pity, not everyone will be able to register in Kunashir.” This idea sounds in the comments and someone seems to be convincing. … A couple of days ago I heard on the radio how Russians in Latvia are protesting against language restrictions. The level of income in the Baltic countries is three to four times higher than in the Russian Federation, the “Euro-Russian” there, in fact, is an equal and equal indigenous population. Nobody has cut their opportunities (apart from the status of a declining “non-citizens” group). However, the requirement to switch to the state language is annoying to many.

Now imagine that Abe got the desired, more precisely – his first part. (On German sites, blogs have already appeared with the headline “why Konigsberg is worse than Iturup”). And in the MONO-national eastern country, an ethnic group appeared that, not fluent in Japanese, could neither study, nor be treated, nor work, nor rest … The question is, how long will Russians, who have realized themselves as a foreign body, will move from a state of naive euphoria to deep depression? But you continue to vote for the creation of a degrading and dying Russian reservation?

“We do not need the stolen, the islands must be given away.” It is pleasant that in many comments from Kuril the moral argument sounds. It’s just that you will not immediately understand what is moral and what is not in the intricately falsified Soviet picture of history.

… It begins the Second World War and then the Patriotic War. The Japanese leadership, seeing that the Germans cannot take Moscow, after long hesitations, decides to attack not the USSR, but the USA. America enters the war and provides crucial assistance to our people. Teenagers stand on the boxes in front of lathes, one and a half million citizens of Leningrad die of starvation. The enemy comes to Stalingrad … In a critical situation, “without the help of the United States and England, the Soviet Union would not withstand the pressure of the Third Reich and would lose in this war,” Stalin admits and repeats. Therefore, the agreement reached in Yalta (February, 1945) – three months after the end of the war in Europe, the USSR comes to the aid of the Americans and enters the war with Japan, returning, in perspective, the south of Sakhalin plus the Kuriles – is natural and justified. (The fact that the US will have time to create atomic weapons by August and quickly end the war, nobody knew in advance, including the Americans themselves.) …

Funny is the argument in favor of abandoning the islands of one of the opponents – after all, the Japanese lived on the Kuril Islands before us! I do not think that the inhabitants of western Poland, having heard such an argument, are packing their bags, even though the Germans lived there before. I don’t think that the Germans themselves are preparing for the move, because initially the Slavs lived in the present German outback (and in some cases still live) the Slavs — Luga’s sorbs … I don’t think that my opponent himself is preparing for the departure, since the Finns lived in Moscow to the Slavs, who gave name of the river, passing now through the capital.

Another important circumstance. In civilized countries, law and law play a huge role. But more important than the right – always – the interests of their country, their people. “Lee Seung Man is a son of a bitch, but this is our son of a bitch,” say the Americans. … I remember working in Germany, when our military, secretly, transported Honecker from b. GDR to Moscow. The Germans were quietly indignant. Jokingly, I offered to my friend, a professor at the University of Bremen, invite Gorbachev to your place, intern him, and then exchange him for Honecker. A friend for the first time did not appreciate my humor – we will never put Gorbachev in a difficult position, regardless of any laws or rules. He helped us to unite, and we are aware of our duty to him …

You should never take the attempts of officials to justify the surrender of the islands to the appeal to the law. In fact, we are not talking about legal or patriotic, but about nomenklatura absolutism. The authorities always justify any actions of their own – from Afghanistan and the Crimea to the Kuriles …

Kuriles and the opposition. The dispute over the islands exacerbated another not completely transparent question. I already wrote that the organizers of the opposition Vilnius Forum of Free Russia openly support the disintegration of our country. My blog on “Echo”, “The Transfer of the Kuriles as the Beginning of the Disintegration of Russia”, the editorial board of the site “Kasparov. Ru, for the first time in my practice, refused to publish, stating the disagreement with the position of the author.

… Imagine that a country is preparing for real, democratic elections. I repeat that, according to surveys of the Levada Center, almost 90% of Russians are against the transfer of the islands. How many liberals will get the ballots? I think the Kremlin should pray to such oppositionists …

Russia needs not “red-pink” and not “liberal”, but patriotic, democratic opposition. In this I see the most important task of today and tomorrow …

I respect the Japanese for their patriotism, but I hope that Shinzo Abe, having retired, will not work as a “Schröder” or an anti-Schröder. Russia will face big changes – in this, and not in the transfer of the islands, the real solution to our problems. We must move to a political system when our legitimate lands and resources will not leave, but will work effectively for us. And those connections that are not recognized by international law must be returned. I believe we will resolve all issues with our eastern neighbors and the Japanese, as at the beginning of the last century, will put on their products a fake brand “made in Russia”. It sells better …

Transfer Kuriles, as the beginning of the end of Russia

Abe’s regular statements are cited amicably by the Russian media: “the Prime Minister of Japan promised not to relocate the Russians during the transfer of the Kuriles”, “the Prime Minister promised to put an end to the issue of the southern Kuriles” … And the Russian president leaves the “promise” of the eastern neighbor without comment, which suggests. northern territories “foregone …

Know the story. … Since the reign of Nicholas I, Russia, in terms of economic development has come in second place. From the end of the 19th century, having brilliantly completed the process of gathering lands, the Empire passed to the era of arrangement, to qualitative development. From 1880 to 1917, GDP growth rates were the highest in the world.

. For the Japanese, the “Russian miracle” meant that the Far East was becoming the zone of determining influence of St. Petersburg. The inevitable loss of influence in Korea infuriated Tokyo politicians in a frenzy. In February 1904, without a declaration of war, the Rising Sun attacked Russia.

The results of the war and the reasons for the victory of Japan, the current audience are almost unknown. … The railway line St. Petersburg – Port Arthur has already been built, but to the east we transferred less than 10% of our army. International public opinion was pushing the two countries towards peace … In August 1905, who led the negotiations, S. Witte clearly executed the instructions received from the emperor: “There are no winners in this war. We are ready to discuss the status of the Kuriles and the south of Sakhalin. But there can be no talk of any indemnities. ”In other words, the Japanese were offered to invest in the development of completely non-equipped territories.

In St. Petersburg, we were sure that such demands of the attackers would not suit, the transfer of the Russian army to the area of ​​hostilities continued and the odds passed to our side. But leaders in Tokyo were also aware that their country’s reserves had been exhausted. And the world on the terms of Nicholas II was unexpectedly signed … Mass protest demonstrations began throughout Japan with the only slogan – “for what did they fight?”. No less important was the reaction in Russia – public opinion, national consciousness was immensely restrained, an outstanding Russian politician and reformer received the shameful lifelong nickname – “Witte-polusakhalinsky” …

Kuril situation today.

First, about international law. There are no international legal norms requiring Russia to transfer part of the islands of Japan. Moreover, Japan’s claims are, in their pure form, subjective wishes that cannot be legally justified. (For more information on why the Kurils are ours, why the “southern Kurils” are a fictitious term, that peace is fixed between the two countries and others, see my article on the Echo-M website “About the Kuril Islands, or For a review of the results of the Second world…”.

And why do we need the Kuriles. The modern world is a tough competition of different countries and nations. To win,

The policy of the Russian authorities has led the country to isolation. The real population of ours is not growing, but, apparently, is decreasing. The transfer of its territory will further reduce our capabilities. Unclear? Imagine that all countries nominate teams of 11 people for the football championship, and the Russian national team wants to play with ten players … Absurd?

The current state leadership is trying to assert its status by means of force, which the world condemns … The loss of the Kuriles and here we will weaken. As A. Solzhenitsyn wrote, Russia lost the twentieth century … We have to admit that we also lose XXI … If we go from the general principles to specifics to the potential of the islands, this was written more than once. Kuriles – one of the richest regions in fish resources. Possession of them made the great Sea of ​​Okhotsk – the inland sea of ​​the Russian Federation … I will not continue. More about Kuriles and public opinion. The defeat of Russia begins with the state of our public opinion. More precisely – from the treacherous myths that are formed, no, not Goebbels, worse, Kremlin-TV. Today there are several approaches in society.

Some liberals are deliberately pushing the country to collapse. For them, only the values ​​of the West are valuable. Neither the Soviet (which is quite understandable), nor historical Russia is completely unnecessary for them. Hence the trend – genuine Russian, and not only Soviet, values ​​must be forgotten. This means that the people – their carrier – should also fall apart and disappear from the face of the earth … Pro-Soviet sentiments are also preserved. On the one hand, they, it seems, for the integrity of the country, for “not an inch of their land …”. But they also formed a society where not the authorities express the opinion of the people, but the people are obliged to express the opinion of the authorities. Therefore, the words of the leader are not discussed, but implicitly executed.

There is such an approach: well, we still can’t master the Kuril Islands anyway, so it’s better to give them away. But also such “idiocy with white underpants on a pole” sounds in the media – it’s a pity that not many people live on the Kuril Islands, because how it seems that the Kunashir people will be lucky … Ugh, no words! Well, how everything is rotten, including the myth of the great Victory. And there has been no Russian public opinion since the Russian-Japanese war.

I agree that the Kuriles are not mastered, only my conclusion is different – it is necessary, as soon as possible, to change the counterproductive system of power to one that will work for the development of the country’s wealth !!

Summing up, it is necessary to state that the national self-consciousness has been destroyed today. Patriotism – the experience of their land, language, culture, history, people, replaced by putriotism. The results of the hundred-year Soviet-Post-Soviet experiment are obvious. To advocate today for the integrity of the country means to become an object of ridicule by idiots, damn them, of all stripes.

RESULTS AND CONCLUSIONS. The policy pursued by the authorities is so counterproductive and disastrous for us that some former Soviet intelligence officers, speaking on Ukrainian TV, admit almost unbelievable – whether the leaders of the Russian Federation are not recruited by foreign special services.

… If the operation on the transfer of the Kuril Islands will be implemented, a fatal step will be made in the dismantling of Russia. We perfectly understand how destructive for us is the war in Ukraine. But this war is an example of a deeply wrong decision taken by the state.

… States, like people, can make mistakes, can give and borrow money, can, in rare cases, after open discussions, identify public opinion and a referendum, exchange territories … But the state cannot, without any reason, give part of their own land. “Lake Cooperative”, apparently, it can, but the state – no! If there is no state, everything is permitted!

Freedom of speech – in Kiev or Moscow? New Year’s …

From Kiev. I watch Ukrainian TV and, at times, I am very surprised …

The news van discusses the situation around martial law and its cancellation. Some respectable, convincingly reasoning uncle emotionally explains – “It’s obvious that Poroshenko specially arranged a provocation in the Kerch Strait. He sent military boats there, then to enter martial law. He wants to win the elections at any cost … It’s still good that Rada limited Peter to only one month and only in the border areas … ”

I was surprised that the “uncle” literally repeated the position stated by President Putin and not supported by either Western democracies or the UN … This position was repeated not by the First Channel of Moscow or Rush Tudey, but by the leading Ukrainian TV channel … Moreover, the discussion was complemented by a vote … … almost 90 % sitting in front of the TV agree with the “uncle”, which means – with Putin ?!

From Moscow. The next day, I’m listening to Ekho Moskvy radio. Hour program is live broadcast editor in chief Alexei Venediktov. (Recently, his deputy, Tatiana Felgengauer, became the “man of the year” according to Time magazine. Tanya joined the group of journalists who were physically attacked for their highly professional and honest position.)

In the program, Venediktov, in particular, commented on the “Kerch incident”. The meaning of what has been said by a well-informed expert is as follows: an acute shortage of fresh water in the Crimea, especially in the north of the peninsula, makes politicians seek a military solution to the problem and prepare for a possible forceful breakthrough from the Crimea to the Dnieper …

From historical experience. In conclusion, another short line of reasoning is from our past. By the end of 1916, part of the Russian press and part of the deputies of the then Duma turned to hysterical criticism of the emperor, his family and the tsarist government. Criticism has become a significant reason for the fact that in February 1917, on the eve of the decisive and ending war of the offensive of the Russian army, the monarchy fell. The Emergency Commission appointed by the new authorities examined the documents of the previous ministers and came to an unexpected but convincing conclusion – there was no corruption in the work of the tsarist ministers, as there was no betrayal and collusion between the Russian authorities and the German Kaiser who had attacked Russia. Loud propaganda was absolutely false.

But it was already too late; it was impossible to make a revolution back. The results of the investigation were not published by the head of the interim government Lvov, and the emperor, together with his family, remained under house arrest …

Let me remind you of the tragic finale of the company with unpunished and mindless discredit of legitimate authority. … One day before the end of the war (Austria-Hungary on November 8 was preparing to sign documents on leaving the war with Russia, 10 days later the same document was preparing to sign Bulgaria) – on November 7, gangsters from the Red Guard, at the request of Lenin and Trotsky, had time to arrest the Provisional government.

And here “uncle” and “News van” – think for yourself. In Kiev, I want to convey – the lads, we, after all, hope for you! And we hope for democratic, not manipulative elections. Glory to Ukraine!

A bounded war, once again to the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War

The picture of Russian-Soviet history is entirely rigged by Soviet science. Until 1917, some censorship restrictions existed in Russia, but the tsarist government categorically forbade censoring history. Therefore, the works of S. Solovyov, V. Klyuchevsky, N. Karamzin are being reissued and read with interest, but it is absolutely impossible to read the Soviet abracadabra about “historical plenum” and even more “historical congresses” … the history of the Great or Germanic (in the USSR it was often called the “imperialist”) war.

Why lies about the Great War is vital for the Bolsheviks. Russia, in fact, was the winner (in alliance with ANTANTA) in this war. On October 26, 1917 (November 8, a new style) in Lodz, the Austrian-Hungarian government delegation was to meet with the foreign minister of the Provisional Government of the Russian Republic and sign documents on the surrender of Vienna. Two weeks later, a similar document was preparing to sign Bulgaria …

On the secret plans of the Allies learned in Berlin. The Germans demanded urgent action from Lenin. With shouts of “delayed death like”, the self-appointed “leader of the proletariat”, along with Trotsky, ordered Podvoisky and Antonov-Ovseenko to organize the arrest of the Provisional Government. The Bolsheviks did everything in their power to stop the war and lose the war (otherwise they disappeared from the political arena). November 8, the first decree of the “Congress of Soviets” was the Decree on Peace –

A brief digression. The myth of the Bolshevik peacekeepers contradicted their demand to turn the imperialist war into a civil war, but, differently, they could not retain power. In the reality that was perverted and turned over by Leninists, Germans, who attacked Russia then and destroyed hundreds of thousands of our compatriots, appeared as friends and like-minded people. The Russian people themselves were obliged to get rid of real and incomparably more terrible internal enemies,

Road trips of scientists

About the beginning of the war. Fundamental clarifications must be made regarding the beginning of the First World War. The myth remains to this day – Russia has unleashed the war. All the same Mr. Zyuganov does not get tired of repeating – “Russia could not have gotten involved in a war”. In fact, the Empire was not going to organize the redistribution of the world. The plan of military reform of our economy was to be completed by 1917 … But six years before the start of the war, in 1908, Russian intelligence was able to get a “plan for the deployment of German troops in the event of hostilities.” The secret card, showing – the Germans are likely to attack our country, received Nicholas II. As a result, the Russian economy, which has developed for the last thirty years at the highest rates in the world (7% of GDP growth per year), began to develop even faster. During the six prewar years, the country’s GDP grew by one and a half times (without GULAG, deportations, without extremists and foreign agents). It is not surprising that by the decree of the emperor, who correctly assessed the situation, the mobilization of reservists began in July 1914,

… Enough of Kashmar Russian history. Propaganda tears about the “shell-hunger” experienced by the tsarist army are not supplemented by the information that the armies of all the belligerent countries experienced the “hunger”. Pre-war experts considered a big war probable, but were convinced that it would last several months, not years. By the end of 1915, the military production deployed in Russia provided the army with the appropriate ammunition and then created reserves, which were red enough for the Civil War and the beginning of the Patriotic War. In the Empire, children were not involved in military production, they were not put on the boxes to the lathes, as it was during the Patriotic War. No ration cards were needed for Russia until February 1917 …

Concluding the brief notes, I will repeat – the memory of the war is either erased or falsified. The burial of Russian soldiers who died in 1914-18 were destroyed in the USSR. The current toponymy is rich in names perpetuating the Great Patriotic War and October, but there are no streets and squares reminiscent of February and the First World War … The results of the war, recorded in June 1919 in the Versailles world, stated the defeat of Germany. Overwhelmed with enormous indemnities, Berlin found itself in an extremely difficult situation, but it was not expelled from the world community. Soviet Russia got into a fundamentally worse position. Its representatives were not going to go, and they were not invited to sign the Treaty of Versailles (even the Kolchak delegation did not receive any status), and the Bolshevik state itself turned into a pariah and dropped out of the community of civilized states for many years. Exit isolation can only recognize the historical truth!

And further. The last, dated February 1917, the General Staff’s report on the losses of the Russian army reported that we had 598 thousand dead and dead from wounds. Experts believe that for the whole of 1917, Russia lost up to 100 thousand people, in total – 700 thousand dead. This figure was regularly reproduced in Soviet pre-war publications. But after 1945 it is constantly distorted, 3, 5 and even 15 million people are declared dead, which is completely untrue. I should add that the official figure of those killed in the war of 1941-1945 changed five times and increased from 7 million (Stalin’s statement) to 42 million (official data of the State Duma announced in February 2017). The “great manager” lost 60 times more in battles than Nikolay (bloody) who shot without a judge …

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