Road trip on lincoln highway

After our era / After Earth (2013)

Genre: Fantasy, Action, PriklyucheniyaRezhisser: M. Night ShyamalanAktery: Will Smith, Jaden Smith, Sophie Okonedo, Zoe Kravitz, Glenn Morshauer, Kristofer Hivju Sasha Dhawan, Chris Geer, Diego Klattenhoff, David Denman, Lincoln Lewis, Jaden Martin

Events unfold a thousand years after the disaster that forced humanity to leave Earth. The new home is a planet called Nova Prime. Legendary General Cypher Rage is returning from the next mission in the family, which previously did without his parental attention, to become the father of his 13-year-old son, China. During an asteroid storm, an aircraft with dad and son on board crashes, falling on an unfamiliar and dangerous Earth. And while Rage Sr. lies on the last breath among the wreckage of his ship, the son must cross the hostile landscape to launch their rescue beacon. The young man in his life never dreamed of anything else: to be a soldier, like a father, his dearest wish. Today he has a chance to prove himself.

War of the Worlds Z / World War Z (2013)

Genre: horrors, fantasy, thriller, thriller, adventure Director: Marc Forster / Marc Forster Acts: Brad Pitt (Gerry Lane), Mirey Inos (Karin Lane), Daniel Cartes (Segen), James Badge Dale (Captain Speke), People Buchen (Jurgen) Warmbrunn), Matthew Fox (Parajumper), Fang Mokoen (Thierry Umutoni), David Morse (Ex-CIA Agent), Elies Gabel (Andrew Fassbach), Peter Capaldi (

UN officer Jerry Lane, over time, is trying to stop the infection, which can completely destroy humanity.

Metro / Tyubeu (2003)

Genre: Action, Thriller, Drama, Adventure Director: Bac Wun-Hak Aktery: Seok-Han Kim, Jun-Hun Park, Sang-Min Park, Du-na Bai, O-chung Kwon, Chu-bong Ji, Cheong Joong, En King Na, Byung-ho Son, Pak Chun Hung

A group of desperate terrorists seizes a train in the subway. Among the passengers are the mayor of Seoul and a group of journalists. Authorities are powerless to neutralize a gang of criminals. Hundreds of hostages waiting for cruel reprisals. But among the captives of the ill-fated train is Jay’s legendary “Die Hard” Metropolitan Police. He alone would challenge mortal danger and triumph in an unequal battle …

I am a legend / I Am Legend (2007)

Genre: fantasy, thriller, drama Director: Francis Lawrence Acts: Will Smith, Alice Braga, Charlie Tahan, Salli Richardson-Whitfield, Willy Smith (Willow Willowfield), Salli Richardson-Whitfield, Willy Smith (Willow Smith) Darrell Foster, April Grace, Dash Mihok, Joanna Numata, Abby, Kona, Samuel Glen, James Michael McCauley (James Michael McCauley) , Marin Ireland (Marin Ireland), Pedro Mojica (Pedro Mojica), Anthony C. Mazza (Anthony C. Mazza), Steve Cirbus (Calveta Hill), Gabriella Hill (Gabriella Hill), Madeleine Hill ( Madeleine Hill)

Adaptation of the novel of the same name by Richard Matheson about an unknown virus that claimed the lives of half the population of the globe, and turned the remaining half into vampires. The plot is built around the only surviving person with an inexplicable immunity, on nights holding an endless siege of ghouls, and in the daytime trying to find an antidote and find out the causes of the epidemic.

Gravity / Gravity (2013)

Genre: fantasy, thriller, drama Director: Alfonso Cuaron / Alfonso Cuaron Acts: Sandra Bullock, George Clooney, Ed Harris, Orto Ignatiussen, Faldut Sharma, Amy Warren, Basher Savage, Janice Ahern

Dr. Ryan Stone, a brilliant specialist in medical engineering, is sent to his first space mission under the command of astronautics veteran Matt Kowalski, for whom this flight is the last before retirement. But during the seemingly routine work overboard, a catastrophe happens. The shuttle is destroyed, and Stone and Kowalski are completely alone; they are in tandem with each other, and all they can do is to move in orbit in an absolutely black space without any connection with the Earth and any hope of salvation.

The Hunger Games: And The Flames Will Flare Up / The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013)

Genre: science fiction, thriller, thriller, adventure Director: Francis Lawrence Acts: Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Sam Claflin, Jena Malone, Woody Harrelson, Elizabeth Banks, Liam Hemsworth, Donald Sutherland, Philip Murour, Donald Sutherland, Elizabeth Banks, Liam Hemsworth, Donald Sutherland, Philip Malour, Woody Harrelson

Managing to survive the ruthless Hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen and Pete Mellark return home. But now they are in even greater danger, since their refusal to play by the rules in the Arena challenged the Capitol. By tradition, the following, anniversary, Hunger Games should be special, and this time only the winners of previous years participate in them. Katniss and Pete are forced to re-enter the Arena, where they will compete with the strongest. The rules of the game are changing. The arena is even more dangerous, the scale is even bigger, the stakes are even higher!

Cabin in the woods / The Cabin in the Woods (2011)

Genre: Horror, Thriller, Detective Director: Drew Goddard Akters: Kristen Connolly, Chris Chevors, Anna Hutchison, Fran Krenz, Jesse Williams, Bradley Whitford, Richard Jenkins, Sigourney Weaver, Brian J. White, Emi, Emee, Y. Emee, Emee, I, I, I, I, I, and I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I would like to see this. Ferland

A noisy company of five friends runs off for a weekend podboshirit in a country hut isolated from the rest of the world. Sounds familiar? Well, so you can not imagine what awaits you in fact.

Ferocious Planet (2011)

Genre: Science Fiction, Thriller, Adventure Director: Billy O `Brien / Billy O \ ‘Brian Acts: Joe Flanigan, John Rhys-Davies, Catherine Walker, Dagmar Doring, Chris Newman, Kevin Flood.

Developed an innovative device to open additional universes. But when the machine malfunctions and transports a group of observers to the nightmarish dimension of foreign terror, travelers must use ingenuity to survive.

Saw: Heptalgia / Saw: Geptalogiya (2004)

Genre: Horror, Thriller, Detective Director: James VanAktery: Tobin Bell, Lee Wannell, Cary Elves, Danny Glover, Ken Leung, Dina Meyer, Mike Butters, Paul Gutrecht, Michael Emerson, Benito Martinez, Shawney Smith, Monica Potter, Shone Smith, Monica Potter, Monica Potter, Shake Smith, Monica Potter, Michael Emerson, Benito Martinez, Shawny Smith, Monica Potter, Michael Emerson

Adam and Gordon woke up chained to pipes in a huge abandoned room. Between them a corpse in a pool of blood. Both do not understand how they were in this position, or how to get out of it. Quickly enough, they realize that they have fallen victim to a serial maniac, whom the police call"Death Constructor \" for his manner of putting people in a situation where they have only two options – to die or kill themselves. This time \"inventor\" put before the choice of Gordon: he must kill Adam or his wife and daughter will be destroyed. Investigating previous \"experiments \" Detective Tupp will try to intervene. Will Adam, Gordon and Tupp be able to beat the maniac in his diabolical game and stay alive?

Special Forces / Forces speciales (2011)

Genre: Action, Drama, Adventure Director: Stephane Rybozha / Stephane Rybojad Akters: Diane Kruger, Jimon Hunsu, Benoit Minegel, Denis Menochet, Rafael Personas, Alain Figlage, Alain Alivon, Mehdi Nebba, Raz Degan, Cheki Karyo

A young French journalist has been abducted by Taliban in Afghanistan. The French government refuses to comply with the conditions of the kidnappers. Then the Taliban posted a cruel countdown video on the Internet to its execution. To the rescue of the girl sent an elite detachment of French special forces. But it is not enough to discourage the victim from the bandits, you still need to bring it to the mainland. Returning home becomes a way of the cross for both a citizen journalist and experienced warriors and special forces.

Road / The Road (2009)

Genre: Drama, Adventure Director: John Hillcoat / John Hillcoat Akters: Viggo Mortensen, Cody Smith-McPhee, Charlize Theron, Guy Pierce, Robert Duvall, Molly Parker, Michael Kenneth Williams, Garrett Dillachant, Bob Jennings, Agnes Herrmann

Monstrous cataclysms hit the Earth, civilization is destroyed, as well as almost all life on the planet. The remaining humanity was divided into cannibals and their prey. On the road, covered with ashes, go father and son. They want to get to warm places to survive …

Phantom / The Darkest Hour (2011)

Genre: fiction, thriller Director: Chris GorakAktery: Emil Hirsch, Olivia Thirlby, Max Minghella, Rachel Taylor, Yuel Kinnaman, Veronika Vernadskaya, Dato Bakhtadze, Gosha Kutsenko, Nikolai Efremov, Arthur Smolyaninov

The film will tell about four American tourists, trapped in Moscow at the time of the attack on her aliens.

Philosophers: The Survival Lesson / The Philosophers (2013)

Genre: Science Fiction, Thriller Director: John Huddle Acts: Sophie Low, James D’Arcy, Rhys Wakefield, Daryl Sabara, Bonnie Wright, Katie Findlay, Freddie Strom, Hope Olayde Wilson, Abhi Sinha, Jacob the Artist, Maya Mitchell, and Jacob the Artist, Maya Mitchell,

At an international school in Jakarta, a mysterious philosophy teacher offers 20 students a mental experiment as a final exam. This experience will be the most extreme that they have ever encountered. Using only the power of logic, students must choose who will deserve to get a place in the underground bunker – the only place where you can escape from the approaching nuclear catastrophe. The bunker is designed for ten people, which means that those who are not chosen will face a cruel death. The reality of the classroom dramatically flows into the imaginary, but at the same time, frightening world of the impending apocalypse.

Road trip on lincoln highway

Quarantine / Quarantine (2008)

Genre: Horror, Fiction, Thriller Director: John E. Daudle / John Erick Dowdle Akters: Jennifer Carpenter, Steve Harris, Jay Hernandez, Johnathon Shek, Columbus Short, Andrew Fiscella, Rade Sherbergia, Greg Germann, Bernard White, Dan Rähder, Rade Sherbergia, Greg Germann, Bernard White, Dan Rähder, Rade Sherbergia, Greg Germann, Bernard White, Dan Rähl

TV reporter Angela Vidal and her cameraman make a report on the night shift of the Los Angeles Fire Department. A routine call to a building engulfed in fire leads them to a house that is cordoned off by the police, from whose walls terrible screams can be heard. It turns out that a woman living here has become infected with an unknown virus. And when the authorities declare quarantine, isolating everyone who was indoors, inside the building, the only evidence of what happened is the unfortunate report.

Quarantine 2: Terminal / Quarantine 2: Terminal

Genre: Horror, science fiction, thriller, detective Director: John Pogue Acts: George Back, Andrew Benator, Jason Benjamin, Brie Blair, Lynn Cole, Josh Cook, Michael Covington, John Carren, Phillip DeVona, Julie Perez

After one of the passengers showed signs of an unexplained illness accompanied by insane behavior, the plane made a forced landing. Coming off the ramp, the passengers of the flight find themselves in the quarantine zone, which the city services turned into the arrival terminal. And for good reason, I must say, they turned it, because one after another, other passengers fall ill with such a contagion …

100 degrees below zero / 100 Degrees Below Zero (2013)

Genre: fiction, thriller Director:

Global cooling begins on Earth. Humanity is on the verge of death. A group of scientists is trying to prevent a new ice age …

Aftershock (2012)

Genre: horror, thriller, drama Director: Nicholas Lopez Aktery: Eli Roth, Andrea Osvart, Eriel Levy, Nicholas Martinez, Lorenz Izzo, Natasha Yarovenko, Selena Gomez, Ignasia Allamand, Diana Amigo, Paz Baskunyan

A group of tourists from America comes to rest in Chile. Started so well – from meeting pretty girls and visiting the best clubs – the rest is interrupted by a sudden earthquake. Since at this moment our heroes are in an underground nightclub, they have a lot of work to survive among the collapsing walls and general chaos. Once trapped, friends make titanic efforts to make their way up. But getting to the surface, they fall into a world of horror, because because of the aftershocks, the walls of the local prison collapsed and the criminals were left free. So now our tourists have to confront not only mother nature, but also human nature. What will be worse – a collapsing city, when the threat comes not only from the ground, but also from each building, or are the people on the streets ruthless and merciless? What brings greater horror to a civilized person and how reliable is the shell of civilization?

Apocalypse / Apocalypto (2006)

Genre: Action, Drama, Adventure Director: Mel Gibson Acts: Rudi Yanblad, Dalia Hernandez, Jonathan Brewer, Morris Berdyelouhed, Carlos Emilio Baez, Ramirez Amilcar, Israel Solois, Israel Rios, Maria Isabelle Diaz, Ezirridion Aera, Maria Conreras, Israel Rios, Maria Isabelle Diaz, Espiridion Nehl,

The film shows the life of the Mayan civilization before the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors: brutal wars with neighboring tribes, human sacrifices, mysterious mystical rituals. In one day, the world of an Indian named Lapa Jaguar is crumbling. His village captures a neighboring tribe, destroying huts, taking local residents into captivity. He is led to the city to be sacrificed to the gods. In the face of the imminent death, Lapa Jaguar must overcome his strongest fears and make a desperate dash to save what is dear to him.

Alarm / Panic Button (2011)

Genre: horror, thriller Director: Chris Crow Acute: Scarlet Johnson, Jack Gordon, Michael Gibson, Helen Reese, Joshua Richards, Verne Ray, Sarah Parks, Paul Gibson, Tobias John

Four young people won a trip to New York, kindly provided by one of the social networks. When they board a private jet, they are asked to give up their mobile phones and take part in a very unusual game …

Skeleton Lake (Battlefield) / Skeleton Lake (2012)

Genre: horror, thriller, thriller Director: Neil McKay Acts: Brian Larkin, Bob Simbalski, Hugh Lambe, Damon E. White, Robert Nolan, Lee Sandford, Mark Munro, Bass Stewart, Ramen Zaravshan, Ryan Borg, Sean MacOli, Merela Fernand

Six robbers take the bank and kill several policemen. There is a noise in society. Criminals take refuge in the woods to wait out the panic. But then they fall on the fly to a stranger who had gone through the Vietnam War.

The Human Race / The Human Race (2013)

Genre: Horror, fiction, fighter Director: Paul Hug Actors: Paul McCarthy-Boyington, Eddie McGee, Trista Robinson, T. Arthur Kottam, Brianna Lauren Jackson, Fred Kauri, B. Anthony Cohen, Noel Britton, Jim Reid, Selin Tien

“The Human Race” is a horror film based on the work of Stephen King “The Long Walk”, written in 1966. King was inspired to write this novel by walking marathons, which were organized by radio stations in the USA in the early 60s. The main heroine of the film will be a young girl Veronika, who unwillingly turned out to be a participant in the cruel marathon race. She finds new friends, but immediately loses them when a bloody race begins, the rules of which are very simple: if you go the distance – you die, if you turn around – you die, you try to escape in some way – again, you die. All participants are well aware that they have no choice but to fight for their lives by any means. All they want to stay alive, so ready to go at all. The start signal has sounded – the deadly race has begun. Which of them will be able to reach the finish line?

Holiday for the killer / Killer Holiday (2013)

Genre: horror, thriller Director: Marty Thomas Acte: Michael Copon, Rachel Lara, Julia Beth Ster, Alex Mandel, Rachel Wixom, Matt Calloway, Gabriel Oliver, Rich Hoag

An excellent student, Kammy, together with her friends, decides to make a car trip to the California desert in spring break. In spite of Cammy’s evil forebodings, the company is moving along the old highway 66 farther and deeper into the wastelands. After meeting with a stranger on the road, friends soon find themselves in an abandoned amusement park, and only here they find out that the person who lured them here is the famous serial killer Spider.

Chariot / Chariot (2013)

Genre: Thriller, drama Director: Brad Osborne Akters: Anthony Montgomery, Ian Sinclair, Bryna Palencia, Michel Sherill, Leslie Hippenstil, Joe Nammers, Larry Dotson, J. Taylor, Frederick Doss

Seven strangers wake up on board a passenger plane during the flight, not knowing how they got there and where they are at the moment. In the smartphone found on board, they see news that a full apocalypse has come to the country and they may be the only survivors …

Draw Land / No Man \ ‘s Land (2001)

Genre: Drama, Military, Director: Danis TanovicActors: Branko Djuric, Rene Bitorayats, Philip Shovagovich, Georges Siatidis, Serge-Henri Valcke, Sasha Kremer, Alain Elua, Mustafa Nadarevich, Bogdan Diklic, Simon Kallow

A platoon of Bosnian soldiers got lost in the night fog and by the morning, to his dismay, he discovered that he was right in front of the Serbian front line, under enemy fire. After a quick but brutal battle ensued, in the trench in the neutral zone were three wounded – a Serb and two Bosnians. One of the Bosnians lies on a mine: if you try to remove it from this hellish car, it will work. What do sworn enemies who find themselves in such an absurd and terrible situation?

600 kg of gold / 600 kilos d \ ‘or pur (2010)

Genre: Comedy, Adventure Director: Eric Besnard Acts: Clovis Cornijak, Audrey Dana, Patrick Chené, Claudio Santamaría, Bruno Solo, Eric Ebony, Gerard Klein, Mehdi Nebbi, Hubert Saint-Macari, Jean-Pierre Martin, etc.

Several desperate adventurers come together to buy a gold mine in Guyana. When a risky deal fails, the heroes have to quickly hide in a helicopter that crashes in the impassable jungle. With travelers, 600 kilograms of gold. Soon this burden becomes too heavy … Soon the survival instinct takes precedence over the thirst for wealth, but no one wants to stay in the cold. And now the gold rush turns former comrades into mortal enemies …

Cold Blood / Blood Runs Cold (2011)

Road trip on lincoln highway

Genre: Horror Director: Sunny Laguna Acts: Hanna Oldenbarg, Patrick Sachs, Andreas, Elin Hugason, Ralph Beck

The manager removes a house in the forest for a promising employee so that she can spend a couple of winter weeks in solitude and gain inspiration for work. Khibara turns out to be gloomy and uncomfortable, so having met her ex-boyfriend and his friends in the bar of the neighboring town, the girl invites them to join her in a new place. However, at night it becomes clear that, apart from suspicious squeaks, rustles and shadows, this house hides in itself something much more dangerous.

Way Home / Way Back Home (2013)

Genre: Drama Director: Ban Eun Jin / Bang Eun Jin Acts: Vincent Furek, Ko Soo, Jong Do-Young, Claudette Lali

A film about a housewife who is accused of drug trafficking and is held captive in a French prison.

Refuge / Haunt (2013)

Genre: horror Director: Mack Carter Acts: Liana Liberato, Ione Sky, Jackie Weaver, Harrison Gilbertson, Daniel Chachran, Jen Broberg, Kelly Noonan, Alin Andrade, Casia Kovalchuk, Sebastian Michael Barr

The beginning of the film is a classic move by an American family to a new home. The two parents and the boy who has withdrawn into himself are very happy about this change, but everything is not as rosy as it might seem. Ethan’s new neighbor is a stunningly beautiful girl with whom he immediately falls in love. Teens begin to communicate closely, as children have a common interest – Ethan’s new home. As happens in all perennial buildings – housing has its own dark past, the mysteriousness of which attracts curious children. But it becomes quite obvious: not all secrets should be unraveled, for some dark corners conceal something completely unsafe …

Against nature / Against the Wild (2014)

Genre: Adventure, family, drama Director: Richard Boddington Akter:

After the crash, young brothers and sisters find themselves in a deserted part of Alaska. Now they can only rely on themselves and their faithful dog. And although before the teenagers did not like each other, they would have to forget all the differences and join forces for the sake of survival. Fortunately, they have good skills to be able to hold out for a long time in the wild and get to civilized places.

Before dawn / Before Dawn (2012)

Genre: Horror Director: Dominic Brant Acts: Dominic Brant, Joanne Mitchell, Eileen O’Brien, Nikki Evans, Alex Baldacci, Alan French, Holly Eillis, David Nolan, Neil Myers, Bryn Hammond

The couple, whose marriage is bursting at the seams, is sent to a country house to spend the weekend together and try to improve relations, but their dreams did not come true .. after all, as it turned out, not only their family, but the whole world is falling apart. And in this new world, filled with bloodthirsty beasts, the family will have to make every effort to stay alive ..

Skyscraper of Death / Tower Block (2012)

Genre: Thriller Director: James Nunn, Ronnie Thompson Acts: Sheridan Smith, Jack O’Connell, Ralph Brown, Russell Tovey, Jill Baker, Lowy Batley, Stephen Cree, Nabil Elohabi, Christopher Fulford, Julie Graham

A year after the residents of the high-rise N31 witnessed the murder, a sniper starts shooting them. And those who are fortunate enough to survive, he pits in the battle for survival.

Holding his breath / Crawl (2011)

Genre: Thriller, Crime Director: Paul China Acts: George Shevtsov, Georgina Haig, Andy Barclay, Paul Bryant, Lauren Dillon, William Garvey, Penny Ann Hoffmann, Paul Holmes, Baz MacAlister, Katrin Miller

The owner of the bar hires a mystical killer to kill a friend for unpaid debt. The crime is committed, but the planned case has backfire, because an innocent waitress is now involved in this story. Being a hostage in their own home, the young girl is being pushed to desperate measures for the sake of survival.

Empty House / Bin-jip (2004)

Genre: drama, melodrama, crime Director: Kim Ki Duk Aktya: Syun-Yong Lee, Hong Lee, Hyuk-ho Kwon, Lee Choi, Ju-shok Lee, Mi-suk Lee, Mun Son-Hek, Ji-A Park, Ja-yong Young, Dah-ha Lee

All day, Te-suk rides a motorcycle around the city, hanging posters on the doors of houses. In the evening, he will tear down the poster from the house where the owner is missing, and will temporarily register in his apartment. Te-suk washes dishes, washes clothes and repairs things. In one of the houses, he does not notice the strange silent woman. Sun-hwa has been unhappy in marriage for a long time, suffers from beatings of her husband and, seizing the moment, runs with Te-suk, taking his lifestyle and changing one apartment after another, one house after another …

Sector 7 / Sector 7 (2011)

Genre: horror, fantasy, fighter Director: Kim Ji HongAktery: Ha Ji Won, An Son-gi, O Ji-kho, Lee Khan-vi, etc.

The Korean oil rig, located to the south of Jeju Island, becomes the scene of action. The geologists working here are carrying out exploration, trying to find an oil field. However, these searches are unsuccessful. One day they receive an order from their superiors to stop all activities and return to land as a matter of urgency. To supervise the evacuation of employees from the tower from headquarters, there is Chon Man, one of the oldest and most experienced specialists in the company. However, the decision of the authorities does not like the engineer He Joong, who is confident that there is oil in the area, and does not want to follow the orders of Jong Man. The situation takes an unexpected turn, when the station’s power supply is turned off, and geologists are completely cut off from the outside world. Will they be able to get out alive from this trap, which prepares them a lot of terrible surprises?

Travelers / Travelers (2011)

Genre: Thriller Director: Chris McManus Acts: Shane Sweeney, Tom Jeffrey, Alex Edwards, Celia Muir, Dean Jagger III, Charlie Burman, Chris Manns, Ben Richards, Kristoffer Robert

Four friends go on a motorcycle journey to take a break from the urban image.

A field in England / A Field in England (2013)

Genre: horror, thriller, drama Director: Ben Wheatley Acterers: Michael Smiley, Rhys Shersmit, Julian Barrett, Richard Glover, Peter Ferdinando, Ryan Pope, Sara Dee

Alchemist O’Neal, along with his assistant Carter, goes in search of a mysterious treasure, allegedly hidden somewhere in the middle of an overgrown field. Here they capture several deserters who fled from the army. They force the captives to help them in their search, but it soon becomes clear that the treasure hidden here is not gold and not jewels. Gradually, a squad of treasure hunters plunges into the abyss of horror and despair, when the heroes realize that they no longer can get out of this damned field.

Night Drive / Night Drive (2010)

Genre: horror, thriller Director: Justin HeadActors: Chris Bisley, Corin Doo Tu, Brandon Hore, Greg Melville-Smith, Julie Maziteng, Leroy Gopal, David Sherwood, Claire Marshall, Antonio David Lyons

Road trip on lincoln highway

“Night Drive” are called sightseeing tours organized for tourists on the South African savannah. In the course of the next excursion, a motley group of vacationers instead of natural beauty stumbles upon a tormented female corpse. One of the guides attributes the attack to the legendary demon, while the other knows that in the region a gang of fanatical thugs is operating, in addition to poaching, arranging hunting people.

Contrary to myself / I Against I (2012)

Genre: thriller, crime Director: Marc Kripps, David Ellison, James Marquand Acts: anthony sntra, sardia ballada, sardia ballet, ireland, robert Shannon, Epi Tyone, Paul McGrattan, ian kier Attard

Coming out of the office, the protagonist notices that a stranger is watching him. From this moment begins the game of survival. Two men. 12 hours. And only one can survive.

Toxin / Toxin (2014)

Genre: horror, fighter Director: Tom Reikou Acts: Karina Carrek, Kira Zagorsky, Patrick Sabonguy, Paul Leisenby, Douglas Chapman, Philip Granger, Dalias Blake, Bruce Crawford, Jills Panton, Lloyd Adams, Curts , Justin Doran, Brian McBride

Near the island, where the secret American military base is located, a tourist plane crashes. All passengers, with the exception of the pilot, survive, but their misadventures do not end there …

The desire to live / Chce sie zyc (2013)

Genre: dramaRezhisser: Maciej PepshitsaAktery David Ogrodniki, Camille Tkach, Dorothy Colac, Arkadiush Jakubik, Anna Nehrebetska, Katazhina Zawadzka, Helena Suetska, Mikolai Roznerski, Anna Karchmarchik, Janusz Habor, Agnieszka Kotlarska, Isabella Dabrowska et al.

Mateusz is a victim of cerebral palsy. He can only crawl and unable to say a word. A pretty doctor-woman sentenced him: a vegetable. Sister calls a moron. Brother is jealous: do not go to school. Only mother and father, whose motto is “never give up!” Believe that a full-fledged person lives in a silent disfigured body. And it is.

Poisoned Souls / Snaked Fear (2011)

Genre: horror Director: Gary Breslin actors: Jessica Morris, Olivia Crawford, Roberto “Sanz” Sanchez, Israel Saez de Miguel, Cristian Aan Levatino, Chuck Kelly, Eksie Booker

After a car breakdown in an isolated desert, a woman and her daughter have to find their way home on foot, but the family of poisonous snakes living nearby does not intend to let them go from their territory.

Ritual / The Dorm (2014)

Genre: Horror Director: Rachel Talley Acts: Cassie Steele, Jake Crocker, Ian Joseph, Alexis Nap, Max Lloyd-Jones, Lacy J. Meili, Jenna Rene, Amrit Sandhu

Awkward freshman Vivian (Alexis Knapp) discovers strange things in the old university dormitory. The oddity also applies to the new neighbors in the hostel, who seem to be going to turn her into the perfect beauty. However, they have to reckon with the fact that Vivian is notorious and not self-confident. She recently tried to commit suicide and struggles to solve her problems. Vivian befriended Sarah (Cassie Steele), who advises Vivian to be careful with other students. Vivian does not know who to trust. Maybe strange events taking place in the hostel, she only imagines? Do they want new friends for good, or are they suspicious? And who is Violet – a former student and girlfriend of one of her classmates – that everyone is endlessly talking about?

Syriana / Syriana (2005)

Genre: Thriller, drama Director: Stephen Gagan Acts: George Clooney, Christopher Plummer, Jeffrey Wright, Chris Cooper, Robert Foxworth, Nikki Henson, Nicholas Art, Matt Damon, Amanda Pete, Stephen Hinkle, Daisy Torm, Peter Gherethy, Zyclin C, Zyoslin K, Zyoslin K. , Roger Youan, Jane Atkinson

Robert Baer is a CIA veteran who has worked for 21 years at the agency. All this time he has been fighting terrorism all over the world. However, after the end of the Cold War, when the threat of terrorism increased, the CIA cut funding for projects in the Middle East and eventually lost control of a strategically important region. The fight flares up with a new force and becomes personal when the head of the oil company, Brian Woodman, is preparing to make a deal with the sheikh of one of the Middle Eastern countries rich in oil, and at the same time, is experiencing a serious family tragedy with his wife Julie …

Females / Alpha Girls: A Satanic Sorority Slasher (2013)

Genre: horror, thriller, mystic Director: Toni Trov, Joni Zito Acts: Nikki Bell, Nicole Sinalia, Christina Fischler, Victor Gennaro, Victoria Guthrie, Ron Jeremy, Falon Pattani, Alissa Kempinski

Morgan is transferred to another college because of personal problems that affected her training. Without knowing it, she turns out to be the heiress of the house in which the girl’s student society resides."AlphaBeta \". A girl will-will not have to undergo cruel mockery, which is an integral part of the initiation of all such communities, but then more. Morgan gradually begins to realize that AlphaBeta is nothing more than a satanic cult.

Blood Glacier / Blutgletscher (2013)

Genre: Horror Director: Marvin KrenAktery: Gerhard Liebmann, Edita Malovcic, Brigitte Kren, Santos, Hille Bieseler, Peter Knaak, Felix Romer, Wolfgang Pampel, Murasan Muslo, Michael Fuyt

The events of the film will unfold in the Alps, where the climate station is located, at which technician Janek works with his colleagues. On the eve of the arrival of a new group of scientists, the station staff is faced with an unusual phenomenon – a strange liquid begins to seep from the glacier, under the influence of which all animals begin to mutate and attack people. The station turns into a kind of fortress for the survivors, and everything would be fine, but later it turns out that people also underwent infection.

Catch / The Taking (2013)

Genre: horror, thriller Director: Sasil Reed, Lidel Jackson Akter: John Halas, Alana Eclair, Lynette Gaza, Linda Rodriguez, Frank Bliss, Lynn Mastio, Olivia Szego, Gordon Price, Katrin Bogan, Corrin Brush

Arthouse budget creation, presented at several closed film festivals, and therefore not accepted by the majority of viewers, eager to see, and not the search for truth. The horror covers several strangers, when, when they come to their senses, they discover that they are bound to forests. But the worst is yet to come, because they must be the protagonists of some kind of monstrous ancient rite. And getting out of this place is almost impossible.

Movie category \"B \" / Serie B (2012)

Genre: Thriller Director: Richard Voge Acterers: Manuel Sarso, Rougette Pera, Sonia Monroy, Kata Munar, Martha Simonet, Nurja De Cordova

Willy Molina, a Hollywood film actor in category B, after completing his career, settled in a secluded mountain mansion and devoted himself to his hobby – hunting. Once in the mountains, he accidentally wounds a girl from a group of tourists. Rana, fortunately, turns out to be a trifling and retired actor invites young ladies, as compensation for harm, to spend time in his mansion. After arriving at the estate, the girls discover that they are visiting a very rich man … and decide to rob the owner.

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