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Hospitable Sochi is considered to be the pearl of the Black Sea coast and the resort capital of Russia. The warm sea, the gentle sun, the abundance of subtropical greenery and kilometers of pebble and sandy beaches attract numerous beach lovers. In addition, Sochi is known for its attractions, which include natural treasures and the unique legacy of the Winter Olympics. Our article will tell you where to go in Sochi and help navigate the diversity of attractions of the most popular Russian resort.

1. Olympic Park in Sochi

The Olympic Park is the first place where every tourist must go to Sochi. This is the main attraction of the city, causing great interest among Russian and foreign tourists. Thanks to the legendary Olympic Park, Sochi has become famous throughout the world as the capital of the Winter Olympics. On the territory of the park there are numerous sports facilities that hosted world-class competitions in 2014: the Winter Olympics and Formula 1. Among the key attractions of the park are the Fisht Stadium, the Iceberg Palace of Winter Sports, the Olympic Mountain Village, the Sochi Autodrome racing circuit. Olympic Park is a great place for outdoor enthusiasts. There are playgrounds for football and basketball, as well as free exercise equipment. Bicycle rentals, roller skates, golf carts and segways have become very popular here. Ice skating Iceberg Arena awaits fans of skating even in summer. This attraction of Sochi becomes even more attractive to visit in the evening when the lights of sports arenas are lit and a grandiose light-music show of singing fountains begins.

2. Sochi Winter Theater

During the rest in Sochi you should definitely visit the main cultural attraction of the city – the Winter Theater. Its history began in the late 30s of the 20th century, when Joseph Stalin decided to transform Sochi and transform it into an elite Black Sea resort. On his initiative, a grandiose theater building in a neoclassical style was erected in the city, surrounded on all sides by magnificent ancient columns. For several decades in a row, the most famous theater and pop stars have performed on the Winter Theater stage. Every year the Kinotavr film festival, the Igor Butman jazz festival, the KVN Summer Cup and other equally exciting cultural events that will be very interesting will be held here.

3. Sochi Marine Station

An integral part of a bright and memorable holiday on the Black Sea coast are fascinating boat trips. Therefore, the next attraction of Sochi, where every tourist should go – the famous Marine Station. The station building, topped by a tower with a high steel spire, is very similar to the Admiralty building in St. Petersburg. In addition, the main pier of the Maritime Station is familiar to anyone who has ever watched the good old Soviet comedy “The Diamond Hand”: it was on this pier that Semen Semenovich Gorbunkov said goodbye to his wife and children, going on a cruise abroad. Anyone can follow the example of Comrade Gorbunkov: cruise liners regularly depart from the berth of the Naval Station, traveling to Turkey, Georgia, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy and other countries. You can take a short walk along the Black Sea coast of Sochi, visiting Matsesta, Khost and Adler.

4. Museum of the history of the resort city of Sochi

The history museum of the resort city of Sochi, founded at the beginning of the 20th century, is one of the oldest cultural attractions of the city. Its unique exhibits vividly illustrate the history of Sochi, starting from the Stone Age to the present day. Here are the tools of labor of ancient tribes, Byzantine coins and gold jewelry, as well as national clothing of the Circassians – the indigenous people of Sochi. Quite unexpectedly for many visitors to see in the Sochi museum an exhibition devoted to the Soviet cosmonautics. The fact is that well-known cosmonauts often rested in Sochi and underwent rehabilitation after flights at local health centers. And finally, a fascinating exhibition devoted to the nature of the Western Caucasus introduces visitors to the rich flora and fauna of the Caucasus Mountains, mixed forests, fertile steppes and the Black Sea.

5. Sochi Arboretum

While on holiday in Sochi, you should definitely go to the Arboretum Park and enjoy the harmony of nature surrounded by subtropical greenery and exotic flowers. The park was founded at the end of the 19th century on the initiative of a hereditary nobleman, playwright and editor-in-chief of Peterburgskaya Gazeta Sergey Nikolayevich Khudekov. He independently brought seedlings of rare plants for his park from the Crimea, the Caucasus and Europe. Today the park “Arboretum” is considered to be one of the most favorite vacation spots of Sochi residents and guests of the city. Here you can walk in the shade of slender cypresses, Italian pines, Himalayan cedars and date palms, meet peacocks and ostriches, and also admire the cherry blossoms in the Japanese garden. The real architectural gem of this beautiful sights of Sochi is the luxurious country villa “Nadezhda”, which Sergey Nikolaevich named after his wife. You can complete a walk in the park with a small cable car ride on the cable car, which offers a beautiful view of the sea and mountains.

6. Park “Berendeyev Kingdom”

Park “Berendeev kingdom” – is one of the most beautiful places in Sochi, where it will be very interesting to go with children, at what adults like this attraction no less. A fascinating tourist route through the protected area runs along cliffs, mountain springs and picturesque waterfalls. The highlight of the park is that its most interesting places are named after the heroes of the fairy tale by Alexei Ostrovsky “The Snow Maiden”: Lel’s creek, Beard Berendey waterfall, Mizgir bridge, water bank Kupava. While traveling along the Berendeyev Kingdom, you should definitely visit the altar of the goddess Lada, the guardian of the home, sit down on the royal throne of Berendey and explore the mysterious stone dolmens built at the same time as the pyramids of ancient Egypt. In the park you can often find many heroes of favorite fairy tales and cartoons: entertaining shows and fun contests for children have long become a good tradition here.

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7. Park Riviera

Resort Park Riviera rightfully earned a reputation as one of the most beloved and visited attractions in Sochi. The abundance of greenery, exotic flowers and cool fountains have to calm walks and romantic dates, and a large selection of entertainment will not let bored fans of outdoor activities. Kids enjoy traveling on trains and ride the back of a flying Dumbo baby elephant, older guys go swimming on the Indian River, walk along the Castle of Horrors and descend into the mysterious Black Hole, and the most fearless guests of the park are expected by the extreme attractions of Colorado, Indiana, American Hill and the hill, and the American hill and the hill, and the most fearless guests of the park will enjoy extreme attractions of Colorado, Indiana, the Hill of America and the hill and the hill, and the American hill, and the most fearless guests of the park will enjoy the extreme attractions of Colorado, Indiana, the Hill of America, and the American hill and the hill, and the most fearless guests of the park will enjoy the extreme attractions of Colorado, Indiana, America Hill, and the American Hill. the fall. Adrenaline lovers should definitely visit the extreme equestrian show in the Riviera Park with the participation of purebred Orlov trotters and Arabian horses. The favorite places for family holidays in the park are the dolphinarium and the aquarium, and connoisseurs of cultural events are happy to spend time in the Green Theater, where Russian pop stars and famous humorists often perform. You can take a deep breath after an eventful holiday on the “Riviera” beach, located just two hundred meters from the park.

8. Mount Akhun

In the Khostinsky district there is one of the most impressive natural sights of Sochi and the whole Krasnodar Territory – the mountain Big Akhun. It is very popular among connoisseurs of scenic mountain landscapes and is considered to be the best observation platform of the Sochi resort. On the way to the treasured summit you can visit the protected yew-boxwood grove or visit one of the thirty mysterious mountain caves. At the top of the mountain stands the famous landmark – the Akhun tower, whose appearance resembles a medieval fortress. However, in reality, the tower was built relatively recently, in the 30s of the XX century, on the orders of Joseph Stalin. Climbing to the observation platform at the top of the tower, you can enjoy magnificent views of the coastal cities and their surroundings, the Black Sea and the Caucasus Mountains. Inside the tower there is a restaurant and a museum dedicated to the nature of the Caucasus. If the impressions you received were not enough, we recommend visiting the Ferris wheel, mounted directly on the top of the mountain: the stunning panorama of the city of Sochi, which opens from the top point of the attraction, will not leave even the most sophisticated tourist indifferent.

9. Singing fountains in Sochi

Return to the Olympic Park and watch the incredibly impressive evening performance of the singing fountains. The official name of the fountain – “The Bowl of the Olympic Flame” – is largely symbolic. The giant bowl with a diameter of 75 meters is located in front of the stele-torch, the place of illumination of the Olympic flame. The fountain symbolizes the Firebird with fiery wings, reviving to the sounds of Russian national music. More than 250 water cannons produce powerful jets up to 70 meters high, which can be compared with the size of a 23-storey building. Multicolored sparkling cascades of water jets perform a magical dance to the accompaniment of masterpieces of Russian classical music and favorite Soviet songs. Singing fountains in Sochi is a truly grandiose and enchanting landmark, combining the latest modern technology and unique Russian national flavor.

10. Waterpark “Amphibius”

It is impossible to imagine full-fledged active recreation in the hot Sochi without visiting everyone’s favorite water rides. Therefore, we suggest you to go to Adler and spend the whole day in one of the most popular Sochi water parks called “Amfibius”. Here you will find a huge selection of water attractions: open slides with a smooth spiral descent, indoor rides with sharp turns, family slides with five lanes and as many as five swimming pools. The steepest (in the literal and figurative sense of the word) slides of the Kamikaze Water Park and Blue Hall are the best suited for adrenaline lovers. And the kids are waiting for funny slides in the form of a snake, an elephant and an octopus, as well as the fascinating attraction “Fantasia” with water barrels, artificial rain and naughty fountains.

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11. Waterpark “Mayak”

In the heart of the city of Sochi, you can go to the equally popular center of water entertainment – the water park “Mayak”. A wide range of attractions will appeal to both adults and the youngest guests of the water park. The “Family” slide is great for joint descent, the “Sleigh” attraction invites to leave a steep mountain on a special sleigh, and for the most courageous – the entertainment “Twister”, “Kamikaze” and “Free Fall”, a visit which guarantees a storm of emotions. The guys are happy to spend time in the water complex “Children’s Town”, equipped with slides, waterfalls, shower Charcot and other entertainment. The little fidgets will also love the original “Scarlet Sails” playground in the shape of a ship with real ropes, ladders, holds and boats. On the territory of the aqua park “Mayak” there is also a sea beach where you can continue your rest and ride a banana, scooter or a hydro bike. This is a great place to relax on excursions to other attractions of Sochi.

12. Dolphinarium “Aquatoria”

The Dolphinarium “Aquatoria” in Adler is rightfully one of the most visited attractions in Sochi. In the dolphinarium held fascinating water performances with the participation of local favorites of the public. Black Sea dolphins demonstrate their plasticity and ingenuity during naughty ball games and trainer riding on the back. A white polar dolphin named Stepan gladly communicates with the audience, making a lot of funny sounds, from tweeting to whistling. In addition, Stepan and his relatives are able to draw a good idea: right during the performance they paint with pictures, which can be easily attributed to works of abstractionism. Another dolphin star – the sea lioness Masha – performs complex acrobatic numbers and even knows how to juggle. In memory of the performance, you can purchase pictures painted by dolphins, photos with your favorite artists or video of the concert.

13. Oceanarium in Sochi

While vacationing in Sochi, be sure to go to the largest aquarium in southern Russia – the Sochi Discovery World Aquarium in Adler. Here you can watch the life of the inhabitants of the seas and oceans and touch the secrets of the mysterious underwater world. In the halls with aquariums twilight reigns, as well as on the seabed, so that the inhabitants of the aquarium feel at home here. A truly fascinating sight is a long glass tunnel, inside which you can watch fish, sea turtles, skates and sharks swimming overhead. The boys stare for a long time at the sunken pirate ship, in the holds of which the sea dwellers settled, and at the pond with hand-carped koi, joyful kids are treated to feed the fish. From time to time, visitors to the oceanarium meet here fabulous mermaids and brave scuba divers, diving into the water to feed the sharks.

14. Skypark

The Skypark in Sochi is the first and only extreme adventure park in Russia at height. His ideological inspiration was extreme Alan Hackett from New Zealand, who opened several points of bungee jumping in different countries of the world. Let us say a few words about bungee jumping, if you are still not familiar with it: brave men who venture on this breathtaking entertainment are tied to a long elastic cable and dropped from a great height into free fall. In Sochi skypark such jumps are made from the Skybridge Bridge – one of the highest in the world. Two platforms for jumping are located at an altitude of 69 and 207 meters: after such a crazy flight, many extreme people claim that they were born again! In addition to wild jumps into the abyss, skypark offers its fearless visitors a ride on the Mega-Troll attraction, the fastest trolley in the world. An open carriage, sliding along a metal cable, is carried at a breakneck speed of 120 km / h above the abyss of the Ahshtyr gorge. Not everyone is able to overcome their fear and experience a mad surge of adrenaline at the attractions of skypark. But if all of you decided on it – your courage is worthy admiration!

15. Theme Park “Sochi Park”

Surely each of us in childhood loved fairy tales and dreamed of getting into the magical kingdom. Now this cherished dream is quite feasible, one has only to come to Sochi and go to Sochi Park. Incredibly bright and colorful entertainment complex, designed in the spirit of Russian folk tales, rightfully gained a reputation as one of the best places for family holidays on the entire Black Sea coast. In this wonderful land, heroes of your favorite fairy tales and cartoons await you, exciting events and a huge selection of entertainment. The dizzying slide “Zmey Gorynych”, the exciting attraction “The Firebird”, the colorful merry-go-round “Gems”, the amusing attraction “Teacups” and the super-speed slide “Quantum Leap” will give a sea of ​​joy and vivid impressions to children and their parents.

Sochi is not in vain the best resort in Russia. After all, where else can you combine a wonderful beach holiday with a visit to a large number of the most interesting and beautiful sights. In Sochi there is where to go for vacationers of all age groups.

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