Reef friendly sunscreen

Capacity – 600 guests. Opening date – 2003. 302 numbers, from them: 302 Standard Room (36

• bathtub • scales • hair dryer • individual air conditioning • telephone • TV (3 Russian channels) • music channel • inform. channel • mini-bar (free of charge – water) • Internet (for a fee) • safe (for free) • ceramic coating • balcony / terrace • power grid 220 W • room-service (24 hours, for a fee) • add. bed • maid service – daily • bed linen change – on request

• outdoor pool (1000

Entertainment and sports:

free of charge: • sauna • jacuzzi • fitness center • darts • volleyball • basketball • beach volleyball • billiards • table tennis • disco (drinks – for a fee) • game room • live music – daily

extra charge: • massage • tennis equipment rental • tennis court lighting • tennis instructor • water sports • diving school • squash • horse riding • car rental • Internet cafe

Leo Children’s Club: • children’s pool • Leo Children’s Club (10: 00-12: 00, 14: 00-17: 00, evening program) • nursery (0-4 years) • Leo Mini (4-9 years) • Leo Maxi (9-14 + years) • children’s animation (in Russian) • evening entertainment shows • mini-disco • mini-cinema • playground • baby cot (free of charge) • baby carriage (requiring payment) • babysitting service (extra charge)

All Inclusive from 10:00 to 24:00 Includes: breakfast, lunch, dinner – buffet; snacks throughout the day in the hotel’s bars, locally produced alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Ice cream – for free; fresh juices, imported alcoholic beverages – for a fee. Newlyweds, regular guests – fruit; birthday – cake.

Hotel guests on the system "all inclusive" can dine in "Italian restaurant" or "Pool" Concorde El Salam Front’s bar.

Bars and restaurants:

• the main restaurant is designed for 300 people (covered, with air conditioning, summer terrace, children’s menu, children’s chairs); • Lobby bar (09: 00-24: 00); • pool bar (10:00 before sunset); • beach bar (09:00 before sunset); • disco bar; • à la carte restaurant: Italian – for a fee, according to the preliminary reservation.

• own (hotel Concorde El Salam Front), • sandy, across the road, • entrance to the sea: sand, corals, pontoon (12 m), • changing rooms, shower; • beach towels, umbrellas, chaise lounges and mattresses on the beach and at the pool – free of charge.

We accept credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club.


Thanks for your feedback!

Rested with two children 8

Flight without delays, konfektsi gave, stewards and flight attendants smiled sweetly, fed normally, water and juice – always without problems. I was surprised by the queue to the toilet throughout the flight and even during the landing, and there and back. Check-in at Sharmal Airport was quick. Pre-typed in intete "migration card to Sharmal Sheikh" and filled it in place without problems "on the model". On vyak case wrote "Sinai onli"but a visa to Egypt is free until October, sort of.

We arrived by bus for 5-10 minutes, left the luggage at the entrance to the hotel, then brought it. Had dinner, despite the fact that the time was 11 nights, and dinner until 10-30. They gave out the room and the card from the room and the card on the towels. In the room everything is cool, everything works, the safe is free, the instructions for it are clear. The room we asked for on the 2nd floor, gave no problems. Also without problems and surcharges brought the fourth bed for the child. We cleaned well, there was enough water, although we also brushed our teeth with water from a bottle. Sometimes they took a bottle with them and collected water on the beach, in the dining room or in the game room (where there is billiards).

I liked everything very much, the territory is well-groomed, beautiful, the birds fly, the lizards run, no flies and mosquitoes are noticed, the dining room (let’s call it that) is always clean, the tables are not sticky even once, dishes, too, always cover appliances and napkins, show where more comfortable to sit down. If you give a tip, the waiter will run to your meeting, as a native. Especially at dinner it is convenient, bring drinks from the bar, all for free. And without a tip, everyone is smiling, joking, playing with children, bringing what you ask. And if they are delayed, it is not because they have not been paid, but because they do not have time to serve everyone instantly. Queues never watched. Tables are always free and on the terrace in front of the stage too. We came at different times, and to the beginning, and to the end and how it will have to. Food is always all that ends – instantly replaced. Juices, tea, coffee, you can always pour it yourself. In the morning, fried eggs to choose – omelette, fried eggs with various additives – what you want, tomatoes, cheese, mushrooms, pepper. Always have pancakes in the morning. Yogurts, dry breakfasts of different types in such funny dispensers – the children liked. Vegetables – cucumbers, peppers, onions, eggplants, tomatoes, different types of cabbage, lettuce, olives. Fruit is not enough. Baking – sea, for lunch and dinner cakes and pastries. Meat – beef and chicken, was a duck. Garnish – rice, pasta, potatoes – different. Fish type of sole, was prepared in different ways, very tasty. Butter cream, cheeses, jams, cuts. In general, everything is tasty, high quality and close to our kitchen. Cooks are in the hall and happily photographed with children. The bartenders are polite, always smiling. Nowhere, neither on the beach, nor in the pools, nor in the lobby bars, did we see that we were ignored, all the more – they were rude. Set, fit and always ask – what will you be. In Sport, a good sauna and jacuzzi chic! In the Front there is a rather weak jacuzzi, but there is a steam room and an indoor cool pool. In the gym there is a trainer who will always help and tell you.

I have been reading reviews for so many years and I always remain at a loss to God. You go to the hotel, which praises the whole portal and you get into a cesspool. You are going to the hotel, from which the majority spits – and the rest is just super! I want this review to be read by those traveling with children. I have few of them – only four. Small at the time of the trip was only 2 months old. Yes, I am sick on the whole head aunt. But I consider it a perversion and mockery to sit in a gassed Moscow, when there is a real opportunity to go to the sea. Alas, the sea and we did not get it. When booking was the main condition – the convenience of using the beach with the kids. The agent nodded her head and said everything was super. I will not talk about the flight – Transaero, everything is standard. At the airport I was ashamed once again that I was Russian. The guys are so NOT. At the border there were only two customs officers, the queues were terrible. The airport employee collected passengers with small children and decided to take them out of turn. And there were about 5 families around us. I immediately realized that for me it could end badly and told my husband to stand in line. It turned out right. The employee has already regretted his action as soon as the first family tried to go with a 3 year old child. They were attacked by the MUZHIKI, I thought they would tear the poor woman apart, and their wives would stand and pry something like "Come on, nefig climb the queue. So they kasholkam, podarozhali and climb. " Having defended our turn, we still passed.

The hotel settled us quickly, we lived in Sport. The room was with us; the exit from the room was almost to the airport runway. It pleased me and my children (I am from the family of a military pilot, so I returned to my childhood). And the hotel workers were perplexed – we were the first Russians who didn’t come to swear because of the room. They asked us for three days, do we really like everything))))) We did not go hungry. I was still on a postpartum diet and all I could (boiled meat, steamed vegetables, soufflé, fresh vegetables) was all. For lunch, 2 types of soup, for breakfast "dragged" from a children’s table a herculeous porridge and an omelet as in a kindergarten. With the bartender by the pool, we quickly found a friendly tongue through a tip – and he was pleased, and we were well. I will not write about the miniclub – they talked a lot about it here – it’s super. But with the sea bummer. The fact that the hotel is the second line is not particularly strained, but the fact that the hotel is on a slope – I was not warned. With 4 children, towels and strollers, it is not possible to go to the beach. On the one hand, the descent of the steep stairs, on the other steep descent on the sand (((So we went to the sea only twice a week to admire the fish from the pontoon. When we left, the maid (uncle) offered to give us slippers and bathrobes. And here to me again, it became shameful for the Russians – they would hardly have offered the Italians to steal free bathrobes ((((

Good day. We rested at this hotel in September by a company of two families with children of different ages. The smallest child 2 g.

The overall impression is very contradictory. It seems that everything is there, the entire staff of the hotel tries to have a good rest, but … It seems that the students are doing the practice. Everyone is trying, but it does not work for now. Well, not down to the hotel 5 *. 4, no more !!

Reef friendly sunscreen

So, in order.

ACCOMMODATION, ROOM. We arrived in the evening, wanting to relax in this hotel had a full bus, but in spite of the number of tourists, we were accommodated promptly, for which a special thank you to the staff. We got a room on the first floor in the building near the children’s pool. The first impression of the room is big and running. There are 4 single beds in the room, which is not quite comfortable for a married couple with 2 children, one of whom is still quite small. The upholstery of the beds was very dirty, there was no soap, on the bottles with shampoo and balm there were suspicious spots of brown color. Without unpacking the suitcases, we asked the reception to change the number. Absolutely free of charge, and with a friendly smile, we were given a room key in the farthest building. The room turned out to be 3 single beds, (remember, there are four of us!) But, oh, happiness, it turned out there was soap! We decided to give up the issue, but soap, sorry, we took it with us! Returning to your room, we moved 2 beds, threw away dirty packages with soap accessories, forgot about the upholstery, gave ourselves an installation not to pay attention to unpleasant trifles. The only negative thing that could not be fixed was the door between our number and the next door (it turned out that it happens). There was audibility from behind the door, so that you could hear the neighbors pulling things out of the packages! Neighbors were also with the child, imagine what kind of rest can we talk about.

Well, cleaning the room … It is carried out by 2 young men, a German and an Egyptian. Well, how can 2 young guys get out? YES NO! Well, it is not given to them, no matter how hard they try! Would put 3 with a minus for cleaning, but I can not,

The fridge in the room is but empty. They brought a bottle of water 1.5 liters per day.

Reef friendly sunscreen

We arrived from Sharm tonight. We flew with a guy. The hotel is cool. Placed in the room quickly. 2nd floor. The view is great. The staff speaks good Russian. In case of any problems in the room immediately eliminate the problem or change the number. We had a broken lock at the door to the balcony. They called the master, he came after 5 minutes, he repaired in literally 10 minutes. Service is good. Waiters immediately bring drinks. The only negative with meals is that when you come to dinner at the very beginning, that is, in

Concord sports where we were, on the second line is from the beach But it does not bother at all. The bus runs every 10 minutes. And so you can walk and walk through the excellent area to look at the beauty of the hotel! In the front is a cool pool. From it you can watch the sea. In sports water slides. Adults ride like children)) Kanushni, beach volleyball, game rooms, jacuzzi and in the front and in the front, saunas, steam bath. All this pleases. Massage is paid. But it’s worth it))) an hour of massage from $ 30 and up. The only thing that was paid was a hookah ($ 4) and drinks at parties. The guide did the excursions but we did not go anywhere, enjoyed the hotel) in the Front you can enjoy everything except the main restaurant. As well as the front can not use the sports restaurant.

The beach is good. A lot of tier. Corals are super simple beauty! a lot of fish, but mostly they swim in the morning. In the daytime, the waves are rising and the fish are no longer so much. On the pier sits a looker, who looks at how close you are with coral and if anything keeps you at bay! On the beach is charging, latino dance, a lot of games. The animation on the beach is cool. 3 Russian girls who all explain well. there are also animators guys.

airport nearby. Literally 10 minutes and we drove.

Was in this hotel 2 times (1 time in Sport 1 time in the Front).

1. The airport did not bother me even once. You spend the whole day on the beach, in the evening in the restaurant, there is animation, music. At night we sleep. I really do not understand who the planes interfered with. If you go to the entrance of the hotel, then yes, the airport is in full view, but that there was a wild noise and I could not sleep or rest, it was not like that. Even fun to watch.

2. The rooms were both adequate. I did not notice the difference. Were cleaned not quite well, but at home I also did not wash the floors every day. So this is not a problem for me. In the room I just took a shower and slept. In order for you to change your underwear, you need to put a card on the bed. They will do everything.

3. Power. She ate a lot and tasty. Meat, fish, potatoes, rice, pasta. very tasty croissants for breakfast, and still freshly squeezed melon juice is a separate story. Until now, it is not enough.

4. The sea is good, there are a lot of fish, there is something to see, the husband is pulling out of the water) With sunbeds tight, this is true, but I have never been on the sand. Always found a place. From Sport to the sea, people walked on foot almost always, not at all, on the contrary, at least some movement and little exercise for the legs. And in the Front lived right in the first building from the sea. See-cool)

5. Animation on ex. The guys are trying. Happy sport, relax in the evening. Emotions are only positive.

Conclusion: hotel 5 *, but not for VIP clients. What Sport, what Front-essence one (rooms, food). The only difference in price, which is due to the distance of the Sport from the coast. If you go to rest and look for cons, it is better to sit at home with the new repair and with a personal chef in the kitchen. Good luck to all!!

Rested a couple with

In Egypt, for the first time, they chose a hotel for a long time (affordable), chose Concord, the reviews were very good, but a week before the departure the reviews went about poisoning, they did not change anything.

Arrived in the evening in a large group, threw things at the entrance and we were taken to

Number liked. even though the furniture is not new, but there are plenty of clothes to be thrown, there are tables there and

To the sea, except for a couple of times, we traveled by bus not because of laziness, but because of the heat, I certainly suspected that it was hot in Africa in the summer, but was not ready for it "hair dryer". Actually the sea was the main criterion when choosing a hotel. The sea is SUPER, the reef is very beautiful, there are plenty of fish and where to swim. Not in the distance, of course, but sailed along the reef through two hotels (to the right) from Pantone. Well, there’s nothing to tell. You need to see it all with your own eyes in a mask. They took a tour of

Food in the hotel is normal. a lot of things .. but on the 3rd day I had already made my menu (what to eat) and not to be greasy. I never stood in line (maybe I don’t know it) neither in the restaurant, nor in the bar, nor on the beach, although it was decent for the people. As for food, I will say this, the main thing is not to interfere much and not to drink (do not brush your teeth) tap water, I think everyone’s poisoning 100% because of tap water can’t avoid getting it into the body

The territory is beautiful, green, and large is cleaned everywhere, only in the mornings along the rooms on the lawn you can see all kinds of dishes from those who have sat up late in the evening.

So, traveled with the family – 3 people (

Alcohol in the bar sucks. By the way, the bars are painted in advertising and such and these are nonsense! All the bars in one place, near the main restaurant and work only when the main one, except for the lobby.

Food, though monotonous – but sufficient. Especially were happy meat – lamb and beef were not translated.

To understand the attitude of the staff towards you – go to "Front" and understand that you are second-graders.

Buying insurance – specify all the details. It turns out that even a medical examination is paid. And there is a list of diseases that the insurance company does not pay.

In the evening, you can go to Soho Square – there is fun and free WI-FI near the cafes. In general, after sunset (18-00) there is nothing to do.

Good time to all. Rested family with

Rested with two children 17 and 12 years old at the end of August from TUI. It so happened that I first bought a ticket, and then read the reviews. It was scary to go, but the rest was excellent.

Transaero Airlines – reliable, as always. There were no delays and negative moments, neither in the opposite direction, nor in the opposite direction.

Settling. Quite quickly settled. The room was overlooking the kids club on the second floor. TV, safe, mini fridge, bath and even bathroom scales. Everything worked and turned on, there were no animals at all. Luggage us, however, was detained. We already went to dinner, and walked around the area, but the suitcase had not yet been brought. I had to walk to the reception and everything settled right away.

Territory. Just a tremendous, if we consider also the Front. Very green, many colors. Many different sports fields, football field, indoor skating rink, stable, large swimming pool with slides and paddling pool for the little ones. Artificial river throughout the territory with fountains and a waterfall. Everything is simple "licked".

Sea. It is, of course, far away from him, all the more so in a straight line it’s impossible to get to him. In the morning or in the evening take a walk well, but in the heat you will be amused. But the bus goes every 5 minutes there and back. The beach is clean, sandy with umbrellas, deck chairs and mattresses, towels are issued from 7 to sunset. We came at different times and there was always enough space, although there were many people. The sea is just a fairy tale. You can swim with a mask, you can dive with an aqualung – right on the beach there is everything for that. But with small children you do not buy: there is no call from the shore, only from the pantone and you must be able to swim. And you need to be careful with corals – you can get hurt.

Nutrition. We ate only in Sport, in the Front as it did not work out, but I think there is no particular difference. In principle, there is everything: meat, chicken, fish, lots of vegetables, soup for lunch, pancakes and scrambled eggs of all kinds for breakfast, barbecue for dinner, various pasta, sausages, pizza. A huge assortment on the sweet table. Separately children’s table with a large selection. The truth is, there is some monotony in the preparation and, although the plates change regularly, the taste of the dishes changes little, so by the end of the rest, of course, I want something else. The fruit was very poor, we bought outside the hotel.

We rested a family of 4 people and with my grandmother. Children 11 and 5 years. We drove on the recommendation of relatives. Placed us in the case behind the pool (away from the music and bustle). There were no requests for a better room. The rooms were clean, cleaned every day. A very polite and cultured guy always left water bottles under the doors to the room if we hung a sign. "Do not disturb". The hotel consists of 2 hotels on the 1st and 2nd lines. We lived on the 2nd, and did not regret a bit that we did not go exactly to "Sport". We had a very warm pool with slides, water polo and aqua aerobics. The hotel on the 1st line of pools was 3 or 4, but everyone came from there to us. We walked to the sea (no more than 5 minutes, but the bus traveled every 30 minutes. And if we were on the way, we would always pick us up if we wanted to. We were fed well, a very beautiful lobby, a lobby bar that always worked and guys There were wonderful restaurants in it, a lot of restaurants, we could eat in the pizzeria and in the Italian restaurant on the beach. I liked the children’s room very much! I waited all the time when they took her there! The pontoon is very short! What is important when relaxing with children. Our hotel had a sauna with a jacuzzi, a gym. Right next to the hotel is very beautiful th SOHO center. You can walk every day. From the other hotels here carry on the tour. How nice! If you go to Concord, it was only in the Sport!

Good day. I will write briefly. The hotel is declared as 5 * in fact pulls on 4 * Not the worst hotel, if you are accustomed to comfort, then you are not here)

second holiday in Egypt took place in this hotel campaign of 2 families without children


especially infuriates the restaurant staff. How many do not give tea, they will pretend that they simply do not see you at close range. constant search for plates. forks. spoons. it is strong

second minus two options to the sea. walk through the first line or bus to the reception line 1 line. and here the trouble. if the sea you go downhill. then back you crouch in this slide. you get into it with your booty in the soap. and there is a plus. You can dive into the pool 1 line.

food as in all hotels

threesome animation

pros proximity to the promenade soho

rooms are cleaned but not clean and apparently not often. specially left a match on the carpet. in the center. she lay there 5 days out of 10

overall. if you are on the positive going to rest. rather than look for cons the hotel is quite bearable

Interviewed with friends and a couple of friends. They asked for a number of instructions, they gave them without any additional payments. A room in the bath stand, all in the bath, a bathtub of the bath – a bathtub with a curtain, didn’t be honored with the bath cosmetics –– shampoo і cute with its own scent of needles. In a restaurant, a boule of boutiques, the norms of the assortment, for the evening, often gotovali"yaso and fish on gril, duzha relish. In the main at a restaurant on the embankment in 5 * Area, so early on the beach, I don’t feel hungry, I don’t feel like it (there is a smaller assortment, which is conditional). Cleaned up

The hotel is not close to the airport and this is a plus and a minus for some, it does not matter. We arrived early in the morning from Kiev, at 7 in the morning or so, at the reception we were asked to wait until 11 when we put on the bracelets and offered to drink tea / coffee at the bar in the lobby from 9 in the morning (starts work), and at 14 they have a check in, but we were settled much earlier as early as 10 am we were in the room. I will try to be objective – the numbers are not the first freshness but far from bad, 4 points. My friend and I decided to take a walk and look around what’s where to be. The territory of the Hotel is big, green and well-kept – the hotel itself is on 2 lines if someone did not know – walk to the beach and walk for 7-10 minutes (shuttle bus bass – free of charge from the hotel every 10 minutes). The territory has everything for both active and passive recreation, a swimming pool, a large lobby with armchairs and sofas, a sauna, a jacuzzi, a gym – everything is free) On the way to the beach along the road there is a club for children and then a stable and a football field, going to the first line is various shops – clothes, hookahs, pharmacy, groceries, souvenirs and so on. We met with the locals – a cool guy works in Aroma shop – "Tarik", very cheerful and speaks fluent Russian, I advise you to visit him – this is not an advertisement). Next, go to the first line, on it is Concord Front, go down the hill and go to the beach. the view is unforgettable, we went to the beach early in the morning at 8 (in the morning they opened the approach to the water), on the beach at that time there are not so many people, full sun beds and not so hot (at 8 am usually 30-32 degrees) and after 11 the roasting begins, well for those who like to be fried in the sun, the most that (just do not forget about sunscreen), the wind on the beach is quite strong and easy to burn. Separately, I want to write about the sea, there are stones and corals on the coast, the pontoon is not long, it’s a pity there are pontoons near but without descent, there are many people during the day and it’s not convenient to descend and climb back, always sit on the stairs (I don’t understand these people). The sea is clean, beautiful, warm, a large number of fish, small and big, swim nearby, they have just seen a couple of very big ones. You must buy a mask to see all the beauty under water, or dive with scuba diving is cool. I really liked it. from 10 am, the animators start working – they are trying to walk tourists, but they’ve got something weak, I’d not like to participate in their contests in the heat. they have quite an extensive program for anyone interested (volleyball, water polo, olympic games, darts, etc.). Generally, various scourges of parties and other activities are arranged here from the animation, a girl dances in the hotel on the stage in the evenings, and in the lobby near the piano there is live music from 8 pm. The food in the hotel is average, monotonous food, I will not say that there is nothing to eat, but you just won’t stay hungry (there is also a grill – fish, liver, chicken, beef). Drinks are medium, beer is so-so, alcoholic beverages are also not a fountain, well, nothing surprising. The staff is quite friendly, met a few cheerful bartenders – Ayman and Mahmoud, also Belil’s waiter – thanks to him for the service (he reserved a table for lunch and dinner) and generally a nice young man, nice to chat. At first, there were not many people in the hotel, but by the end of our stay a large number of local families arrived, small children and it was no longer so comfortable to rest, in the evening there were no empty seats at the lobby, constant shouts and noise from children, they didn’t seem to interfere but when there are too many of them it is impossible .. I just wanted to leave somewhere .. I would like to say separately about the excursions, you can choose from a tour operator or from local people (much cheaper), but in any case it is worth it, we took a quad ride and swim in the bay of Ras Mohamed e corals – cool and beautiful. I liked everything, despite the small drawbacks, in Turkey the service is better, but we will definitely come next year to Sharm, only maybe it will be a different hotel. Thank you for the friendly welcome to Egypt and the Egyptians.

Just returned from the hotel. I always tried to look for only a positive on vacation, knowing full well that you can find fault with everything. Was in many places and countries. In Egypt for the first time. Hotel disappointed. The rooms are old and dirty. I had to change for a separate gift. And even the replacement was a compromise. Given that the hotel was 15% full, replacing the room turned out to be a problem. Dissatisfied faces, type that you do not like. Towels from the third time only interrogated. Cleaning is one name, albeit for $ 1. 5 or 4+ here and close does not smell. Friendliness did not notice. Just a couple of people were normal. The rest with disgruntled persons went. Maybe Ramadan influenced them, I don’t know. If you did not get for any reason for breakfast or lunch, you will go hungry. Almost no snacks. Separate "thank" I want to say to the guide, or rather will write a reptile, forgive me for my French, Join Up. A person has one task to give you trips at an exorbitant price and that’s all. I witnessed how this leader of an old lady on the day of arrival instead of information about the hotel, what and where to be and

Rested a family of 3 people. A child is 7 years old. WITH

As can be seen from the recall pluses more than minuses. But the moments with the settlement and departure greatly spoil the impression of the hotel. I recommend the hotel only if you decide in advance the issue of settlement / departure in advance. Otherwise, the negative can not be avoided. Most of the reviews are written, it seems to me, by the animation itself. No delight the hotel did not cause. The hotel has a firm rating of 4. From the wish of the hotel: you will not get poorer from a cup of tea and a smile at the reception.

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