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MTS service users make calls every day and send messages to their relatives, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, use mobile Internet. Sooner or later, everyone thinks about saving and choosing the most profitable tariff plan (TP). What are the cheapest MTS tariffs recommended to pay attention to? In this issue to be understood.

Choosing a tariff plan

Mobile TeleSystems offers a choice of a wide range of different tariff plans. Each subscriber can find for themselves the most suitable and profitable products. Attention should be paid to such TPs as:

“Per second” is the cheapest MTS tariff for calls that are infrequent or short. “Super MTS” is an excellent option for people making regular calls to MTS subscribers. “Smart” and “Smart Unlimited” tariff plans are profitable products for those people who not only call subscribers of different operators, but also actively use the Internet.

“Per second”

This is a fairly simple product that does not require making mandatory payments. Tariffication, as the name indicates, is per second. In the capital of our country and the Moscow region, 1 second of communication by phone costs 5 kopecks. At this price, you can call the numbers of absolutely all operators of the local region.

The “Per Second” product, belonging to the “Cheapest MTS Tariff” group, is not economical for calls to other regions and regions of the country. The cost of 1 minute of conversation with a subscriber of MTS of the Russian Federation is 5 rubles. Almost 2 times more expensive calls to mobile numbers belonging to other operators.

When thinking about which tariff on MTS is the cheapest, you should definitely consider the “Super MTS”. This is quite an interesting and profitable product. This TP includes an automatically connected option that operates in the local region and allows you to talk for free with other subscribers of Mobile TeleSystems for 20 minutes each day. When this package expires, the communication begins to be paid for (1 minute costs 1 rub. 50 kopecks for MTS subscribers in Moscow and the Moscow region). The option fee is not charged.

People communicating with MTS subscribers not only local, but also other regions, should activate another option that allows making calls all over Russia. The cost of its connection in Moscow and the Moscow region is only 2 rubles. 50 kopecks The same amount is a daily fee. The option has the following conditions to remember:

  1. Every day, users get 100 free minutes. They can be spent on calls to MTS subscribers in local and other regions of our country. This feature of the TP allows you to say that Super MTS is the cheapest MTS tariff for calls in Russia.
  2. After the quota spent, 1 minute of a conversation with a local MTS subscriber costs 1 rub. 50 kopecks Calls to MTS users in other regions of the country cost 5 rubles. for 1 minute of communication.

Mobile TeleSystems offers a viable product called Smart to active users of communications. This tariff plan provides for a mandatory monthly payment of 550 rubles. It includes:

  • unlimited number of minutes for calls to MTS mobile numbers in the local and other regions of the Russian Federation;
  • 600 minutes to all networks in the local region;
  • 600 SMS to all networks in the capital of the country and its suburbs;
  • 3 GB internet.

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When the packets of minutes, messages, and the Internet are over, the following conditions apply:

  • 2 rub. worth 1 minute of communication with subscribers of other operators of the local region;
  • 1 message within the local region costs 1 rub. 50 kopecks;
  • The Internet package for additional traffic in the amount of 500 MB at the price of 75 rubles is automatically connected.

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Calls and messages to other regions of the Russian Federation are not included in any packages. A minute of conversation costs 5 rubles, and one SMS – 3 rubles. 80 kopecks Despite this, the “Smart” product can be attributed to the “cheapest MTS tariffs” group, because for a fairly small fee, Mobile TeleSystems has provided its users with ample opportunity to communicate.

“Smart Unlimited”

People who frequently make calls, who actively use the Internet, social networks and who love to share photos and videos with friends, believe that MTS has the cheapest tariff for all operators – this is “Smart Unlimited”. The daily subscription fee for this product is only 12 rubles. 90 kopecks during the first month of use and 19 rubles during the second and subsequent months. It includes:

  • unlimited number of minutes to MTS mobile numbers throughout the Russian Federation;
  • 200 minutes to all networks in the local region (when the package ends, 1 minute of conversation with subscribers of other operators starts to cost 2 rubles);
  • 200 SMS-messages to the numbers of all operators in the capital and Moscow region (after exhausting 1 message costs 1 rub. 50 kop.);
  • absolutely unlimited internet.

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Connection of tariff plans

Each subscriber, having understood which MTS tariff is the cheapest for him personally, thinks about connecting the selected product. This can be done through a personal account or a mobile application interface. The fastest and easiest way – activation using a special command.

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