Private plane

Small business jets are ideal for a quick and comfortable trip for short distances up to 3000 km.

Private plane

Average business jets take on board up to 10 passengers and allow you to comfortably move in space at a distance of 5,500 km.

The ultra-reliable large business jets, with a capacity of up to 12 passengers, cover distances of up to 12,000 km.

Private plane


Long-haul business jets – modern reliable aircraft – can accommodate up to 15 passengers and are capable of ultra-long flights over distances of more than 15,000 km.

A distinctive feature of our company from many others working in the field of business aviation is the presence of its own fleet, which has at its disposal many different planes. In our hangars are airplanes of the most diverse types: from small and medium-sized, designed for quick flights over short distances, to large, and even long-haul, suitable for intercontinental transportation of large groups of people up to 50 people. The advantages of its own fleet include a wide selection of aircraft offered, as well as the ability to replace the aircraft in case of unforeseen circumstances.

As for the technical condition of our jets, it is at the highest level. We constantly check our aircraft for malfunctions and immediately resolve any problems that arise, as we care about the safety of our customers. Private jets offered by our company are equipped with the latest technology and are able to offer all that may be required during a long flight. In the planes of our company you are waiting for luxurious salons, characterized by an increased level of comfort:

Private plane

• comfortable leather chairs, just sitting in that, you can immediately plunge into drowsiness; • air conditioners that maintain the optimum air temperature for the flight; • minibar filled with various snacks and drinks; • widescreen monitors and projectors suitable for watching movies and conducting presentations; • Internet access and IP telephony; • and much more that will help brighten up the time spent in flight.

On this page all the jets offered by our company are listed, and you, if you wish, can easily find out all the information you are interested in about any private jet provided in our catalog, the photo of which you can see here. To do this, just click on its image. The price of the flight varies based on a variety of factors, such as the model of the selected aircraft, fuel costs, flight distance, as well as many other factors and is decided directly at the conclusion of the transaction. It is difficult to find such a private plane, the rental price of which would be rigidly fixed. In case you wish to order a private jet or you have any additional questions, you can always contact the phones listed on our website. Our support team will always be happy to help you.

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