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Despite world fame, Prince Harry and Megan Markle gently guarded their feelings from journalists and onlookers for more than a year, allowing them to look at themselves together just once before engagement. Perhaps not a single monarch scion treated his love with such reverence and caution. And yet, the prince’s privacy desire did not always coincide with the desire of insiders and the paparazzi to enrich themselves at his expense, so that during all this time we had, though not quite clear, but still quite a real idea of ​​how it developed. royal bachelor affair with his american girlfriend.

Today, since Harry and Megan are confidently and openly traveling together across the UK, we decided to take a look at a retrospective of their relationship and piece by piece to collect everything we learned about from their first meeting to the official announcement of wanting to get married.


For a long time, journalists were wondering when exactly the fateful acquaintance of the British prince and the American actress happened, but all they had to do was wait for the first interview of Harry and Megan to understand: no one could even think that their first meeting had happened that way.

It all happened in early July 2016. The place is Great Britain, where the star of the series “Force Majeure” arrived with a working visit. Did she know who Prince Harry was? Yes, of course, she remembered that her childhood idol, Princess Diana, had a red-haired offspring, and yet, as she later put it in interviews, “the United States has a completely different understanding of the royal family.” But who is Harry, Megan’s friend — the aristocratic Violet von Westenholz — had a wonderful idea, for she had been friends with him since childhood. As the journalists suggested, it was she who came up with the crazy, at first glance, idea to arrange a blind date for her friends.

Sounds like a screenplay of second-rate television shows, and yet Megan, whom the title of Harry did not inspire any reverence, agreed. “The only thing I asked a friend when I found out who she wanted to introduce me to was:“ Is he even cute? ”, The prince’s bride told her a year and a half later,“ Because if he hadn’t been like that, it wouldn’t have would make no sense. “

However, if Megan ever heard of Harry, the prince himself did not know who he would meet. He did not watch “force majeure”, and the rest of the film works of Megan never received any fame (read: “Megan Markle’s 11 roles she would prefer to forget about”). In a word, it really was a blind date – but how fabulous it was.

Later, the prince confessed to journalists that from that very meeting he understood: Megan was his only one. They met at a joint party, fully aware that they were trying to get them down, but this seemed to make no difference. They talked to each other all evening, and said goodbye to the words “Well, what are we going to do tomorrow?”.

After the second date, the young people liked each other even more, and after a few weeks, the enchanted prince offered his new girlfriend a company to travel to Botswana. And Megan agreed – despite the hardest schedule and thousands of miles distance. “We slept together under the stars together. They were on their own, only the two of them, the prince confessed, “It meant a lot to me, I wanted to get a chance to get to know each other better.” So the Briton and Amrik understood that their relationship has a chance.

The media will learn about the romance of the prince

The quiet and comfortable relationship between Harry and Megan lasted less than four months – until the ubiquitous insiders got around to the romance of the British prince and American actress. It was one of them who told the Sunday Express tabloid on October 31, 2016 that Harry was fascinated by Markle and “happy, which he has not been in the past few years.” On the same day, Megan herself published in her Instagram a funny snapshot of two bananas in an embrace, which, of course, was immediately regarded as a hint at the beginning of a serious relationship.

Perhaps this photo really was a subtle trolling on her part, but from that moment no one doubted: in the near future, journalists will have plenty of reasons to disrupt circulation. In the interview, the bride Harry admits that they had a premonition of intense interest from the press, and yet she still remembers how wonderful these first months of privacy were.

Meet the Parents

Meanwhile, despite the rumors about their romance, Harry and Megan continued to actively appear in the light (of course, one by one). Young people were also happy to talk with journalists on all topics except personal life. But not to talk about something does not mean giving no hints. So, in early November, when Megan told in one of the interviews about her new collection (did you not know what she was? Then we read “36 facts about Megan Markl”), she exclaimed in her hearts: “I am overwhelmed with emotions! I am the luckiest girl in the world. “

At about the same time, the People edition reported that Prince Harry had already introduced his beloved to his father, and Megan, a renowned philanthropist, was very pleased with the Prince of Wales.

Official statement

It has been only a week since the moment of the loud publication in the Sunday Express, and the name Megan Markle has already appeared on every page of both high-quality and yellow editions. The latter did not skimp on a variety of speculation, in no way forgetting to focus on the skin color of the girl. In the British publishing houses began frank obscurantism, similar to the fact that once accompanied every step of Princess Diana. Harry, who perfectly remembered the role the paparazzi played in the death of his mother, decided to act.

There was no point in hiding. On November 8, the press service of the Kensington Palace published an official statement by the prince, which not only recognized his affair with Megan, but also strongly demanded respect for the girl and her right to privacy.

“Prince Harry is worried about the safety of Megan Markle and deeply disappointed that he could not protect her. It is not true that after only a few months of relations, Miss Markle should be assaulted by the press. The prince realizes that some may consider that “this is the price she will have to pay” and that “this is part of the game,” but he does not agree. This is not a game – it is his and her life. “

Later, the prince and his bride admitted that the reaction of the media and the public strongly and very unpleasantly struck them. “I have never been a part of tabloid culture. I always lived a relatively quiet life, focusing on work and suddenly … I think we were immediately struck so painfully by so many false gossips that at some point I made the decision to not read anything about myself at all – neither good nor bad. It just didn’t make sense, so we focused on our relationship, ”Megan explained after the engagement.

Prince William takes a couple under protection

However, the statement of Prince Harry only added fuel to the fire, giving the reporters a dozen more reasons for further speculation about his affair with Megan. By the end of November, the tabloids had blown up yet another “sensation”: the Duke of Cambridge was outraged at his brother’s decision to tell the general public about his relationship with Miss Markle. Next on the list: William does not like that Megan is an American / actress / black / overly popular, and so on. However, he didn’t have to practice slander for a long time: on November 27, Prince William published an official statement in which he dispelled all rumors about his hatred of his beloved brother, and at the same time once again reminded him of the privacy of Miss Markle.

Observers immediately noticed that the Duke of Cambridge very rarely made statements on his own behalf regarding his personal life (in truth, such an appeal was only one thing: before he began to meet with Kate Middleton). So the story of Harry and Megan should be monitored even more closely.

Relations are getting stronger

Harry and Megan, however, so keen attention of the press, though shocked, but only hardened. For the next two weeks, the press continued to catch any hints that everything was serious between the young people. In early December, Miss Markle got into the lenses of the press, walking through the streets of Toronto with a cute chain around his neck, on which pendants stood in the form of the letters H (Harry) and M (Meghan). A few days later – already in London – The Sun’s reporters finally managed to take the first picture of the couple. Young people went to the next meeting in the theater Gilgud.

A little later, they together chose a Christmas tree at the Pines and Needles Christmas tree market in southern London. However, Christmas directly, Harry and Megan could not meet together: Her Majesty would allow her grandson to break the “no ring – no bring” tradition only in a year.

Harry gets grandma’s approval

The winged prince, obviously, already then decided that in one day Megan would lead him to the altar — whatever the cost. There was only one “formality” left – to ask permission from the grandmother, who at one time imposed not one prohibition on her family marrying for love (read: “Seven skeletons in Elizabeth’s closet”). Harry didn’t take a long time to get familiar with, and, as the insiders reported that same December, took Megan to Buckingham Palace, where the American woman pleasantly surprised Her Majesty. If only because Miss Markle immediately liked the royal corgi – and this does not happen with every guest of the monarchy.

The world meets the Megan family

By the beginning of 2017, Harry and Megan met happily for half a year already. Much was said about their novel, but if someone’s own opinion was important to Miss Markle, it was only the opinion of her relatives. However, not all.

Megan was always very close to her parents, despite the fact that they divorced when she was just a child. Of course, it was these people who were among the first to whom the happy girl told about the new novel. Tom and Doria, as usual, immediately supported her daughter, although, as Megan said later, at first they were seriously concerned about the hype that hovers around her name. However, her other two relatives were pleased with this hype, who from the beginning of January began to actively speak in the press, telling about the girl Prince everything they thought about her.

So, in January, half-brother Thomas Markl Jr. gave an interview to the British Daily Mail, in which he spoke about Megan’s relationship with his father, and half-sister Samantha Grant continually appeared on her Twitter account, accusing the girl of hypocrisy and heartlessness. Since then, if the tabloids wanted to inflate another sensation about the prince’s girl, the first to whom they asked for comments were her stepfather relatives (read: “The Markle family: what is wrong with the relatives of the future princess Megan”).

Prince william africa

Romantic holidays

In the meantime, while half-brothers and sister Megan bathed in the glory of minute glory, Harry and his lover enjoyed their time together. They could not celebrate Christmas together, but they celebrated New Year with each other. But their holidays did not end there. In early January, the prince decided to take his beloved to Norway – to admire the northern lights together. Sources at Us Weekly reported that Harry took maximum care to ensure that their journey remained incognito, and the impressions of the trip were the most inspirational. The couple went to Tromsø – to visit the longtime friend of the prince Inge Solheim, where she spent the happy days of solitude, which both of them have been lacking lately.

Relationship at a distance

But the Christmas holidays came to an end, and Megan and Harry had to go back to work. A new chain of eternal flights began from London to Toronto and back. Was it difficult for them? Of course. “She could come here for four or seven days, then fly back and run at the shooting on Monday at 4 am,” recalled Prince Harry in an interview with the BBC. And yet it was worth it. So, Megan flew to England in early February, where a couple was caught in London’s Soho House. In March, the lovers together went to the wedding of Harry’s friend to Jamaica, and on Easter Eve the red-haired aristocrat “caught” near Megan’s house in Toronto.

Such a schedule, no doubt, was exhausting: always active on social networks, Megan did not find the strength to please her subscribers with at least a tiny post. However, their feelings with Harry continued to flourish more and more. “Harry is crazy about her,” said one of the insiders in the spring, “wait for the quick engagement.”

Megan’s life is changing

However, the rare update of the social networks of the girl was not always the result of high employment, although it was about this that various sources told the tabloids for a long time. For nearly a year, the actress has met with the then fifth in line for the British throne. About the same she lived in two cities. After this, the life of the American Cinderella could no longer be the same. Surely, like any girl in love, Megan was already beginning to think about the wedding, which in her case was another challenge, because not everyone can just assimilate into British society. And the Hollywood actress began to confidently turn herself into a British.

Almost unrecognizable, Megan changed her style, which from the beginning of 2017 more and more began to resemble the one that made Princess Diana and Kate Middleton famous. But that’s not all: the ambitious and sociable Miss Markle had to say goodbye to all her projects, and also close her famous life-style blog The Tig (this happened in early April). For her part, it was a big sacrifice, but, probably, Megan understood why she had to do it.

Harry introduces Megan in the circle of British aristocrats

All the following May, Harry and Megan almost never parted, but the prince in love was still in no hurry to introduce his girlfriend to the lenses of photographers. True, I did not hide her: on May 8, Megan was invited to the annual polo match in Ascot, in which her prince also took part. Perhaps that day there were no more people being photographed, but the reporters did not wait for a joint picture. It was possible to capture a couple together only after playing in the parking lot – and then “under cover”.

Prince william africa

I must say that the “renewed” Megan looked magnificently among the high public – dressed in a dark blue light dress and a light jumper, she attracted the views of each guest resolutely. Probably the same effect the girl had on Pippa Middleton’s wedding a few days later. But surely we will not know, because on that day the girl was present only at a closed banquet.

Return to Botswana

All summer almost nothing was heard about Harry and Megan, however, on the eve of August new assumptions appeared in the media about the imminent engagement of the British prince and American actress. Occasion? It’s simple: on August 4, Megan celebrated her 36th birthday, and in honor of this event, Prince Harry again took his beloved on a journey. Of course, the choice fell on Botswana – the country where their love flourished. Africa is a sacred continent for many Windsor, and, of course, neither Megan nor Harry could feel the whole symbolism of the moment. And yet, then Megan came home without a ring. But her lover, most likely, returned from a trip with a clear understanding of exactly where he would take the engagement diamond for his girlfriend.

Megan reveals the cards

The relationship between Harry and Megan survived one year mark. Was there any point in hiding from everyone’s eyes further – especially after the paparazzi had already managed to distribute several dozen of their joint pictures? It is likely that there was not. In early September, Megan decided to openly talk about their feelings in an interview for the October Vanity Fair. “We are a couple. We are in love. I am sure that there will be a time when we openly tell about ourselves, our history. But I hope everyone will understand that now is the time only for us. Special We are happy. Personally, I love great love stories, ”the prince’s girl told me, which caused a very mixed reaction, because we all know that the passions of aristocrats didn’t stop talking much until the engagement ring flashes on their finger (read:“ Vanity fair: a big mistake Megan Markle which may cost her a prince ”).

And yet, be that as it may, the fact remained: Megan personally confessed that there was a serious romance between her and Harry.

Any other prince in the British royal family, most likely, would not have tolerated such a trick (which clearly shows the example of Prince Charles, who at one time gave the gate a turn to her elder sister Diana Spencer, as well as Kate Middleton, who decided to shoot in gloss only after 5 years after the wedding). But Harry did not seem to care. He not only did not publicly repudiate further ties with Megan, but finally, at the end of September, he decided to publicly present her as his girlfriend at the Games of the Unsubdued in Toronto.

It was a real triumph for Megan: the whole day the lovers literally glowed with happiness, and a few days later Prince Harry was photographed in the company of not only his beloved, but also her mother Doria. From now on, no one had any doubts: the announcement of the engagement was just a matter of time.

After the triumphant appearance at Invictus Games, the whole world did not for a minute stop accepting bets on the engagement date. The more sober-minded, however, understood that the announcements would not happen until events in Great Britain commemorating the 70th anniversary of the wedding of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip.

So it happened. On November 27, Kensington Palace officially announced the message that had been waiting for many months. His Royal Highness Prince Harry and Miss Megan Markle are engaged. After another couple of hours, the happy lovers came out to the journalists, allowing themselves to take a picture together for the second time. Miss Markle symbolically appeared in a white coat, setting new standards for royal fashion and making elegant coats a signature part of her own style.

There was a magnificent engagement ring on Megan’s ring finger — Windsor’s “correct” (given that it was a diamond ring, read: “Windsor engagement rings: damn ruby, karmic sapphire and a vicious emerald”) and very symbolic. Made of Megan’s favorite metal, yellow gold, it was decorated with three purest diamonds. The central stone, as expected, was brought from Botswana, and it was framed by two smaller diamonds from the personal collection of Princess Diana.

After the photo call, the young people gave their first joint interview, in which they not only spoke about their love, but also expressed a great desire to work for the benefit of the royal family. Thus, in the history of Windsor, a new chapter was opened in which love defeated all the old-fashioned traditions and protocol prescriptions, allowing a simple American girl to become a real princess.

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