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Asics is the most famous brand in the running segment. About 25% of runners in large marathons around the world are running in asix. And their main trump card – Gel – became a sign of good running shoes. In sports shops you can often hear: “I need sneakers with gel” or even “gel sneakers”.

Asix running sneakers are divided into 5 segments:

  • Stability – created to correct the setting of the foot, support the weak ligaments and pronation disorders.
  • Depreciation – sneakers for a long and comfortable running on hard surfaces.
  • Speed – lightweight competitive models.
  • Off road – Sneakers for running on the ground, mud, snow and stones.
  • Universal – for fitness and everyday use.

Let’s see what the new asix gave to runners in the summer season of 2018. An overview of the asix running shoes of the most running categories – stability, depreciation, speed, off-road.

one. Stability 2 Depreciation 3 Speed four. Off road


The main distinguishing feature is the presence of a dense insert on the inner side of the midsole. Asix is ​​DuoMax material.

Models in this category will suit hyperrony, novice runners and people who are overweight.

Asics Gel-Kayano 24

The best Asics model from the category of stability. Collection of all technologies of the company.

  • Gel-Kayano 24
  • reflective version Gel-Kayano 24 Lite-show
  • replaced the upper material – new jacquard mesh FluidFit
  • the pad was made more dense, but left more space for fingers
  • MetaClutch backdrop to stabilize the heel

Men: weight 320 g, 10 mm drop.

Women’s: weight 265 g, a drop of 13 mm.

Plain white sneakers

Asics GT-2000 6

Training model with foot support. Lightly trimmed version of Kayano, both in technology and price.

  • GT-2000 6
  • GT-2000 6 Lite-show – reflective version
  • GT-2000 6 Trail PlasmaGuard – an option for easy off-road with a strong mesh and increased tread
  • GT-2000 6 (2E) – model for a wide foot
  • GT-2000 6 (2A) – for narrow feet

What’s new in model 2018?

  • improved “ride”, raising the sock
  • replaced the material of the top
  • reduced the amount of gel to reduce the viscosity
  • put the FlyteFoam foam

Male: weight 300 g, 10.5 mm drop.

Women’s: weight 235 g, a drop of 10.5 mm.

Asics GT-1000 6

The initial model of the GT series. Depreciation of SpEva and gel, without using FlyteFoam. Foot support is not worse than the upper models – the same Duomax. A great option for wellness runs up to 10 km.

  • GT-1000 6
  • GT-1000 6 GT-X – model with a membrane Gore-tex

Plain white sneakers

Men: weight 290 g and 320 g (GT-X), 10 mm drop.

Women’s: weight 235 g and 265 g (GT-X), 10 mm drop.

Asics Gel-Foundation 13

Special model for serious problems with pronation and large body mass. The sole maintains repeated compression by the big weight. Sneakers are adapted for use with orthopedic insoles.

  • Gel-Foundation 13
  • Gel-Foundation 13 (2E) – for a wide foot

Male: weight 350 g, 10 mm drop.

Women’s: weight 290 g, 10 mm drop.

Asics Gel-Phoenix 9

The key advantage is simplicity. The model contains proven technologies and materials from previous years. Stable sneakers for small runs at a reasonable price. The most affordable Asics from the category of stability.

Men: weight 310 g, 10 mm drop.

Women’s: weight 250 g, 10 mm drop.


A category for those who want to run comfortably on asphalt and paving slabs. Models of “depreciation” are designed for runners with neutral pronation, but they are also suitable for lightweight hyperpronators. They will help prepare for the first marathon without compromising the health of the joints.

Asics Gel-Nimbus 20

Nimbus is the best cushioning in Asics. The most popular model in terms of the number of finishes in marathons. Depreciation, comfort, durability – they have everything to run without problems over technology. Read our Asics Gel-Nimbus 20 review.

  • Gel-Nimbus 20
  • Gel-Nimbus 20(2E) – for wide feet
  • Gel-Nimbus 20 SP (Sakura Pack) – new design in sakura colors

What’s new in version 2018?

  • released anniversary design
  • put a new grid with different density zones
  • changed the area of ​​lacing – now on the fold less folds
  • the area of ​​the fingers made wider

Men: weight 305 g, 10 mm drop.

Women’s: weight 250 g, the drop is 13 mm.

Asics Gel-Cumulus 19

Comfortable, soft sneakers for daily workouts. Seamless elastic top, soft interior and tight fit of the foot. Ideal to sit on a narrow foot.

Plain white sneakers

  • Gel-Cumulus 19
  • Gel-Cumulus 19 GT-X – option with Gore-tex membrane
  • Gel-Cumulus 19 Lite-show – reflective version
  • Gel-Cumulus 19 (2A) – for narrow feet

Men: weight 320 g, 10 mm drop.

Women’s: weight 255 g, 10 mm drop.

Asics Gel-Pulse 9

Basic depreciation for novice runners. Without new technologies, but with a good set of proven old ones. Suitable for light runs up to 10 km.

  • Gel-Pulse 9
  • Gel-Pulse 9 GT-X – version with Gore-tex membrane

Male: weight 325 g and 340 g (GT-X), 10 mm difference.

Women’s: weight 260 g and 275 g (GT-X), 10 mm drop.

Asics Gel-Contend 4

The initial depreciation model. Gel begins with this model. Of course, he is only in the heel and his little, but he is. Anything cheaper comes without a gel.

Kontend are sturdy generalists with a classic design and stitched top.

Mens: weight 300 g, 10 mm drop.

Women: weight 230 g, 10 mm drop.

Asics amplica

Created in 2018 for lovers of minimalist shoes. Economical option for natural running and tempo training. Suitable for fitness and everyday use.

We would place the amp in the “speed” category, but Asics thinks otherwise.

What distinguishes the amplika from other budget sneakers asix?

  • low midsole
  • seamless top
  • difference less than 10 mm

Men: weight 240 g, 8 mm drop.

Women’s: weight 196 g, 8 mm drop.

Asics Patriot 9

If Gel starts with Contend 4, Asics starts with Patriot. Casual sneakers for sports enthusiasts. Jogging, gym, walking, walking with sticks – element Patriot 9.

Mens: weight 295 g, 10 mm drop.

Women’s: weight 235 g, 10 mm drop.

The main requirements for competitive sneakers – lightness and responsiveness. Depreciation should not only dampen the blow, but also push it forward.

Suitable for experienced runners at any distance. Beginners with weak feet – for high-speed workouts and exercises for equipment.

Asics Gel-451

New The fastest model Askis 2018. It is a combination of Hyperspeed and Hypertri. The number 451 in the title is a reference to the Ray Bradbury novel “451 degrees Fahrenheit”. It should be the burning temperature of the paper, but he later admitted that he was wrong in the scales.

Option for fast marathons, half marathons and triathlon. Fast lacing will save time in transit.

  • seamless top
  • fast lacing boa
  • sole perforation to remove moisture

Men: weight 205 g, 6 mm drop.

Women’s: weight 170 g, 6 mm drop.

Asics Gel-DS Trainer 23

Proven over the years model, like Kayano, only lightweight and speedy. DuoMax foot support, gel, stable backdrop – familiar technologies, but for a pace of 4:30 and faster.

What’s new in model 2018?

  • put a lighter and more elastic mesh AdaptMesh

Men: weight 240 g, 10 mm drop.

Women’s: weight 200 g, 10 mm drop.

Asics DynaFlyte 2

Tempo model for neutral pronation. From 2018 Trainer was made only with support, although there used to be 2 versions: for hyperpronators and neutral. Place neutral occupied DynaFlyte.

By technology, this is the same Trainer 23. Suitable advanced runners for the pace of training and competition.

Men: weight 255 g, 8 mm drop.

Women’s: weight 204 g, 8 mm drop.

Asics Noosa FF 2

Continuation of the Noosa series for triathlon. Noosa has always been distinguished by bright “Hawaiian” designs, Noosa FF 2 is no exception. Otherwise, they have become more versatile – comfortable competitive sneakers.

What is the feature?

  • put 2 layers of mesh, now it is stronger, but breathing is not worse
  • sole made from 2 types of rubber: Gripsole and Wetgrip – for dry and wet surfaces, respectively
  • FlyteFoam and Gel depreciation – the best depreciation in the speed category

Men: weight 240 g, 10 mm drop.

Women’s: weight 205 g, 10 mm drop.

Asics RoadHawk FF

They occupy an intermediate position between competitive and training shoes. In RoadHawk there is no gel, FlyteFoam foam with the addition of Kevlar is responsible for cushioning. Read our Asics RoadHawk FF Review.

  • Roadhawk ff
  • RoadHawk FF SP (Sakura Pack) – design in sakura colors

Male: weight 230 g, 8 mm drop.

Women’s: weight 190 g, 8 mm drop.

Off road

Designed for running on all surfaces except asphalt and paving slabs. Dirt, snow, sand, rubble, stones are the elements of the category off-road.

  • strength
  • deep tread
  • sharp stone protection and resistance

Asics Gel-Fujitrabuco 6

The most famous SUVs asix. All distances run from the trabuka: from city trails to mountain ultramarathons.

What is the feature?

  • keep well on dirt, sand, soil and stones
  • top sneaker made seamless
  • improved ventilation, now after fords they dry faster
  • special pocket for laces
  • Asics Gel-Fujitrabuco 6
  • Asics Gel-Fujitrabuco 6 GT-X – with a waterproof membrane Gore-tex

Male: Weight 325 g, 335 g (GT-X), 7.5 mm drop.

Women’s: weight 275 g, 285 g (GT-X), a drop of 7.5 mm.

Asics Gel-Fujirado

Replaced the Asics Fuji-Attack. The sole remained unchanged, and the top has changed a lot.

Runners of any level will suit short trails. Experienced athletes with the equipment supplied – for long trails.

  • lacing boa
  • sock design

Men: weight 300 g, 8 mm drop.

Women’s: weight 255 g, 8 mm drop.

Asics Gecko XT

A novelty named after the gecko lizard. Universal model for all types of coatings from solid ground to wet stones and tree roots.

  • GeckoTrac rubber sole
  • FlyteFoam depreciation – the first Asix SUVs with new foam
  • special pocket for shoelaces
  • durable breathable mesh

Men: weight 290 g, 6 mm drop.

Women’s: weight 240 g, 6 mm drop.

Asics Alpine XT

A simplified version of Gecko. Suitable for those who want to get off the asphalt and try their hand at the trails.

Differences from Gecko:

  • depreciation from SpEva instead of FlyteFoam
  • ordinary rubber on the sole instead of GeckoTrac

Male: weight 310 g, 6 mm drop.

Women’s: weight 240 g, 6 mm drop.

Asics Gel-Sonoma 3

Trail sneakers for beginners. Designed for loose soil and stones.

  • Asics Gel-Sonoma 3
  • Asics Gel-Sonoma 3 GT-X – with waterproof membrane

Male: weight 325 g, 345 g (GT-X), 10 mm drop.

Women’s: weight: 265 g and 250 g (GT-X), 10 mm drop.

Asics Gel-Venture 6

Entry level SUVs. Suitable for walking and jogging in the parks.

Men: weight 316 g, 10 mm drop.

Women’s: weight 258 g, 10 mm drop.

Asics catalog spring-summer 2018

For more information, we recommend to look through. Asics electronic catalog.

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