Places to visit in the world

Please note that in order to obtain a tourist visa to China, you must have medical insurance for the duration of the trip!

The cost of a tourist visa to China. The purpose of the trip is TOURISM (L)

The cost of a business visa to China for 7 days. Purpose of the trip BUSINESS (M):

Places to visit in the world

The term of preparation of documents by the manager of the company is up to 5 days!

The cost of a business visa to China for 3 days.Purpose of the trip BUSINESS (M):

You may need:

Categories of Chinese visas:

    L – Tourist visa. Tourist visa is issued to applicants who plan to visit the country for tourist purposes. If your goal is business or trading with Chinese companies, but you have not yet found local partners, we also recommend that you apply for this type of visa.

M – Business visa (business purpose of the trip). This type of visa is intended for applicants who have contacts with partners in China and are traveling to the country for business purposes (implying commercial activities, trade relations and other types of operations with Chinese partners)

Providing all previous visas to China is MANDATORY (if the new passport is valid)!

Visa to China for citizens of the Russian Federation. Visa to China urgently in St. Petersburg.

    • Passport valid for at least 6 months from the date of the end of the proposed visa to China. If a passport is issued after 2015, you must attach a previous passport;
    • A copy of the internal passport (page 2-3 (with photo), 4-5 (all filled pages with registration), 18-19 (data on previously issued passports));
    • For tourists who do not have a permanent or temporary residence in the North-West region, it is necessary to attach a certificate from work, with work experience of at least 6 months, the company must be and be registered in the North-West region – St. Petersburg, Len. Oblast, Republic of Karelia, Murmansk Region, Pskov and Oblast, Arkhangelsk and Oblast, V. Novgorod and Oblast, Komi Republic, Republic of Karelia) + temporary registration in St. Petersburg or Len. areas;
    • 1 color photo on a light background size 30 * 40mm; (at the Intours office);
    • We take your photos by e-mail, from any flash media, print out, adjust, according to the requirements of Consular services, the photo size is at least 1 MB;
    • Old passport;
    • Copies of previously issued visas to China;
    • >> Questionnaire for a visa to China.
    • Medical insurance during the trip

    Business visa to China

        • Getting a multivisa is possible only if you have previous business visas to China or several tourist visas;
        • Certificate of employment (on company letterhead with the signature of the head and chief accountant, as well as the seal of the company) indicating the position, salary, work experience. Be sure to indicate the place of filing: the Consulate of China. Help must meet the objectives of the trip.

        Special service for legal entities (on request, extra paid):

            • Accompanying translator at exhibitions, factories, shops in China;
            • Reception of documents for visa application in the office of the Customer’s company and delivery of finished documents.

            Visa to China for a child

                • Copy of birth certificate;
                • If a child under 18 leaves not with two, but with one of the parents, other relatives or accompanying persons, a notarized permission from the remaining parent (parents / guardians / guardian) to leave the child abroad is required.

                Visa to China for citizens of the CIS / Foreign citizens

                Foreign citizens may issue single-entry Tourist visas for 30 days only if there is a group of 5 people or more. and by group invitation. Business visas for these citizens are issued 7

                Places to visit in the world

                • Copy of registration;
                • Copy of migration card;
                • Certificate of employment (on company letterhead with the signature of the head and chief accountant, as well as the stamp of the company) indicating the position, salary, work experience;
                • Copy of visa to Russia (if available).

                Visa to China for citizens of Ukraine:

                For a visa to China for citizens of Ukraine, the following documents are required:

                • RWP (copy)
                • Registration in Sev. Western region (copy)
                • Migration card (copy)
                • Help with the work with the date of commencement of employment, position and salary

                By decision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, consulates of the Republic of China in Russia do not accept documents from citizens of the following countries for consideration:

                • Kazakhstan
                • Kyrgyzstan
                • Turkmenistan
                • Tajikistan
                • Azerbaijan
                • Turkey
                • Syria
                • Iran
                • Iraq

                Visa to China for Russians

                Visa to China is a prerequisite for citizens of the Russian Federation and the CIS to visit this country. China is a big country with an even larger population and an incredibly long history. Do I need a visa? There are cities on the territory of China – independent megacities, for which the Russians do not need a visa for China. For example, Hong Kong. Visa is issued upon arrival. Citizens of the Russian Federation may enter the territory of Hong Kong without a visa and stay there for 14 days. For those who want to visit the whole country, you need to apply for a visa to China. The Intours-Individual Tourism company specializes in international tourism and provides services related to the selection of international tours (including picks up tours to China and Hong Kong), booking railway and airline tickets, booking hotels and hotels. The range of services of our company includes assistance in obtaining a passport of the old or new type, as well as various types of visas. Chinese visa in St. Petersburg has become very popular. Actively developing country every year becomes for all more attractive. How to get a visa? Visa processing can take a lot of time for an unprepared person: the queue at the embassy, ​​the wrong documents for the visa and mistakes in filling out the questionnaire. Need an urgent visa to China? Urgent visa to China is also issued. Tourist, transit or business visa: our company in a short time prepares for you a visa of any type. We are also happy to select for you interesting individual or excursion tours to China, which will allow you to get acquainted with the culture of the country, see all its sights and discover China from a new side. We will also help you arrange a business tour if you plan to go to international exhibitions that are held annually in China. It should be noted that a visa to the PRC is also necessary if you plan to visit Tibet, Macau or Taiwan. Separate visas to these countries do not exist. It should also be remembered that without a tour of Tibet to get into this country is extremely difficult. Need a visa to China? Employees of our company will help you get permission from the Office of Tourism Affairs and arrange a tour and a visa to China, which will allow you to visit Tibet or Taiwan. How to apply for a visa to China? You can apply for a visa to China through our agency quickly and efficiently, without spending any extra effort. How much is a visa to China? The cost of a visa to China will be significantly reduced if you additionally book a tour in our company, book flights or a hotel, take photos for a visa to China.

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