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by Brendan Bettinger June 24, 2012

This weekend, Brave It wasn’ta pixel’s 13th year ago Toy story. If you want to try out a new feature, By the numbers. It is important that you receive it, and you can get it. Four thousand words later, I’m not sure that I’ve been able to work on the last two decades.

Hit the jump for a detailed look at Toy story, A Bug’s Life, Toy story 2, Monster’s, Inc., Finding nemo, The incredibles, Cars, Ratatouille, WALL-E, Up, Toy story 3, Cars 2, and Brave.

Year: 1995 RT: 100% Worldwide Gross: $ 362 million

  • 1991 – It was a Toy Story. The deal has been awarded 10% of Toy Story’s profits to Pixar.
  • 77 – Runtime in minutes, making this the shortest Pixar movie by more than 10 minutes.
  • 11/19/1993 – The day the movie nearly fell apart. The Pixar team presented the idea of ​​a disassembly, partly because it was a sarcastic jerk. ”It was a bit closer to the final version.
  • $ 30 million – Listed production budget. Toy Story is made of the Pixar ever made, paling in comparison to the $ 200 + a million budgets of the recent movies.
  • 110 – Staff members who worked on the film, including 27 animators. That number also grew significantly over the years.
  • 114,240 – 800,000 hours per frame.
  • $ 75 million – Break-even point by Pixar co-founder Steve Jobs: “If it gets $ 100 million, [Pixar and Disney will] both make money. But if it’s a real blockbuster, it’ll make it a lot of money. ”
  • – Where Buzz Lightyear will go to. (And beyond.)

Pixar Studio Tour

Ah, the one that started it all. I watched this on videocassette as a kid. I would need three digits. It has been shown that it has been compared to the new stuff. But boy, is the story timeless.

Year: 1998 RT: 92% Worldwide Gross: $ 363 million

  • 1988 “Year of Disability,” it’s a movie about what it’s about.
  • 7 – Samurai in Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai, which serves as the basis for the story of A Bug’s Life.
  • eight – Number of general designs of individual ants used for crowd scenes. It is necessary to draw 4-5 groups of these groups in the frame.

Pixar films. But it proved that it was not a fluke. Plus, it was a ten-year-old me had ever encountered.

Year: 1999 RT: 100% Worldwide Gross: $ 485 million

  • 03/12/1997 – Date of Disney and Pixar
  • 9 – Months taken to complete the movie. It was a sequel, but Disney liked it. He was internally unhappy with his product. Brannon and Lee Unkrich were credited as co-directors on the final product.
  • 2 – Days taken for the “story summit” at John Lasseter’s house. Lasseter invited Andrew Stanton, Pete Docter, Joe Ranft and others on the studio story on Monday.
  • 2 million – Dust particles animated for the dusty top shelf.
  • 3:02 – Length of “When She Loved Me,” the song that plays uninterrupted over Jessie’s flashback. Composer Randy Newman was a young girl who grew up during a 3-minute ballad.
  • 12 – Years of the car up to 2011. The Monsters, Inc. sequel Monsters University is due in 2013.

Toy Story 2 is the best sequel of all time. 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. [Edit: Of course a reader found one. Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein.] Oscar nomination for Best Original Song. “When she loved me” Disney nominee “You’ll be in my heart” from Tarzan.

Year: 2001 RT: 95% Worldwide Gross: $ 525 million

  • thirty Pete Docter’s idea for the movie. He was a boy who came to him as an adult.
  • 3 – Age of Boo in the movie. They are between the ages of 6-12. In the end, it was decided, because she was “more dependent on Sulley.”
  • 1998 – Year when the character Mike Wazowski was added to the movie. It wasn’t until the development of the artist in April 1998. It wasn’t until development of the character.
  • 0 – Arms Mike had in the original character design. He gave him arms.
  • 6 – Legs on the octopus It is a legend that it has been a tracker for the movie. It is also necessary to have restrictions on the budget restrictions.
  • 2,320,413 – Individually animated hairs on Sulley. It took 11-12 hours to render a single frame with Sulley in it.
  • 2319 – This is a number of socks stuck to his back. The 23rd and 19th letters of the alphabet are W and S, respectively, standing for “white sock.”
  • four – Movies that feature both John Goodman and Steve Buscemi. Monsters, Inc. It was the fourth teaming of the Coman brothers movie.

If you love my nostalgia for Toy Story, Monsters, Inc. is my favorite Pixar movie. It has so much heart, and the chase through the doors is such a thrilling climactic sequence. And it’s on the very last of the movie … gets me every time. I wasn’t been up for a couple of years before the events of Monsters, Inc. But I am also very excited to review.

Year: 2003 RT: 98% Worldwide Gross: $ 868 million

  • 1992 – Year when director writer / director Andrew Stanton Stanton imagined that in the computer animation.
  • 1997 – Year when pre-production began. It has been a great deal that has been worried about it. He incorporated that theme into the story.
  • 150 – Age of Crush, for his Nemo. I love you. Stanton kept his voice for the Crush in the final film.
  • 3 “For the coral reef:“ It’s a tall, beautiful thing, for the coral reef. ”
  • 40 million – Copies of the DVD sold as of 2006. As far as I can tell, Finding Nemo is still the bestselling DVD of all time. It broke the first-day record for home-release sales with 8 million copies.

I would like to say that this is where Pixar became a pixar, reverent tones. It is $ 868 million is rarified air. She shot up the box office charts. And it’s amazing. I am very excited for the re-release in September.

Year: 2004 RT: 97% Worldwide Gross: $ 631 million

  • 1993 – Year when the writer / director Brad Bird first drew the superhero family that became The Incredibles. Bird initially set up as a traditionally animated movie at Warner Bros. The design of the characters is in the end credits.
  • 2003 – Year when Warner Bros. Looney Tunes Back in Action. Bass at CalArts,
  • 89 – Sets built for the production. It should be noted. For comparison, Monsters, Inc. had 31 sets.
  • four – it took him a record of his vocals as Syndrome. Craig T. Nelson recorded his vocals as Mr. Incredible over the span of two years.
  • 1/10 – Fraction of a second to display images with LPICS. Luster Previously, the process required 2000 seconds.

It has been a great deal. When you want to go on the movie

“It’s the idea of ​​a central idea.” It’s a startling idea. At last, a computer-animated family picture is arguing with, and about! ”

The Incredibles cemented of the movie

Head to page 2 for the numbers on Cars, Ratatouille, WALL-E, Up, Toy story 3, Cars 2 , and brave.

Pixar Studio Tour

Year: 2006 RT: 74% Worldwide Gross: $ 462 million

  • 66 – Famous route that inspired the movie. The original working title was Route 66, but it was not shown.
  • 95 – Lightning McQueen’s racing number, a reference to a Toy Story’s release in 1995. At one point in development, McQueen’s number was 57, and a tribute to John Lasseter’s birth year.
  • 117 – Runtime in minutes. Cars is the longest Pixar movie.
  • $ 8 billion – Estimated merchandise sales contractor.
  • 7 – Number of Pixar movies Joe Ranft worked on. He came up with a copy of the story, including Wheezy 2 in the Story of the movie.

The first misstep, and even that is debatable. Cars is a solid movie — good, maybe even great. But Cars is more flawed than its immediate predecessors. I’ve been grossed for $ 462 million dollars worldwide since the Bug’s Life. But I guess $ 8 billion more than makes up for it.

Year: 2007 RT: 96% Worldwide Gross: $ 624 million

  • 2001 – Year when Jan Pinkava came up with the concept for Ratatouille. The movie was designed for several years.
  • 2005 – Year when Brad Bird replaced Pinkava as director. Pixar or Pinkava were confident. Brad Bird stepped in to take over the production and largely rewrote the story.
  • 4500 – Reference photographs taken in Paris. It’s not a problem.
  • 0 – Toes on the humans. Save the time in the animation process.
  • 1,150,070 – Hairs rendered on the rat, Remy. For comparison, Colette, the female lead in the Ratatouille, was rendered with 176,030 hairs.
  • 270 – Food items created and stored in the computer. Each dish was prepared in real life, photographed for reference, then eaten. The artists are also photographed.
  • 68 – Height difference in inches between the Remy (7 inches) and the central human character Linguini (6’3 ”). Skinner, the head chef at 3’6 ”.

Ratatouille showed a million dollars over the past weekend, A since the Bug’s Life. But the release showed terrific legs. The weekend-to-weekend dropoff stayed below 40% for a total of $ 200 million. Not bad for a movie about a rat.

Year: 2008 RT: 96% Worldwide Gross: $ 521 million

  • 125,000 – Storyboards created for the production. Story artist Derek Thompson remarked: “Typically a Pixar film will be between 50 and 75,000 storyboards generated for the entire production. WALL-E was north of 125,000 drawings. The sixth most of the time. ”
  • 2 – Weeks cinematographer Roger Deakins spent at Pixar. The 9th time of the week. Dennis Muren spent 8 months at various times during the game.
  • 700 – Years that WALL-E has been “alive.” Earth was evacuated in 2105, leaving WALL-E and identical robots to clean the planet. Only our WALL-E survived to 2805 by harvesting replacement parts from its broken robot brothers.
  • 3 – Actors from the silent era who inspired the animators. Andrew Stanton, Director, Andrew Stanton, “It was a Charlie” WALL-E was inspired by Woody Allen.
  • 2,500 – Sounds that sound by Ben Burtt recorded for the film. This movie was estimated by the artist. Burtt used his voice through a computer.
  • 6 – Oscar nominations, the most for a Pixar movie. The 4th of 6 Pixar movies to win the award.

Pixar has done. It is unfairly disappointing. I’m making it a little bit different.

Year: 2009 RT: 98% Worldwide Gross: $ 731 million

  • 3 – Nights the artists spent at Monte Roraima in Venezuela. They spent the day, especially the tepui and Angel Falls.
  • 20,622 – Balloons tied to the house when it takes off. He recommended that he really wanted 20-30 million balloons to lift the house.
  • 4:21 – Length of the free-losing scene of the Carl and Ellie Frederickson.
  • 100% – Percentage of people who watch when they watch that scene.
  • 500 – Children who need to voice the young supporting character Russell. Writing / Writing Pete Docter remarked, “I’ve been thinking,” he said.
  • 2 – Letters in the title. Upwardly, though he holds up the title.
  • 3 – Dimensions. Up is the first Pixar movie to be shown in 3D. All subsequent movies through 2013’s Monsters University were made in 3D. Toy Story and Toy Story 2 were just for Toy Story 3; Finding Nemo and Monsters, Inc. were also converted to 3D for re-release over the next year.

Up Shows Pixar at their most invincible. It was an adorable robot. Up, however, centers on a crochety old man. How can kids relate to that? And yet, $ 731 million. Plus, it was the first movie of the movie since it was nominated for the best picture.

Year: 2010 RT: 99% Worldwide Gross: $

  • eleven – Years that passed on the street, despite the fact that he had not been singing since 2001.
  • 3 – Movies Lee Unkrich co-directed (Toy Story 2, Monsters, Inc., Finding Nemo)
  • 0 – Models from the first two movies that couldn’t re-use. Unkrich explained, “I couldn’t open the files.”
  • 21 – Different outfits for the movie.
  • 95 – Toy Story was released.
  • 6 – Movies scored by Randy Newman. Toy Story 3 was the sixth Pixar movie scored following the movie story, Toy Story, Life Bug, Toy Story 2, Monsters, Inc., and Cars.

This seemed like tempting fates. Lightning struck twice since the story of Toy Story 2, making it true that it has been in the United States. Why return to the Toy Story well? The doubters were silenced when the movie came out. It was worth it, it was worth it, it was worth it. And now the franchise will seemingly live on shorts and TV specials.

Year: 2011 RT: 38% Worldwide Gross: $ 560 million

  • five – Years that passed between Cars and Cars 2.
  • 3 – New Doc Hudson was written out of the sequel. Lloyd Sherr stepped in to voice Fillmore, previously played by George Carlin. But it’s not a true dialogue.
  • five – Races in the original script. Races were planned for Paris, Germany, Tokyo, London, and Porto Corsa. The race was reworked due to time constraints.
  • four – Movies scored by Michael Giacchino. Cars 2 was the fourth Pixar movie scored following The Incredibles, Ratatouille, and Up.
  • 0 – Oscar nominations. Cars 2 was the Oscar nominations.
  • $ 9 million – Amount Cars 2 needed to reach $ 200 million domestically. Millions of cars was up to $ 200.

This is the Pixar film I haven’t seen. I probably will eventually because I am a completist. But I am not looking forward to the Mater-heavy adventure. It was an amazing achievement, so they were bound to stumble into a dud at some point.

Year: 2012 RT: 74% Gross: Tbd

  • 3 – Credited directors. It is a fungus. It has been a great deal. Stenda Purcell is credited as co-director.
  • 80% – Approximate percentage of scenes that have been made. Chapman’s departure to the final product.
  • 2 – Actors linked to the role of Merida. Pixar’s first female lead protagonist, but backed out due to scheduling issues. The authentically Scottish Kelly Macdonald took over the role.
  • four – Actors were also in the Harry Potter series: Kelly Macdonald, Emma Thompson, Robbie Coltrane, and Julie Walters.
  • ten – The Pixar has made a period piece.
  • 93 – Runtime in minutes, making it a bit of a Pixar movie in decade, since Monster’s, Inc.
  • 6 – Bare butts seen in the movie. Brave is rated PG for “some scary action and rude humor.” This is the third PG pixel film after the Incredibles and Up. The rest are rated G.
  • 13 – Times John Ratzenberger has now voiced a character in a Pixar movie. He voices a guard in brave.
  • $ 210 million – Listed production budget, making this the most expensive Pixar movie yet. Toy Story 3 and Cars 2 are both listed at $ 200 million.

I was completely hooked up to the brisk runtime. The Scottish Highlands is predictably gorgeous, and the design designs are lovely. Merida’s untameable bright red hair is a thing of beauty, a character unto its own. Pixel’s first protagonist and Merida doesn’t disappoint. As she is a feisty woman, she is feisty and clever,

It was a bit too bluntly, but it was a terrific death and it seemed to be a bit more bluntly. A narrative twist raises the race, but inadvertently redirects the momentum of the storytelling so drastically that Andrews is unable to keep everything under control. The rest of the runtime is entertaining, occasionally thrilling, and often very funny (the mischievous triplets are a highlight). But so far as it’s possible, it’s intricately teased in the first act.

Like WALL-E, Brave is uniquely unique to Pixar. Unfortunately, Brave never reaches the heights of the WALL-E and stumbles more clumsily into the weaker second half of the movie. The result is still a good movie with flashes of greatness. However, I’m waiting for a triumphant return to form rebounding from Cars 2 — another Pixar classic. Brain will not be intact.

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