Phil saw his shadow

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Duration: 01:30

Producer: Justin Lin

Toretto, fugitive, returns to Los Angeles. Although Brian O’Conner once let Toretto go, gave him the keys to his car and thus allowed him to escape from justice, Toretto still treats him to antipathy. But O’Conner and Toretto have a common enemy, against whom they have to combine their forces. Ahead of them are waiting for new breathtaking race to race with death. Now they will have to loot trucks and cross borders to save their lives.

  • In the first picture, Walker and Diesel were allowed to perform many tricks, since both were then not considered stars. But by the fourth “Fast and the Furious,” the actors became known, the tricks were more difficult, and the studio forbade Walker and Diesel to take risks.
  • Interestingly, the original intention was to name Fast / Furious and put the title on the poster above Walker and Diesel’s faces so that it was clear that the first one was fast (fast) and the second one was furious (frantic). But this plan was rejected as a lie. In any case, the name of the picture continues the Hollywood course of abandoning the numbers in the titles of the sequels, as they are associated with second-rate fakes (which are often the sequels with large numbers in the title).
  • Vin Diesel shot a 20 minute prequel of the film. He tells the story of such heroes as Dom, Latti and Khan, in the time interval between the Double and the Three Fast and the Furious.
  • Paul Walker drives a Nissan Skyline GT-R, which was met in the second part of the film.
  • In one of the scenes where the FBI helicopter flies over the highway, a talk on the radio (pilot with the center) is heard: “Base, I’m Black Knight, I’m on the fifth highway five minutes from Joker”. An obvious allusion to the film “The Dark Knight.”
  • In the scene where a gasoline truck is robbed, Dominic rambles one of the tanks and as a result there are numerous injuries on the car, in particular, dents, but in subsequent frames the damage reappears and disappears again.

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Feb 03 2013 06:15

Feb. 11 2013 12:41

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1734 kbps avg,

192 kbps Translation:

Subtitles: Russian (forced) – sewn

File: Fast & Furious 4 – Fast Furious (2009) WEB-DLRip-AVC from SuperMin | D | Open

Subtitles: Russian, EnglishTranslation: Professional (full duplication)

1500 kbps avg,

Translation: Professional (full duplication)

12000 kbps avg Audio: Audio # 1: Russian: 48 kHz, DTS, 3/2 (L, C, R, l, r) + LFE ch,

448 kbps avg | odnogolosy offscreen,

448 kbps avg | odnogolosy offscreen,

448 kbps avg | odnogolosy offscreen,

Translation: Professional (dubbed) + Author’s (monophonic offscreen) Subtitles: Russian, English

879 kbps avg,

Subtitles: Russian (full, forced into Spanish), English.

1,805 kbps avg Audio:

File: Fast & Furious 4 – Fast – Furious (2009) BDRip 720p |

Audio 2: AC-3, 6 ch, 448 kbps (English Original) Translation:

Translation # 1: Professional (Dubbed) (Blu-ray CEE) Translation # 2: English (Original) Subtitles: Russian (Forced), English (Full)

350 kbps Audio: 48 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch,

4720 Kbps Audio: Audio 1: AC3

Translation: Duplicated [license] Subtitles: Sewable disconnectable Subtitle language: Russian, English

File: Fast & Furious 4 – Fast – Furious (2009) BDRip-AVC |

File: Fast & Furious 4 – Fast – Furious (2009) BDRip 720p from

Subtitles: Russian (full, forced), English (full).

2022 kbps;

24244 kbps Audio: Audio stream No. 1 (ENG): DTS-HD MA

4173 kbps lossless (core: DTS

Distribution Author: KinoExpertSubtitles: English, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Icelandic, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish

Bonuses Subtitled: Funny moments, Bandyugans, What is hidden under the hood: powerful cars, Gang unites again, Driving courses for Vina Diesel, About filming a big carjack, Racing and chasing, High octane in action: car stunts, South of the border: about filming in Mexico, Blanco’s video clip performed by rapper Pitbull with Farella Williams

Rollers: The Fast and the Furious, 2 Fast 2, The Fast and the Furious, Fast & Furious, Comments by Justin Lin

7000 kbps Audio: Audio1: Russian: 48 kHz, DTS, 3/2 (L, C, R, l, r) + LFE ch,

Audio tracks: Professional (full dubbing) + Original

2021 kbps avg,

Audio tracks: professional (full dubbing) + original audio track

1255 kbps avg,

File: Fast & Furious 4 – Fast Furious (2009) BDRip

File: Fast & Furious 4 – Fast Furious (2009) BDRip

Dubbing + Original +

2022 kbps avg,

Professional (dubbed) + Original track

1901 kbps avg

9617 kbit / s Audio: Russian DTS

Subtitles: Subtitles 1: Russians (dialogs in Spanish only, R5)

Subtitles 2: Russian (full, subtitles ru, wash my full ad-libbing)

Subtitle 3: English

Phil saw his shadow

File: Fast & Furious 4 – Fast Furious (2009) 2 DVD9 | Special

DVD1 Bonuses: Movie Trailers: “Star Cruiser“ Galaxy ”,“ Inglorious Bastards ”,“ Rock Wave ”,“ Johnny D ”;

Bonuses DVD2: “Charger” at home, Live in one moment, Fast women, The impact of Hollywood, The story of the filming of “The Fast and the Furious”, Drift: Mad drifts

1514 kbps avg,

File: Fast & Furious 4 – Fast Furious (2009)

Optional: Trailers for films

Russian (Spanish), English (full)

Audio: MP3 267 Kb / s

1. Landtrain (6:25) 2. Fast and Furious (2:10) 3. The Border (3:21) 4. Letty (2:13) 5. The Tunnel (3:35) 6. Amends (2: 46) 7. Dom vs Brian (6:51) 8. Hanging With Dom (2:29) 9. Suite (4:02) 10. Revenge (2:32) 11. Accelerator (2:04) 12. Vaya Con Dios (2:00) 13. In The Name Of The Father (4:20) 14. Outta Sight (2:59) 15. Brian and Mia (3:18) 16. Tracer (2:04) 17. Letty’s Cell Phone (3:44) 18. Real Drivers (2:30) 19. Fate (4:28) 20. The Exchange (4:15) 21. No Goodbyes (1:23) 22. Vengeance (2:57) 23 . Memorial (1:42) 24. The Showdown (2:05) 25. Judgment (1:48)

Audio: MP3 320 kbps

Fast & Furious / The Fast And The Furious Duration: 01:12:26

01. Faith Evans – Good Life Remix (feat. Ja Rule, Vita And Caddillac Tah) 02. Caddillac Tah – Pov City Anthem 03. Ashanti – When It Does Wrong 04. Tank – Race Again Time Part (feat. Ja Rule) 05. Ja Rule – Furious (feat. Vita And 01) 06. R. Kelly – Take My Time Tonight 07. Scarface – Suicide (feat

Fast and Furious Double / 2 Fast 2 Furious Duration: 01:01:07

01. Ludacris – Start 02. Ludacris – Act A Fool 03. Trick Daddy – Represent 04. I-20 – Slum (feat. Shawnna and Tity Boi) 05. Tyrese – Pick Up The Phone (feat. Ludacris and R. Kelly) 06. 8 Ball – Hands In The Air 07. Chingy – Gettin ‘It 08. Shawnna – Block Reincarnated (feat. Kardinal Offishall) 09. Joe Budden – Pump It Up 10. Dead Prez – Hell Yeah 11. Jin – Peel Off 12 Fat Joe – We Ridin ’13. Lil’ Flip – Rollin ‘on 20’s 14. Dirtbag – Fxxx What A Nixxa Say. 15. Pit Bull – Oye 16. K’Jon – Miami 17. Ludacris – Finish

Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift / The Fast And The Furious – Tokyo Drift Duration: 00:46:16

01. Teriyaki Boyz – Tokyo Drift (Fast & Furious) 02. DJ Shadow – Six Days (remix) (feat. Mos Def) 03. The

Fast & Furious 4 / Fast & Furious Duration: 00:40:30

01. Rye Rye – Bang (feat.

Fast & Furious 5 / Fast Five Duration: 00:50:58

01. Don Omar – How We Roll (feat. Busta Rhymes, Reek da Villian and J-doe) (Fast Five Remix) 02. Marcelo D2 – Desabafo – Deixa Eu Dizer (feat. Claudia) 03. Brian Tyler – Assembling the Team 04. MV Bill – L. Gelada-3 Da Madrugada 05. Carlinhos Brown – Carlito Marron 06. Hybrid – Han Drifting 07. Edu K and Hybrid – Million Dollar Race 08. Brian Tyler – Mad Skills 09. ObandO – Batalha 10. Don Omar – Danza Kuduro (feat. Lucenzo) 11. Tejo – Follow Me Follow Me (Quem Que Caguetou?) (Feat. Black Alien & Speed) (Fast 5 Hybrid Remix) 12. Brian Tyler – Fast Five Suite 13. Ludacris – Furiously Dangerous (feat. Slaughterhouse and Claret Jai)

Fast & Furious 6 / Fast & Furious 6 Duration: 00:50:28

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