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Hotels in popular regions of Russia

Since antiquity, this area was called Tavrida after the name of the tribe that inhabited the southern part of the peninsula. The current name of “Crimea” received after the XIII century, it is assumed after the conquest of the Northern Black Sea region by the Mongols. The city “Kyrym” became the residence of the Golden Horde Khan. Rich culture, uneasy history, amazing views, unforgettable reliefs and landscapes, multi-confessional and multiculturalism are all of the Crimea. Read the article

Ski resorts

Russia is a unique country with endless spaces, breathtaking mountain ranges, dense forests, deep rivers, pristine lakes and ski resorts. Since ancient times, sleigh rides, and later, skiing have been a favorite type of winter pastime. That is why today these types of winter recreation are very popular. And if you add a rapidly developing infrastructure, reasonable prices and the absence of a language barrier, it is quite clear why Russian ski resorts today are a worthy alternative to European ones. Read the article

Silver ring of Russia

Tourist route through the historical monuments of ancient Russia, the cities in which you feel the unity with the ancient history of our state, where you breathe the aromas of the past, walking through the ancient streets, along the cobbled streets. The Silver Ring of Russia includes the cities of the Novgorod land: Veliky Novgorod, Staraya Rusa, Staraya Ladoga, Vyborg, Tikhvin, Pskov. Feel the atmosphere of the ancient Russian world, life, feel like a part of ancient Russian culture, to present the world of our ancestors most fully and in the best way possible in these northern Russian cities.

Peninsula hotels wasp

Greater Sochi

The length of the resort’s beaches is perhaps the largest in Europe, more than one hundred and ten kilometers. A unique subtropical place is surrounded on all sides by the majestic Caucasian mountains. The sun, sea water, hot sand, year-round greens, aromas of pine needles and cypress trees turned Sochi into a place of eternal rest and recuperation. Arboretum, water parks, Sochi National Park, Mount Akhun and Matsesta, noisy and boiling waterfalls falling from the mountain tops, and modest holy springs breaking from the depths of the earth cannot cover all the beauty of this fabulous land. Especially worth noting the ski resort “Krasnaya Polyana”. In ancient times there existed an ancient Abkhaz aul and it was called Artquaj. At the end of the XIX century, the village received the status of a city and the name Romanovsk. Today it is one of the most popular and sought-after ski resorts in our country, which is in great demand among Europeans.

Altai region

Cosmic beauty, striking in its unreality, pristine, raging mountain rivers, endless steppes, alternating with snow-covered sharp mountain peaks, lakes, stunning in their deep beauty and colors, which vary with the seasons, are all mysterious, mystical Altai. Altai – the unity of paganism, Christianity, Islam and Buddhism. But, perhaps, the main difference between Altai and the rest of the world is the worship before the power of the surrounding nature, the glorification of its spirit and the sacred attitude to the surrounding world. Mountains, shrouded in mist, ghostly, surround the lake, filled with impossibly clean, glassy water. The main shrines of Altai are, of course, the Katun River and the famous Belukha Mountain with a height of 4500m. Nature in Altai is his main character, sensual and responsive. Here, wherever you look, everywhere it is, nature, and you are alone with it, leading a dialogue with eternity.

The south coast of Crimea

Southern coast of Tauris since

Black Sea

The Black Sea was formed on the site of the ancient ocean of Tethys about 2 million years ago, when the Crimean and Caucasian mountains began to form. About 8 thousand years ago, the Bosphorus strait formed. The world of fauna and flora of the Black Sea is very diverse and rich. Especially interesting are the algae in the Black Sea: some of them have healing properties, others are poisonous, and some, such as sea kale, are edible. The Black Sea has an incredible attracting, alluring force. The Black Sea coast has an ancient rich history, the coast is dotted with the ruins of ancient fortresses and settlements, and the views here are unique. There are few islands in the Black Sea, the largest island of the Black Sea is Dzharylgach. Nature has endowed our country with such amazing resorts as Sochi, Gelendzhik, Tuapse, Anapa.

Moscow region

The history of the Moscow region is inseparable from the history of the Russian state, and later the Russian Empire. The first Slavic settlements on the territory of the modern suburbs belong to the 1st millennium

Big Ural ring

A quite new and quite unusual tourist route, which includes the following cities: Ekaterinburg-Nevyansk-Nizhny Tagil-Kachkanar-border of Europe and Asia- Chusovoy-Solikamsk-Cherdyn-Nyrob-Usolye-Perm. The Great Ural Ring is unique and interesting in that it allows you to walk through amazing, lively places, plunge into the past and feel the inseparable link between the past and the present. The history of the Urals industry, the Stroganov lands, rich museum heritage, unusually interesting architectural monuments, shrines and unsurpassed Ural landscapes

West Bank of Crimea

Light sea breeze, warm steppe air, transparent azure of coastal waves and quiet soothing beauty. The western coast of Crimea is the most popular place for tourists. It originates from the village of Peschanoe along the Kalamitsky and Karkinitsky bays. The West Coast of Crimea is famous primarily for its healing properties: sea and steppe air are two main factors determining the climate of this area. The constant fusion of sea and steppe winds creates the main climatic feature of this region. The aromas of sea currents echo the smells of steppe grasses and plants, thanks to which it is always easy to breathe here. Read the article

Great Sayan Ring

Siberia attracts with its mystery, closeness, detachment from the rest of the world. Here a person feels himself a particle of a huge astronomical space, small and unprotected. Here, nature is the main actor and everything, absolutely everything is subject to its laws and orders. You can study the inner mysterious world of Siberia, feel its light, barely perceptible breath, hear the voice of Siberia, driving along the Great Sayan Ring. The tourist route of the Great Sayan Ring includes the cities of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the Republic of Tuva and the Republic of Khakassia. This is a unique journey into the ethnic world of the locals, the world of shamanistic rites and rituals; it is an opportunity to experience the atmosphere of pristine nature. The feeling of life in these parts seems to have lost track of time, time flows here quite differently, in a different way. The horizon and the earth completely merge here, as if moving from one state to another, from one world to another, to the sounds of a shaman tambourine, slowly beating out a dull melody.

The Russian north, burning with its cold beauty, landscapes, and unique colors, beckons with its mystery and detachment. Where the forests are striking in their many years and diversity, where the rivers with the noise fall from the mountain tops, there, in this land of virgin nature, is what attracts with its mysticism and nebula. Karelia. Karelia is a land not for mass tourism, but in this, rather, its dignity. One can look endlessly on the serene smooth surface of the lakes, on the majestic stone cliffs and rocks and feel the unity with this wild nature. Read the article

The lake spread over 620 km attracts with its mystery, mystery and unique

St. Petersburg and surroundings

The misty Northern city attracts with its rich, many-sided history, incomprehensible architecture, the breath of the past centuries, cobbled bridges and beautiful views. The suburbs of St. Petersburg are known to the whole world for their unique palace and park complexes, amazing fountains and unique landscape views. Read the article

Eastern Coast of Crimea

These are wild rough cliffs, fabulous quiet lagoons, majestic mountains and coniferous forests. The borders of eastern Crimea begin not far from Cape Suter, which is near Big Alushta, and include Sudak, Theodosia, Koktebel, Novyi Svet, Beregovoe, Kerch, Kurortnoe, Maritime, Osoviny, Geroevskoe and

Big Yalta

Perhaps the most interesting, fascinating, truly, fabulously fascinating journey can be made on the southern coast of Crimea: it is here that the most inaccessible and high mountains, the most dense and majestic forests, the most unsurpassed views, the cleanest water, pebble beaches and incredibly graceful, palaces and other unique monuments striking in their architecture. The pearl of the South Coast is Big Yalta. Urban District – Big Yalta – the most popular place for tourists. It includes the very famous Yalta and many coastal villages. Big Yalta has a length of 72 km along the Black Sea coast and includes: Foroz, Simeiz, Alupka, Koreiz, Gaspra, Livadia, Massandra. Read the article

Caucasian Mineral Waters

One of the oldest and fabulously beautiful regions of the country. The uniqueness of this region lies in the unique concentration of various mineral waters of various composition, therapeutic mud, picturesque landscapes and clean mountain air, which, when combined together, create the most favorable conditions for rest and recuperation. The resort region includes five resort cities: Zheleznovodsk, Pyatigorsk, Yessentuki, Kislovodsk and Mineralnye Vody. Read the article

gold ring of Russia

There are ancient cities in our many-sided and diverse country that have lost the passage of time, as if frozen in the static of the past. Visiting these cities, you feel the inextricable link between the history of our state, unity with the past, self-awareness as part of this ancient world. The artist and art historian Yury Alexandrovich Bychkov, at the end of the 60s of the last century, worked out a route from Moscow to Vladimir, then to Ivanovo and Kostroma to collect materials for future texts. It so happened that the selected historical cities were part of Vladimirskaya Rus. Miraculously, it was thanks to Yuri Bychkov that eight cities of Ancient Russia were united. After passing these cities in 5 days, Yuri Alexandrovich wrote essays on each city and gave them the general name “Golden Ring”. Thus, one of the most famous and popular tourist routes in Russia appeared uncomplicated. According to most historians, local historians, the “Golden Ring” includes eight cities: Sergiev Posad, Pereslavl-Zalessky, Rostov Veliky, Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Ivanovo, Suzdal and Vladimir.

Hero Cities

The Great Patriotic War left an indelible mark on each of

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