Paris travel guide

Traveling to Paris can be a bottomless source of inspiration! Especially if you travel with an audio guide through Paris Travelry. Imagine that those beautiful streets along which you walk, those ancient buildings, monuments, churches suddenly “speak up” and tell you their amazing stories! If you are traveling from an iPhone or iPad, simply download the Travelry mobile app, a travel guide and audio guide in Paris. Fascinating audio tours are available in it, which will fill your walks around the city with interesting stories and vivid impressions. Happy travel! The audio guide in Paris can be downloaded from the App Store.

Exquisite Saint Germain

The quintessence of Parisian chic

Paris travel guide

Triumphal way

From the Louvre to the Arc de Triomphe

Cradle of Paris

Cite Island Audio Guide

Colorful Montmartre

Sacred Hill and Bohemian Center

Elegant route

Quarters around the Louvre

Latin Quarter

Intellectual Center of Paris

Great sightseeing tour of Paris

Paris in one day

Front paris

Audio tour from Trocadero to Orsay Museum

How to make a trip to Rome bright and unforgettable? It seems we have the answer! Travel Guide for Rome Travelry is made for happy travels! All you need for an inspired study of the Eternal City is a mobile device, headphones and our application. Rome’s audio guide is a great alternative to boring paper guide pages and expensive, fussy group excursions. Walking with the audio guide Travelry is nice, modern and fun, and if you are interested in the economic side of things, then it is also very profitable! The audio guide in Rome can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store, with the opportunity to purchase excursions that interest you. And in the near future, the application will be available in the Play Market (for devices running on Android). Take an audio guide to Rome for a trip and travel with inspiration!

Heart of rome

From Piazza Barberini to Campo dei Fiori

Walk through the eras

Around Venice Square

From pasture to the great empire

The Palatine and the Roman Forum

Monumental and cozy Rome

From Popolo Square to Quirinale

Masterpieces and Relics

From Esquiline Hill to Lateran

Vatican and the Castle of the Holy Angel

From the cathedral of sv. Peter to the bridge of sv. Angela

Welcome to Rome!

Overview of the city

Imperial Rome

Colosseum, Imperial Forums and Capitol

Rome in one day

A great tour of places not to be missed!

Venice should be studied carefully and enthusiastically, walking through the maze of mysterious lanes, listening to the whisper of the canals, admiring the picturesque views of Venetian bridges, squares, and elegant palaces. And do not forget to look into the ancient churches that store many masterpieces of art and Christian relics. And our audio guide in Venice will make your walk rich, full of vivid impressions and amazing discoveries. Travelry’s audio guide for Venice guides you through a vibrant, wonderfully cozy and incomprehensibly beautiful Venice. In our audio excursions we travel through different eras, through the pages of books, through frames from films, we look at the amazing paintings of Venice that come to life before our eyes. Join now! Audio Guide for Venice can be downloaded from the App Store. In it you can find two small free excursions, and if you like them, purchase other excursions using the built-in purchases.

Welcome to Venice!

Overview of the city

Along Slavyanskaya Embankment

Walk along Riva degli Schiavoni

Jewelry box

Tour of the districts of San Marco, Castello and Cannaregio

Colorful Venice

Tour of the San Polo and Dorsoduro areas

Venice in one day

Sightseeing tour of places not to be missed!

Paris travel guide

In Prague, travelers always have the feeling that they are surrounded by fabulous scenery. Our audio guide in Prague helps this “scenery” take you to different eras, envelop with numerous legends and impress with amazing stories. Travelry’s Prague audio guide makes the trip not only informative, but also inspirational. After listening to free tours, you can understand why we are so convinced! Audio Guide for Prague can be downloaded for free on the App Store. Some tours are free, while others can be purchased using in-app purchases. In the near future, the application will be available in the Play Market (for devices running on Android). The audio guide in Prague is very convenient, interesting and profitable. And most importantly – he can turn simple trips into exciting trips!

Welcome to Prague!

Overview of the city

Crossing the Vltava

Charles Bridge and Bridge Towers

Secrets of old Prague

Stare Mesto: from the Powder Tower to Charles Bridge

Treasury of Bohemia: Prague Castle

Audio Guide on Prague Castle

Picturesque Prague

Mala Strana, Kampa Island and Hradcany

Prague in one day

A great tour of places not to be missed!

Welcome to Vienna!

Overview of the city

Historical center of Vienna

Treasures and secrets of the Old Town

Vienna in one day

Sightseeing tour of Vienna: places not to be missed!

Viennese Boulevard Ring

Walk on the Ringstrasse and not only …

Ancient and forever young Barcelona

Quarters of Sant Pere, Santa Catarina, La Ribera and Barceloneta

The masterpieces of modernism and the secrets of Barcelona

From Parc Guell to the Eixample District

Treasures of the Old Town

Rambla, Raval and Gothic Quarter

Paris travel guide

The audio guide in Budapest is a great way to explore this city without fuss or haste, walk around it with inspiration and learn a lot of interesting stories. Behind the elegant facades of elegant buildings, behind the grandeur of monuments and palaces lies the rich and controversial history of Budapest. In walks with our audio guide in Budapest, you will learn about many events, personalities and even legends associated with these structures and with the city as a whole. The GPS guide will not let you get lost and will always “tell” where you are, and the audio guide in Budapest will also tell amazing stories about the places you are passing by. We invite you to an exciting audio trip with Budapest audio guide available on the App Store.

Welcome to Budapest!

Overview of the city

Danube Pearl: Budapest in one day

Sightseeing tour of Budapest

Do you want to discover new Moscow? Moscow, which you did not know, even if you live in it – full of amazing secrets and impressive stories. With our audio excursions, Moscow, so different, contradictory and interesting, is revealed and falls in love step by step. Walking around Moscow with the Travelry audio guide is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the richest history of the Russian capital, to look into the lives of outstanding people who once lived or have been there, and also better understand modernity. Follow the suggested route or just walk around the city – the audio guide will start automatically as soon as you come to an interesting object. A GPS guide will always show on the map where you are and “tell” what is interesting nearby. Our audio guide in Moscow is constantly updated with new excursions – stay tuned and explore the city with inspiration!

Walk near the Kremlin walls

Manezhnaya Square and Alexander Garden

Moscow is familiar and unknown

Journey to ancient Moscow

Moscow merchant

Street Russian Enlightenment

Nikolskaya and lanes

Moscow sightseeing tour

Places not to be missed!

  • On a regular tour you follow the guide and listen to his story. As a rule, this happens accompanied by a whole group of tourists (if the excursion is not an individual one). Your impressions about the tour will largely depend on how lucky you are with the size and composition of the group, and, of course, on the qualifications and talent of the guide. With an audio guide in Rome and Prague, you are not attached to anyone and can only be guided by your wishes. The audio guide is installed on your smartphone, and fascinating stories with atmospheric music sound personally for you. . It is convenient to listen to the tour in headphones.
  • Thanks to GPS navigation, the Travelry guide knows where you are, and therefore stories are automatically included at the right time and in the right place when you approach an object.
  • With Travelry tours in Rome and Prague, you are not walking blind, following the guide and the tourist crowd. Your phone will be comfortable offline map with marked tour route with all items. In this case, you can always stop or adjust the route on your own.
  • Travelry travel guide and audio guide displays your location on the map , therefore, it is difficult to get lost with him! In addition, the application “tells” how far from you there are certain places, and also shows that there is something interesting nearby.
  • Travel Guide Tours much lower in cost any standard excursion. And some tours can be downloaded for free!

Audio tours are available in the Travelry Guide on the App Store. To use them on your mobile device, install Travelry travel guide and audio guide on the App Store and download your favorite tour.

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