Paris in November

Paris is loved by travelers from all over the world. Regardless of the season, the traditional charm, romance and sophistication made the city the most visited in the world.

Paris is perceived through the prism of the warlike Middle Ages, the lush heritage of Louis XIV, the era of Napoleon and the commune.

Paris – a city of bright lights and the shorter the day becomes, the brighter the radiance and brilliance of the narrow streets of Montmartre, Saint-Germain and Marais.

What is the weather in November?

November is the quietest month of the year., when it is still a long way before the Christmas holidays, but the summer heat, announced with carnivals and a riot of colors on the Seine embankment, has already passed.

Paris is located far south of Moscow, therefore Imposing “Pushkin Autumn” is manifested in the period from late October to mid-November.. The leaves fall, the sky grows dull, creating a completely different city, mature and wise than the youth.

Air temperature in November it drops to + 11-16 ° C, which is still comfortable for hiking, not burdened with sweaters and scarves (it is advisable to take an umbrella with you).

Occasionally brings surprises Gulf Stream and the weather in France begins to deteriorate: the thermometers drop to + 6 ° C, torrential rain may begin, or the sky simply drags on impenetrable clouds.

Weather at the beginning and end of November in this respect, it is calmer: first, summer winds that are not completely gone let know about themselves, and later – coming winter stability.

In November, the average monthly water temperature in Paris it is + 11 ° C (in the first half + 11 ° C, in the middle + 9 ° C, and by the end of the month – + 5 ° C).

It’s too cold to swim, but many hotels offer excellent heated pools instead of cool sea water.

Generally, every third day will be overcast, but the rest will give unforgettable emotions of a fabulous city. Humidity (90%) also influences the feeling of the weather; sometimes it seems that it is a couple degrees colder outside.

Wind is rarely piercing, Central France is generally distinguished by quiet winds.

Where to spend time in Paris?

In November, you can really enjoy the beautiful museums and galleries of paris, A walk through one of the elegant parks and gardens on a sunny day can be a memorable event.


Still, Paris – a place where they go not for the scorching heat, beaches and palm trees. Fogs gracefully bend around the ancient buildings of the city, the approaching holidays force the residents to actively decorate shops, doors and windows: neon comes to replace the flower beds.

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Christmas illumination is set across the city by November 20, from this point on, iconic sights can be seen in the new world:

  • glowing Eiffel Tower;
  • the red mill Moulin Rouge;
  • The Triumphal Arch on Place Charles de Gaulle.

Passing Eiffel Tower, glance involuntarily rests on the majestic Sankre Coeur Basilica – One of the few buildings in Western Europe, built in the Byzantine style.

In a special way decorate The Louvre, on the central square of which is installed a glass pyramid. Each side of the museum has its own lighting system aimed at reflecting light walls.

Famous photos of the night Louvre, as a rule, are made in November.

The historic center of the city, located on the Cite Island, in November combines the fallen leaves with the gloomy gothic gaze Notre Dame Cathedral, not giving rest to fans of works of hugo.

The main attraction of the city are embankments of the Seine, who on this occasion were even listed by UNESCO.

On the banks of the river are scattered thousands of historical sights, some of which were built in ancient times (forum, terms).

To explore all the sights of the city, you can use the trick. The most optimal route starts from the Louvre and stretches through the Champs Elysees to the quarter of La Défense and Versailles.

Holidays to festivals

Against the background of all this autumn commotion, the French celebrate numerous November holidays.

November 1 is All Saints Day., strikingly different from its noisy and bright eve.

The most fun holiday of November is the day of young wine. The wine from the grapes harvested at the beginning of autumn manages to keep up, and the French, who are greedy for gastronomic joys, rush to try it.

The specific date depends on the type of wine, for example “Beaujolais” try November 19, and Bordeaux – November 22.

Wine festivals cause wild excitement, to the extent that for the very first glass of young wine you need to pay more than a thousand euros. And after that you can dilute the wine excellent french chocolate at the traditional festival on November 30.

Before you put the chocolate in the masses, it is shown on Specialized Exhibitions II Chocolate Salon November 1.

Also open their doors 16 free public museums, most of which are devoted to the history and statehood of France.

From 2 to 6 November there is a congress of fighters against global warming, and November ends with numerous industrial and industry exhibitions.

Paris in one day.

Things to do?

November is not a tourist month at all., but this circumstance does not detract from its excursion possibilities and the amount of entertainment.

Paris in November

Instead of massive and hackneyed excursions, it was at this time pay attention to the most secret corners of the city.

Entertainment and excursions

As stated above, November 20 – the watershed in the street life of the city. In addition to the widespread installation of illumination, Christmas markets open with souvenirs from all regions of France.

It is here that hand-made piece goods are purchased, starting with knitted clothes and ending with homemade cheeses, brandy and sweets.

Worth going to Montmartre – area of ​​artists and musicians, where the film “Amelie” was shot. The area was founded by the Jesuit Order, where Renoir, Van Gogh, Lautrec, Picasso and Modigliani lived.

Paris in November

For such a bohemian public, a cabaret with a centuries-old history, be it “Moulin Rouge” or “Black Cat”. Someone at all attracts the red light district, located here.

Having recovered from the nightlife, worth seeing the collection of the main museum of France – Louvre. Here are collected exhibits from around the world, sometimes it seems that the French there is the least.

Egyptian mummies coexist with the works of Leonardo da Vinci, and Russian painting is exhibited alongside modern American primitivism.

Elegant Palace of Fontainebleau – a white spot on the maps of guides. Located in the suburbs of Paris, surrounded by numerous parks, this palace was the domain of the French emperors before the construction of Versailles.

Here is a huge royal library.

The last years of the royal and imperial power of France were associated with Versailles. Originally built as a modest holiday home during the King’s hunting trips, he subsequently added new elements, including a chapel, an opera house, numerous galleries and ballrooms.

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The facade of the building overlooks the large pond, reflecting the magnificence of Versailles. Behind the royal residence is located garden with a greenhouse where plants were collected from around the world.

Despite the greatness of the building, the most romantic place is Marie Antoinette’s little house, hidden from prying eyes by groves and lavender fields.

In the summer of Paris, opens its tourists artificial but quality beaches. With the onset of November, only the bravest can swim in the Seine.

Beach at Sully Bridge, Port de la Gare or Francois Mauriac everyone is also pleased with the white sand, loungers and cabanas, but the water temperature makes water treatments unsafe.

The simplest solution is go to the airport Georges Pompidou, where you can buy a ticket to forever sunny Nice in the south of the country. Moreover, the ski season begins in November in the French Alps.

The capital of France in November – an unforgettable flavor of the most beautiful European capital, fogs and ancient monuments of architecture. Because of its southern location, it is warm enough here, but the sun no longer interferes with seeing thousands of sights.

The brightest event in the life of Paris in November the installation of illumination on all the iconic buildings of the city becomes, after which the rest of the inhabitants, the owners of restaurants and shops, are tirelessly keeping up.

For those who are not frightened by clouds, who sincerely love autumn and are not looking for all-inclusive beaches in Paris, a visit to the city in November may be the best event in life.

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