Packing list

An obligatory document, without which it is not possible to receive cargo at customs, is an application to the invoice (invoice) – packing list. The sample packing list does not have a mandatory form, it is possible to independently and arbitrarily present all the necessary information about international cargo.

Packing list (packing list) is drawn up by the sender, it is convenient for him to work with both the carrier and those who keep records of goods and rigging work. This document for international transport is necessary for the opening of the export declaration and is an addition to the invoice.

Sample of packing list and its filling

Sample packing list:

What information is reflected in the packing list

The information provided in the Packing list, in addition to data on the seller, recipient, product name and the TN VED code on it, in 2016 contain bulk, weight and packaging characteristics of the cargo. Price and total price is not specified. Such requirements impose current GOSTs on packaging for all products.

Packing list

Blank product packing list contains:

  • numbering of the occupied space (box, container, pallet, pallet);
  • the number of items in the package;
  • volume / weight of the unit and the entire load. Weight values ​​are both net and gross;
  • type of packaging;
  • place of departure / receipt of cargo;
  • overall dimensions of the package;
  • a complete list of all goods to be transported, with their description;
  • details of the order;
  • number and date of filling out the packing list for customs. Date of dispatch and time of filling in the document may not match.

The packing list must contain a description and the number of small free investments – booklets, printed catalogs, etc. Otherwise, the enclosed printed matter, which is not specified in the document, may be withdrawn at customs.

The packing list is certified by the packer’s signature and is put in each place. Sometimes for easy detection of a document from the outside of the package, a special pocket is attached with the inscription “Packing List” in Russian and a foreign language corresponding to the dialect of filling the order-order.

Packing list

The translation of the packing list of the goods into Russian (or from Russian into English) includes, in addition to the main text, the translation of stamps, logos, marks on the shipping document. In order to prevent discrepancies in the translation, it is necessary to verify the translated version of the invoice and the packing list among themselves.

What caused the compilation of a packing list without fail

The abundance of large flows of various goods makes it necessary to sign large boxes, boxes, pallets with packing lists. This saves time on the formation of shipments and does not create prerequisites for the re-grading, when the client does not send his goods. By paking, the safety of the goods is checked, preventing cases when one or several cargo units are simply lost at the terminal.

The packing list for customs is the official shipping document, the drawing up of which is better to entrust to a qualified specialist. The basis for its correct preparation may be a sheet made by the sender in a free form. There are no special requirements for the form of submission of information submitted by the manufacturer.

The creation of this shipping document is appropriate when one package contains a heterogeneous product.

In cases where packing lists do not arrive with the cargo or are lost during transportation, this fact may affect the assessment of the authenticity of the declared value during the customs procedure.

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