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This site presents the best and proven ways to earn money for mothers on maternity leave.

On holiday

Ways to make money on the Internet a huge amount. But how not to make the wrong choice?

We set the task to collect sites for earnings, which satisfy three conditions:

  1. Sites should be able to earn good money (rumors of super-high incomes on the Internet are a myth);
  2. Sites can be trusted, they do not cheat users (creators

For your convenience, we have divided all the ways of earning into headings.

On holiday

The main ways to make money

Copywriting sites

Copywriting is a writing activity. On copywriting sites you will need to write texts on various subjects. These texts are then used by site owners to populate their web resources.

They pay 200-500 rubles for every 1 page of text in A4 format (12 font).

Freelance sites

On these sites, you can earn money by remotely performing various one-off tasks from employers. The skills of web design, social networking groups, photo processing, translation of foreign texts, content filling in online stores and

With full employment, earnings can reach 50,000 rubles a month. But in the beginning, while you have not recommended yourself, earnings will be much less.

Sites with pay for reviews

There are sites that pay for reviews of products and services that you use in life. Such sites are interested in the fact that the site presents real reviews from real users, so they are ready to reward you financially for this.

Payment schemes for the sites are different, but on average, it’s 30-50 rubles for a small review.

More about sites with payment for reviews: GO TO DETAILED INFORMATION >>


Almost all news and information sites use photos in every article. Large and medium sites buy these photos on special sites called photobanks. Yes, yes, they buy, and not just take for free from the Internet,

Moms can earn by selling their photos. Even photographs of quite ordinary objects are often in demand.

They pay an average of 20-40 rubles for a sold photo. Moreover, each photo can be sold repeatedly, to different buyers.

Other ways to make money

The following are ways of earning, which bring much less money than the basic ways of earning. But the advantage of such sites is that any mom can earn them, even without experience and various professional skills.

Sites to perform tasks in social networks

On such sites they pay for what you like, join a group or a public, repost your advertisers on the wall.

They pay up to 5 rubles per task, the fulfillment of one task rarely exceeds 1 minute of time. On each site you can complete 10-20 tasks per day.

More about the sites of earnings in social networks: GO TO DETAILED INFORMATION >>

Paid Surveys

Sites in which various marketing and research companies pay for the fact that you, as a simple consumer, answer questions on their application form about a well-known product or service.

Pay from 10 to 100 rubles for the completed application form. One form takes 5-20 minutes. There are several polls per week. Not much, but for moms on maternity leave a certain amount of money accumulates in a month.

How to withdraw money earned?

In fact, very simple. There are special, so-called electronic wallets. All of the above sites work with electronic wallets.

From these sites you transfer the money you earned to your e-wallets, and from these wallets you will transfer it to your bank card. Or you pay with money from electronic wallets directly in your favorite online stores (almost all modern online stores work with similar wallets). You can also pay for e-wallets for cellular communication, the Internet and even utility bills.


Do not doubt! Only in Russia, millions of people moved to remote work from home. And this trend is just gaining momentum!

To work from home and earn decent money turned out not only for us, but also for many moms of our site. Even after the termination of the decree, most moms continue to make money on the Internet.

Some of the moms shared with us their success stories. It turned out from them – and you will succeed!

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