Obama Air Force One

Reproduction of A. Baranov’s painting “The feat of Ivan Susanin”

There is such an old and already proven way to find an external enemy and use it to consolidate society. Poland has been using this method for more than one year, forgetting that good, good relations with Russia are both beneficial and positive. However, despite everything, Poland took the position of the West “to be friends against Russia” and became part of the American project to create a springboard for “the development of anti-Russian plans.”

This week, the Poles were surprised that, it turns out, the rhetoric “against Russia” has already changed to actions. The Polish government secretly sent soldiers to Ukraine in the zone of armed conflict (in violation of the Constitution). And this is not the initiative of individuals who, as you know, are looking for adventure on their “fifth point”. These are the special forces of the Polish Armed Forces. That is, it is personnel, well-trained military. Local publications reported this without revealing their sources.

Obama Air Force One

Earlier, this information was transmitted to the Nie publication by the ex-deputy of the Polish Seimas Andrzej Rozenek: “Armed Polish soldiers were sent to the frontline area in the Donbas. Someone wants to draw Poland and NATO into an armed conflict. At the command of Antoni Matserevich, 18 Polish special forces left for Ukraine. They are accompanied by an officer of the Military Counterintelligence Service. ” The presence of the Polish military previously reported and the militia of Donbass. However, the Russian military expert Sergey Yermakov prefers to refer to the statement that the Polish military, on the orders of the Ministry of Defense, are participating in hostilities in the Donbas, with caution.

But there were no reports in the press that the Polish instructors would be teaching the Ukrainians. Does this mean that they will perform combat missions there? About the Polish special forces say that they operate under the slogan “Quiet and effective.” And in service with well-trained elite Polish military enough modern means to perform complex combat missions.

They cope equally well with the release of hostages, and with sabotage attacks in the enemy’s rear, with landing in hard to reach places. The decision to transfer them to the zone of the Ukrainian conflict was taken by the Minister of Defense, Anthony Macieserevich, not at all reckoning with the Polish laws on sending armed forces abroad. Although such a decision should be made by the president on the basis of the decision of the Council of Ministers. After that, the speakers of the Polish Sejm and Senate are notified of the decision. None of this was done.

The furious Russophobe Matserevich is still seeking to cancel the previous decision on the causes of the plane crash with President Lech Kaczynski and the Polish delegation near Smolensk. As it is known, the cause of the tragedy was then bad weather conditions and indirectly – pressure on the ship’s commander demanding that the aircraft be landed by the highest military rank commander of the Polish Air Force Andrzej Blasik, which was confirmed by a voice recorder. The general feared the wrath of Lech Kaczynski. And there was no “explosions and attempt of the Kremlin” there. This is also evidenced by the conducted examinations, which speak about the mistakes of the crew.

Obama Air Force One

These utter nonsense words belong to Anthony Macherewicz: “The Russians, with the approval of the government of Prime Minister Tusk (explanations: he was then Polish Prime Minister, now the Chairman of the European Council) created a pyramid of deception, deliberately destroyed and hid wrecks of the aircraft, forged black boxes, destroyed other evidence. How to call a situation when the entire elite is killed, when people are cut off their heads ?! This is a declaration of war by Russia, even if the next attack comes in a year, two, five years, you need to be aware that this is a declaration of war! ”

The headache of the Polish crew, he is still trying to shift to the Russian side. And it seems that Matserevich really decided to declare war on Russia. That’s just absolutely not taking into account that in the Donbas there are no Russian troops. But his legionaries can fight only with the militias and the peaceful population of the republics.

And be that as it may, whether the Polish military are acting there as instructors or as “combat units”, it’s a pity that there are no swamps in the Donbas.

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