Oahu Disney Resort

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I went to work. If we have not seen each other for a long time and you miss it, then here is a video of the Interview with the boss :-)

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Every time I am amazed at how strange I am. For example, girls really do not like to dress the same, it is terrible if someone came to the party in identical dresses or shoes! Do not understand why. On the contrary, I am very happy when I have the same clothes with someone and I like to dress the same way. So – we are congenial people! So we like the same thing or if someone repeats “my style”, it turns out that we like it and people want to emulate it. What could be wrong with that. On the contrary, you bring so much joy, help to people ;-))) We often buy the same things with a girlfriend, or the same brand-company ;-) Or another strange thing – girls usually choose either a guy who looks like a father or a complete husband. opposite. Guess how I did it? My husband is a copy of my mother. Not only do they say the same phrases and expressions, but they get sick the same and in general.

Car for teenager

It seems that parents were adequate people, and then suddenly they ask – how much driver’s license do you get in America? The answer is – at 16 They are so, well, get ready to fork out and buy a car for the child. Here I exploded – why should we. Nobody owes us anything at 18 or at 30 nobody bought us.

Spring break 2016

Spring holidays were approaching and, as usual, the question arose of how and where to spend the week in April? She began to study travel sites and avibaytelov and began to play to create your trip, where you enter the type of holiday, dates and budget. Our budget for three for the week as usual

Oahu Disney Resort

2K, although over the years prices have risen slightly. The “cheapest” options were: Cancun (they just noted NG there), Honolulu (we spend almost every spring vacation there, I want something new ;-), Brazil and Miami. Andrei sent us to Miami, but if you fly there, then in Orlando – you need to go to Disney Park, but what kind of a holiday is this? Thinking a little more, we decided to go far. I really wanted to see the famous Arch in Cabo San Lucas. There is a travel agent specialist in Mexico on FB, and I decided to write to her. what can offer. The first question from her was whether to still see us Puerto Vallarta, well, I agree. in the hope that I will be offered 2-3 options and I will choose. And no. There was only one offer and only Purto Vayart. And we didn’t want to go there too much. In general, I do not understand why these agents are needed, if you yourself can choose what you want (not to be limited in the list of hotels and resorts with which contracts are concluded) and find more reasonable prices. As time went. and in just 6 days, a nice option was found – Villa del Palmar, Cabo San Lucas The airport was called San Jose, only in Mexico :-) I booked a taxi in advance, and when leaving the airport we were met by crowds of taxi drivers and shuttle drivers. Somehow we found “our” on the plate and took us to our hotel. Nature all around resembled Arizona – dry land, stones and cacti alone. How you can build or grow something on these stones, it is not clear. Mexicans live quite modestly in their hovels, however, hotels and resorts are truly chic compared to the locals. The difference is very striking and this makes it very sad :( Our resort was part of the Villa group – three hotels together on the shore of Medano beach, the only swimming beach in Cabo San Lucas. Villa Del Palmar is the oldest hotel, for almost 30 years and you can just stay at the hotel, or you can buy the all-inclusive option. True, Mexican food is not particularly diverse and many people prefer to eat themselves, especially as there is a Market (shop) nearby and you can go to any restaurants in any of three buildings. Villa Estancia – all apartments in private m owned. You can rent through

Arriving at the hotel, we were invited to a timeshare. Since we had no plans and there was nothing to do, we happily signed up. At the same time, they gave us a 15% discount on all goods and restaurants and services at the hotel and promised a delicious breakfast for three and a huge discount on the Pirate ship. Concierge when writing to the timeshare asked all sorts of leading questions: do you work? – no, housewife Concierge: well, let’s write, work is there. Then, looking at the wedding ring for a long time, I asked the question: may I ask, do you always go with this ring? or can i write you off as a single mother? That was too much. The children began to clap their eyes and wail – like so. We are, mom is, and dad is not. In general, even for the promised 100 dollars. we did not refuse daddy ;-)

Oahu Disney Resort

In the morning, having come for breakfast, we were met by a very nice and beautiful girl and began a conversation: Why did you decide to come to the timeshare? Because we have no plans for plans and we have absolutely nothing to do. She: So let’s write – she wants to buy a timeshare. Then a second question: do you work? – No. And what do you do? – Volunteer What is it? (the girl has problems with English and does not know all the words) I tried to explain that at school, volunteer, I spend drawing classes. I was immediately recorded as a teacher, well, I did not dissuade me. It’s nice to be a representative of one of the oldest professions :-) Then there were a lot of questions, and they tried to prove to me that I couldn’t book a hotel for less than $ 200. per day. They have rooms for at least $ 270 and asked me to try searching, how did I manage to. Having played with dates for 3 seconds. I found a price of 207 dollars. and was going to look further, as I was politely and persistently torn off from the big screen of the monitor, which was broadcast to the whole room (what if I show all the secrets now and everyone is upset) and took me to the table, where the hilling continued. It is true that a client who could not understand why he was caught, why it’s so great to give several thousand at once, and then continue to pay the loan for his travels for the rest of his life. And be tied to the choice of a hotel from this network or suffer with the exchange and conversion of “your number” to others. And plan ahead and in general. We don’t really like their Mexico, and we’re unlikely to gather in these parts, what for to buy something there. In general, half a day spent, and all right. Then they tried to swim, but the waves are very strong and immediately drags into the ocean. so all the other days we just tried to plunge into the sea water :-) and walked along the shore. One day they spent exploring the shopping center and Marina, where there was a terrible heat, in the shopping center more than half of the shops are empty and in the rest there is nothing remarkable at all, they didn’t even look at any souvenirs, so all is poor and unpretentious. On another day, we again came to Marina to get on the Pirate ship and drove us for 2 hours around the seas and tried to entertain and show a pirate show. I really liked it and I was delighted, but the children somehow didn’t really (although this entertainment was supposed for them ;-) The children arranged various entertainments at the hotel, mine liked painting wooden bowls only (like Color Me Mine) and the most pleasant thing was we discovered the local Spa – a special baby massage. Unfortunately, children can not be in all sorts of Jacuzzi and steam room, so I was given a separate pass to visit these procedures on another day. On TV we found Masha and Oso (Masha and the Bear) cartoons in English and Mr. Bean, the children were delighted and were ready to watch them all day. After resting for six days, we were ready to go home and at the airport at the Starbucks cafe, deciding to buy coffee, tea for children – we were refused to sell it, arguing that it was caffeine in tea, but it was impossible for children. Twenty-five again. We have already encountered the same attitude in Europe, more precisely in France. Well, okay, we bought juice :-)

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