Northern lights Alaska season

The history of the polar city Bilibino in Chukotka begins in 1955. Now there are only 5,500 people living here, the stores have exorbitant prices, and at home they are on stilts because of the permafrost.

Chukotka is like Alaska, only ours. There are a lot of minerals – gold, uranium, copper, tin, silver and another half of the periodic table. The same magnificent mountains and white silence. You stand on the pass and you can not see enough of all this beauty.

Entering the polar city of Bilibino:

The status of the city Bilibino received only in 1993. The city itself is clean, neat, bright, colorful:

In the city, almost no one has their cars, but a lot of taxis. A trip to any end costs 100 rubles:

Life is raging here and people meet on the streets:

All the houses are decorated with jolly squares:

Grocery store “Arctic” in the same neighborhood:

In 1965, it was decided to build a nuclear power plant in Bilibino, the most eastern in the USSR and the only nuclear power plant in the permafrost zone.

In the best years, almost 16,000 people lived in Bilibino. They mined ore and gold, served the peaceful atom. And then came the “dashing 90s”, and Chukchi gold turned out to be unnecessary to new Russia.

View of the city from a helicopter:

All the people ran from Bilibino to the mainland, and by 2002 the city’s population had shrunk to six thousand. Now about 5,500 people live here.

Life here is still warm thanks to a nuclear power plant: from there light, heat and salary. But for 2016–2019, the closure of nuclear power plants is scheduled, and then Bilibino will die completely. Who will need a taxi in a dead city?

Pay attention (here and in the photos above): houses are on stilts, as they say in the books about polar cities in permafrost:

Since the houses are raised on stilts, all the entrances need to climb stairs:

As elsewhere in the north, instead of the freezer, products are hung out in packages outside the window:

Cinema “Iskra”. Does not work, abandoned:

Even the school is multi-colored:

Bilibino is considered one of most expensive cities on earth. Judge for yourself:

Eggs – 180 rubles / ten Tomatoes – 440 rubles / kg Onions – 120 rubles / kg Garlic – 340 rubles / kg Bulgarian pepper – 550 rubles / kg Lemons – 440 rubles / kg Oranges – 410 rubles / kg Grenades – 600 rubles / kg Potatoes – 60 rubles / kg Beer – 140 rubles / bottle Beef – 480 rubles / kg Pork – 400 rubles / kg Mandarins – 410 rubles / kg Grapes – 600 rubles / kg Apples – 365 rubles / kg Gasoline 92 – 40.40 rubles / liter Diesel –

Several photos with prices:

Do you think there is a northern surcharge and different surcharges? Get people here with all allowances of 18

The polar city of Bilibino, Chukotka.

It is interesting. Press:

Perhaps it is worthwhile to say that the text is also Sergei Doli.

and on the topic – amazing beauty

Here is not the whole text of his

As they are 18 thousand with such prices live.

So the fight against alcoholism is obvious :))) Try to drink with such prices. Although here at the same time and the fight against hygiene, etc., it turns out :))) In general – pasture and treatment for the shamans!

Such salaries are not at all. Atomka very well received. They work out the experience of 15 years, return to the mainland and receive a northern pension of 30 thousand.

They just forgot to say that 300 people work on an atomka, and the rest, excuse me 5 thousand where? They get 10-20 thousand each in their hospitals, libraries, shops. Rather, we get. By the way, the prices are outdated. Now eggs 200 rub. stand, the rest will not write yet. Although I will say – potatoes, which are sold for 60 in a grocery store (not always), are in terrible flaws and defects, which is generally prohibited. All beaten, cut, stale, rotten and so on. And a normal one costs 280 each in stores (or, at least, it was worth a few years ago, now it may be a little cheaper), and last year cucumbers generally cost 560 rubles. for 1 kg, ok? here I received 12 thousand salaries, paid 7 for 3-shku for

Well then the question naturally arises: WHY do you live there ??

And yet – did I choose to be born there? so out of luck. tickets, by the way, one way to MSK 40

“Do not be born in Bilibino”

hi Margo my name is

all that is written is reality. many live in Bilibino because there is nowhere to go

I thought to go somewhere after the death of her husband. what far away. to anyone you know. what would be the edge. edge of geography. and you live beyond this edge. I do not believe in GOD, but I will pray for your city that both you and he would survive. so that those who enjoy the benefits of your proud remembered that people live there.

Sasha, in the end, everything will be fine with you. You are an amazing person who, despite his own grief, is able to sympathize with others. I wish you heartily learn how to live, despite your loss.

And how much do you have at the teacher’s salary today?

very hard musician robot music school Zolotinka restaurant

We must write Putin. It is impossible that the city died, went into oblivion. I lived here, went to school. have worked.

All childhood lived in Bilibino, before the early 90s, they left on time, while the north was supplied as it should, everything was in stores

I, Egorsheva Lyudmila, from 1976 to 1992 I lived in Bilibino, these were the best years of my life. I really miss you, I am sorry that such a city is dying!

I lived from 75 to 88 years, of course sad to look now.

it is necessary to run to the central regions where it is warmer

Northern lights Alaska season


It was in Gorbachev’s times several times in the winter (-55) and in the summer, on July 3, the snow fell. Cultural city. They didn’t let me in jeans. They said that I was in overalls. And he is our people Kolyma-Chukotka is the best!

And my son went to Bilibino. And he likes. People are good, real. Here I want to fly for a visit I looked at the city. Good eye pleases that the city was so nicely decorated, the POSITIVE AND there are difficulties everywhere. You have to work and live!

Go to visit in Bilibino? The ticket Moscow-Magadan costs 15 thousand, Magadan-Kepervey -27 thousand. Well, a trifle 200 rubles. on the bus from Keperveeem to Bilibino.

Northern lights Alaska season

Come in February. feel what is minus 60. Or in the summer – in the afternoon mosquitoes will eat you. Catch a positive.

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