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Weather conditions on the route: +22 .. + 28 (in the afternoon) and +18 .. + 24 (at night). The weather in April is sunny and moderately hot, without exhausting stuffiness, rains are unlikely. * weather is indicated at the time of the trip

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Vietnam is amazingly beautiful in all its diversity, and we have to taste it all! From the economically developed south with the largest city of Ho Chi Minh we will drive through the picturesque center of the country with the eternal summer to the ancient north with many attractions. We will see and love forever the noisy capitals, ancient temples, paradise beaches, overgrown rocks with rivers winding between them, steps of rice terraces and radiant smiles of Vietnamese in conical hats.

The language of communication is RUSSIAN! (An experienced Chiptripp will accompany the expedition)

Route: Ho Chi Minh (2 nights), Mui Ne (2 nights), Dalat (2 nights), Nyachang (1 night), night train (1 night), Hoi An (1 night), Hue (1 night), night train (1 night ), Ninh Binh (1 night), Hanoi (2 nights)

Expedition dates: from

During the trip we will: drive along the whole of Vietnam from the south to the north, sail on the boat along the charming Ninh Binh mountains and get lost in the mangrove jungles of the Mekong delta, enjoy the coolness of the mountains of Dalat and wander through the narrow ancient streets of Hoi An, enjoy the golden sand of Mui Ne and try a variety of delicious cuisine Vietnam, and most importantly – to know the secret of happiness smiling, friendly and sincere Vietnamese.

Route Map:

Expedition program:

1 day, April 6th.

Arrive in Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) and independently get to the hotel. After settling go to explore the southern capital of Vietnam. We will see the Vietnamese Notre Damme, visit the Opera and the unusual water puppet theater, look at the war museum and the Chinese Temple of the Jade Emperor, ride the boat in the Mekong and wander around the central market of Ho Chi Minh City.

2 day, April 7th.

Going to the Mekong Delta to travel by boat through the mangrove jungles and islands, see the unusual temple of the Coconut religion and enjoy exotic dishes from crocodile, royal cobra, turtles and kangaroos! In the evening, free time.

3 day, April 8th.

We are going to the most popular resort in Vietnam – Muyne. Check in to the hotel right on the turquoise sea! We are swimming, sunbathing, gaining strength.

In the evening we go to the famous restaurants of Boke on the seashore, where we enjoy fresh and cheap grilled seafood.

4 day, April 9th.

We have a rest all day! Those interested can take windsurfing lessons (the weather conditions in Muyne are the most appropriate) or take a ride in jeeps around the city, visiting the fantastic Fairy Creek and the famous snow-white sandy Dunes, where you can ride quad bikes on steep dunes.

And at the end of the day – admire the colorful sunset against the backdrop of the Red Dunes.

5 day, April 10th.

In the morning – free time. Afternoon bus ride to Dalat – a high mountain town located at an altitude of 1475 m on the Lubang Plateau. Built by the French as a kind of “refuge” from the summer heat, this city has become a favorite place for recreation and the Vietnamese themselves due to the unique climatic conditions and location surrounded by lakes, waterfalls and evergreen coniferous forests.

We will stay in a famous hotel Hang nga guesthouse, which is popularly known as “crazy house” – so unusual. Here you will see winding rooms connected by unusual staircases and passages, irregularly shaped windows, figures of animals serving as fireplaces, sconces in the form of flashlights and other eccentricities.

Since its opening in 1990, this unique hotel without rectilinear forms has been on the list of numerous guidebooks and has become one of the ten most “strange” buildings in the world.

In the evening, we will chat in the colorful market of Dalat, having bought souvenirs, Dalat coffee and green tea, as well as try local cuisine.

6 day, April 11th.

In the morning we go to explore the city. First visit the Bao Dai Summer Palace and the Lin Shaun Pagoda, walk along the Xuan Huong Lake, take a ride on the mountain railway on an old train and admire the Camley waterfalls.

In the afternoon – free time. Those interested can go out of town to see the stunning cascading waterfall Thác Pongour.

7 day, 12th of April.

In the morning transfer to Nyachang along a picturesque mountain road. After arrival – we rest on the beach, and in the evening, after the heat subsides, we walk along the bright embankment of the city and have dinner in the famous Bokeh.

8 day, April 13th.

Free day. Those interested can go snorkeling, go on a boat to the neighboring islands for the day or visit the awesome amusement park – Winperl (Vinpearl).

In the evening we will leave the hotel and take a night train to Da Nang.

9 day, 14th of April.

In the morning, from Da Nang train station, we move to a small town. Hoi an, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In this Vietnamese city reigns absolutely Chinese atmosphere: one-story houses under tiled roofs and narrow streets. In the 16th and 17th centuries, Hoi An, also known under the old name Faifo, was an important and very busy trading port. Later, the center of commerce moved to Da Nang, but in the heart of Hoi An, the old city, the spirit of the old trading city was preserved.

Hoi An is sometimes called an open-air city-museum, in which 844 are officially recognized buildings of historic significance. Among them are ancient Chinese houses, Cham temples, shops, public buildings, graves. Here you can spend hours walking around the ancient quarters of the city, looking at the numerous meeting rooms of Chinese communities, charming ancestral houses — some of them already have the fifteenth generation of the same family.

We can confidently say that Hoi An is one of the most romantic resorts in Vietnam. The city is also known for its traditional and souvenir shops, a large number of sewing workshops. After settling in the hotel, we walk through the ancient streets of the city.

10 day, April 15th.

In the morning – free time in Hoi An. Towards noon, we move to Hue, and on the way we’ll stop at the Marble Mountains and make several stops on the pass, offering fantastic panoramic views.

We arrive at Hue, the capital of the emperors dynasty Nguyen. Of all the ancient capitals of Vietnam, Hue is the only city that has kept the residence of the Vietnamese emperors, so it can be considered a valuable historical and cultural treasure of the country.

The former capital of Vietnam is well known for its magnificent architecture: fortresses, palaces, royal tombs, pagodas and temples — everything that was not completely destroyed by the two armies during the Vietnam War. In the evening, we will stroll through the evening streets of the cozy city and enjoy the famous Hue cuisine, which differs markedly from the traditional Vietnamese cuisine.

11 day, April 16th

After breakfast we go to study the antiquity of the city, and our first item will be – the Citadel. The former imperial residence of the Nguyen dynasty and the main attraction of Hue is an extensive complex of temples, moats, walls, gates, shops, museums and galleries storing drawings and clothing from various periods of Vietnamese history.

Be sure to take a look at the Palace of Perfect Harmony and the Palace of Longevity, admire the gate of Ngo Mon and the Pagoda of the Heavenly Lady, visit ** the numerous tombs of the emperors of Hue. ** transport is paid for independently

In the evening, we are waiting for the next night transfer to the north of the country, to the mysterious town of Ninh Binh. The express train passes through all of Vietnam, from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi, driving 1726 km in 35 hours. We have to overcome a smaller distance and spend the night in a comfortable coupe.

12 day, April 17th

In the morning we arrive at Ninh Binh, check in to the hotel and go for a walk. Ninh Binh is a real find for the traveler! This is the very same Asia: ancient, mysterious, uncluttered and peaceful. Ninh Binh is often called the “long haong”. There are few tourists here and there is everything: stunning mountains and rice fields, grottoes and ancient temples, flowering lakes and a mountain river, which made its way through the majestic cliffs and created through-caves.

Today we ride a small boat on the river through caves and grottoes, explore the temples of the ancient capital of Vietnam – Haola (Hoa Lu), admire the breathtaking views from the ancient rock pagoda of Bihdong (Bich Dong) and rush “with the wind” on the bike through the rice terraces to meet a picturesque sunset …

13 day, April 18th.

In the morning we go by train to the capital of Vietnam – Hanoi. We begin our acquaintance with the city at the sacred Lake of the Returned Sword, where the famous Turtle Temple is located. This landmark in the very center of the city naturally formed on the site of the former riverbed and gained cultural significance due to the legend of the magical golden turtle, which gave Thuan-Chien the sword to Emperor Le Lois and thus helped liberate the country from the Chinese yoke.

There are several islands on the lake, and there are several buildings on them that make the lake landscape particularly attractive.

We walk through the ancient streets of the old quarter, which is located around the lake. The old quarter exists about 1000 years and includes 36 streets with speaking names according to the guilds of artisans: Silk, Paper, Silver and even Sweet Street, resembling a pastry market. There are always a lot of people, always produce something and there is always a brisk trade.

14 day, April 19th

Today we will “return” in Soviet times, visiting the main square of the city – Ba Dinh, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and the Presidential Palace.

And then “plunge” into antiquity, going to the ancient temples and pagodas of the city. We will see the most ancient Pagoda on one pillar and the Fragrant Pagoda, the Temple of Literature and the White Horse Temple, look at the Citadel of Hanoi and the Church of St. Joseph.

And who wants a surge of adrenaline, can go to the former prison of Hoa Lo.

Night train vietnam

In the evening we go to a farewell dinner to mark the end of the expedition, share our impressions and recall all the most interesting moments of our adventure.

15 day, 20 April.

The end of the expedition, return home.

Expedition conditions


In order for your expedition to be successful and deliver only positive emotions you need to pay attention to a few moments.


This is a trip along a pre-planned route in order to see the life of people and the heritage of the places visited. On expeditions we often use public transport, we live in houses of the indigenous population. Every day on the expedition passes richly, and by the evening it seems to you that not a day has passed, but a whole week! Expedition is not the easiest type of rest, as there can be strikes, bad weather, long and tiring journeys, a toilet on the floor and sometimes outside, twin beds or a shared tent, fatigue and other external factors that can interfere with the passage. route or just not be familiar to you, but one thing is for sure – this is the most interesting and intense vacation format that you will always remember with warmth! And when, in the end still, if not now?

Team leader

This is a person who takes all the organizational issues of the trip. What time we get up, when we take off, where we will spend the night, where we will have dinner, what activity we will go tomorrow, how to turn on wi-fi and another ordinary billion everyday questions – you don’t need to think about anything, as the group leader will be puzzled for 24 hours per day. The team leader loves and knows the region of the expedition well, so he will be happy to share his knowledge. An experienced Chiptrip follower will accompany the group on this route.

Team will consist of the same cool adventure seekers like you – your future friends. Some, after the expedition, travel more than one trip together! If you are alone – you should not be afraid of this, as a rule, a lot of people sign up one at a time, but on the trip we are one united team of seekers of natural beauty and true life! In the expedition, mutual respect, acceptance and goodwill within the group is very important, so the team doesn’t lead by a nose, but leave obsessive behavior and whims at home, it’s recommended to take adequacy, smile and love for your neighbor with you on a trip!

Members: 12 people

Night train vietnam

Age of participants: from 18 to 55 years

Exercise Level: below the average. Walking through the cities and small trekking (up to 5-6 hours a day). Frequent transfers by buses and minivans (up to 6 hours). Two night moving by train (for 11 hours).

Comfort: Accommodation in hotels 2 * -3 * and guesthouses for 2 people in a room, in some hotels there can be a double bed (in this case everyone will have a private blanket), all the amenities in the rooms. 2 nights in a night train compartment.

Transport: private minibus, comfortable regular bus, train, taxi.

Nutrition: independent (breakfasts are included in many hotels).

Vaccinations: A certificate of vaccination is not required to enter countries.

Attention! The route may be changed by the decision of the expedition leader, guides and guides due to the deterioration of climatic conditions, or other unforeseen or extreme situations that may entail a threat to the health and lives of the participants.

Attention! In the Special Project section, we sell the travels of our own tour operator. – These are “hand-made” trips of hand-assembled – expeditions, cultural and gastronomic trips, pilgrimages, a complex individual along rare routes – everything that is published under the tag “Special Project H”. Our own operator is registered and insured, works on the basis of international low-cost airlines and airlines without any debts and uses the vast experience accumulated during the work for organizing tours and expeditions of any complexity to any countries, and this means that your trip will definitely take place!

The price is valid at the time of publication, at the time of booking the price may change,

Included in cost:– international flight Moscow-Ho Chi Minh / Hanoi-Moscow (if you choose the option “with flight”; flight with connections, specify when booking); – all transfers (except for the first and last days); – tickets for the intercity bus; – tickets for the train (coupe ); – trip to the Mekong Delta with lunch; – breakfasts (in many hotels); – accommodation in 2-bed rooms; – services of a Russian-speaking attendant along the whole route.

Additional charge:– international flight Moscow-Ho Chi Minh / Hanoi-Moscow (if you choose the option “without a flight”; flight with connections, specify when booking); – insurance of $ 2 per day; – separate transfers on the first and last day -15 $; – meals – 15 -20 dollars a day; – entrances to museums, parks and some activities – $ 100-150.

Visa: a stay of up to 15 days is not needed! Shelf life

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