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Nizhnevartovsk through the eyes of a resident. On the climate, ecology, areas, real estate prices and work in the city. Pros and cons of life in Nizhnevartovsk. Reviews of residents and moved to the city.

General information and history of Nizhnevartovsk

The history of the city begins in 1909, when a wooden jetty was built on the bank of the Ob River, in the place where the River Vakh flowed into it. Together with it were built several residential huts, in which the forest workers lived.

In 1924, the Nizhnevartovsk Village Council was opened. In 1964, the settlement was transformed into a working village. So slowly this settlement would have developed if the brigade of geological prospectors had not come here.

The beginning of the formation of the city began when a large oil field was discovered near Lake Samotlor. On May 29, 1965, the first fountain was scored, and from that moment Samotlor and Nizhnevartovsk became inseparable. People from all over the country went here to conquer Siberia. The planned construction of Nizhnevartovsk began. The place was very swampy, and the construction of the city was very, very hard.

The only way connecting the mainland with the village – was the river Ob. It delivered food, building materials, equipment and mail. On the river, navigation lasted only five months, the workers had to work around the clock. Two months later, the first street of the city was built – Pionerskaya, which consisted of wooden houses.

These are the first houses of Nizhnevartovsk

On March 9, 1972, the settlement received the status of a town with district subordination and the administrative center of the Nizhnevartovsk district, the area of ​​which is 120 thousand km2.

The river port of the city experienced its rebirth after 1909. Once a quiet jetty turned into a major river port, where cargo was delivered from many regions of the country. In 1980, the railway station was built, which is still considered the final one. In 1993, the first unit of the Nizhnevartovsk State District Power Plant (800 MW) was launched.

Nizhnevartovsk, like Surgut, is called the oil capital of Russia. Until the end of the 80s, every third ton of oil in Russia was “Samotlor”. Until now, these two cities, like two brothers, are competing in development and improvement.

In 2009, Nizhnevartovsk was recognized as the most comfortable city of Ugra.

Climate and ecology of Nizhnevartovsk

Nizhnevartovsk climate is temperate continental. The city is characterized by a long winter and a short summer. Snow cover lasts a long time: from November to May (200-210 days). The warm period is short (100-110 days), and the summer is short (70-80 days). The average air temperature in winter is from -22.0 ° С to -24.0 ° С; the average air temperature in the warm period, respectively, from 16.0 ° C to 17.0 ° C, the average annual temperature is -1 ° C! Spring in Nizhnevartovsk is cooler than autumn. Humidity averages 73%.

Nizhnevartovsk is surrounded by forests, consisting mainly of evergreen trees. In the forest you can find a lot of berries and mushrooms. Since the city itself is built on a swamp, there are swamps and lakes everywhere, rich in various kinds of fish. The oxygen content in the atmosphere due to the marshes is generally lowered.

Spring in Nizhnevartovsk

Due to breakthroughs and oil leaks at the fields, the environment is polluted: soil, rivers, lakes.

The atmosphere is mainly polluted by cars, of which there are quite a few in the city. In addition, there are stationary sources of pollution – various enterprises associated with emissions of industrial waste into the air. All harmful compounds are then deposited on the soil, where berries and mushrooms are not very useful to collect (especially along roads or near the industrial zone). According to the latest measurements, which are produced regularly, the content of various chemical compounds (hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide) in the atmosphere turned out to be lower than the MPC, while the concentration of such substances as nitrogen dioxide, nitrous oxide, carbon monoxide and formaldehyde exceeded the MPC by 2-3 times.

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Nizhnevartovsk population

The population of the city at the beginning of 2014 is 266 thousand people, of which 133 thousand work in various organizations. Over 50 years, the population has increased 100 times! Every year the city’s population is replenished with 3.5 thousand newborns. Thus, there is a steady increase in population.

According to reports from the city mayor’s office, at present the proportion of the population younger than the working age is 18.7% and the working age is 71%, while the average age of the population is 33.7 years (38.6 years in Russia). So the city can surely be called the city of the young.

The ratio of men and women is about the same, but still a little less men (49%). The welfare of the townspeople is at a fairly high level. The average income of a resident is 40 thousand rubles. For example, such a salary may be with oilmen, and it is rare for budgetary employees when it reaches 30 thousand rubles. In any case, the city is considered economically attractive.

Today, 404 different nations and nations live in the city. Some 2,500 indigenous people live in the Nizhnevartovsk district – Khanty and Mansi, who collect various wild plants (berries), fishing and reindeer herding.

Areas and real estate Nizhnevartovsk

The city is young and very compact – there is no zoning as such. The city is divided into different neighborhoods and industrial zone. There is an airport that operates flights within the country, and the railway station is the last station in Western Siberia (then you can only go by car).

Schematic zoning Nizhnevartovsk

Around the city – forest, swamp and lakes. The river Ob flows along the embankment of the city. Almost in the middle of the city is Lake Komsomolskoye. In the city as a whole, apartment prices are the same. Square meter of housing will cost 50-70 thousand rubles. The run-up in the cost of an apartment depends on the condition of the housing The price of a one-room apartment in a panel house ranges from 1.8 to 2.3

Before entering the city from Surgut, we get to the ring, where the monument to the conquerors of Samotlor is located (it is also called the monument “Alyosha”). From the ring to the right goes the road along the industrial zone of the city, where the main part of enterprises and organizations is located. These are mainly various transport, repair and industrial companies. This street is called Industrial.

Nizhnevartovsk. Lenin street

On the left side of this street is the city of Nizhnevartovsk with turns to various streets of the city. There is an exit to the central streets: Mira and Lenin.

Ends Industrial Street turns left and the beginning of the street 60 years of October, which runs along the river. On this street there are many beautiful houses of the last years of development, shopping centers, a monument to the deceased soldier and a church.

Nizhnevartovsk. 60 years of October

The street has access to the beautiful promenade, which is the pride of the city. Many residents prefer to spend their free time here.

Embankment in Nizhnevartovsk

Near the embankment are mainly built sixteen-story residential buildings. The view from the windows of these apartments is amazing – the river is in full view! On the embankment (very well) is the church.

Church on the waterfront

On this street, perhaps, sold the most expensive apartments. There are also two hotels on it – Samotlor and Ob, as well as two shopping centers Orion and Slavtek.

In parallel, the street 60 years of October is one of the central arteries of the city – Lenin Street. Throughout its length, two-way traffic with a dividing strip. There are many shops on the street, there is a shopping center “Uyut”, at the intersection with Chapaev Street there is a shopping center “Kanyon”. You can also meet the central market and the sports complex “Oilman”. For the tourist there is where to go for a walk.

Nizhnevartovsk. Lenin street. Photo by Andrey (Adrenalin) – http: //

On this street is the area of ​​oil workers. Opposite the square you can see the Palace of Arts. The street is very beautiful and the prices are correspondingly higher than average and reach 60 thousand per square meter. There is an active building of Lenin Street – after all, the city center must be the face of the city.

Nizhnevartovsk. Lenin street

Further, if we move along the parallel, there is Mira Street. As it should be for the main street, there are, again, many shops, the Forum shopping center, the Siberian Balagan market. In addition, it also houses the Nizhnevartovsk Technical School and the Center for Sports Youth – the Olympia sports and fitness complex. The presence of playgrounds, kindergartens and schools in every yard makes these areas convenient for living. You can buy an apartment here without any problems at an average price for a city of 60-65 thousand for

Nizhnevartovsk. Mira street

Mira Street runs through the entire city and rests on a new 17th microdistrict located on the outskirts of the city. Here are short streets: Romantic, Heroes of Samotlor and Trade Union. In the neighborhood, new houses were built, and schools and kindergartens are still in the project, which is quite inconvenient for residents. Children have to be taken to visit schools and gardens in other parts of the city, and there are few minibuses here.

Nizhnevartovsk. 17 microdistrict

The courtyards in this neighborhood are equipped with playgrounds and underground parking for residents’ cars.

From Mira Street, right in the center, Komsomolskoye Lake Street, which, as the name implies, rests on the most beautiful place of the city center – Komsomolskoye Lake, leaves. The perimeter of this lake is 2.3 kilometers. There is a special place for swimming (city beach), although due to the local climate it is rare to buy here. But you can always just beautifully relax with your family, near this lake in the city often arrange festivities.

Since 2010, the federal budget has allocated an amount of 300 million rubles for cleaning the lake from dirt and debris, as well as for the improvement of the coastline. And for people who love to litter, there are stiff penalties.

The photo shows a dredger working in the middle of the lake to clean the bottom of the lake from debris and silt.

In this area overlooking the lake, apartments are in stable demand, as the place in the center is environmentally friendly and very beautiful. In addition, during folk festivals, you can observe the holiday right from the window of your apartment. Prices per square meter of order – 65 thousand rubles.

The next street behind the lake is called International. This street is considered the outskirts of the city. One end of the street goes to the ring of the conquerors Samotlor (Alesha) and further to the city of Surgut, and on the other side the street goes to the road Nizhnevartovsk – Izluchinsk. Residential buildings here are old buildings. The street is not particularly different and the attitude to the outskirts of the city makes apartments in this area relatively cheaper than the central urban ones: within 50-60 thousand rubles per square meter of housing.

This is the beginning of the street from the side of the ring and the monument “Alyoshe”, on the left a small micro-district MJK. With the red roof – the building of the medical college, and next to the library

The city still has old city buildings (pieces of wood) and beams, but according to the district program “Improving living conditions” these buildings should be demolished throughout the city, and tenants should be provided with housing in new buildings.

The most elite places, of course, near the waterfront of the city. From the street 60 years of October in the direction of the embankment built new streets of Musa Jalil, Pickman and Kuropatkin Avenue.

This is a view of the coastal zone and residential building in the area of ​​ul. Pickman. On these streets, the most expensive apartments, prices sometimes reach 70 thousand rubles per square meter, and maybe even more


City infrastructure

The condition of housing and communal services is satisfactory. The city is very young, respectively, and the buildings are still fresh and serious problems with accidents on pipelines, heating has not happened yet. If we take the state throughout the district, then Nizhnevartovsk is among the leaders in the housing and utilities sector. In winter, the streets are always clean, snow removal equipment works stably. In the summer, big money is allocated from the city budget for landscaping. Nizhnevartovsk constantly participates in various district landscaping competitions. So in 2011 the city became the first in the nomination for the best management company, the best sanitary cleaning, and also took the first place in greening.

According to the district program to improve the living conditions of the population until 2015, the city should get rid of dilapidated housing, and the authorities promised to move residents into new apartments (we hope that this will happen).

The city is actively working social services. There is a social adaptation center “Phoenix”, there is a shelter for children and teenagers “Argo”, a center for social assistance for children “Cardia”. A children’s district hospital has opened, which has no analogues in Western Siberia.

Road conditions can be rated as “satisfactory”. Since the city is built on a swamp, the ground is unstable and there is a permanent destruction of the roadway. After the winter period, there are many potholes on the road.

The congestion of the city with cars is one of the main problems today. The welfare of citizens is at a decent level, and any family can afford a car. Big problems are parking in the yard and traffic jams during rush hours.

Public transport is represented by various buses and taxis. In another form of route transport, the city does not need, because it is very compact (the city can be crossed in 15 minutes).

Nizhnevartovsk is one of the largest centers of culture, education and sport. There are 38 secondary schools in the city and there are no problems with getting a decent education. At the same time, preschool institutions are sorely lacking. About 6,000 children were standing in line at the kindergarten for 2011 at the same time. Officials try to somehow get out of the situation, but this does not help much. Young families have to send their children to private kindergartens, which is expensive for the family budget. The city has a network of specialized secondary and higher educational institutions.

Enterprises and work in Nizhnevartovsk

The main activity of Nizhnevartovsk is mining. Next in importance are engineering, the food industry, the production of building materials and the manufacturing industry.

Oil and gas are produced by 80% of the total number of enterprises. The main companies are:

  • a subsidiary of Sibir Energy plc OJSC NK Magma, which is engaged in the extraction, production and sale of oil;
  • TNK-Nizhnevartovsk OJSC – oil and gas production (part of TNK-BP);
  • At the Samotlor field, it produces the OJSC Samotlorneftegaz, which is also part of TNK-BP;
  • OJSC SiburTyumenGaz, as the former Sibneftegazpererabotka is now called, is a gas processing company that is part of SIBUR, the largest petrochemical holding;

The food industry is represented by four bakeries, a poultry factory, various meat processing plants, breweries and a fish factory. The sausages of the Nizhnevartovsk meat-processing plant are in high demand throughout the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug.

The airport, located 5 kilometers west of the city, is one of the largest in the region and in Russia. Through it there are various flights to many cities and regions of the Russian Federation, as well as charter tourist flights to the resorts of Turkey and Thailand.

Night tour of the monument

The railway station is located in the northeastern part of the city along Severnaya Street and is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest terminal station.

There is a river port, which provides a variety of passenger and cargo transportation over different distances. You can take an informative cruise on the Ob River. The administration of the city is planning to build its own voice station.

Another industry that has been developing very rapidly lately is the construction business. Throughout the city is under construction various objects. There is a plan for the reconstruction and arrangement of the city, which requires additional workers.

Not far from the town in the settlement of Izluchinsk, the Nizhnevartovskaya GRES is located. The power plant was commissioned in 1993. Two power units of 800 megawatts of capacity are currently operating. Since 2006, GRES is a branch of OGK-1 and one of the largest electricity suppliers in the Urals Federal District.

On the territory of the industrial zone, there are good repair shops engaged in the overhaul of automobile engines and units, which are brought here from all over the district.

According to statistics, where the well-being of citizens grows, so does crime. Nizhnevartovsk is not an exception. Of course, he is not heading the list in the country on a criminal basis, but still there is enough crime.

In the first place are the apartment thefts, robberies and fraud (after all, a lot of people go to the north not only to earn money honestly, but also for the “easy” ruble). Recently, two citizens of Nizhnevartovsk were convicted, accused of creating a financial pyramid. In the period from 2007 to 2009 they fraudulently committed theft from citizens of the district. 260 people were victims of the crime, and the amount of theft amounted to more than 46 million rubles. They were sentenced to 5 and 7 years respectively.

Grave and especially grave crimes constitute the fourth part of all crimes (for the first quarter of 2012 there were 140 of them, which is a little more than last year). The city did not go far from the country and for crimes committed in a state of intoxication. A special role in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Nizhnevartovsk is given to the fight against drug trafficking.

If you give a general assessment of the criminal component, then Nizhnevartovsk is a small and relatively quiet city.

Sights of Nizhnevartovsk

The city has many different places for both residents and tourists. If you just relax in the fresh air – this, of course, is the embankment of the Ob River, where you can walk with your girlfriend, and maybe make her an offer. A beautiful view of the river makes this place very romantic, especially in the summer.

If you want to invite friends to a good restaurant or cafe, then in the city there are quite a lot of them for every taste, practically on every street. For city guests there are hotel complexes that are not inferior in service to many European “colleagues”. For example, hotel complexes in the coastal area of ​​the city (in the area of ​​60 let Oktyabrya) enjoy great demand among tourists and guests of the city: – these are Samotlor, Ob and Pearl of Siberia hotel complexes.

In the “Pearl of Siberia” there are baths, a restaurant, a gym and even a tanning studio. The cost of living in a single room, including breakfast is 3800 rubles / day. The view from this hotel complex is chic!

Walking through the city, you can see a lot of monuments dedicated to the honorary residents and the founders of the city. At the entrance to the city from Surgut down Industrialnaya Street, on the ring you can see the monument to the Conquerors of Samotlor. It was built on the fiftieth anniversary of the Nizhnevartovsk District in 1978. On the granite pedestal there is a bronze figure of a worker with a height of 12 meters. A capsule with wishes to residents of the 21st century Nizhnevartovsk is kept at its foot. Opening the capsule is scheduled for 2018.

Monument to the Conquerors of Samotlor

In 2002, the Memorial of Glory of Nizhnevartovsk sport was opened on the street 60 years of October. It is installed at the entrance to the stadium “Central”. It is made in the form of a large golden ball. Athletes of Nizhnevartovsk have won many prestigious international competitions many times. Among them, boxers Maletin Alexander – (world champion and 2-time European champion), Makarenko Eugene – (2-time world champion and 3-time European champion), volleyball player Dineykin Stanislav – winner of the World Cup 1999, world silver medalist League 1998 and 2000 and other athletes Nizhnevartovsk.

Memorial of Glory of Nizhnevartovsk sport

In the center of the city on Lenin Street, next to the Palace of Arts, the Monument to the Janitor, dedicated to those who make the city clean, is erected. The sculpture is made in Chelyabinsk and weighs about 300 kilograms.

Monument to the janitor Uncle Misha

In 1993–1998, the Church of the Nativity of Christ was built on the bank of the river. At the temple crosses and domes are covered with gold leaf.

Church of the Nativity

In the city, on the street 60 years of October in front of the building of the State Ministry of Internal Affairs, a monument was erected

For cultural recreation in the city there is the City Drama Theater on Sportivnaya Street and three cinemas. The theater was founded in 1985 and during this time more than 70 performances were staged, participating in various Russian and international festivals.

City Drama Theater

For the recreation of young people in the city there are several nightclubs. On the street. Lenin is located entertainment complex “Camelot”; on Industrial – a nightclub “HUMMER” with a capacity of 400 people, in which two dance floors and bars; 60 years of October, in the shopping center “Mandarin” there is a restaurant-club “Tokyo dancing”, the quality of service at a high level. Many young people here spend their free time and the guests of the city will have something to look at.


September 1, 13g. I am flying to Nizhnevartovsk for the first time. I love to travel, especially since my friend lives there. Thank you for the information about the city. In general, he told me

Hello everyone! Good day to all of you! I enjoyed looking at a photo of the city, although I have been living here for 32 years and everything is interesting to me, I walk a lot, look, get acquainted with new places. Then I started reading the reviews. It became ridiculous for me that a person makes a remark to the author about errors, while he himself also makes mistakes. In the end – the end, this page is not an encyclopedia and not a doctoral dissertation. The author did a good deed, expressed his photo attitude to the city, and, there are several photos that other authors do not have. And do not update anything! That was then! And now – is another, something new, and then – the history of the city, events. The history of our country was updated to the point that the authors themselves were confused, what, where, when, who? If someone wants to read, see new photos – look for, find! And the history of the city can not be touched! I’ve been looking for two days: 1) Photos of the old building of the railway station. I found only three photos (the same), but they are without a name and no text, so I have doubts if this is not the case. 2) Also looking for a photo of the old building of the first airport in 1971. I also did not find it, but I did find the first building of the airport and the first airport itself, built in 1965 in the Old Vartovsk area. Served this airport only three people. So all the time I was mistaken that the airport of 1971 was the first in Nizhnevartovsk.

Here someone advised to update the page, and the most important part of our history has disappeared. Of course, somewhere in the museum there must be stages in the formation of the city, but you don’t run into every museum after every shot. And everything is known in comparison. Two years have passed – new houses and sculptures have appeared. It will take another two years – part of the streets will be cleared of old wood.

The difference in salary is very large. The average salary is 20-30 thousand 35-40 thousand. A good salary is considered, and over 50 is somewhere in the oil industry or in large enterprises, but it’s almost unrealistic to work there. Minus is very cold climate. And a lot of visiting people are mainly Dagestanis, Chechens, Uzbeks, Tajiks, Chinese, etc.

Religion There are two Orthodox churches in the city: the Church of St. John the Forerunner, the Church of the Nativity of Christ. The construction of the temple in honor of the “Great Martyr Panteleimon” is being completed. Planned construction of a temple in honor of the “Matryona Moskovskaya”. There is an Orthodox gymnasium, a Sunday school for children, a Sunday school for adults.

Hello. It is strange that one more inaccuracy struck anyone: Musa Jalil is one of the oldest streets in the city, and she was put on a par with the young Pickman and Kuropatkin.

Hello, I would like to thank you for the information provided – I have never met such a complete, fascinating and readable article about the city. Do not pay attention to the amendments regarding grammar and street names – they would try to write information about each city of the immense country. Yes, and the messages of the “young talents” are clearly not a standard of spelling, but only scream about wanting at least some self-affirmation. I wish you success! Great site from the user’s point of view!

Thank you for the information about your city. Photos are well chosen, the content is, in principle, truthful. I would like to add the heading “Education”. It always attracts young people. Well, their parents. Good luck!

I sleep and see how we will leave with my wife and child! First, the climate is cold (almost no summer), Z / P

State employees receive more tangible more than in the same Bashkiria, good support from the district goes in social matters. But this again depends on the northern experience, sometimes even on how much he lived in the north. There are a lot of shift workers here, but the turnover is big, people will work and, disappointed, they quit.

I love Nizhnevartovsk, but I do it from afar! In general – 27 years in Vartovsk (from the 5th grade) and for 7 years not in Vartovsk. They decided to leave for a long time. It was terrible to leave the familiar place, the city in which the best years of life passed, my family was formed, my children were born and by that time my children grew up (14 years and 6 years old). For my departure I had 2 big reasons and a few “minor” ones:

1) Tired for so many years of climate (and this is also 27 years without grass, without nature, without greenery, without flowering gardens

2) Wherever you are going to go, go to any place for a long time, and very expensive! And if you miss one year and do not leave in the summer and do not get impressions – it is impossible to survive the second winter in a row from the north. Closer to the calendar spring, the depression pressing on the whole body is pressing on … The feeling of vacuum puts pressure on the brain.

The city is small, three streets along and three across and there is nowhere else to go … The last station on

The first 3 months at the new place were happy, having fun. And then everyone got bored, they wanted to go back to Nzhv, I myself even cried several times, I strongly wanted to go back, I overcame the longing for my beloved city … This state lasted for the next 5 months. And then … then came SPRING! Real and on time! On April 1, nature began to wake up evenly, the first spring flowers began to bloom, the grass was green, the sun was shining and warming, the gardens bloomed, I personally even saw this spectacle in my childhood, but my children born in the north have never!

In general, the words are now being suggested, from which they started: I love Ngv, but I do it from far away! Njv he is also beautiful, beautiful and wonderful, but he is not for permanent residence, it is better to live there for a while temporarily … And everyone has this time “his own” …

Having lived for 19 years since birth, he left Vartovsk to enter another city and never returned. Glory to the parents – they sent a student from the North, and later left themselves, as I graduated from the university.

From the class (22 school) half left and remained there (St. Petersburg, Tyumen, Omsk, etc.)

Since then, 11 years have passed. During this time I visited and worked (

At the same time, I miss the cities where I was not born, but I lived and worked (Novosibirsk, Vladivostok, Chelyabinsk, Cyprus, Croatia or Tokyo).

But according to Vartovsk – no. As if it was not with me, not in my life. And not only me.

Guys, this is not romance and not sibiryushka. This is the North. -35 -40 in the winter. Mosquitoes and rain in the summer from 15 18. Feeling that you live on the island. Yearning. Poisonous nature.

And yes, from Vartovsk, I have gastritis since childhood, by the age of 35 half a mouth of false teeth, thanks to Samotlor and its oil, and swamp water.

There is no such city, forget about it as a place to move for permanent residence.

Tell me, please, who is the author of the evening Nizhnevartovsk photo (about tenth photo in the article)? very, very necessary.

She lived in Nzhv, Schas in the area, for some reason always loved this place. Not from a good life. Looking back from deep childhood (4 years) there were heavy remnants. I do not know why I was imbued with a harsh city, it is always cold here and everything … air, people. It is important to find your place, your city. I was born in Krasnodar, I love Volgograd, I was there for the journey without stopping more than half a day. And having lived here relatively recently, I realized, felt, Nizhnevartovsk is not my city.

She was born in Nizhnevartovsk, finished school there and moved to another city to study.

I love N. V. with all my heart, since my childhood is connected with him) Yes, there is a romance there. Education in schools of good level (at least when I studied), from our class, more than 50% came to budget places all over Russia. And this is the usual school, there is no division into bad and good schools (well, or was not earlier)

After graduating from university, she did not return to NB, since she was married and had already become attached to another city. Every year I go to visit my parents in N. V. During this time the city has changed a lot (left in 2003), in my opinion, mostly for the better. He became really GREEN) It’s nice!

Earnings. Previously, in the NW, sn were more than the average in Russia, now they are almost equal (here we must take into account that in NB, the regional coefficient is northern, and zp is not much higher than southern cities). But there are pluses for young professionals – they are valued here. In many areas, preference is given precisely to the young. From classmates who stayed to live in HB almost everyone has a good position and salary is much higher than mine.

What annoys me is a huge number of Caucasians (Dagestanis, Azerbaijanis, Chechens, etc.). Very many of them. This summer, walking in the afternoon along Vartovsk with a child and for the sake of interest I decided to count how many Russians and how many Caucasians I’ll come across to me. Unfortunately, Caucasians came across much more. Islamization is still very strong, there has never been such a thing before, I have never seen anything like it anywhere else – just crowds of women in hijabs and men in “I am Muslim” T-shirts.

The city is very small, no where to go. Although, maybe it only seems to me. Girlfriends-classmates living there do not complain particularly about this.

In the city a lot of soc. programs that are not in other cities. In general, there is a good social sphere, there is something to compare.

A huge plus – long holidays – from 44 to 60 days (here I can be a little mistaken). If you are in a normal position in a normal place, then vacation pay will be very good) Doctors and teachers have high salaries, for example, a girlfriend’s mother — a teacher in the US gets more of my father who works in the oil industry (working position, not a manager, but a big production and the highest level). I think not many cities have such RFPs for state employees.

A huge minus – cold. Canine cold. Constantly gray sky overhead, which is very heavy.

Itself now I live in Siberia, in Tomsk. Here it is also cold and gray and therefore I really want to move to another city, where the climate is normal, where children can be charged with the sun for more than 1 month of the year. But, I have a completely northern mentality, so for 5 years I have been thinking about moving and can’t understand where)))

I wouldn’t come back to HB, but if you are young and energetic, you want to work and earn money, and the climate doesn’t bother you much – you can safely go and try your luck in this cozy northern city!

Greens here and in winter enough. -40 without a break here lasts a maximum of a month, then this temperature only occasionally makes itself felt. Tree varieties still allow greens to watch in winter. For me, the only disadvantage is the cultural population. The personnel of Nizhnevartovsk have been formed over the years from rotational officers, criminals and alcoholics from all over Russia, although lately “I increasingly notice that it’s as if someone has replaced them” more decent citizens began to fall more and more

I live in Nizhnevartovsk all my life, but for the last 3 years I began to feel that I was not where I needed to be. I want to get out of here as soon as possible. Those who want to move here, well, I don’t know, I don’t advise, there’s no normal climate, nature is also not so hot about the swamp, salaries are not as big as before, there are few places where you can go, entertainment in Vartovsk is not dazzling, there are less and less young people , everyone is leaving for large cities, and although I have nothing against Caucasians, it’s still not a matter of the nation, it’s a matter of individuals, now there are many decent people among them. What else can you do in this city, oh yes, there are few institutions for self-development, what is connected with creativity, there are places for the development of children and adolescents, but for some reason nobody here thought about adults since 18 years old.

Born in this city, grew up in it, while I was a schoolboy there was some sort of romance. I graduated from school and went to study in Tomsk, where I understood what a city should be. What should be the people, what is the intelligentsia, what is culture and architecture. 6 years lived in Tomsk, graduated from high school, returned to Nizhnevartovsk. I regretted it very much, everything is known in comparison. In comparison with Tomsk, and Tomsk is still not the best city (read about it on this site). Nizhnevartovsk is a settler, and in comparison with itself as it was before. Non-competent citizens are sitting in high positions who cannot be called a specialist by experts. Medicine began to rot! The strong outflow of people to other regions, the standard of living does not correspond to the current geographical location and resources. Roads make them fall, a small city, and everyone stands in traffic jams, it rains or the snow melts, everyone drowns in deep puddles, the water does not go away, there are no drainage systems. Here, anyone with a higher education makes plans to leave here, who has tasted life in a big city does not return here. This is not written on emotion, it is a fact! But if you think that I’m just a pessimist, and still want to come here to live then the wives! We are happy to sell you our housing at the current market price and get out of here! &# 128578;

Sergei: I was born in this city, I grew up in it, while I was a schoolboy there was some kind of romance. I graduated from school and went to study in Tomsk, where I understood what a city should be. What should be the people, what is the intelligentsia, what is culture and architecture. 6 years lived in Tomsk, graduated from high school, returned to Nizhnevartovsk. I regretted it very much, everything is known in comparison. In comparison with Tomsk, and Tomsk is still not the best city (read about it on this site). Nizhnevartovsk is a settler, and in comparison with itself as it was before. Non-competent citizens are sitting in high positions who cannot be called a specialist by experts. Medicine began to rot! The strong outflow of people to other regions, the standard of living does not correspond to the current geographical location and resources. Roads make them fall, a small city, and everyone stands in traffic jams, it rains or the snow melts, everyone drowns in deep puddles, the water does not go away, there are no drainage systems. Here, anyone with a higher education makes plans to leave here, who has tasted life in a big city does not return here. This is not written on emotion, it is a fact! But if you think that I’m just a pessimist, and still want to come here to live then the wives! We are happy to sell you our housing at the current market price and get out of here!

The main question is: where do you find salary in Tomsk 50−60 thousand? In Nizhnevartovsk (as in other northern cities) the proportion of residents who have a decent s / n is much higher than in Tomsk, that’s the whole answer. About the rest I can say that in Tomsk you studied, and did not live and work, these are completely different things, the student body itself is an easy and carefree time. About the rest: it is necessary to separate the development trends of Nizhnevartovsk and the all-Russian ones. What is described: non-professionalism, medicine, roads, etc. it is everywhere like this in the country, somewhere a little better, somewhere a little worse. And certainly not KhMAO complain about bad roads and medicine. As for culture and architecture, it is not necessary to compare cities with history and those that arose in favor of oil production, it can be said that one-company towns, which in essence began to develop, were built up in the 70s, 80s. Moreover, people came here for money and received decent salaries, which means they are practical, economic people who wanted to make money. I think if we compare Khanty-Mansiysk, then there are few cities in Russia that are ready to compete with it in architecture and beauty. Write nonsense and precisely on emotions.

Sergei: I was born in this city, I grew up in it, while I was a schoolboy there was some kind of romance. I graduated from school and went to study in Tomsk, where I understood what a city should be. What should be the people, what is the intelligentsia, what is culture and architecture. 6 years lived in Tomsk, graduated from high school, returned to Nizhnevartovsk. I regretted it very much, everything is known in comparison

Exactly! Everything is just like that! I live here myself for 40 years and I am going to leave here!

A good city. The stories about the bitter cold over the past decade have become a myth, the climate has changed significantly in the direction of warming. It happens, of course, and under the minus forty, but it is two or three days, and not months. In December 2014, for example, the temperature varied from zero to minus twenty-five. Regarding the particular chronic diseases and tooth loss acquired in Nizhnevartovsk, this is also not a 100% true. I come from the Irkutsk region, lived there for 29 years, every winter I got sick with a sore throat, then a flu, now a cold. In Vartovsk – 17 years old, already forgotten for a cold, not so much for a sore throat. The teeth are also all their own, with the exception of three that were torn out on the “big” ground. Salary is also decent, maybe someone increased requests. Of course, this is not the south, but far from the Arctic.

My dream is to move to Nizhnevartovsk, I live in Krasnodar for 16 years, I used to live in Vartovsk. I could not get used to the Kuban, I do not like it here. Please write, really get a well-paid job without a “rich dad” (in Krasnodar, this is unrealistic). I have a higher education, graduated from law school, 6 years of work in the specialty and still work, but I plan to leave. Still, if not difficult, share the prices for rental housing in your city (I know what can be found on the Internet), but I would like to know as much as possible from real people, and not from real estate companies. Thank you in advance.

Vika Zvereva: I dream of moving to Nizhnevartovsk, I live in Krasnodar for 16 years, I used to live in Vartovsk. I could not get used to the Kuban, I do not like it here. Please write, really get a well-paid job without a “rich dad” (in Krasnodar, this is unrealistic). I have a higher education, graduated from law school, 6 years of work in the specialty and still work, but I plan to leave. Still, if not difficult, share the prices for rental housing in your city (I know what can be found on the Internet), but I would like to know as much as possible from real people, and not from real estate companies. Thank you in advance.

For renting a one-room, you need to pay 20 thousand per month. It is difficult to get a job without dating, even with 2 higher educations. However, it’s not all that bad, many people don’t want to leave anywhere even when they are retired. However, they get cold, even though now the winters are warmer, but the sun is not enough and because of this depression.

After reviewing the page, I returned to my youth. He worked as a driver at Tatra 148 in Special A. T..K. 1971−

About the salary. If you don’t fly to Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug and Yakutsk, you won’t see a salary for 100 thousand. The salary of 40 thousand without a higher education is hard to find in the city itself. Lawyers in Nizhnevartovsk are not needed, they are like dogs that are not cut. There are places where they are in demand, but the salary is 23−27 thousand rubles. To the bar or a judge, only for blat. No, you can of course open your law. Consultation, but without connections and “your” judge, you will not fight for a long time in court

I state that the investigator can get 100%. They are simply not enough. I work at a university, and every year employers come to us and ask future graduates about it. Salary is really at least 50

There are many Caucasians in the city and every year it becomes more and more, they behave arrogantly. They do not assimilate at all; rather, on the contrary, they come together in groups and dictate their conditions for a long time, especially in the courtyards and the courtyards. Islamization of the population occurs even among its Slavic part (I personally came across it myself). The general population is extremely passive with a narrow circle of interests, only pressing material problems: auto, repair, go abroad to rest. Girls are spoiled. And material and masculine attention, with all the consequences. They are trying to behave in a mannered way, thinking that they are imitating Muscovites. Representatives of the service industry behave very arrogantly – to the seller, re-makers, taxi drivers and even dressmakers. They are not accustomed to pulling, so they do what they want. Looking at sellers, you remember the Soviet years of total deficiency, and one taxi driver told us that it was our fault that he had no space in the trunk because of his tools – “you had to order a car with an empty trunk”. Transport problems are growing, but no one is going to solve them – they don’t even promise. The city is small and the congestion is not large yet, but for a city with a population of less than 300 thousand and a modern layout, traffic jams is generally nonsense. But the climate is quite bearable, in vain you scold him. Winter is transferred much easier than in southern latitudes, -30 is quite tolerable, and in recent years it has become noticeably warmer. Summer is short, but there are a lot of clean water around which is easy to reach. It turns out that those living in the south go to the beach not much more often than northerners. And they rest abroad, even during a crisis they will not go less often. Northerners go abroad much more often than in Russia, many nowhere but their city and Moscow have ever been to.

I did not think that I would find here about Nizhnevartovsk))). I live here all my life, I am 34 years old. Everyone has their own vision of our city, depending on who does what in life, depending on who has what interests and hobbies. Yes, not Russian every year more and with it than young people. We have built here an “entertainment center” Europe City-shopping center at the intersection of Chapaev-Mira. Here they are there and wiping their macacina-hang out just like that from morning till night. Well, in the West all the cafes of them even called this place the Black Quarter. And since they don’t bother me personally, they aren’t rude on the street, but about their mentality and appearance, it’s been said all over the place for a long time and there’s a joke all over.) And here they are. Planted priors and lezginka tinted windows). There is nowhere to go. Well, in the same Europe for weekends, there is KFC, a good cinema 6 rooms, a children’s entertainment center with all sorts of skipping and shooting games, and in the evening Baron night club (the most decent). And if you have funny friends, then you can have karaoke in a couple Three good places-Solo, Chayhona. Full of all sorts of bars, restaurants for every taste and wallet, you can just get drunk and dance, or you can celebrate March 8 with the team by placing an order a week in advance. There is also a bunch of food delivery to the house, pizza, sushi, noodles in boxes, donuts, coffee, in short everything so that you do not go hungry, and yes delivery is free. Yes, in 2013–2014, my husband and I traveled twice a year. Turkey, Egypt, the Emirates, Thailand, friends in Europe, and flew to Cuba. You take a burning tour and go, we even fly on credit. This year I’ve watched everything become more modest, the crisis has affected everyone, the price of food has soared straight away. Sit until we are not rip)). My salary is 30,000. My husband has 25,000. Very little, but we managed to rest). Whoever wants, he will find a job and without any acquaintances, the main luck and so that the place you need at this moment just freed)). But it also happens that you need to wait for the necessary good work for months. In the meantime, you can seller in the supermarket, an average of 30,000. Jobs are always there, in the same Magnet. Poked around the city, small shops blocked oxygen. We have everything in the city, but summer is very short. I sleep and see how I live in a house by the sea, where the sun shines and warmth all year round)

Good day. I’m from the Urals, I want to move in with the kids to live in Nizhnevartovsk, read the comments of all the guests, and I’m sitting there thinking it’s scary to go, it may not be in Vartovsk, but just in the crossing itself. I look at the most diverse comments, both positive and negative. In general, say pliiz, on

Why is it worth to leave Nizhnevartovsk in the Moscow region (Balashikha).

Of the advantages of Nizhnevartovsk

Night tour of the monument


Alex, if you are crushed by a strong leg in Vartovsk, this does not mean that the entire population of our city is gopnik. This is your social circle, so you immediately after our city moved to criminal Balashikha))). They write here about Caucasians, drug addicts. If you don’t climb them and don’t look for them in every passer-by, then they will not pay any attention to you. They have their own life, their own party. And they do not bother anyone on the streets, and do not bother anyone. We have a very civilized city. Everyone is busy with his business. I have never looked for work through

We have been dreaming of moving to this city with our family for a long time) But nothing can move there because of an unresolved housing problem. We want to buy an apartment in Nizhnevartovsk, there is a certain accumulated amount, but we don’t know where to go with it) To get a mortgage, to purchase it in installments or on lease. Share your experience, how to do better?

Sergey, I agree with you, sensibly and delicately you described everything. I myself lived for 20 years in Nizhnevartovsk, a beautiful city, but these scurrying Dagestanis, dwarf, petrified nature, summer without odors of mowed grass and grasshoppers treating, beggarly wages, where a place with a salary of 60 to hand is VERY COOL. Ubiquitous anger and rudeness in state institutions, everywhere is cronyism and only cronyism. Not guys, this is a reservation earlier with the name TNK-BP, now Rosneft.

And yes, the Nizhnevartovsk midge, mosquitoes are an appendage to widespread rudeness on the roads, in state institutions and

A radioactive waste depot at KSP-16, every second has oncology, this is another argument to bring down from Varvarsk.

Wow how many wrote about Vartovsk! Vartovsk is a beautiful city, I remember it with longing. But I left, because in the cities with a million-plus salaries, there is a lot to go to, to the theater, the opera, the cinema. Again, prices are getting lower, people are kinder, fashion is higher. Well, in Vartovsk people are gray, the weather is gloomy. When the salary was more than on the ground, then it was still possible to work, but now I see vacancies on the Internet according to Vartovsk 45 thousand for happiness, no, thank you. Oncology is a matter of ecology. Ecology in Vartovsk shit. The oncologic dispensary works without interruption and ask any oncologist if every second patient really has cancer. The same tubing tubing is fired from a radioactive well, and the fences in the neighborhood are made by b.

Something is not so good with us. And how we live here, losers. The whole world is struggling with cancer, and the epidemic is in our city. Yes, it is not necessary to go to us, here already without you have come. This is the city of black and mosquitoes. This is how you need to be a boring man, so that you are so mosquitoes priparili)))

So smart to the North no longer go. I may be wrong, but most are already felled from the north. Well, no one who could not achieve anything without cronyism, yes, he sits on the priest exactly and nowhere twitching like a kulik praises his swamp. And where to keep, if with his knowledge without cronyism, will not take anywhere. As for oncology, in Nizhnevartovsk it is one of the highest in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug. Samotlor near.

Listen, you calm down with your cancer. Che then attached to him. Read the geography of the disease on the Internet, something there never mentioned KMAO, in one article. I was not lazy, I looked. You expressed your opinion, enough troll. And yes, every sandpiper will praise its swamp, if only out of self-respect. I live in the city for 35 years, and I have everything

Victoria, I’m just in shock, at the Sports Theater, and you are here. Sorry for not a modest question. Do you constantly in this thread troll exclusively to raise self-esteem? I here for example, went into this topic because of the sale of the car from

Many leave, but in the end regret and return. A very large percentage leave for the south, and unfortunately I have not heard rave reviews. But those who went to Tyumen and Bashkiria do not regret. I also dreamed of leaving Nizhnevartovsk, and went to St. Petersburg, and then moved to Chelyabinsk. Here, listen, those who are not satisfied with their city, come to Chelyabinsk. That’s where everything is! Ecology is terrible to say – to say nothing! Here is oncology here, probably, exactly every second! People. Krasnodar rest in general) After living here, you will run back ahead of the train. So, Nizhnevartovsk is a very good city! Beautiful, comfortable, clean, comfortable. People are kind, responsive, there is of course Hamlo, without this in any way, but in general everything is good. Minuses in expensive real estate, prices for everything are sooo high, and of course a short summer ((But I love Nizhnevartovsk! At home, parents, friends))) I return to HB, which I am very pleased about. Well, the fact that fashion in HB is lower than in other cities is a significant minus hehe. How do people still live there?) I lived in St. Petersburg for five years, and I always dressed in Vartovsk when I came for holidays. There are good shops in St. Petersburg, only to dress there, you need to have a good account)) And all these shopping centers at each station, with mangoes, they are furious, they have nothing to buy at all. That’s all high fashion))

Peter would not have changed Che for his ecology.

“Great climate and great weather” – tell it to those who, due to temperature drops from -35 to – and back and so on, got a stroke. While still young and still imperceptibly, that’s all, and then … and then after so many years here and there is no health even to go south (((

You will be surprised: my sister’s friend left HB for Peter, bought an apartment there. She worked at the airport, lived with the child together. So, after a few years she sold an apartment in St. Petersburg and returned to N. V. Arguments: the climate, a long way to go to work. Of course, it played its role and that, she left here with her parents, who are now helping her with her son. And before Peter, she lived in Germany for a couple of years.

Nizhnevartovsk, like other northern cities, grew at the expense of oil, there is nothing else there. Currently, oil prices have decreased threefold, and this means a reduction in the budget and wages. Therefore, in a short time the oil money will run out and will not be enough for the maintenance of sowing. cities, since there is too much population there, it is economically feasible for the north to work in rotational settlements, and not to build cities in a swamp. And we must not buy housing there, but rather sell and move to normal cities (not northern ones).

From birth I live in Nizhnevartovsk. I learned to work by profession in the oil industry. The city likes beautiful, cozy, clean. Wherever he went pulls back. As for visitors, we are all visitors here by and large

Advise which city to live in is better to choose Surgut or Nizhnevartovsk. What are the prices for real estate in new buildings and on the secondary housing market? as with work. who can get a job without education. what area of ​​residence to choose whether you can buy a summer cottage

I live in this city for 36 years, although the city has only 44 (I went to kindergarten for the first time in Old Vartovsk) My parents used to plow here all their lives and lay down at the cemetery for Alyosha … I HATE this City … Only oil bumps and officials live well here . And about “they have come”, since those who “have gone behind the oil money” more “dry their fingers” … In the old there are still rotten two-storey buildings that sway from the wind, the stench, but people do not settle. Poverty is growing, but they don’t want to see it, they’ll have it right there — oil — local news is only licked to the authorities … WITH A VIEW, THE MOST IMPORTANT ALL SHITO_KRYTO, THERE ARE THE TYPE OF RICHER! all the well-being is visible, everything is in debt and credit to the ears … Outside the city, those who have lost their homes because of unbearable mortgage conditions have been settling in country houses for a long time, they live there with children, who can sculpt them from what houses, drowns them there … Ass of the world, shorter Vartovsk … I know like no other …

He lived in the city up to 9 years and almost every year I visit him. Moved 5 years ago with my mother in Cyprus. Limassol (European Union). Do I regret moving? Well, a little bit. It may seem to you that Cyprus is a paradise on earth, and I was incomparably lucky, this is not quite so. Of course, the climate is wonderful compared to the Lower; From April to October, you can still swim in the Mediterranean Sea, and some even go there all year, but Cypriots consider such extremals: D, but there is no heating in the apartments, and when the tan in January comes, you have to save yourself with 2 blankets and 3 sweaters. Cyprus – the island as a whole in terms of ecology is good enough, but in the city itself there is a lot of garbage and stinking garbage cans, I do not remember this in Vartovsk. There are traffic jams at rush hour, but inside the neighborhoods it’s quiet. Population. If you want to move to a warm city, in the EU, but where there are still quite a few fellow countrymen, then Limassol is your best choice! All over Cyprus lives >30’000 Russians, plus a lot of Ukrainians and Belarusians, while in Limassol there are about 6’000 Russians. The roads here are made well, according to the European standard. But the houses are built too close to each other, especially close to the sea and especially old ones, this is a problem, because who wants a fat Romanian face to look out the window from the balcony of the neighboring house? In Vartovsk, this is simply impossible; most of the houses were built at least 6 meters apart. People here are engaged in various tasks – from fisheries to oilmen (yes, yes, oilmen, my mother works in such an international company), but now there is little work and there is little unemployment; if you do not have a higher education and are not an expert, then nobody needs them here. Crime in Cyprus is insanely low, only there is corruption, but if you are not a citizen of Cyprus, this does not concern you much. There are things to do here – more restaurants, cafes, a night walk until late, old castles, green mountains (if you are very nostalgic, then you can go to SNOW in the winter), the sea after all. Tourists only in summer and spring completely fill the bus, I barely get to school. A big minus in medicine, it is not of very high quality, and it’s expensive that you don’t rely on Cypriot doctors without a lot of money. I remember from being treated in the district nursery in Below – the staff is wonderful, the Internet (intermittently, but there was), the chambers are not ice, but there is nothing more than a bed, bedside tables and a shower, not oncology (God forbid; by the way, the oncology department right behind the wall, sometimes you pass, they may not survive: c) EGD in Vartovsk cost candy for gratitude from my grandmother, in Cyprus it costs 200 € (this

16’000₽) … Most of the population knows English, but I highly recommend learning, I don’t really know it, and sometimes there are problems. If you have a child of preschool age, give it to a Greek school to learn Greek, and then translate it into English (if you have money, English schools are not cheap), then you can get a chance to study in Europe, but you will be taken to a Russian tutor, otherwise a terrible mixture of Russian, English and Greek (he heard, it is unbearable, just cuts his ear). If your child is older, if you enroll in an institution in the EU – an English school, if in Russia, then a Russian one (there are three Russian schools – everyone gives a Russian diploma, is not sure about an EU diploma) Greek schools are not good, and European universities consider abolishing light enrollment study in the state of Greek. wk Cypriot institutions are average, but then it is better to study in Germany. I still miss my native Nizhnevartovsk, and after the move, I even became more interested in NV, the population is growing until the oil crisis in the world, Nizha, of course, is not sweet, but who knows how everything will turn out. We don’t plan to overeat yet – Cyprus is a good island! with:

Hello. I go to Vartovsk for work. What I like about the city is 1) Availability of work. There is a lot of it here, but at least for many regions of the Russian Federation, and the salaries are large, but not for a long time when it was worth going here for permanent residence. The exception is good specialists. A simple pom. Boer. Often receives no more than 40,000 rubles. 2) Wide streets, but due to the increasing number of cars, traffic jams begin to appear at rush hour. 3) The city is clean. If at night, the young people put out the garbage at the bus stop, then at 6-7 hours it will be removed. What I don’t like about the city is 1) For the most part there are no architectural delights. The city was built quickly and therefore most of the houses are panel 5−16 etazhki. 2) Many Caucasians, who want to show off their affiliation to the Caucasus and Islam, and sometimes come to the point of absurdity. Especially love to perform “dzhigitovka” on the car, which often ends with an accident. :-) To be honest it strains. Many residents leave town. As a rule, these are the ones who have developed the so-called “Northern experience”, from the youth these are those who are well on their feet and can organize something in a new place. The main directions for permanent residence in those who are traveling are Tyumen, Krasnodar and its suburbs. Well, I would not want to stay here permanently either. This is purely my opinion. Well, we all know how many people have so many opinions, so please, if someone has a negative after my writing, keep it with you!

Glare in the morning Silver snowdrifts in the industrial zone, Mother of pearl Clouds in the sky gleaming, Monotonously The city is wrapped up in warm clothes And boundless On forecasts from forecasters of hope.

He sat in the “four” And I roll along the intersections of winter streets, Stops Return to the unsuspecting youth, Where in the bungalow Chose the right core * for souvenirs, And tusovka Typically formed a roll in the “Fires of Siberia”.

Someone will say: “There is a dead end here and everyone goes out on the final one!” Or even, With frost, and life – it is not eternal! Peresudy is infinite, that salaries are “not very” here, But indefinitely, Moving from here everyone is doing nothing …

On the “Romashka” Caravans of headlights at the shift station, In them without a “scary” Those who were promised to sit at home would sit down, At the wharves of Ob, they bound boats and ramps, Once again, they would fill up with large water in late April.

The cold presses, Adding to the mood of “reluctance”, The city is churning, But a short day will add momentum, The golden Sun will print a generous sunrise, Marries Nizhnevartovsk with “Samotlorskie nights”.

Someone will say: “There is a dead end here and everyone goes out on the final one!” Or even, With frost, and life – it is not eternal! Infinites are endless, that salaries are “not very good” here, But indefinitely, Moving from here everybody dots … But indefinitely, Moving from here everybody dots.

* core – a sample of rock

Good evening, but I want to say the city is good, there is work and my salary is 60 tons, who wants to always find work. Yua who do not like do not have to complain, do not come to us, it’s a shame when they hunt your house.

The city is beautiful, but except to fill the belly, there is nothing to admire and nowhere to go. 60 thousand on hand is an exception to the rule, most likely a crony or super duper specialist. Real salaries 32-40 thousand. For Moscow, even in a crisis, 50 thousand are below average. And the prices, taking into account discounts, promotions, are getting lower … In short, you like the nasal swamps, oil-filled marshes, sand on the lips and the eternal smell of burning peatlands, then live and enjoy.

I like Nizhnevartovsk in general, you can move and live, especially construction, oil professions, doctors, teachers. North premium, preferential vacation. Yes, the city is young, but it is developing quite well, there are many gardens and schools, there are no long queues. The rent of course is high, in the winter from 7000 upwards, depending on the quadrature, for 3 rooms. sq. for example 15000 is out. In the summer less

I am surprised at how much nonsense and lies write here about the Tyumen North! Laugh I have never been there, but it is already clear – sheer chatter here … They say that Nizhnevartovsk is a small town of three streets … You have never been in small towns, gentlemen! A city with a population of 280,000 people – is it small? In the Irkutsk region, where I live for example, there is not a single city with so many people! With the exception of the regional center, of course. Is it terribly cold in Nizhnevartovsk? Do not tell my grandmother! You have not been to Yakutia, gentlemen, and do not know what real frosts are! I live in Ust-Ilimsk, in the Irkutsk region. And even here, much to the south of Nizhnevartovsk, winters are noticeably colder than there! Here we have a really small city with three streets and a population of 88,000 people. What do you dislike there, Nizhnevartovtsy? We also have a dead-end railway. station as you have. But you have seven or eight passenger trains to Moscow and other big cities! And we have – only ONE train to Irkutsk – that’s all! Are you complaining, my dear? You have a salary in the city of 40−45 thousand with coefficients, and we have almost the same coefficients – 20−25 thousand … And you cry and want to leave Nizhnevartovsk? You are building a new housing with whole neighborhoods, and over the past 30 years, we have built TWO new five-storey houses – and that’s it! And are you crying about something there? Ecology you do not like it? I do not see a single plant in the photos of your city and not a single steaming pipe … And we have a huge timber-chemical plant near the city, which could pull 70 kilometers across the sky and we breathe this industrial stench almost every day! And you still don’t like something there? And are you still unhappy with something? We have dumps and garbage around, the people are one drunk and stupid, there is no work, the streets and roads are all broken, the population decreases at a catastrophic pace … And you have a clean, beautiful and modern city with a growing population! And you do not want to live there? We are changing apartments, Nizhnevartovtsy? You are here, and I am in Nizhnevartovsk.

Good day. Thanks for the article about Nizhnevartovsk, I found in the city’s photo panorama and my village. I lived there almost all my life, I live in Central Russia for five years. I don’t intend to regret that I left, nor rejoice – everyone moves with himself and his attitude to the world. And in every place there will be pros and cons. Everyone with whom she spoke, and who lived in Vartovsk for at least a few years, remember him with warmth. But this applies mainly to those who lived there until the 2000s, and managed to catch that unique feeling of community of people, not unification, but a common cause, common holidays, joys and sorrows. When I left Vartovsk, this feeling of community already, alas, did not exist. The city became businesslike, snobbish, people began to share according to nationalities and religions, and this is insulting. In my childhood, all the holidays were celebrated together, the Muslims were congratulated on Kurban-Bairam, and he always kept a bag of caramel for carols at Christmastime. It is now leaving, although the old-timers still remember. And this on the “big land” is lacking most of all – not money, not work, and not even wonderful frosty winters, but the usual human warmth, which the old-timers of Vartovsk used to. For five years in Central Russia I have not been able to invite any of my neighbors, with whom we communicate very friendly at the entrance, and in Vartovsk it was impossible to think about this. I looked at the photos in the article, and I want to ask, maybe, who will respond. I am looking for photos of the 1980–90s of the settlements of MO-69, the tenth motor depot, Belovezhsky, Enthusiasts and NZRA (not that in the industrial zone, but that in the Old Vartovsk). Particularly interested in photos of NZRA. In the family archive there is practically no photograph of the village itself, beams, carriages, dormitories. I would be very grateful if you share

Comfortable for life and young family, everything you need on the level! Housing is OK, the snow is removed on time, there is no garbage, the response to the discontent signal with something fast, of the minuses is cold winter, temperature drops, midge in summer, far from the mainland, if you go somewhere, especially by car, but the road is at the level! There is work, there are many young people!

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