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Rosa Shaehova (Argentine tango), Kazan

I had a dream all my life to learn how to dance. And here is a surprise – my husband and I were presented with a monthly subscription for Argentine tango! So we came to Paramarta to Gulnara Khamzina. It was difficult,

Mars Shaehov (Argentine tango), Kazan

I had a dream to learn how to dance. Fate offered a fiery tango dance. This dance has many facets, like a diamond. He cheers up turning into intoxication. It forces you to work on yourself both physically and psychologically. During training, some character traits changed, from the slave became the leader. Gulnara Khamzina and my wife showed us the world of dance and music, harmony within and around others. She, as a true teacher, gives her knowledge and continues to learn.

Natasha Usolova (Pole Dance), Kazan

I have been going to the Paramartha Central Educational Foundation for a year and a half already and I can say that this place has become my second home :) friendly and friendly staff, always clean and comfortable. The conditions are excellent: spacious halls, good changing rooms with showers, talented teachers, who are so enthusiastic about their work! Special thanks to Aliana Kovaleva – a wonderful coach who knows how to motivate and support, and just a very good person :)

Nelya Ayzatullova (Pole Dance), Kazan

Aliana is a very responsible and understanding Pole Dance trainer, with her you can do complex tricks and learn to understand your body, she inspires us and comes up with something new for her students all the time!

Reseda Gazizullin (Aerial Hoop), Kazan

I have been engaged in the center of Paramart since August and only positive emotions! Our coach, Aliana, is the coolest, very interested in the growth and development of his players. On training always prompts, supports (literally and figuratively). Under the guidance of Aliana, I have already learned how to make such elements that I could only dream of before! Thank you very much! And the center of “Paramart” always pleases with a pleasant and friendly staff, cleanliness and comfortable location !!

Alexander Prokhorov (Salsa New York), Kazan

What is Salsa New York for me (NY, Salsa “for two”, Mambo)? This is a wonderful social dance, very diverse in its colors and feelings, both in music and rhythms, and, of course, in the dance itself. He can be sensual and loving as Bachata, fieryly passionate like Tango, cheerful, incendiary, “detachable”, “sausage bass” like the Carnival in the Caribbean! The partner in NY, by its plasticity and grace, is a real diamond jewel of SalsaTantsPol. The NY partner is a true artist, a dance creator who sensitively listens to the sounds of music and the state of her partner, depending on the mood of the song, will be able to build a dance work. You can study him forever, he will never get tired, there will always be a new and fresh!

Svetlana Pavlova (Salsa New York), Kazan

New York Things to do for free

Why do I love Salsa for 2 or New York style? I got into social dancing quite by accident, I just decided to go dancing. This is more interesting than the treadmill))) Having plunged into the world of salsa, bachata, kizomba, etc., you gradually begin to look for that dance and style that most fully expresses you, your worldview, corresponds to your temperament. I do not like to compare, I like to dance everything, but the closest thing for me was Salsa by 2.

Aida Smile, Kazan

New York Things to do for free

Thank you very much for the wonderful atmosphere that always reigns in the center. Excellent masters, professional staff, great people. I want to acknowledge the master Fazliev Natalia for openness, respect and professional approach to each client. The whole team of the center works with soul, at a high professional level. Thank you very much!

Makoveeva Natalia, Kazan

I have had a backache for many years and half of my life. That only I did not do – and saw painkillers, and did blockades, and acupuncture, and massage, was in the hospital … Nothing really helped. Finally, she started practicing yoga with trainer Gulnara Khamzina. And a miracle happened – the back stopped hurting! I am very very grateful to Gulnara!

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