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The building of the Georges-Pompidou Center in Georges Pompidou, built in 1977 and one of the most impressive buildings of the 20th century, immediately caused fierce controversy.

However, over time, having won the recognition of both professional critics and the general public, the Georges Pompidou National Center for Art and Culture became one of the most recognizable and well-known tourist destinations in the city.

Beautiful permanent exhibitions of modern art, as well as bold avant-garde exhibitions, attract a huge number of visitors. Thanks to the architects Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers, the generally accepted idea of ​​how an art gallery should look has been turned upside down.

Having rejected the idea of ​​the museum as a closed treasure chest and wanting to create something more open and accessible, the authors of the project deprived the building of the usual shell and made visible all the bones of this complex organism.

The entire infrastructure was carried outside: the cables and wires of the elevators, as well as other building life support systems. Painted in a certain color depending on their function, they gird the outer part of the building, covering it with snakes and stairs, which in general makes a rather ridiculous impression.

Not so long ago, the building of the Center was subjected to substantial renovation, as a result of which it acquired a special brilliance: the space for exhibitions increased, excellent lighting appeared, and the fashionable open Cafe, as well as a restaurant on the top floor.

Unfortunately for tourists, the escalator from the outside of the building, on which one could get up and see the magnificent views of the city, no longer works for free; now only those who have a ticket to the museum can use it. The Georges Pompidou National Center for Art and Culture does not have a magnificent entrance – only a spacious, sloping square, where street musicians, magicians, mimes, portrait painters, not to mention the homeless, like to gather.

Inside, on the second, third and fourth floors, is the Public Library, which has an excellent collection of 2,500 periodicals, including the international press, 10,000 listening CDs and 2,200 documentaries.

What can be found in the Center Georges Pompidou

National Museum of Contemporary Art

The museum has a permanent collection of works of art, consisting of more than 1,300 works of such recognized personalities of the 20th century as Kandinsky, Picasso, Modigliani, Matisse, Miro.

Temporary exhibitions, as a rule, are very progressive. So, in recent years, Nan Goldin, Yves Klein and Sophie Calle have been exhibited here.

Cinemas and Theaters of the Pompidou Center

On the second floor of the Georges Pompidou Center there are two cinemas, the program of which for the most part consists of retrospectives of certain directors and periods in the cinema.

Here you can see the best of Martin Scorsese and Jean-Luc Godard, as well as expand your knowledge through exciting thematic tours.

Extravagant Theater Atelier Brancusi

Actually Atelier Brancusi Theater located in the basement, the space of which is used as a platform for presentations, unusual excursions and non-standard exhibitions, as well as conferences.

You can familiarize yourself with upcoming presentations, debates and conferences that will be held in the near future on the official website of the Pompidou Center.

Pompidou Center Library

Public Pompidou Center Library located on three floors of the complex, shelving from top to bottom clogged with a variety of books, magazines, newspapers and videos in several languages. The entrance to the library is absolutely free.

On the second floor of the library you can get acquainted with TV programs of various countries of the world. It also has an extensive multimedia collection. A real paradise for visitors learning a foreign language. This crowd rushing Parisian students.

In order not to waste time, idle in the queue before entering the library, it is better to come here after 6:00 pm, although this factor does not guarantee a quick entry into the library territory.

Cafes and restaurants of the Pompidou Center

one). If you want to just have a snack, then visit the cafe on the mezzanine level, which is on the second floor of the Pompidou Center (the right-hand escalator from the main entrance). Here you can order cold sandwiches, hot pizza and desserts, but the prices are a bit high compared to regular Parisian bistros. But the extra charge for the atmosphere is quite justified.

2). If you want to eat thoroughly, enjoying the views of Paris, then you should reserve a table in Georges Restaurant.

3). On the second floor of the library of the Pompidou Center is placed the most modest and budgetary institution of the whole complex, designed for those who want to quickly relieve hunger. This is a snack bar with sandwiches and snacks.

Panoramic view from the Pompidou Center

On the top floor of the Pompidou Center there is a beautiful observation deck, which offers an amazing view of the Paris. In order to get there, you must climb to the second floor and take the elevator there or use the escalator.

The last option (escalator) is the most preferable one, since during the ascent you can fully enjoy the non-standard architecture of the Pompidou Center. If you have a ticket to the museum, then you can get to the top floor for free.

Boutique Center Pompidou

one). Below are several Flammarion arts bookstores art stores, above, on the 4th and 6th floors, there is an opportunity to buy interesting books on design and art history, as well as posters and gifts.

2). Printemps designer boutique, located on the ground floor, is a paradise for connoisseurs of designer creations.

Interesting facts about the Pompidou Center

one). The Center Pompidou is the third most popular cultural landmark in France! Beaubour (Center Pompidou) is only ahead of such recognized heavyweights as The Louvre and The Eiffel Tower.

2). On the square in front of the Georges Pompidou Center you can listen to the bards, look at the performances of wandering artists and circus performers, as well as buy canvases by local artists.

3). On the right side of the Pompidou Center is Stravinsky Square, on the territory of which a very unusual fountain is located, also named after the composer.

New Orleans Weekend

four). In 2012, the Pompidou Center was visited by over 7 million people.

five). The Pompidou Center hosts the Institute for the Study and Coordination of Acoustics and Music.

Useful information for tourists

Actually Center Georges Pompidou located on Place Georges Pompidou, in the 4th arrondissement of Paris, in an area also known as Beaubourg. The entrance to the Center’s public library is from the courtyard.

You can get to the Pompidou Center by metro, getting off at Rambuteau or Hotel de Ville (Line 11), and Les halles (Line 4). Buses 38, 21, 29, 47, 58, 69, 70, 72, 74, 75, 76, 81, 85, 96 also travel here.

Nearby attractions

3). Montorgueil Street, famous for its restaurants, cheese and wine shops.

Opening hours of the Pompidou Center

one). 11: 00-22: 00 – During these hours, the Pompidou Center is open daily, except Tuesdays and May 1;

2). 11: 00-21: 00 – The schedule of the museum and the organization of excursions (ticket office closes an hour earlier);

3). 11: 00-21: 00 – The time of the conference hall Atelier Brancusi;

four). 12: 00-22: 00 – working hours of the public library on weekdays;

five). 11: 00-22: 00 – Opening hours of the Pompidou Center library at weekends (closed on Tuesdays);

Official site:

More photos of the Georges Pompidou Center in Paris here: Photo Gallery

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