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Boston is one of USA’s oldest cities and was founded in 1630. Until the mid-18th century, it was a large city of the British colony in America.

What is Boston? The capital of Massachusetts, the cradle of the American revolution. This is the place where Harvard University is located and Facebook appeared.

The local architecture is noticeably different from that found in the rest of the country. And this one of the most beautiful American cities. Boston is a piece of England in North America.

Travel to Boston can be started from New York by train. It’s total

In the Boston region are 2 very important educational institutions – The first American university – “Harvard University” and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Harvard gave the world a lot of politicians (8 US presidents graduated from Harvard), and MIT is one of the leaders driving modern technology, from architecture to the Internet.

It looks like London, Amsterdam, whatever. But not to America:

Style is not defined. although the metal balconies and portions of the facades resemble the New York SoHo:

Especially in such old houses:

The eternal war of conservatism and advanced technology. In the very center of the city there are 2 buildings, one of which was built by a Harvard graduate, and the second – by an MIT graduate:

I have not been to London yet, but for some reason I imagine him to be like this. I really like metal American balconies:

One of the local attractions is office and shopping center Prudential (228 meters high). This brand (Prudential) is known to me from the book “Sand Castles of Wall Street” by Kurt Eichenwald, where the eponymous insurance company deceived tens of thousands of people for billions of dollars. I do not exclude that this is her office

New England Tour

One of the most beautiful parts of Boston – Beacon Hill. A real piece of England and ancient Europe in modern America:

Everything here is reminiscent of European cities, from lanterns and doors to roofing. It is hard to believe that this is the United States:

Only American cars spoil the landscape. True in Boston, most cars are European or Japanese.

Here are the most expensive apartments in the city. From 3 million dollars. And you say that housing in Moscow is expensive!

AT financial center, as always, skyscrapers:

Old Town Hall I was pleased with the chic restaurant, in which ancient interiors, coupled with excellent cuisine, make an indelible impression on guests:

You must take a ride on such authentic buses around the city. There are many routes of different directions, choose to your taste:

Returning to the food. she is just super! Boston is the birthplace of the best fish restaurants in the US. They are all over the country, but it is in Boston that they are fed more tasty.

Almost castle French architecture:

Boston waterfront Today has become one of the most fashionable places in the city:

Old wharves and docks are gradually demolished, giving way to expensive housing and restaurants:

I understand those who settle here. The views are awesome!

Old port warehouses (Boston was America’s largest seaport for a long time) successfully converted into expensive lofts and townhouses:

View from the port to the coastline of the new part of the city:

Old ladies! Right very reminiscent of Shapoklyak!

City Park. Previously, livestock grazed here, and now the townspeople are resting. Well, squirrels, of which in the US are countless:

The frog sculptures in the park are gorgeous! One Roden’s “Thinker” is worth something. And the second will soon shout “IDE”:

There are a lot of monuments in the city, and not only frogs. So Washington got a little:

Well, is it really like France, Belgium and Holland at once?

Tourists carry not only on buses, but also on such “ducklings” – amphibians, allowing to swim across small canals and rivers:

The weather is sometimes also almost London.

It seems that every resident has a yacht or boat here:

New England Tour

In the “sunset cruises” go here such boats, noticeably battered by life. On board, however, sell hot coffee and tea:

New building of Boston for some reason reminded me of Astana. Apartment overlooking the ocean. what could be better?

New England Tour

Old town from the water also opens in an unexpected perspective. Boats complete the picture. Only very rich Bostonians can afford to live in such a house on the beach:

The farthest point of the cruise becomes this picturesque lighthouse, depicted on most of the “official” photos of Boston sights:

On the way back to the port, we just catch that sunset, for the sake of which this walk is organized.

And it is worth it 100%!

The port has the legendary USS Constitution. Guides assure that this the oldest sailing ship in the world (built in 1797), which is still listed in the combat operations of the US Army fleet:

It seems that every child from 12 years old is sailing himself. But there are no super-expensive yachts like, for example, in Monaco:

Boston subway It does not work around the clock, like New York, but here it is much cleaner and more pleasant. Armchairs made of granite even hint at some kind of design:

Water, water, water all around. The most interesting thing to photograph the night Boston is with water:

This bridge is on all tourist photos from Boston. Especially beautiful at night:

central part, view from the italian quarter:

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