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Kamala Beach is the best beach in Phuket in our opinion. Our preferences do not always coincide, but we both liked Kamala at first sight. Kamala has a calm sea, nice sand, few tourists and all the necessary infrastructure. We were lucky to live on Kamala a whole month, and the beach during this time did not have time to get bored.

Kamala Beach, Phuket

Kamala Beach: descriptions and impressions

What a beauty! – the first thoughts that come to mind when approaching the beach. And what a blue water here! There are no waves, you can swim! We remove slaps – the sand is so soft and small, as if you are stepping on down. And so few tourists! I have 10 minutes on the beach, but have not yet heard a single Russian word .. Is this exactly Phuket ??

Hotels in Kamala

  • Kamala bungalows
  • Bianconero pool guesthouse
  • G1 Hotel
  • The regent resort
  • The Seashore Service Apartment
  • Royal Phuket Condominium
  • Kamala Resort and Spa
  • Sungthong Beach Resort

Kamala beach. Phuket

Kamala is a great place to stay in Phuket

The water is clear, though not always crystal clear. For a month I never touched any garbage in the water. There are usually no waves at all or they are very small, only on some days there are medium waves on which you can jump. Sometimes there is a nibble in the water – a feature of all of Phuket’s play. We did not understand who bites, small plankton or tiny medusks.

National Park Vacation Ideas

Entry into the water is pleasant and smooth, the bottom is shortcake without stones and shells. I would even say, the approach and the bottom here are just perfect. To the depth of “neck” meters 30-40. There are specially fenced safe areas for swimming, where lifeguards are on duty and do not sail boats. But at low tide the water goes away and bathing is complicated by the fact that it becomes very shallow.

Waves on Kamala

Few Russian tourists

There are few tourists on Kamala if to compare with the most famous beaches – Kata, Karon and Patong. Among the Russian-speaking holidaymakers the resort is not very popular. When we arrived here, I heard Russian only on the third day. And I thought that Phuket is the second Pattaya in the number of compatriots. Mostly Europeans are resting here, the Germans and the British, well, the Chinese, of course. Also, an American accent is sometimes heard.

In late November, with the onset of the high season, more Russians appeared. Now on the beach of nationality mixed up in about the same proportions. However, according to my observations, the Russians on this beach are not some kind of cattle, but rather decent people. It was not noticed that someone swore on the whole beach, sorted out a relationship or staggered into a drunk. On this beach for the motherland is not ashamed

Photo: Kamala Beach in high season

Kamala video

Video of Kamala Beach in the high tourist season

How to sunbathe? Sunbed with umbrellas and palm shadow

Phuket has sun loungers again. Between them put an umbrella. The amenities are not free. Prices like 200 baht for 2 loungers and an umbrella. If the price has changed, write in the comments.

These are the homemade loungers

If you do not want to pay for the chaise, then you can always be placed anywhere on the beach on your towel. Approximately before lunch there will be Tenek under palm trees, so there are no special umbrellas. The main thing is not to go under a palm tree with coconuts. On most palms, they are cut, but for some reason, some palms do not touch them.

Rest in the shade of palm trees

Fun at the beach

From entertainment offered jet skis, a banana and parasailing. 30 minutes on a scooter costs 1500 baht. They didn’t recognize the banana and parachute, but I think it’s worth flying no less. Also in the middle of the beach there are several massage points.

Cafes and restaurants

There are several beach cafes right on the sand, which operate from 10 am until late evening. In the middle part there are several bars and cheap street cafes “for the locals”, which are mainly eaten by tourists. Prices are not particularly different from the usual Thai cafes, well, maybe a little more expensive, because on the first line.

Cheap Thai cafes

Near Thai cafes there are always a few scoops in which we often took banana pancakes with 40 baht. It is slightly more expensive than on the main road, where the same pancake costs 30 baht. By the way, in these cafes you can eat with your drinks. I don’t know about alcohol, but we usually brought our soda from 7-Eleven.

Many traders

Traders are unobtrusive, just say know or ignore. But they can quickly get bored by the fact that 5 times a day they come to you with their elephants, handkerchiefs and fake watches.

The process of hilling tourists

Deserted beach

In the far right corner of Kamala near the mountain is the famous Novotel. Between the central beach and the Novotel beach stretches a deserted semi-wild site. Here you can settle down so that within a radius of 100 meters there will not be a single tourist

Deserted part of Kamala

Do you still consider Kata Beach the best in Phuket? Read on. In the area of ​​the wild beach there is such a paradise glade:

Best of Exotic

Novotel Beach

Passing the wild beach, we get to the beach of the Novotel. This is a small corner lagoon, so there is always a calm sea. Casuarin trees grow on the shore, which give shade and exude a pleasant coniferous smell. Great place for swimming with children. But we didn’t really like to swim here, because it’s very small.

National Park Vacation Ideas

Video from the Novotel beach

Video from Novotel Hotel

Every day there are ebbs, sometimes strong are satisfied. It’s unpleasant for me to swim at low tide. Usually around 10-12 am the tide is always, and the ebb begins closer to dinner. By evening, the water arrives again. Sometimes the ebb happens early in the morning. I remotely determined the ebb or tide now, according to the level of water in the river-skunk, which flows into the sea. At high tide the rivers are filled, and at low tide they dry up.

Low tide. Photo on the left non-payable part of the beach

River stinkers

Like all the beaches of Phuket, Kamala has one unpleasant feature – 3 small stinks flow into the sea. While bathing, you don’t think about it, and it’s not noticeable that some impurities float in the water or unpleasant odors soar. Maybe over the current takes to the other side of the beach. But each time, passing by such a river, you try once again not to inhale its pungent fetid odor.

Stinky river at high tide

By the way, in this temple, as pictured above, we recently celebrated the great Thai holiday of Loi Kratong.

The left corner of the beach, where one of the rivers flows, is used for boat parking.

I want to finish the article on something more positive than a description of smelly rivers. Kamala has great sunsets. In order to enjoy the sunset as much as possible, I advise you to go towards Novotel, because on the central part of the beach the sunset will be blocked by a mountain.

Map of Kamala

The following diagram shows useful points: bathing spots, 7-elevens, single toilet (10 baht), cafes, and mini markets with beach accessories and souvenirs:

How to get to Kamala

From the airport in Kamala, you can take a taxi at the airport in the arrival hall. It is convenient to pre-book a transfer in order not to fuss and do not bargain with the taxi drivers. Then you will be met with a sign and immediately taken to the hotel. You can book a transfer here (our review about transfers in Phuket)

By public transport, in principle, you can get cheaper, but the time will be longer, since you first have to go by minibus through the whole island to Phuket Town (100 baht), and there you can change to Kamal bus (40 baht). Total 140 baht per person. If you are well-versed in Phuket, you can shorten the path, exit right after the Heroes Monument monument, cross the road and catch the bus to Kamala. But note that buses only go until 17-18 hours. – no longer relevant! Now in Phuket goes Smart Bass, where you can get to Kamala for 150 baht per person.

From other beaches: if you have your own transport, then it is not difficult to get there. Just follow north along Phuket following the signs. From Patong drive about 15 minutes. From Karon and Kata drive through Patong.

If the bike or the car is not, then you can get on the Smart Bass. Or on a bus with a transfer through Phuket Town. Arriving at the end (Market bus station) – at the beginning of the street there will be buses to Kamala. As a rule, Bangtao – Surin – Kamala is always written in English. Travel time is about 1 hour or more, as there may be traffic jams. The fare is 40 baht. These buses look like this:

You can also get by taxi. A taxi from Patong costs 400 baht. But you can bargain with the taxi drivers. We once drove for 300, another time for 350 ($ 10).

Phuket Tour Price Schedule

Hotels on Kamala Beach

We picked up a few hotels in which we could stay by ourselves. Hotels chose the average price category, as well as the most decent budget options.

  • KBC Boutique Apartment
  • Kamala bungalows
  • Bianconero pool guesthouse
  • G1 Hotel
  • The regent resort
  • The Seashore Service Apartment
  • Royal Phuket Condominium
  • Kamala Resort and Spa
  • Clear house resort
  • Sungthong Beach Resort

How we prepare for the trip

  • We first buy tickets for Aviasales
  • Next, remove the hotel through Booking, and the apartments on Airbnb
  • Then do insurance on Cherehapa
  • Airport transfer via the KiwiTaxi website
  • Bank card – Tinkoff (withdrawal abroad without a fee, you can make an account in dollars and get cashback in currency)

For us, this was

Thanks for the detailed review! And we were not on Knighton yet. Waves confuse, we prefer to swim in a calm sea. If there are some hotels, probably the prices in the cafes are higher than usual. Doesn’t it seem to go there, only to get on your own transport?

Yes, on your

Of course, there are a lot of people in the central part … I have already forgotten that there are such populous beaches. And it’s a pity that there are no sun beds, I don’t like to sunbathe on the sand. And there are no sun beds at all? even near hotels and cafes?

Olya, Katya and Karon have even more people. There is just everything in tourists. On Kamala, this is almost complete relaxation. And holidaymakers on Kamala are added from about 12 – 15 pm. The rest of the time there are few tourists. In the evening, at sunset, the beach is generally half empty. Sun beds not. Even near hotels and cafes. Their absence even on hand. More exotic, in my opinion, wild. And that place for the festivities would not be if all the sun loungers fill up)

Good afternoon guys! Thank you so much for your reports !! And then you’ve heard a lot about everything and make wrong conclusions! We are going on vacation with my husband in November, I decided to stop at Kamala, I want to relax. But nevertheless you probably want to go out several times sometime in the evening (besides excursions), so I have two questions:

Hello, Elena! I don’t know about dancing, but there’s definitely a drink. There are several bars on the main street and on the road by the sea full of bars, maybe they are dancing in some evenings, we didn’t hang out, I don’t know. In a pinch, you can take a taxi to Patong, there are only 15 minutes to go there. Prices in cafes are not higher than on other beaches of Phuket. In stores the prices are the same as in all of Thailand

Elena, happy to help Kamala Beach would be the best option for a vacation. If you compare with the area of ​​Patong or Karon, then it can be called rotten in terms of discos. I understand that you are interested in bars and restaurants with music, where you can drink something and sit well. If so, then on Kamala this good enough.

Tell me, what would you advise is Bangtao district or Kamala? What are the pros and cons of each of them? Thank you

Bangtao has fewer people and a sea without waves. Also there are no discos, parties, shopping – a quiet area for families with children. On Kamala, the beach is more beautiful and livelier, but the sea sometimes comes with the waves.

Which district would you choose for yourself? Is water more transparent on Kamala?

We ourselves lived on Kamala for a month. Once in Bangtao, we stopped for the night, and had a good rest too. The sea and there and there is good. Bangtao is more for relaxation and silence, and on Kamala there is life, restaurants on the beach in the evening, bars. Although Bangtao also has a few beach cafes in the southern part.

Thank you for the site! A lot of useful information. Do you understand correctly that you are not taking a scooter anywhere? Why?

Yes that’s right. No rights, calmer without it and there is no special need anywhere. In Phuket, by the way, police raids have been practicing these years when they slow down all whites and penalize for lack of rights.

And in Fukuoka (according to reviews) they give a bike without documents and a deposit. can try there? We also never took. and there I think, can risk?

Try, in Fukuoka, the movement is not as dense as usual in Vietnam, and not as intensive as in Phuket. Only dump trucks strain))

Yaroslav, in our article about Kamala and Bang Tao, absolutely everything is described! And the transparency of the water and the presence of waves and how we evaluate this or that beach. Read, in the articles there is absolutely all information that interests you.

Thank you very much for your help!

Yaroslav, I also choose between these two) what did you choose in the end?

Read about your problems with bank cards in Sri Lanka. And what about this in Tae (Phuket, Pattaya)?

In Tae, everything is fine, it is enough to call the bank once and say that you will use the card from such and such a certain number. The only thing is carping if you shoot through the bank, and the letters on your card and in your passport do not converge in the last name))

In Phuket through the bank, you can withdraw without commission? Sberbank card? Have you ever stolen money from a card?

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