Motorboat Journey

Kalinichenko Roman

Actually, a bit belated, but actual and small report about my journey in early June 2014 on a motor boat along the river bed of Psel through the central part of the city of Sumy.

The report mainly consists of photographs, which I will comment on, since the purpose of the journey was the exploration of the pike-perch sites, which could then be caught with spinning and just rest, without aiming for the tourist destination.

And so, we swam out on a boat from under a road bridge across the Psel River from Kirov Street to Prkofyeva Street. It was during the day, the weather was remarkably sunny.

Further, moving towards the beach of the art school, I photographed a small section of the coast, very neatly equipped for a beach.

It is located on the river bank two hundred meters downstream from the Prokofievsky bridge.

Next photo "beach art schools".

Now there is a recreation area equipped with a refined beach, gazebos with barbecue, a stage for performances and similar attributes of cultural recreation of citizens of Sumy

Actually, they did not catch for long. After reviewing the bottom of the echo sounder and noting the most promising of them, we went on our main journey along the Psla river up the stream, passing almost the entire central part of the city of Sumy.

Next photo with kammentami:

The base for training rowers in canoes (once called "Labor reserves";)

View of the Prokofievsky bridge over the river Psel from afar

Specially equipped beach for disabled people in the city of Sumy on the peninsula, where there is a recreation area and a city beach "Stunty". The place is refined, made a neat descent to the water, which is equipped with a ramp. Arbor, where people with disabilities can relax and change clothes. In general, charity and understanding of coexistence still exist in our society.

Pedestrian bridge over the Psel River in the area of ​​Prkofyeva Street and the City Recreation Park

A beach with equipped seating areas (gazebos with barbecues) on the right bank of the Psla near the pedestrian bridge. Comfortable place to stay

Beach and recreation area on the peninsula, which is located between the backwater of the river Psel with the old name "backwater Sumselmash" and the river bed. Places are interesting, equipped with a pier, gazebos, there is a beach and a volleyball court.

In the course of the movement made a couple of photos of the shopping center "Manufactory" from the riverbed of the Psel

Old Bridge over the river Psel on the street. Kharkiv

Hummingbird Cafe with a summer terrace on the left bank of Psla right behind the Kharkov Bridge

Boat station, where you can rent an hourly pleasure double boat and ride it along the river Psel in the center of Sumy. The boat station is located right behind the Kharkov Bridge downstream from the left side before entering the city park of rest.

Old city beach on the river Psel near the Kharkov bridge in the center of Sumy

Motorboat Journey

View of the high-rises near the Theater Square in Sumy and the bridge over the Psel River

Former "Obkomovsky beach" on the street. Dzerzhinsky (now Troitskaya). The beach is free, equipped with barbecue gazebos that can be rented

Motorboat Journey

View of the pedestrian bridge over the river Psel in the street. Jellied

A new equipped place for swimming and relaxing in gazebos with barbecues on the left bank of the Psla, 100 meters downstream from "Beach near Zdybanki"

Beach near the restaurant "Zdybanka" overlooking the cafe.

Vacationers near the pedestrian bridge

Bridge over the Psel River in the area of ​​the former KRZ plant

Pleasure powerboats on the Psel River above the KRZ bridge

Young people bathing and jumping with equipped "bungee"

View of the railway bridge across the river Psel

Water tourists swam by kayak

The channel connecting the channel of the river Psel and the first Blue lake in the area of ​​the paid beach.

Wild beach, equipped on a steep bank "Elk Island", which is half a hundred and is located between the riverbed of the Psel and the Blue Lakes.

Bathhouse and gazebos for relaxing with barbecues on a paid beach in the channel between Pslom and the Blue Lakes

Actually, the view of the beach itself on the Blue Lakes

The channel between the first and the second Blue Lake, equipped with a footbridge

Some photos of spinning pike perch

And finally, a very beautiful photo of the sunset over the Yacht Club on the second Blue Lake

The trip turned out super, I saw a lot of new and interesting. I hope that the report will be useful for users of our site.

Beautifully said. Thank you for your kind words.

The report wanted to show how interesting are the routes through the waterways of the city of Sumy. Unfortunately, the urbanization of the coastal zone, its buildings harm the environment. Below the sewage treatment plant in Mamaev district, it is practically impossible to raft. The river is heavily polluted. Although I recall the blessed times when everything was normal and on a rowing boat it was possible to swim from Psla in the area of ​​the Barvinkov farm to the Old Aldysh, from it through the dam of the perenseti 20 meters a boat to the Lake Big Oldysh, from the lake Big Oldysh move the 200 meters boat to the old hydrocarrier which connects with the river syrovatka. Thus, I once landed near the bridge over the Syrovatka River along the Kharkov route and along the indicated route for a day, fishing with a spinning rod to reach Basov near the maternity hospital, where my friend took me by car. And how many such interesting and unique routes are there and very close. I will try for the New Year holidays to escape to Vakalovsky spring from Kiyanitsy. Make and record a GPS track, describe and make a video source. I would like to do everything.

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