Mini vacation

Polina Kitsenko: Since we meet at a restaurant at lunchtime, and there is only tea and a sugar bowl on the table, my first question is: how many spoons of sugar will Vladislav put in a cup?

Vladislav Lantratov: Yes, despite the idea to talk about healthy habits, a good lifestyle, I ordered tea with sugar. Spoon will be one.

And I’ll take thyme tea.

I have, by the way, with thyme, but with mint.

Great, divide the kettle for two. I understand why you are drinking sugar – a lot of calories.

Highly. But with sugar just love. Before the interview, for example, it worked for four hours without a break. Morning class. And two ballet rehearsed.

How many days a week do you work?

Six days in a row, Monday is a day off.

That is, microcycles, mesocycles, for example, 3 and 1 – you do not have this?

We have 6–1, 6–1, 6–1 constantly. It also happens 7–0: on tour or if in a row we perform performances in Moscow.

Tell us how your build. I wanted to say “training”, but, probably, to say more precisely “rehearsal” day.

Yes, right remark. I wake up at nine in the morning. Shower. Cup of coffee.

I can not eat in the morning, because the body goes limp, relaxes, he does not need anything. And he cannot move in the rhythm that I need.

Cold shower?

No, comfortable temperature or hot. Contrast shower – the best that can be after the load. And the morning body, which had cooled down after the rehearsal the day before, was squeezed. Ten minutes in the shower will help to melt the muscles, so that I even straightened his back.

Does it hurt in the morning?

Often you can’t even get up. Your back, legs, but your whole body hurts.

And then coffee to wake up?

Coffee. Sometimes with milk. Maybe another yogurt. And to work.

So, dairy products you do not exclude.

Yes, I exclude nothing. What is possible to feed your body, I lose a lot in a day. I think that we, the ballet ones, spend even more energy than athletes.

Now we will understand it.

Football do not take. I am sure that for 1.5 hours I will not be able to run non-stop.

I think Vlad, you can do a lot more.

Just do not run! I tried it somehow. It’s impossible.

You are an athlete. You do not run, you jump. Which is much more energy consuming. By the way, where in your breakfast carbohydrates? What are you holding at the rehearsal?

I can not eat in the morning, because the body goes limp, relaxes, he does not need anything. And he cannot move in the rhythm that I need. And at 10:30 I was warming up, gymnastics, stretching. And he went to the machine. Then the middle (the same movement as that of the machine, but without support), jumps: small, medium and large. This is how to brush your teeth, like the morning prayer of each artist.

How long does the class take?

From 11:00 to 12:00 every day. This is a general class, artists gather in several rooms with teachers.

And all this time you have not eaten?

No, only water. I do not use supplements. I tried isotonic, Japanese powders with minerals. But he chose water for himself. I even take vitamins only when I’m sick. The common cold is vitamin C.

Horse. What are you holding on to, huh?

To live. After class, you have a marathon from the rehearsals of those ballets that are now at work. In the fall, I was simultaneously preparing Carmen, Forgotten Land of Kilian, Romeo and Juliet of Ratmansky, and Laurencia of Chabukiani. Plus the current repertoire.

12 o’clock in the afternoon, I hope, lunch time?

Whenever I have an opportunity, I take a half-hour break after class. The second meal is a must! I take porridge or casserole. We have a good dining room in the Big. It happens that after a class you have a snack and you don’t have time to eat anything until eight o’clock in the evening.

All this, of course, looks like the “Do not try to repeat it” rubric. Do you eat something after which you can jump? Easily digestible, carbohydrate?

Yes. That does not interfere in the work. But at the same time, if I understand what I want to eat, I eat what I want and how much I need at this moment. And then I went to the hall. Rehearsals – with partners, myself, staged.

The easiest for me is a day when the play is in the evening

By virtue of work you raise your partner a lot. How do you cook your back?

In youth there were problems, the muscular corset was not so developed. Gradually stretching, pumping the press – I think this is our center of power, – lateral muscles and others, I solved the problem. Unfortunately, the tremendous methodological trainer Yury Ivanovich Gorbunov left the theater. He worked with the golden generation – Liepa, Vasilyev, Lavrovsky. He did a lot so that they could withstand the load.

And how much does the partner weigh?

And what are the summing up exercises you have? Do you work with weight in the gym?

We deal with stretch rubber bands. Naturally, we are loading the legs. Due to what we do support? Through the demi-plie, through the squat we push the girls up. I worked with Gorbunov with a weight.

Do you have strength work every day?

At first, every day I went to the coach, now I control this path myself. If a problem occurs, I reduce the load. I add the gymnastics, warming up ointments.

What is your favorite ointment?

Tiger red. The toughest. It happens, I feel discomfort at the performances – then I smear before each act.

That is, the partner is in the cloud of “tiger” flavor?

I hope the suit still hides a fiery smell.

What time do the rehearsals end?

Every day is different. Here today at 15:00. Took a break for our interview. But after their solo rehearsals there are still common, to be reduced to the whole composition. This is another two hours. And if there is a break, then I go for a massage or do my own business. There are still staged rehearsals that last until the night, but this is the most cruel time.

And how is the day built when you still have a show in the evening? Apparently, this is the hardest day, right?

The easiest! Wake up going to class. I do an incomplete lesson – machine, middle, small jumps. I have breakfast than I want today and have a rest.

Do you add an apple?

Of course, meat! Just kidding In fact, meat on the day of the performance is not recommended, dairy is also not the best choice. Correct – pasta.

Mini vacation

Carbohydrates. Do you eat protein every day?

Of course. I try to feed my body.

Are you having dinner at home?

If I am free in the evening, then at home.

And there is no good housekeeper who is waiting with cutlets and the words: “My iris came. Did you get into today? ”

What for? Life is not torment for us.

What does Vlad prepare for Maria?

What will Maria want (Vladislav and ballerina Maria Alexandrova together for several years. ─ MC) what I want and what will be fresh in the store. I do not know how you feel about multicookers. Positive? Super! We often make roast: chop up potatoes, chop meat. We can cook fish with steamed vegetables.

What is your favorite dish made by maria?

I love everything that will prepare. Make a fish – I will be happy. Maria is always delicious. Baked eggplants, zucchini – it’s just yum.

Do you drink alcohol?

Seldom. I almost do not drink, do not smoke. The houses have a lot of donated bottles, but they are not used.

And it happens that there is no appetite?

After the performance happens. Here is an hour to five in the morning appetite played out.

And you want the joys of life? It is impossible to be right all the time.

Of course. But once again I repeat: I am no different from ordinary people, my diet is similar to almost any person. And also, if there are several free days, we can fly away on a mini vacation. There are two days – Maria and I can go for a walk in Italy.

Is there a product whose taste you don’t even remember? Or did not try?

When can you put a hamburger in your schedule?

What do you mean?

Normal, with a roll, with ketchup or mayonnaise.

With tomato paste – OK. It happens, I want to eat a hamburger after the performance. I take and eat.

But while I got the impression that you have a calorie deficit. And how is it to live in constant hunger?

You get used to. Sometimes you do not have time to eat at all and all day only on the water. In the evening, one desire – in the bath.

Great, let’s move on to recovery.

As I said, I try to get a massage every day. It happens, after the performances food in the pool, sauna.

Where exactly do you go?

In Copernicus on Yakimanka, but this is not an advertisement, it is just close to home.

Does the only weekend have a schedule?

It happens that in a week there are so many things that you need to get up early and go to solve everyday problems. Sometimes, there is time to sleep. Go to nature. In Abramtsevo or Arkhangelsk. Or go to the movies. Or, again, in the bath.

You with your loads need +200 ° C and a broom, and then – in a snowdrift.

Or alkaline nutrition.

Here! Send secrets!

In the bath, pour a pack or two of regular soda. Sit 50 minutes. In not super hot, comfortable temperature. It feeds. The advice of our trainer-methodologist, who began in the Soviet Union.

Great secret weapon. Do you have a psychologist?

Either you negotiate with yourself, or your teacher directs you. Educators are our mentors. Even when you grew up, when you understand how to move in your profession, you still come back to them, consult.

Does the concept of “vacation” exist for you?

Of course, once a year. Usually in August – September. More often there is no time. But it can be long. Do not believe it, before last summer after a difficult season, Maria and I allowed ourselves to go to the Maldives for three weeks. And we did nothing. Nothing. Yes, most of the time we were in the water. Of course, there was a load on the back, and on the legs, and on the arms. Swam for hours. Mask, snorkel, flippers – and let’s go.

But there were years when the vacation consisted of only six days. The body was shocked. He was only given the sun and the sea – and immediately taken away. Back to work.

The last scene. Before drinking poison, I drive on my knees to Juliet, Katya Krysanova, the body does not go under that degree, and the knee crunches.

If I understand correctly, in 2016 you even thought to leave the theater.

I did not say “leave the theater.” I was thinking about doing something else as part of the profession. Because I understood: they do not see me in the theater as those whom I see myself. I was deprived of the work that was mine. Those ballets that were put on me, climbed from me.

How did you survive that period?

Maria, of course, really helped. And she very clearly formulated what was happening: I got out of there, where I was driven, allegedly showing the place. I reworked this into my own strength, proving every day, every performance, who I am and what I am.

Are you absolutely impenetrable now?

Health can make itself known, because the loads are crazy. But psychologically, I am ready for any situation. Tears can only cause creativity.

And injuries? You did have them?

Were Fortunately, without fractures, without serious gaps. There were tears of calf and back. The most recent is the knee at the premiere of “Romeo. ” In November. Right on the stage during the performance. The last scene. Before drinking poison, I drive on my knees to Juliet, Katya Krysanova, the body does not go under that degree, and the knee crunches. As a result, I strongly stretched the bundle, the doctors said that I was incredibly lucky.

When did this happen, to whom are you going?

I run to an amazing doctor – a surgeon Alexey Alexandrovich Balakirev in the first sports clinic in Kurskaya. I went to him just through Masha Alexandrova. She flew to him to do the Achill after a complete break in London. And Balakirev was doing physiotherapy for me for a long time.

And you do not, by the way, portable ultrasound? You know, there are wonderful instruments, indispensable on tour, when there is no one to turn to. Many athletes use it. Though I am in amateur sports, I carry with me both a portable ultrasound and a magnet.

Better to be done by a professional. I can feel where the bundle is, but I don’t know for sure. Treat too should a professional. No nonsense, no injections of hormones. Therapy. Laser, currents. Often with gymnastics you can take the load off the problem muscle, transfer it to the next one.

Lord, iron people. And needles?

I use applicators. For the back really helps, drives blood in problem areas.

I have a question that everyone wants to ask, but shy. Incredible buttocks of ballet dancers. How is this “berry” relief achieved? What a set of exercises?

In fact, we do not attach such importance to the buttocks, which you attach to them. These are the most working muscles in the body. When you are eight years old, they put you in front of a machine, they force you to strain these muscles. And they are gradually being developed. First of all, by jumping. And supports. We are constantly kicking. And the jumps are different, in one place you do not pump up. This is our routine.

In fact, we do not attach such importance to the buttocks, which you attach to them. These are the most working muscles in the body.

And your tall does not play against you? What is your height and weight, by the way?

I have a good growth. 185 cm. If I were a little higher, it would be hard. And weight. Not weighed long ago. Maybe 75, 73. Hardly more.

Ballet culture is actually built on filigree tracking of itself. What does this strategy of endless discipline give you, I am not afraid of this word, narcissism?

Well, I have no narcissism. If you are talking about working with a mirror, then I see all the disadvantages – and I get annoyed, but I translate it into a result.

But your culture needs to be perfect.

You have to love the profession in yourself. From something to give up, but not close from life. Although I, again, do not refuse anything. For example, what are you doing that I can’t?

Well, although I follow the diet, I sometimes allow the cake.

I, too, often eat Prague in the buffet.

Tell me, do you enjoy your own body? Is it in you?

I love to feel when I control it, I love when everything turns out that the choreographer asks. I did not think about the rest.

Do you like yourself in the photos?

Not. I see myself differently. This is my minus. I look at the photo – I can do better. And the video performances look and get upset. Then I depart a couple of days.

Is it an excellent student syndrome?

Why an excellent student? This is a sober look at yourself. This is professionalism, I guess.

Having a difficult path to the premiere, would you allow your child to repeat it?

It all depends on the child.

Well, the ballet family chose everything for you.

Mom saw something in me and was sure that it should work out. If the child has a desire, if I see that he is rushing along the train in this direction, I will support.

At eight years old baby.

Excuse me. Masha Alexandrova is an example that at eight years old said “I want to be a ballerina.” She went to school herself, not by the handle.

Mini vacation

By the way, thank God that at age eight they go to ballet.

I agree. It is difficult to look at children who are deprived of childhood. By the way, I think that ballet is more important for girls. They are useful to do. For shape, posture, beauty forms. When girls leave the academy, it’s nice to look at them. In my understanding, a girl should be just that – special, with an understanding of body culture, aesthetic culture.

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