Mini Moon Directions

Phase of the moon March 20, 2019 or the date you are interested in. What phase of the moon, lunar day, visibility, sunrise and sunset of the moon, the moon in the zodiac, the growing or decreasing moon you can look at this page. As well as the characteristics of the lunar day, a favorable period and recommendations for March 20, 2019. The phases of the moon for the entire month are presented in the lunar calendar for March 2019. And also a lunar day

Characteristics of the moon on March 20, 2019

On the date

Chronology of lunar days

  • 14 lunar day c 16:10

    The influence of the moon March 20, 2019

    Moon in zodiac sign Virgo (+)

Mini Moon Directions

Moon in the sign Virgo. Time is favorable for any hard work that requires a thoughtful and serious approach. Absolutely all areas of financial activity, with a serious approach, more than ever will bring the appropriate material reward.

Mini Moon Directions

Successful any banking and real estate transactions. Not bad is trading, procurement and mediation. Studies, training and any self-improvement are also fruitfully progressing.

14 lunar day (+)

March 20, 2019 at 12:00 – 14 lunar day. The most auspicious day for all sorts of important undertakings. Feel free to promote your proposals, they will definitely find a response and will be accepted.

However, it is worth all to think carefully and weigh, since you can start a business, not only leading to victory, but also ending in complete collapse. The day is good for strengthening relationships.

Growing Moon (±)

The moon is in phase Waxing Crescent. The second moon phase is the gap between the first moon quarter and the full moon. During this period, the active growth of the moon continues. The second phase is characterized by an even more significant increase in energy and internal forces, a strongly pronounced activity.

Mini Moon Directions

In the business sphere, favorable time begins for the implementation of planned cases, the resolution of difficult issues and problems. Cases requiring a lot of activity will not be difficult.

During the second lunar phase, physical activity can be useful, it is during this period that it is good to begin new workouts. Favorable changes in absolutely all areas of activity, as in the relationship on a personal plane, and in business.

Not a bad time to move, travel, change the type of activity. Vital energy is gathering more and closer to the full moon is marked its peak. This period is characterized by emotional outbursts, increasingly conflicts, the occurrence of traumatic situations.

Effect of the day of the week (+)

Day of the week – Wednesday, this day is patronized by Mercury, the herald of the gods. On Wednesday, luck is waiting primarily for people of mental labor. You can remake a bunch of cases, postponed by you for later. The environment is generally good for any kind of work. Especially easy to make calculations, computer work, with lots of information.

The environment is favorable for the conclusion of contracts, unions, for people to communicate. It is also good for creating a backlog – during this day you can do a lot in order to maximize the release of the second half of the week.

Remember that the sign of the zodiac is the most important in determining the influence of the moon, then the lunar day, and only then the phase of the moon and the day of the week. Do not forget that the lunar calendar is a recommendation. When making important decisions, rely more on professionals and on yourself. If you think our lunar calendar is doing calculations wrong, read the questions and answers.

The phase of the moon and the lunar day for today

Phase of the moon, sunrise, sunset and illumination on Today, March 30, 2019 You can see on the page the phase of the moon on

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