Mayan Ruins Mexico

Volodya decided that we need to join the world cultural values ​​and visit the Mayan pyramids. So we took a whole day and signed up for a tour. The ruins are scattered throughout Yucatan, but the main city of Maya – Chechen Itza – is located 200 km from the coast. We considered the option of renting a car and driving ourselves, but then we decided to take a tour. And they did the right thing! 200 km there were no settlements – only the road and impassable selva on the sides. Yucatan consists of limestone and there is absolutely no soil here. Therefore, only shrubs and small trees grow here, which make their way up to moisture. They are overgrown with a thicket and you can get through them only with the help of a machete.

Here the way of life practically did not change the last millennium. The first schools opened only 27 years ago. From the settlements, the peasants go to the jungle, cut it down, how much power is enough, and then the cutting is burned. And on this ash they sow tomatoes or beans. There is no land at all, and one can be sown on the ashes only once. Then the felling is thrown for 8-12 years, so that it becomes overgrown with the next selva, so that it can be cut down again, set on fire and sown again. Along the road we saw such cuttings – where there is a conflagration, and where there is already a new selva.

We had 2 stops: at the market place and at the Holy Well Maya.

The market is bullshit! It’s not even so much a market as a small shop where sellers in the same form sell standard Mexican souvenirs – masks, hats, dresses. Local entry is prohibited there, they toil at the entrance, luring tourists with handkerchiefs – women and children sell embroidered handkerchiefs for a dollar.

They made kartoshis of silver with your name from Maya hieroglyphs. It turned out to be very interesting interweaving cultures of Maya and Ancient Egypt – also pyramids, hieroglyphs and kartashi. 30 minutes was for souvenirs (a lot!) And 30 minutes was for the Holy Well Maya – unacceptably little. There are no rivers and therefore the only source of water is rainwater. Maya collected rainwater in natural crevices, which were called wells.

Here is this Sacred Well – very deep, overgrown with lianas, with azure water! It can be viewed from above, and you can go down the stairs (of course, modern) and, after taking a shower (still a sacred well!), Dive into it! What we did. I am from the bottom step, and Volodya is twice and from the top! I filmed it on video, yesterday they looked – it worked out well! Volodya dived without glasses, of course, and therefore could not correctly estimate the distance to the water and swallowed. I asked him: – So you dived a second time! – The second time I swallowed less! :-)

What is 30 minutes – just change clothes, rinse under a shower, go down, dive and run back! But to meditate, swimming in the Sacred Well and considering the high sky ?! And feel the Maya ?! And tune in to the ancient culture?

Mayan Ruins Mexico

We would like to return here ourselves again and spend much more time without haste here without haste!

The ancient city of Maya – Chechen Itza – in excellent condition! Many buildings are very well preserved, almost the whole observatory is whole. Stone carving, hieroglyphs! The Temple of the Warriors, the Temple of a Thousand Columns, the Stadium, the Royal Palace, another huge well. We had an hour and a half tour and a half hour of free time. We, of course, not all bypassed, but very much. Here is the main pyramid – the Temple of the Sun:

It has 365 steps. Volodya planned to climb it up, but 3 months ago it was closed to tourists. I think – and rightly so! And then they’ll get it all down!

This city – with its temples, stadium, observatory and palace ruled over Yucatan and surrounding areas in the years 900-1000. Powerful was a civilization, but not very kind – with the cult of death. Even football was played with human heads. Therefore, even though numerous images of gods – both in stone, and in clay, and in woodcarving – everything is very skillful – were sold on the local path to the descendants of Maya, we did not buy anything. Somehow the spirit of this civilization is alien to us. And do not waste the alarming unfriendly gods of a bygone civilization.

Our guides took off – they quietly took pictures of us, and then warning in advance, and while we were walking through the ruins, we printed stickers with portraits of tourists on bottles of tequila. And when we drove away from the ancient city, they started selling these souvenir bottles of tequila for $ 15. They did not have time to pile up and photograph us – we ran like rabbits and more and more apart – each with his own camera (Volodya also shot a lot there). So we did not get tequila :-( But it was thanks to these bottles that the guides discovered that they had forgotten two people on the ruins :-) There is a bottle with a portrait – and there is no one to hand it to! Glory to civilization! – they talked over the cell (it’s strange, but in this selva even Volodin’s cell phone showed a complete reception) and the lagging tourists were brought up on another bus. We just waited for them on the road, having spent only an hour, not two, to return after them.

They waited at the fields with agave, from which they make this very tequila and I got to photograph:

So the poor junior guide, who can already be seen flying over the loss of two tourists, also got out of the bus and ran around me in circles so as not to lose me :-)

In general, we were frightened all the time: if we get lost, we will find ourselves on banana plantations :-)

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