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Even before the end of 2014, the largest retailers in the United States announced hundreds of store closures in the calendar in the calendar year of 2015. Then a retail network of teen clothes in the USA was organized. a big surge in the beginning of the calendar year in 2015, when its employees created revenge on high-profile social networks in response to the closure of stores, which were planned with a small notice for their employees.

Wet printing previously reported to its employees that it does not plan to close stores, but will revive and rename its brand. Employees said that company executives lied about this so that during the critical season of the Christmas holidays in 2014 there was no mass care.

Perhaps the leaders of the Wet Seals did not know. Or maybe 28 dollars. 8 million default notices from lender Hudson Bay Master Fund Ltd. changed their minds on January 2, 2015. Whatever the truth, many or all of the Wet Seals retail stores closed in the United States in 2015, and this will probably be only the beginning because of the dirty, complex store closures expected from the largest retailers in the United States.

The general opinion among US retail consumers and casual observers in the United States retail trade is that closing stores is a “bad” and a sign of weakness, and opening stores is a “good” and a sign of growth, expansion and success.

The closure of stores by US retailers in 2015 is not easily classified.

Closing retail stores in the US has less to do with economic effects and is more associated with sociological considerations. Store closures are no longer associated with discretionary incomes, as they relate to the empowerment of consumers and how retail consumption changes depending on rapidly changing consumer behavior and preferences.

The volume of commercial sales space in the United States increased from 12 to 1970 by 12%. In a consumer-oriented economy, where about 70% of GDP depends on the purchase of goods and services, this seems like a positive indicator of economic expansion and power. But over the same period, the population of US consumers grew by only 52%. Thus, instead of being a sign of economic stability, the number of US retail stores is more a sign of a retail store that exceeds demand for a retail store.

Does the US market require 50 square feet of retail space for every man, woman, and child at the borders of the country? There is a steady and steady flow after the recession of stores closing, since it seems to indicate that the answer is no. “

It’s not that consumers didn’t make money or spend on retail goods and services since the Great

What follows is a complete, updated, and current list of US retailers that have closed the backlog in retail stores, reduced or went bankrupt, and went out of business in the 2015 calendar year.

Radio Shack, Sears, Target, Wet Seal, Office Depot and Barnes & Noble is just some of the largest retail chains in the United States that have announced the closure of stores and plans for the calendar year 2015.

This is followed by a complete overview of the plans for closing retail chains in the United States and the total number of store closures. Information for this list of purchases at the Store in 2015 was obtained from reports provided to the general public through news reports, corporate documents and press releases of the company, and was compiled and aggregated as new information was released during 2015.

This retail store in the United States in 2015. The list of closures is performed numerically in accordance with the number of closures of the store.

The number in the left column is the total number of stores that were intended to close in the calendar year of 2015 and beyond. Recent additions are indicated in bold. This list was last updated on the site. November 2, 2015

2015 Store Closings – a complete list of US retailers. Closing stores, chains with reductions and retail Bankruptcy:

1, 784 Radio Shack (Chapter 11 Bankruptcy) Click here to view the list of locations of the Radio Shack by states >>

400 Office Depot / Office Max (by 2016)

338 Wet seal

330 Family Dollar

296 Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company (A & P, bankruptcy liquidation)

265 Body Central / Body Shop

250 Office Depot (2015) 20 Bob Evans Restaurants

17 Christopher and banks

15 Shoe Carnival

13 Ruby Tuesday

13 Safeway >

This list of Closings stores in 2015 is arranged in alphabetical order according to the name of the retail chains of bricks and mortars performing the closure. The number in the left column is the total number of stores that were intended to close in the calendar year of 2015 and beyond.

Recent additions are indicated in bold.

This list was last updated on the site.

November 2, 2015

Shop closure index 2015. The largest US brick and marine retail chains: 25 A & P / Pathmark (bankruptcy) 180 Abercrombie & Fitch (2015) 1 Ace Hardware 50 Advance Auto Parts

175 Aeropostale (“for the next several years”)

75 Aeropostale (until January 2015)

1 Albertson’s 170 Jones Group (by mid 2014)

127 Jones New York Out

28 Kate Spade Saturday and Jack Spade

2 Kenny Restaurants

2 Kmart

23 La Boulange (Starbucks)

1 LawLers Barbecue and Catfish

1 Dream Song from Lone Star

1 Steak Street Longhorn

1 Los Tres Amigos

Closing stores and opening stores are a natural and ongoing part of doing business for all major

This is not only about shifting consumer preferences for online shopping and mobile shopping, which creates problems for obsolete US retail chains. It is also the inability to clearly define their target markets and understand their own unique selling proposition in those markets that cause problems for some retailers that were once considered too large to fail.

2015 Store Closings Index

debunks too big a mix and proves that companies that are too rooted in the past will find it difficult or impossible to be current or compete in the future,

This is a continuation of the full closing index of the store in 2015, arranged alphabetically according to the name of the retailers. The number in the left column indicates the total number of retail store locations that each retailer plans to close in the 2015 calendar year.

This list was last updated on

, 2015 Recent additions are highlighted in bold.

4 Mars Supermarkets

4 Marsh Supermarkets 1 Martina Food Market 1 McCormick & Schmick

700 McDonald’s (worldwide)

184 McDonald’s (US) > 2 Mel Trotter Treit Shops 2 Cafe Mimi 4 Mina’s Pharmacy

1 Naturally Your Grocery

1 Neato Burrito

2 no frills

2 North American video

400 Office Depot / Office Max (by 2016)

250 Office Depot (2015)

1 Old Chicago

1 Olive Garden

10 Organic Avenue (out of business)

1 Brothers Pappas

1 Buzzard and tavern Patriot

63 Pep Boys (“in the coming years”)

60 Pier One (fiscal 2016, end of February 2016)

100 Pier One (by 2017)

20 Pick ‘n Save (by 2017)

Margaritavil New York

1 Pottery Barn Kids

1 PS from Aeropostale

27 Quiksilver (Chapter 11 Bankruptcy)

1 RA Sushi Bar Restaurant

1, 784 Radio Shack

Click here to view a list of Radio Shack locations by state. >>

Romano Maragoni Grill

13 Ruby Tuesday

1 Schnucks

1 Shiraz Mediterranean grill 15 Carnival for shoes

172 Just fashion

10 SpartanNash food stores

1 SPIN! Neapolitan pizza

90 Stage shops

133 Objective, Canada (bankruptcy)

2 Tattoos (Shoes and Sheets by Li Tatum)

1 The Palm Steakhouse

31 Tiger Direct

1 Thomasville Meridian

3 Toby Kate I Love This Bar & Grill

27 Tops Pharmacy (in store)

1 Tractor Supply Co.

5 United dairy farmers Convenience stores

11 Volunteers from America Armor shops

200 Walgreens (by 2017)

4 Restaurants

1 Wendy (Costa Rica)

338 Wet print

1 White House Black Market

3 Supermarkets Winn-Dixie

80 Wolverine World Wide (2015 – Strike Rite & Keds)

25 Wolverine World Wide (2016 – Strike Rite & Keds)

3 Xpect Grocery Store

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