Male Spa Bathrobe

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The online shop “Ministry of Baths and Recreation” offers to all lovers of healthy recreation in the sauna, a bath or hammam a wide range of bath accessories.

Male Spa Bathrobe

All selected products from our catalog are delivered to the specified address promptly, at a convenient time for customers. Efficiency is one of the principal aspects of our work, so the order, after confirmation of it, is sent to the addressee the next day in one of several ways: by our couriers or by transport [. ] by company.

In the e-shop “Ministry of Baths and Leisure” there is a system of discounts, all sorts of promotions are constantly held, thanks to which you can significantly save. A convenient and intuitive order form allows you to select your favorite products online and place an application just a few clicks.

Male Spa Bathrobe

  • natural bath brooms, without which it is impossible to steam in a Russian bath. They are made of birch twigs that nourish the skin with beneficial essential oils; oak, which has healing properties and massages the skin and muscles, rejuvenating and toning them. You can also purchase combined brooms collected from branches with the addition of herbs;
  • healing herbs: wormwood, mint, sweet clover, wild rosemary, eucalyptus. These herbs are excellent antiseptics, have a healing effect in case of respiratory diseases, colds and viral infections, skin diseases, have a tonic and restorative effect on the body;
  • bath items made of felt and textiles: hats, rugs and mittens separately or ready-made kits, bath sheets, bathrobes and towels, pareo for women and men’s kilts;
  • water tanks: poured buckets, steamers, wooden tubs and basins, ladles and mugs – all made of environmentally friendly natural materials;
  • A wide range of products includes body care products and aromatherapy products: natural soap and scrubs, essential oils (individually and in sets), fragrances and evaporators;
  • a wide selection of washcloths and massagers from natural wood;
  • A full range of everything needed for a Turkish bath – Hammam: ablution bowls, copper pots, jugs, natural soap, bags for foam, pestemal, kese and natural oils.

In addition, in the catalog of the online store “Minbah” presents various measuring devices, without which you can not do in any bath: clocks, hygrometers and thermometers; furnishings: fireboxes and sets for the fireplace, headrests and rugs, furniture for the bath.

Male Spa Bathrobe

A bath set is a great gift for relatives and close people who like to “give in to the park”, who care about their health! In our catalog there are many options for gift sets of various price ranges and configurations – from a few, the most necessary bath accessories, to more meaningful ones that can be enjoyed by the whole family or a large company.

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