Maine sights

Interesting and in terms of status, and as a tourist attraction is the Isle of Man. It is located in the Irish Sea almost at the same distance from the states of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. Although the Isle of Man on the world map occupies a position close to these countries and is the main possession of Great Britain, it is not part of the United Kingdom or the European Union. The head here is considered Lord of Maine (now it is Elizabeth II), who appoints the Lieutenant Governor – his representative – for a period of five years.

Maine sights

The area of ​​Maine is about 570 square meters. km The population is about 76 thousand people, about a third of them live in the capital – the city of Douglas.

Isle of Man on the map

The island is also interesting for its symbolism. For example, the flag of the Isle of Man contains the main local symbol – trixelion – three running legs emerging from one point. The same symbol contains the emblem of the Isle of Man. The same image is found in the design of shops, lanterns, signs, cobbled streets and

Coat of arms of isle of man

History of the Isle of Man

The island was formed about 8500 years ago, when, after the melting of glaciers, an isthmus flooded between it and Great Britain. Until now, it has not been established exactly where this isthmus was located.

Maine has a rather rich history, which is conventionally divided into periods — first Celtic, then Scandinavian (the Viking period), and finally British.

Scientists have found very few Roman artifacts here, and this indicates that the Isle of Man was not interested in the Romans and they did not create a permanent colony after the conquest of Britain. According to legend, St. Patrick, who is considered the patron saint of Ireland, brought Christianity to the Isle of Man.

It happened quite early. The population was baptized around the beginning of the VI century. Irish missionaries built 174 small chapels, of which only 35 remains have been identified. In the 8th century, the Isle of Man often raided the Vikings, who eventually managed to subjugate it to their power and based their settlements on it. In fact, during the Scandinavian period of history, Maine was considered a vassal of Norway, but the Norse did not intervene at all in the life of the islanders.

It is now believed that the Vikings had little impact on the culture of the Isle of Man, since the Celtic language was preserved.

After the battle of Skyhill in 1079, the Isle of Man was part of the Kingdom of Man and the islands, which in 1164 divided into the Kingdom of Man and the Kingdom of the Islands. In 1265, Maine was captured by the Scots, but only 10 years later they were able to establish de facto control over this land.

View of the capital of the island – the city of Douglas

At the beginning of the XIV century, the Isle of Man periodically moved from England to Scotland and back. In 1346, after the Battle of Nevills Cross, England finally became established on the island. The English kings changed the owners of this land, transferred it to new people, but the owners of the land themselves rarely showed up here, and the power was exercised by the appointed governors.

In 1704, Tinwald – one of the oldest parliaments in the world that has survived on the island so far – adopted an important law for the people of Maine. Local farmers got the right to own forever their plots, and the duties on the sale, inheritance or purchase of land were significantly reduced.

Maine sights

When it turned out that the Lord of the island could not stop the smuggling that was spreading, the British Parliament passed a law according to which the Isle of Man was bought from the Lord. This gave the British authorities the right to fight illegal trade themselves. In 1828, Lord Maine sold his manorial rights to the British government. Since 1866, the Isle of Man gained the right to broad self-government.

Local Attractions

The history of the island is naturally expressed in its iconic sights. Local history can be found in the Museum of History, and then visit all the important sights.

On the Isle of Man is the largest windmill, which now houses the historical museum. It was built in the 18th century and worked until the 19th century, but even now, on windy days, this old mill is being launched to demonstrate that it can grind flour. There is also a giant Laxie water wheel, also known as Lady Isabella. It was built in 1854 in the village of Laxi and is still considered the largest in the world.

Luxi – the world’s largest water-lifting wheel

Interesting is the royal castle of Russian in Castletown, built in the 12th century, which now houses a museum. Not far from it is located the Abbey of Rushen, which is always popular with tourists. The ruins began to be popular at the beginning of the 20th century, after which they began to carry out restoration work.

Also interesting is the castle of Peel in the same city, built by Norwegians in the XI century. Only the walls are preserved in the castle, the internal buildings are mostly destroyed. Here, in the castle, are the ruins of the church of St. Patrick. The image of this lock was placed on a £ 10 bill issued by the Government of Maine. Also in Pila is one of the most beautiful cathedrals of the island – the Cathedral of St. Peter.

Maine sights

Every year on the island motorcycle races are “Isle of Man TT”, where many athletes dream to get. In general, all lovers of fast driving here will feel at ease, since the speed limits when driving outside settlements are almost absent here.

By the way, for the magazine “Top Gear” the Isle of Man is a favorite place to compare sports cars.

Of the transport features of the island, it is also possible to distinguish the presence of a steam railway, on which only locomotives are still used. Another interesting object of transport is the Douglas horse tram, which is always very popular with tourists.

Douglas Horse Tram

In addition, pet lovers Maine is known for the Maine breed of cats (Manx) bred here, many of which are tailless.

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